Monday, January 12, 2009

Shoes Glorious Shoes~

My new babies that join my beautiful collection today~

My new, not-even-1-month-old babies lined up~

My SHoey Shoie Heelie heely collection
(missing some at office & old place & some too ugly/old)

Lovely heels~~~

I love love love heels. I wouldn't exactly describe myself as tall, but at 169cm + 10cm, I can conquer the world!!

One day I want to have a Walk-in Shoe cabinet (on top of my Walk-in clothes/bags closet)!!!!!!

As for now, I have to make do with the small corner of my room...... or does anyone have a better shoe keeping idea?

After that long MC break, back to work tomorrow`

Before that, one must do the important ritual of brushing and rinsing~

revealing my very first braces picture!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Post Op

Alright, enough of cutesy stuff.

I'm way too old for all that Ponyo shit.
Bossa Nova is more my kind.

Wisdom tooth surgery went pretty well, I guess. Afterall it's the director plucking my tooth.
Just hope that it won't turn out to be a dry socket.

But weight-wise, there was a drop....then after all that whipped potato & ice-cream indulgence, its almost back to square one.

Its really interesting how your weight really moves with your daily activities!
Not just weight, but the fats content.

No eating = -1.5kg (of fats)
Exercising (1hour) = - 0.6kg (of fats)

Really interesting.
So if i dont eat and exercise I would lose 2kg of fats in a day!

Not to worry, I'm not some crazy person suffering from Anorexia nervosa.
I'm just deprived as I can eat hard solid MEAT! which is in a way driving me crazy~

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Pre-Operation Entry

before i begin anything, lemme act cute (for once) by using this cute blog with this adorable PONYO PONYO PONYO song!!!

Wow, been blogging quite frequently these days eh~

This time round, I wish to virtually pen down my feelings and thought before my operation.

HAHA....yeah yeah yeah....I'm just being irritating exagerating tomorrow's wisdom tooth extraction and braces fitting.

My colleagues just gave me a bad scared. One-by-one they come and tell me how painful its gonna be. How GIGANTIC the needles are. How loud the drills are. How numbing and painful the after-effects are.

What I initially thought of as a no-biggie has suddenly turned into a BIG-BIGGIE! No sweat man~! There's nothing too tough Ju can't handle. But honestly speaking, I'm a little, just a teeny weeny bit scared.

But what's concerning me more is the 5 day MC!!!!!! Hooray!!! NOT! I dislike taking MC when it's such a crucial period for me to be out there making business!! But I thank God for bringing in my very first Business for 2009 just like that. And I am certainly not taking things for granted.

It is really crucially important to be thankful for even the smaller things in life, not to mention the bigger things.

My life, I wouldn't say it's very smooth sailing. But I tell myself to always look at the brighter side and tell myself that every failure is just another opportunity to prove myself to myself once more. Interestingly enough, my colleague was asking me what the phrase "when life throws lemon at you, you make lemonade" means. And after explaining, I realized the amount of lemons thrown at me throughout my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and of cos the amount of lemonade I made!!!!!!!!

Maybe I'm born to make lemonades my whole life~ Gosh. Should i cry or should i be happy?

Well, I wouldn't say life has been totally brutal to me. I've got lovely parents whom I love dearly (albeit a little over-the-top naggy), and an equally naggy sis, with a wonderful layout of friends. Sadly (or should I be glad) no boyfriend/spouse/fiance/husband or whatever you might like to call it.

But I do have(or rather had) my fair share of "romances" in 2008; Mr Ah-beng car, Mr. Re-bound, Mr. Agent, and our all time favs; Mr. German and Mr. Lawyer. Whom......oh-well, let's just say the interest just died and there came upon a time where I thought things should just end for the better.

And when the balance of the relationship changed, it was time to end. I wasn't prepared. I cannot accept. I wasn't about to lose my rights as an individual, independent woman. I wasn't about to be labelled as someone's woman. I could not get over the 'gift vouchers' and 'cab fares'.

Instead of this being THE pre-op entry, it has become some ranting of a teenage girl.

Ok, I need to continue ranting. This feels good!

On second thoughts, time to sleep for my body to be fit fit fit for the op!!!!!!

Ponyo OST -

Monday, January 05, 2009

Usher 2009

Gosh! I can't believe that my blog song is still singing the CHRISTMAS song!~

obviously I'm still living in 2007~ (ya, i know it should be 2008/2009 ah...watever~)

Hence I changed it to some Bossa Bossa Nova songs~ Love it love it!

a few resolutions made this year and/or rather late last year!

1. NEW TEETH!! I really thank a certain person for constantly encouraging me to go for it despite my constant procrastination. well! i'm finally doing it when yours is out!!!

This Wednesday is THE DAY for me! Torture DAY 1!!! *crosses fingers everything goes all right!

2. LOSE WEIGHT! I know I have been saying this EVERY year but this time, really gonna make it work. For starters i bought the weighing/fat scale.

And Bravo! I have been taking readings EVERY day!! not a very good start judging from the chart, but there's always room for improvement!!

3. LOVE! Love my family, love my friends, love my neighbour. I really need to put in an effort to care for the people around me.

4. SAVE! yes, I do admit I have not been very frugal the past few months. It's high time i started saving up for an apartment and stocks. I shall hit my first Million before 35!!! (is that a little too old? will KIV on the age)

But after i buy my prada phone. and my LV bag. and my Prada wallet. and.....and..... i guess its not going to ever end~

All in all, my ultimate aim, like my motto is to be a beautiful person inside-and-out.

With that my dear friends, let us welcome in 2009 and may it be as good, if not even better than 2008!!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Goodbye 2008, Howdy 2009!

Yes, it was it. It was indeed a year full or events and happenings.

2008....I'm glad it was here and I'm glad it's over.

Really looking for more great challenges and opportunities this year!!

Check out my hot red heels~ love it love it!