Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Why do your praises come out so cheap?

Monday, February 25, 2008

It's Picture Time!

Yes, boredom is getting the better of me.
At 4am I was busy photo whoring.
It shows how much I love myself.
And I am proud to say my face looks slimmer after losing a whooping 9kg.

So what's a better way to celebrate than taking more pictures of ME?!
I know the retard-ness of some photos can be real deadly.
But that's how Ju likes it!

Ain't this lovely?
I still find something amiss.
The last picture seems a little off.
But oh well, Ju still looks lovely~

My first attempt at Lao Hei.
Interestingly enough, throughout my 20 odd years in Singapore, I never had the chance to Lao.
Thanks to my lovely ex-colleagues for bringing me to my very virgin Lao Hei experience.

My very first LAO HEI!
Lao Lao Lao~!!

I found this super amazing and took a picture of it.
"Be wary of thieves that may strike from the neighbouring cubicle"!!!!!!!!!!
What does it takes to piss in peace?

As I admire myself to sleep~
I know...I'm such an ego-head.

Like who cares!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Some thoughts

Recent events got me thinking....... What kind of a person am I?

I have no idea to this question. Do I really portray the image that I am only after wealth and material goods of this world?

I do admit I particularly love the finer things in life. I love to be treated the best and I think I, as well as every girl, deserve this.

It's not that I demand to be given the best, or I require royalty queen treatment. But I believe in appreciating and indulging in the finer things in life and it is nice if that someone share the same beliefs. It is nice for that someone to tell you that you deserve the best there is. Not just through mere words, but through actions.

I know "best" can be in non-monetary terms, and money doesn't always have to come in play. But pratical me choose to be happier with a "cartier ring" than a " homebaked brownie" (for now). It's a choice that makes me happier and please don't judge me with this. Who are we to judge anyway?

To the question raised, I still am clueless. We are afterall living each day to find the answers to such questions. And just when you thought you got it all figured out, it all points back to square one.

I have put my dating life on hold till I can get a grip of myself. Plan's all set to leave on the 26th. Will be back with a fresher mind, a fresher perspective, a fresher look, a fresher career, and hopefully with a fresher love life. And hopefully I will have some answers when I'm back.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

사랑 안해♡ by 백지영

그렬려고 그랬어 돌아가려고 너의 차가움엔

I was going to do it; I was going to go back to your cold heart.

그래다 이유 있었던 거야. 나를 만지는 너의 손길 없어진

Yeah, there were reasons, but he outstretched hand that once reached for me is gone.

이제야 깨닫게 되어서 내 맘 떠나간 것을

Because I can see the truth now, you’ve left my heart.

설마 하는 그런 미련 때문에 그래도 나는 나를 위로해

Because of the longing I still have for you, I try to console myself

나 이제 이러는 내가 더 가여워

But now I feel sorrier for myself.

이제라도 널 지울 거야 기억에 모두를

Now, I’m going to erase you and everything from my memory.

이제 다시 사랑 안 해. 말하는 난 너와 같은 사람

From now on I’ll never love again. What I’m saying is that

다시 만날수가 없어서 사랑할수 없어서

I can’t meet a man like you again, because I can’t love a man like you again

바보처럼 사랑 안해 말하는 널 사랑한다

But…I love you though you say you don’t love me

나를 잊길 바래 나를 지워줘@

I want you to forget me; to erase me.

바보처럼 몰랐어. 너의 두 사람 아직 기억하려던 그건

Like a fool, I didn’t know

그래 다 욕심이야 다짐했건만. 매일 아침 눈을 떠

I open my eyes every morning

지나간 너에게 기도해 나를 잊지 말라고

and pray for the old you not to forget me

제발 지금 내가 바라는 하나 내 얘길 너무 쉽게 하지마

Please, I only want one thing: Don’t talk about me so easily

차라리 나를 모른다고 말해줘

Better yet, say that you don’t know me

시간 지나 알게 될 거야 내 사랑의 가치를

You’ll know my love’s worth as time passes

이제 다시 사랑 안해 말하는 난 너와 같은 사람

다시 만날수가 없어서 사랑할 수 없어서

바보처럼 사랑 안해 말하는 널 사랑한다

나를 잊길 바래 나를 지워줘

내가 없는 내가 아닌 그 자리에 사랑 채우지마

Don’t waste your love when I’m not even there

혹시 만날 수가 있다면 사랑할 수 있다면 아프잖아

If we were to meet again, if we were to love again, you know it’d hurt

사랑한 널 지켜보며 사랑한다 그 말

As I watch over you, the one I love, the words “I love you”

한마디를 하지 못해서~

is the one thing I didn’t say


I'm pretty bored, hence the frequent entries.
Wanted to blog about the Edison photo incident. But Edison told me not to, so i shan't. Haha...
Yeah yeah yeah.... and now for some self indulgence.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Random Thoughts

I suddenly remembered this incident, whereby I was with Josef, then my "funky" ringtone rang...... (nicole scherzinger's Whatever You Like)

his reaction was priceless..... with a weird shocked look, he asked is that YOUR ringtone?

hahaha.....that funny incident suddenly flashedback in my head.

well, and then it occured to me of our super age difference. And how "young" I am. But his taste in music (i.e. OPERA and Diana Krall) is slowly influencing me. Not that i don't like Diana Krall before, but for the whole of today, i have been listening to her songs, even while playing mahjong~

I always wanted to talk about this "relationship". I don't know where is this heading. But I'm taking one step at a time.

I will say I'm comfortable with him and he has got alot to offer. And I always love nice fine dining and being "romanced". I like him "complaining" that I don't reply to his smses. I like him always complimenting me. I like him complaining how busy he is with work yet take time off smsing me. I like him always talking about his boys. (yes, proves that he loves them very much and its very attractive mind you)

Well we were sitting at this club, and the topic about marriage popped up and at that moment in time, a freaky thought went through my head. I know...FREEEAKY~

wow, i can't believe i wrote one whole chunk about him.......


Anywayz, I was checking up some jobs today and 1 caught my attention. Operations Management Trainee at some Bar Restuarant. Sounds interesting. Maybe you guys will see me PRing at Dempsey. opps~! i just said the place out.... but nothings confirm yet, just keeping my options open.

this year ang bao collection not very good lah...... but I'm still going ahead with buying my BAG BAG!

Now the question is.....WHICH ONE?

DAmmm! this whole entry is becoming so bimbotic. I shall end here.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gong hei Fatt Choy

The diva wishes all a properous lunar new year!!! i'm all dressed up for the festive season with my big "gold coin" earings. More money!!!! More money!!!

Wow, it has been a while hasn't it?

Many things have been happening and those following up closely with my life know what's been going on and i thank you very much for your concerns. But you guys know me well enough to know that im strong and cheery all the time.

Thanks Choo for constantly being there for me~ And hope josef wasn't a shocker. Well, he enjoyed your company very much and you are always invited to join us~~ *smiles*

i love this photo! cannot see my double chin!!! muhahahha.....

and of cos i went to camwhore with my lousy O2 phone..... so let me indulge myself and my readers with pretty photos of the divA~