Monday, January 05, 2009

Usher 2009

Gosh! I can't believe that my blog song is still singing the CHRISTMAS song!~

obviously I'm still living in 2007~ (ya, i know it should be 2008/2009 ah...watever~)

Hence I changed it to some Bossa Bossa Nova songs~ Love it love it!

a few resolutions made this year and/or rather late last year!

1. NEW TEETH!! I really thank a certain person for constantly encouraging me to go for it despite my constant procrastination. well! i'm finally doing it when yours is out!!!

This Wednesday is THE DAY for me! Torture DAY 1!!! *crosses fingers everything goes all right!

2. LOSE WEIGHT! I know I have been saying this EVERY year but this time, really gonna make it work. For starters i bought the weighing/fat scale.

And Bravo! I have been taking readings EVERY day!! not a very good start judging from the chart, but there's always room for improvement!!

3. LOVE! Love my family, love my friends, love my neighbour. I really need to put in an effort to care for the people around me.

4. SAVE! yes, I do admit I have not been very frugal the past few months. It's high time i started saving up for an apartment and stocks. I shall hit my first Million before 35!!! (is that a little too old? will KIV on the age)

But after i buy my prada phone. and my LV bag. and my Prada wallet. and.....and..... i guess its not going to ever end~

All in all, my ultimate aim, like my motto is to be a beautiful person inside-and-out.

With that my dear friends, let us welcome in 2009 and may it be as good, if not even better than 2008!!!

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