Saturday, February 07, 2009

To Do: Buy a Bible

To Do: Buy a Bible

Been pretty engrossed with Feng Shui stuffs recently. To the extent where I bought the Lilian Too book. And was further interested when my colleagues went on a Feng Shui shopping spree, spending hundreds.

Call me supertitious, but I do have a tendency to believe in such luck/energy. And I found it harmless to read about it, make minor changes to my workspace/my life. Afterall, how much harm can moving 5degrees of your computer cause?

Apparently, it is not so much on whether you buy these Feng Shui items, but more on your beliefs. It's one thing to read up and learn about these Feng Shui-ness, another to practise them.

I was tempted to buy all these small charms to enhance my luck and also to ward off bad, evil luck/forces. Googled and online shopped on what items "Rats" should buy, since it is said we will be affected by the Five Yellow.

Till I read about this "Buddha Amitabha’s Mantra Ring with Black Cord" in which I immediately felt uncomfortable with the Buddha-ness. Morever, I had to CHANT some chants 108 times a day to invoke blessings.

That was when it dawn upon me that I, as a "christian" should not be doing such stuffs! I know I havent been attending churches and reading and praying regularly. But I somehow still believe, and would like to categorize myself as a "christian".

Now I am in a dilemma as to go ahead with getting these charms.

Afterall, who doesn't want good luck? Who wouldn't want to be safe and happy, not only for themselves but for their loved ones?

I mean, if someone tells you that by jumping up and down 3 times a day would bring you good fortune and health. Would you?

And if someone tells you that getting out from the left side of the bed will cause misfortune to your family. Would you get off from the right?

To what extent do we draw this line?

Dilemma, dilemma......


On a seperate note, I am confused by some other "things".
It is hard to analyze people; be it work or personal.
Are there any easier way to read people's mind?
But then again, what fun is it if you can read through everyone's mind.

Interesting discovery:
Guys are stupid.
How difficult is it for you guys to comprehend something simple as "Leave Me Alone"?
Explicitly spelt out "Leave Me Alone" at that!

Well, I guess first thing I gotta do tomorrow is to get a decent Bible and start reading.
Cf. Deut 18:10 ; Jer 29:8

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