Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Work Vs Personal

I always wanted to sit in a porsche or a ferrari....

Saw many WOW cars parked outside Mandarin Hotel the other day and people crowding around those cars just to take pictures. And at that point in time, i told myself....I am gonna be owing those cars one day and be chi chi and all.... attending those parties and flaunt all my diamony stuffs. *dreams*dreams*

Back to today's topic:

I don't know where one should draw the line between personal and business.

My first date proposal from a prospective business client. I'm sure there are more to come. I'm definitely flattered. A eligible bachelor (albeit a little too mature) asking me out for dinner/drinks.

Didn't know a casual conversation over a net-working session could turn like this. Am I thinking too much?

Well, invitation is accepted and I will definitely keep my mind open~

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas all!!

Today, i had some alone time....SHOPPING TIME!!!!!!!!!

BUT i couldnt find my GUESS shoe!!!! I have been searching high and low for it.....i went to like almost all the guess boutiques but they either stop selling it or don't have my size!!! curse my big big feet!!!!

(the shoe i want!!!!!!!!!!! should you find this in size 9.5 or 10, please please please please inform me!!!!!!!!!
for more info, please go to: http://www.shoes.com/product.asp?catalog%)

I have a size 9 - 10 feet. and for a girl its humongous. but it's proportional to my height (and helps me balance) so i shouldnt be complaining....But what's with all the small shoe sizes!!!!!

I couldn't even take down the display set to try cos all the display set sizes are 5-7 which my beautiful feet can barely get in~

Tomorrow or Wednesday, i will go to the remaining Guess selling places to find my shoe. else im going to buy the fitting size 9 shoe.

Well.....the day ended well with me visiting like 10 over Guess selling places and ending up buying 2 other shoes. BUT i won;t stop until i find THAT shoe!!!

And the ROyce chocolates are so delicious. i hear my fats growing again. ..... no no no...i need to lose like 25 more kg!!!
GCE (aka Great Christmas Escape)

events may not be in chronological order... and I'm too lazy to type so not much words. and i cant be bothered to photoshop the pictures, hence forgive me for the blackish not much life pictures~

whisked off to batam via penguine ferry. thanks to our all-time lateness, we had to take the lastest ferry there. looking all bright and cheery before the roller coaster ride...doing what we do best (aka photo taking) throughout the 45 mins ride..due to my perfectly honed phototaking skill, only the intended faces are captured and the backdrops are dropped! hahaUpon our arrival........ yeeky welcome syrup juice. The look on Cai's face speaks it all...:D

Me ...the main focus! muhahahahahathe brother-sister combi....Us "working it"there was this magic mirror where you can see whatever girls want to see... A SLIMMER US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Christmas gift exchange!!!! i hope my mortal likes my gift!!!!Mugger-us studying~The next morning! started off again with more photo-taking~full attendance photo!
immitating the ermmmm...statue? More presents!!!!!!!Great Friends~
Weird friend....
Gross cheeko friend~
Lovely Scenery~
Lovely Me!!!!

Im so lazy to write but the pictures speak a 10000000 words. Although a slacky retreat...it was a great one. although a total disaster to my diet routine.....but to these important people in my life.....Thank you~

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas Aloha~

Oh No!!!! i havent been blogging...till now my chatterbox is dead!

Now a short update on my very interesting life~ not. haha...just an update for my X'mas party!

Day started off with uncle toh fetching all of us....thanks uncle toh for chauffering me around for past few days....:D:D

The phototaking started since getting onboard....(well, it started at home already, but i was in my PJs hence not uploading~ )Welcome to Christmas Aloha~pretty receptionist~~~

us in the toilet touching up and posing~
then with cute ABI and Ang moh~ wooohooo....Then i started going around DA TOU TIE-ing with everyone....

with my beautiful colleague Sailormoon....with my bestest wennzzzwith this pretty fanzzz and also my favourite......my big big boss! muhahahaha....doesn't he look adorable?!
later took with uncle toh and alex on our way to supper.....

i like this pic.....we look so angelic~

and of course there were lots of self adoration for the night~~~~