Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Pre-Operation Entry

before i begin anything, lemme act cute (for once) by using this cute blog with this adorable PONYO PONYO PONYO song!!!

Wow, been blogging quite frequently these days eh~

This time round, I wish to virtually pen down my feelings and thought before my operation.

HAHA....yeah yeah yeah....I'm just being irritating exagerating tomorrow's wisdom tooth extraction and braces fitting.

My colleagues just gave me a bad scared. One-by-one they come and tell me how painful its gonna be. How GIGANTIC the needles are. How loud the drills are. How numbing and painful the after-effects are.

What I initially thought of as a no-biggie has suddenly turned into a BIG-BIGGIE! No sweat man~! There's nothing too tough Ju can't handle. But honestly speaking, I'm a little, just a teeny weeny bit scared.

But what's concerning me more is the 5 day MC!!!!!! Hooray!!! NOT! I dislike taking MC when it's such a crucial period for me to be out there making business!! But I thank God for bringing in my very first Business for 2009 just like that. And I am certainly not taking things for granted.

It is really crucially important to be thankful for even the smaller things in life, not to mention the bigger things.

My life, I wouldn't say it's very smooth sailing. But I tell myself to always look at the brighter side and tell myself that every failure is just another opportunity to prove myself to myself once more. Interestingly enough, my colleague was asking me what the phrase "when life throws lemon at you, you make lemonade" means. And after explaining, I realized the amount of lemons thrown at me throughout my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and of cos the amount of lemonade I made!!!!!!!!

Maybe I'm born to make lemonades my whole life~ Gosh. Should i cry or should i be happy?

Well, I wouldn't say life has been totally brutal to me. I've got lovely parents whom I love dearly (albeit a little over-the-top naggy), and an equally naggy sis, with a wonderful layout of friends. Sadly (or should I be glad) no boyfriend/spouse/fiance/husband or whatever you might like to call it.

But I do have(or rather had) my fair share of "romances" in 2008; Mr Ah-beng car, Mr. Re-bound, Mr. Agent, and our all time favs; Mr. German and Mr. Lawyer. Whom......oh-well, let's just say the interest just died and there came upon a time where I thought things should just end for the better.

And when the balance of the relationship changed, it was time to end. I wasn't prepared. I cannot accept. I wasn't about to lose my rights as an individual, independent woman. I wasn't about to be labelled as someone's woman. I could not get over the 'gift vouchers' and 'cab fares'.

Instead of this being THE pre-op entry, it has become some ranting of a teenage girl.

Ok, I need to continue ranting. This feels good!

On second thoughts, time to sleep for my body to be fit fit fit for the op!!!!!!

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