Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'm Updating~

Been a while since i last update my blog. Really busy mah....and everyone else is not i follow suit loh~ hahahaha...

First up, some taiwan pics. Really back dated i know, but i just received it from eva...what to do~

Us and the princess of some tribe~ Princesses unite~at some strange restaurant.. with nice structures and decoMy monkey~Having fun with monkey. hahaha...Some famous hotel....ermmm...

Then there was the grad photoshoot. have yet to get the proper pictures to develop...but don't we all look so pretty?~

Leaning tower of millenia~

Our very own Happy hour with coleagues~!!
at alley bar. gulping down our favourite beer~
after a day of phototaking~ hahahaha..chio annot?Cutesy~

FLy~~~Acting cute~~ Kawaii desu-ka?

Our favourite pic of the day~ chio model (wannabes) hahaha