Monday, March 31, 2008

New Start

Today, I signed my life away to a new job/career.

Not sure if this is the right route for me, but I am definitely hyped up!!!

I gave myself a few short goals and I didn't realize having such goals really keeps one going!!

For starters, I am going to re-design my room! Going to get myself a new desk, bookstand and wardrobe decors!!!! And for once, I shall be un-procrastinative and get it done tomorrow!!!!

Secondly, shall stop postponing my driving test and get it done and over with this June!!!!!!

After which......


HAHA.....I know its sounds crazy and way too extravagant. So I am thinking and re-thinking. As of now, I'm just exploring my options and planning my finances. I have till June to decide.

If there's one thing I've learnt from the past 2 months, its to be thrifty and save up! But I live and love a rather extravagent lifestyle. So I guess my only way out is to EARN MORE MONEY!!!!!!

which reminds me of a song........

money money money
its so funny
in a rich man's world

Adios folks~

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Is it you?

I'm looking for a lover not a friend
Somebody who can be there when I need someone to talk to
I'm looking for someone who won't pretend
Somebody not afraid to say the way they feel about you

And I'm looking for someone who understands how I feel,
Someone who can keep me real and who knows (the way)
The way I like to have it my way
And I'm looking for someone who takes me there,
Wants to share, shows he cares
Thinking you're the one that I've been waiting for

Is it you? is it you?
Maybe you're the one I've been waiting for
Could you be the one for me?
Could you be the one I need?

I'm looking for someone to share my pain (Uh)
Someone who I can run to, who would stay with me when it rains
Someone who I can cry with through the night
Someone who I can trust whose heart is right
And I'm looking for someone

And I'm looking for someone who understands how I feel,
Someone who can keep me real and who knows (the way)

The way I like to have it my way
And I'm looking for someone who takes me there,
Wants to share, shows he cares
Thinking on the one that I've been waiting for

Is it you? is it you?
Maybe you're the one I've been waiting for
Could you be the one for me?
Could you be the one I need?

Someone who won't take me for granted
How much I care (How much I care)
And appreciates that I'm there
Someone who listens
And someone I can call who isn't afraid of love to share

Is it you? is it you?
Maybe you're the one I've been waiting for
Could you be the one for me?
Could you be the one I need?


Argh...why is planning/organizing an outing so hard? and what's up with PANG SEH-ing nowadays? Is that the new trend? Is that the new way to show friends how much they mean to you? I don't get it. And what's the thing about going MIA? It seems like the "IN" thing to do.

You make an effort to plan something, and either people
  1. bail on you the last minute, going totally MIA
  2. ignore your calls and smses
  3. puts you second place
  4. say 'see how first'
  5. gives you conditional response
  6. ask you to set a date, and then when I do, make up stupid excuses
  7. make up all sorts of fucking stories saying things that I fucking didn't do (to try to lessen the guilt, which obviously is a VERY VERY VERY bad and wrong move)

I think if someone makes an effort to arrange something, the least you can do, and I seriously think its basic courtesy to give an appropriate response.

At times it can really get on your nerves when people (especially friends) take you for granted and some treating you as second class citizens. It makes you feel VERY unappreciated, especially for closer friends. Maybe it wasn't at all intentional, but it's just how things get interpreted.

Friends.....I thank those who showed concerned and thank/apologize to those whom I punch-bagged.

Friday, March 21, 2008

My Thoughts

Hohoho... Please pardon me for my multiple entries. Just in the blogging mode. And it has been a while since i last updated.

Blogging about an event is so easy. Blogging about a thought is much difficult. Now I shall attempt to blog my thoughts.Sometimes I too wonder whats in my thoughts? Whats in this magnificent brain of mine? And at times I am left without an answer. Too many things have been happening and to put them into words is a feat itself. I will put them into points.

  1. I once "complained" my life was too smooth sailing and I wanted it to be a little harsh so that i can experience hardship and be moulded into a better, stronger person. I once read a quote:
    “A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials.”
    I'm not a crazy sadist, wanting and loving turmoils and hardships, but in order to be a beautiful person inside-out, I am willing to take in sufferings. And I have no idea where my life leads to, but in Him I place my trust.

  2. Boys! or rather men!! How can they not be in my thoughts?! At the age of 23, I am still openly single. When I was much younger, I had plans to get married at 24, give birth at 26 and be a happy mother of 2 at 28! But that was when I was muccccch younger, and planned without much thoughts. I will be turning 24 in half a years time and way far from my childhood "goals".

    My current (dare i say) love life revolves mainly around 2 men. Both of which are not marriageable partners. (How sad) But both which i enjoy the company of.

    Guy A is of marriageable age and have very attractive qualities. Great career, a devilish body, witty charms, a total gentleman with a nice ride. He however is not interested in marriage at the moment. He wants a mutually exclusive relationship. Simply put, a fling.

    Guy B is far from marriageable age but have a very attractive qualities for a man of his age. Great career, lovely house, nice club memberships and invitation to grand events. He just came back from a Fendi event in Rome at some fancy castle and some Bulgari owner's vintage car event. I have no idea what this man wants and no idea what I want out of him.
    There was this time, if some of you might remember, Guy A went on a Bali escapade with XXX. And it triggered my bitch fit. I went all green-eyed and it totally affected my well-being. Up till today, i have no idea who Guy A spent his time with and I am slowly coming to terms with it.

    This time, it was MY turn to go on a Batam escapade with XXXXs. And I told Guy B that. He got kinda unhappy and kept saying which of my boyfriends I went with and why he wasn't invited. (Kinda like how i reacted to Guy A)

    Then soon after I got an invitation to go Salzburg with Guy B as he has an extra ticket. I turned him down (as it was too rush and I don't know what to tell my parents). And so he asks where I wish to go on a holiday. He said I might enjoy Langkawi and/or Bali and next time he will definitely plan something in advance. Seriously, Istill think he is just unhappy that I went Batam with some other people. Hah!

    I am pretty flattered and definitely would love to attend fancy Fendi and Bulgari private events. And i already hinted to him (or rather told him straight in the face) that I like to be romanced (i.e. candlelit dinners, flowers, presents, nice champagne). You know how in movies and dramas, those damn rich guys always buys nice diamonds and bring girls to fancy restuarants. I am still waiting my dear....still waiting...

    I feel more appreciated with Guy B as he always makes an effort. But I feel like we're world's apart. He lives in a different world. Every time i meet him, I have to be dressed to the nines. Cos of him, I bought dresses like never before. Hey, don't get me wrong. I honestly love to dress up and be brought to posh places but "is this me"?

    As much as I love to dress up, I love to wear flip flops and shorts. It's basically my attire. But apparently, Guy B dislikes people in shorts and flipflops with bulging tummies. He doesn't even like eating out of paper (that being pizza hut and kfc). I think he will faint and be left totally speechless if he sees the normal me.

    Okie, this whole entry is turning to some Guy-crazy entry. (Note to self: I need to have more guys.) Shall stop here. And now, back to my thoughts.
  3. Diet on halt. Omg...I paused it for a moment and omg.....this is getting really out of control. and weight is coming back like yo-yo. Is that why they call it yo-yo effect?

    Better keep in control and start attending amore faithfully. It's back to chicken breast and boiled/steamed and bland food.

Oh great, my blogging mode is off now, gotta go clean up the house before my parents come and get a shock of their life. And my whole body is itching like hell.......peeling from aftersun is no joke.

Japp Marche

And so it is.....
4 random people turned up for some last minute dinner arrangements at the fancy japanese marche.
Should you intend to have dinner there, please be in before 7.09pm.
After this magical time, there will be a loooong queue.

Our first dish courtesy of Mervina....the legendary omelette~

Ratings: 3.8 out of 5

General Food Ratings: 3 out of 5.
For the price you pay, it aint exactly well cooked.
As seen from my burnt chicken chop.

I totally adored the mango dessert.
Nice fluffy ice with sour mangoes.
(Pardon me for the weird people in the backdrop)
Not so sure if the same can be said for jenni's green tea float.
And Mervina's banana crepe, tastes a little rotten.

Desserts Ratings: 4 out of 5

There goes mervina doing "cute-adorable" things again...
Idiocy Ratings: 4.9 out of 5
Always room for improvements.

Batam Turi Beach Resort

And here it trip to Batam (NOT SIJORI but Turi Beach Resort.)
Wasn't too keen given my past experience in Batam.
But nevertheless gave this trip a go.

Three beautiful ladies admist many men.
The boat ride was shaaaaky~
But we still posed beautifully~~

Arrival at the Batam Cruise Centre.....
All cheery and happy!

Arrival at Turi Beach Resort
with out barang barang
and a Ball?

Welcome to Turi Beach Resort.
Really a beautiful view~
and 3 hot girls!

Check out the room man!!!!
done up like a nice princess room!

yours truly posing for the camera
with the mozzie net curtain.

Bai Tu poses!!!

In front of our rooms....:)

3 princesses in the carriage
with 2 ermmm...princes?

Big Head Shot
2 vainpots self-shooting..

Just love this picture~!
Check out our hot backs!

At Lunch table.
Feast for a king~

Dinner outside at some kelong-ish place.
Cheap seafood with wonderful setting.

Happy and Satisfied us~
Although this picture was a little shaky.

~in magical land~

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I am back!!!

Would love to blog more but I'm zoning off... I have yet to bathe.

Enough of retail therapy (just kidding. how can i ever have enough?!) I need "Friend Therapy"!!!! I'm just this close to losing my sanity. Friends, I need you!!!!!!

Thursday, March 06, 2008


i'll be back soon! Like real soon!

I seriously can't wait. I miss my bed, i miss my self time. I can be such a loner.

There's so many things to be done. My asos spree is here! Can't wait to fashion parade in my new clothes and shoes!

This entry is so so very incoherent. Shall end it here and chit chat with you guys when i'm back.