Sunday, August 02, 2009

Short Updates

Zoom Zoom ZOoom....
There goes another month!
How did time fly by so darn quickly?
Things change but im glad some friendship remains.
I did a small chuckle to myself when I saw what you named this picture!!!!
It's been a while I heard that name~~My New ah-lian wannabe hairdo~~~

I'm getting tired of all these "how-are-you" SMSes.
What is the purpose and What am I supposed to reply?

Issit guys' ego that once rejected, they don't bother trying?
Or am I just reading too much?

I have given myself enough of singlehood....
It hasn't done any good and not only am I bored, I don't get pampered much~
and I can't be bothered to dress up.
and all my dinner dresses are rotting in my cupboard, and taking up quite a bit of space in my already small cupboard.

Decided this is it~ shall go back into the dating scene once more, regardless the reason~ :)

1 comment:

Wenzzz said...

Gal, it's always good to meet you and we should do it more often!!

We dress up not for others, but for ourselves ok? So stay pretty & hot & sexy!!

No place to wear the dinner dresses? Call me out!! :D