Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Thoughts

How many faces can one have?

Something happened today which made me wonder.
It is pretty saddening and made me disgusted.
Which led to on-and-on to the following.....

Who do we live for?

Are we living for others?
Living everyday, doing everything to impress people.
Some of whom you even detest?

Why is change the only constant thing?

Why do even human change?
So drastically till unrecognizable.

Selfish-ness is ugly

So are shallow-ness, greed and superficiality
But that's human?

Why do we all grow up?

Babies are such adorable creatures.
Children are lovely bubbly source of happiness.

Why do some people want to be right....ALWAYS?

I used to live by my own rules,
Disapproving of certain things and behaviour.
But who are we to judge?
What makes me more righteous than a murderer?

I have decided to take a different approach to life and make all things easier.
I will learn to appreciate my surroundings more and be a little more You

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