Sunday, August 26, 2007

well, i've been meaning to blog for quite some time but busy-ness got the better of me (or rather laziness)

but i was down with the flu bug or rather URTI for a few days and now im slowly recovering. Hope i dint pass to anyone..:D:D

Starting work gives you a little bit of financial stability. And with that, come alot of wants...
  1. desktop
  2. wifi phone
  3. ipod
  4. ds lite
  5. blazers
  6. hair services
  7. nail services

alright, shant be greedy and these shall be my want list for now. i shall slowly prioritize and manage my finances once my life gets settled down.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Thursday, August 09, 2007

happy national day ya'll

well, there always a flip side to a coin. today i saw another side of the world.

private blog

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

"networking" session

back from yet another "networking" session.

this time, it was baseball match!!!!!!!!! we got those vip room at the top where its all aircon and nice. just like those in the movies where the highclass people mingle.

the feeling? nothing much. i actually thought it might be some big deal. afterall it was something that i only dreamt of; a part of the highclass business people. But yes, i was there and it wasn't much. very few actually watched the game. it was all talking and talking. so for 6 hours we were talking and all smiles and not forgetting lots of booooooze.

wow, im taking a liking to beer.

i used to detest beer. but now im drinking like almost everyday. i think by the time i reach singapore, my alcohol tolerance will be pretty high. not to mention the mixes here are like 99% vodka, 1% coke.

i seriously am dying to get back!!!!!!

we gotta do lunch, dinner, ktv when i get back. lots of catching up to do my friends. and i need gossip partners!!!!!

till then, take my my lovelies:)

Struggling trainee

before i go off, i decided to make a list of must eat food when i get back to singapore
  2. nasi lemak
  3. laksa
  4. wanton mee
  5. sushi
  6. dimsum
  7. chillicrab
  8. mini hot pot
  9. yong tao fu
  10. hokkien mee/carrot cake/mee goreng

actually any decent ASIAN food and im cool with it. just no American style/ texmex style food.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Quick Update

Alright, more pictures for my adoring fans...... haha

We went to this old toyshop and found the strangest things. i found 3 cute blue hats and suggested we take this silly picture. hahaha....:D

Chocolate Factory behind us. This was before i lost my wallet. Yes, i lost my wallet. But all is fine and dandy. The people here are honest..:D:D But i really got the shock of my life!! I was close to tears and thinking of the worstest scenarios

With Giddy-up cowboys!!! They are some contestant for the rodeo show, hence the number tag.

A casual lunch with my "classmates" at the great buffet place...*yum*yum* but i still miss Singapore food. and more than anything else, my mom's cooking~!!!

Before or after happy hour. I didn't even know we took this pic. hahaha...

Well, today my bosses arrived. and it was get to know each other time. Its great having a female mentor/boss and im looking forward to getting to know her more.
Tomorrow, the Biz ppl will be going to a baseball game organized by the company, hopefully. Please not let it be Happy Hour. *crosses finger*

Friday, August 03, 2007

Pearl Milk Tea

today finally i ate some decent meal!!!!! not to mention its free~~ haha....

my dallas colleague brought us to some taiwan place to eat authentic taiwan food and bubble tea!!!!!!!!!

ermmm... the food was great!! but he ordered milk teas.....and well...i wasn't around to object......(fyi, i dislike teas. all sorts. if a friend asks me to drink tea, even when i told her/him countless times, i will get very disappointed.)

But since he is such an angel, i had a sip, and at that moment, i !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you mean i have been missing out this whole heavenly goodness for my past 23 years?!! now i know what amy has been enjoying all these while!~ or maybe this particular milk tea is nice. without the slightest bit of tea taste. its just so milky and nice....

but watever the case is, gonna drink up cups and cups of bubble milk teas when i get back!!!!!

wonder if my first ever paycheck came in? this month is the bonus month.....and i probably wont be getting any but well.....$$$$$$$ i need to pay up my shopping bills.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Texas, The Land of Taxless Shopping~


taxless shopping my ass!

just when my colleague told me i can refund my taxes......its bounded by a million gazillion wth?!!

up till today i spent like close to US$2000 which totals up to US$150 in tax....and guess how much this is in SING dollars?!?! $230!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $230 just fly away cos of the gazibillion requirements. Who made up those requirements anywayz?!

Alright, so maybe 1/3 of it is spent on food....BUT STILL!!!! don't forget the hotel bills....

to make up, im gonna start stealing more food!!!!!! hahaha... just had happy hour (HH for short) and now im soooo full.... next week, i shall eat more!!!!!

anyhowz, 2 more weeks!!! im patiently counting down my arrival....NOT! i seriously cant wait to get back!!! i've stayed here long enough. any longer, i'll just be fatter and more haggard.

i too wanna go back and sign up for fun fitness packages....not to mention FREE...muhahaha...

on a side note, the medicine here is really the sense that my face swell like mad after consumption! and as long as i've lived, i have NOOOO allegic reactions to anything. practically rubbish dump.

alrighty, my game is done downloading! seey'll reall soon!

and jowie, happy birthday, im sooooo sorry i forgot yours. i'll make it up to you with a big kiss! muacks!! haha....