Tuesday, July 31, 2007

oh please bear with me while i whine and whine..... for today the world looks gloomy from my window.

you know at times, you are at the top of the world~ and yet at times the world seems to be throwing freaking rotten lemons at you.

today, it seems like the world is pouring heaps of rotten lemons..... all the overdue ones included.

i miss home....

ah....im just pms-ing~

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Shopped and shopped and injured

Gosh...... my arms hurt like MAAddd....its KA-RAY-ZEE i tell ya....

i think i was lugging some 10kg of goods in my arms for like 7 hours. Alright, maybe 10 kg is a way too exaggerated amount. but its AT LEAST 5kg for sure@!

dont ask me how much damage is done to my pockets. the damage to my arms is enough to kill me. i can't even put my arms straight....no joke...:(

now the problem is lugging the God-knows-how-heavy luggage back to singapore.

next problem is to scrimp and save the next 2 weeks here... yeah! i can lose all the weight i've gained here!! haha... kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

aiyah...but i've yet to eat the coldstones ice-cream saranya and cindy was raving like mad about. making me alll jealous a year back..... it shall be on my to-do list before i fly back.

i'm coming back soon!!! just 2 more weeks!!! aren't you all excited?!? well, u better be!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hi ya'll~~ Howdy!
Last Saturday was Forthworth day! !
all hyped up! in the train cam whoring and map reading
some nice building behind us.

in some old pub drinking ermmm......smoothie and kopi???

all ready for our rodeo show~!

Inside in BOX seats of the rodeo show~ the view was fantastic~

yippeee~~ on our way home after one tiring day!

some other random pictures.....

2 young girls outside our office building enjoying the fountain.
a casual happy hour in our hotel

the horsie pony? its supposedly the symbol of dallas? pegasus? (in the old red museum)

to the left is our hotel and our office in front.

this is where JFK got shot.

haha....thats all folks. so lazy to post more pictures...these pics are from my colleagues anywayz...hahaha....i cant be bothered to upload mine....

Monday, July 23, 2007

i miss my SEP travelling times.....especially with cindy the super-shopper and the super enthu girl. at least someone was enthu enough to go travelling and share the same passion for me for outlet shopping.

im gonna blog in the private blog.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

picture-less post....NOT!

Picture-less post...NOT! (updated)

alright....the only reason i'm not blogging is cos I'VE AINT GOT NO PHOTOS! or rather, im lazy to specially go down to upload them.

I dislike picture-less blog. pictures speak a 1000 words? and i like looking at my beautiful self.

Life here is great! But too many happy hour and socializing events really drains me. Drinking till the wee hours and having to report to work at 8am is torturous!!!!

But whatever the case, im top-student material! i just wanna show off...so do let me indulge in this pathetic pleasure.

haha..just got praised by my trainer today. she came over to me after class, saying that i will be a very good consultant (someone who helps clients set up technical stuffs) and i should think of switching over cos i will do well. she says im even better than her when she just started! hahaha...i do admit im pretty ok with the software, sometimes finishing even faster than the consultants themselves. (but with the help of my fellow consultant friend) HAHAHAHA..... (haha...talk about humility!)

whatever the case is, im just good at everything lah!!! but well, thats an option i will seriously take into consideration. Maybe i can plan out my career path in that direction.

today, having a little too much alcohol going into my system the past few days, i've decided not to go socialize. hey hey....not as if i like to drink ok! its really to "ying chou" aka "entertain". now i understand "ying chou-ing" its not as easy as it sounds. and free alcohol is, at the end of the day, torture.

As much as i'm excited about training, i miss home. i cant wait to get back! (of course after satisfying all my thirst for shopping) in fact, i cant wait to start work proper. i seriously want to know if i have a future in this company. and i seriously want to excel real bad! promotions baby!!!

Alright, guess im boring myself talking about work related stuffs.

In any case, peeps, if you do wish for me to buy back stuffs for you,
please state and not give vague descriptions. Maybe the following websites will
be of help~

But please bear in mind a 8.25% non-refundable tax. and please please please dont ask me to buy heavy stuffs. i'll kill you!!
On a happier note, my face is getting better! not that it was horrible to begin with.... but with constant care (like real) and some real cheap DIY remedies, together with good moisturisers and makeups, it seems my face looks real nice recently (excluding the occassional pimples). Considering thick makeups everyday, Im pleasely satisfied with my face. I LOVE MY FACE!

oh great. just when i thought tonight is going to be a peaceful night....in comes a call. adios friends~

Just received some pictures from my friend of day 2 (which is like 2 weeks ago?) where i brought them up north for some shopping!

Us at the train station!!i loveeeeeee iphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Us at some random restaurant.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Short Update

Ouch...my tummy hurts. must be the drinks...... the "sex in the jungle" was so nice i greedily gulped it down.

Nice hanging out with my colleagues. although some are really weird, its nice just to chill out and gossip. Dunno how i became the "party-planner" and organizing outings became my duty...:/

oh well, glad things turned out well. and being an efficient "party-planner", tomorrow, we are going to crash this colleague's apartment after shopping! haha....yes...shopping again!

just a short update. real lazy to upload my pics.

great, now i feel pukish.

off to bed. congrats people.

This is a bit over-due, but happy birthday to all early-july babies!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Step, Choo, AiLian, Jenni, Gordee~!!!! I love ya~ did i miss out any?

okie...im totally not making any sense now. adios muchachos.

Thursday, July 12, 2007



just when you thought your grass is yummy, the grass on the other side looks much yummier.

grrrrrrrr! $8k?! no wonder you can sponser half my flight lah! bambi leh!! you better get me my gucci wallet!!!!! you know who you are mister hard-to-please!

on a sunnier note, my heels broke! haha... now i have blisters on my feet for walking barefooted all the way from my office to my hotel. bambi!!!!! its one of my nicer heels.

but why issit sunnier note??

well.....cos i get to buy another pair? haha...come to think of it...i think my feet just purposely spoilt it.

gosh....convocation! i missed a very important part of my educational journey!!!!! wish i were there. but well, its nice seeing pictures you guys put up. Its as if I were there.......but not quite.

oh no.....its not even 2 weeks and i spent like $1000 already! I'm really bad at managing my finances. any financial planner around? I might just need to hire you! haha.

Eat eat eat eat... i feel heavier already. Shall get the gym pass and go do yoga tomorrow! i can only do yoga cos i dint bring my sportshoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey friends, lets go sign up for packages when i get back!!!!! like dance?

I miss dancing! I miss clubbing! I miss grooving to the music. I just dance in my hotel room every once in a while. How dumb. haha....

Tuesday, July 10, 2007



Okies, very soon you guys will see pretty pictures of me~!!! cos the hotel computers have sd card reader!!!!! and i'll try to get pictures from my colleagues, cos i'm so lazy to take pictures outside.

Life is soooo much funner with people around. I really thank everyone for being around. I was almost about to lose my sanity. I think I am not someone who can survive on an island all alone.

Yes, I've got a confession to make. I've gone shopping again and spent another US$150...please please! someone stop me!!!!!!!! I'm gonna spend all my cash even before i go OUTLET shopping!!!

But this time round, i went with my colleagues!! Was their guide for the day. Going shopping together, although not as efficient as solo-shopping, is definitely not boring and scary.

Carol: the mineral make up here is good. So far so good. Will give a full detailed review after 2 weeks. coverage can be anything from sheer to full. And its so fun to play with! mixing around with the different shades to achieve different looks. I'm sold! I'm gonna get more before heading back to singapore. Anyone wants anything, please tell me in advance. But please dont ask for HEAVY stuffs. My luggage was already 27kg coming here.

Cailing: the benetint is US$28 if i dint remember wrongly. but benetint not as much raved as NARS orgasm or Benefit Moonbeam. I think these 2 won some allure awards or something. I know!!! Choo told me about the Benefit in Singapore. I thought i can be amongst the cool people using benefit stuffs! now everyone is gonna have it. boohoo.... but is it cheap there?

The clinique here is cheaper btw. But only by a few dollars.

Nuff of shopping, on to serious stuffs. I am really glad to have a great bunch of people around. They have all the experience and best of all, they are so willing to share their knowledge. Its like a whole big team effort, more than competition environment. Which i find it really great. I would hate to deal with office politics.

But my HR manager and pretty mentor takes effort to send messages frequently to check up on me. How many HR manager will drop/exchange e-mails on a bi-daily basis to just to check up on you?!

Yah...I'm busy counting my blessings now. I love my company~

I love my hotel too~!! HAPPY HOURS every mon-wed!! free BEER and chips! greedy me gulped down 2 bottles. shall go for more tomorrow!! at this rate, i'll go back with a beer belly and 15lbs of extra weight!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Shopping Spree~!!!

today, training ended early.........so I decided to give myself a little treat and go on a lil shopping spree~!!

wooolaalaa~~~ Adventure man i tell you~ I thought since im shopping alone. should be done in a couple of hours. but hell no~!!! i spent like 5+ hours there and i only covered like 10% of the place?

The whole place is HUMONGOUS!!!! with all the brands u can ever think of~!!!! Sephora, Victoria secrets, Forever 21 (which they name XXI here), Coach, Gap, Coldstones.....the list can go on forever...........

To top it off, everything's on SALE~ or so they claim. But prices compared to Singapore.... definitely a steal.

Dallas is definitely a shopping paradise as claimed by many books and sites.

I bought:

  1. bareMinerals....A whole collection of MINERAL MAKE UPs, after being psychoed so much by carol. I guess, its high time i start to take good care of my skin. (although the make up artist did say i have VERY good skin!!) I think i spent like US$100+ on all these.... it better be as good as they claim to be... can sleep in it~!
  2. NARS Orgasm! i so so wanted it since dunno when.
  3. Benefit Moonbeam! many raves about it.
  4. Sephora Liquid foundation (50% off)
  5. Sephora Lipglosses (just cheap)
  6. Loads of make up brushes~!!!!!! they were going at half price. and they are made from real animals. wat a bargain~
  7. Forever 21 LBD (short)
  8. Forever 21 LBD (long)
  9. Forever 21 vest
  10. Calvin Klein lingerie

Damage done: US$300 in just 1 day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there goes my whole week of per diem...

Victoria Secrets was having a major sale, but due to time constraints, i didn't buy any.

I tell you, US of A rawks lah~!!!!!! you want what.....u got what~~! I can stay here for good and marry some rich ang moh~!!!

But my area here is soooooo scary. After 8pm........its like all black. Not being racist or anything. but its really scary. I shall rush back home before the clock strikes 8pm like cinderella~

I'm damn happy with my buy lah. Wanted to get my SD card reader. but do u think i had the time? muhahaha.....

Alright, i shall go watch my mineral make up tutorial....:D:D

Friday, July 06, 2007

you know i would love to post pictures up, but silly me dint bring my data cable. and this lappie doesnt have any sd card reader. so bear my non-pictorial entries.

i thought being a business analyst means i need not have anything to do with ENGINEERING stuffs. guess im wrong. whole lot of Energy stuffs coupled with sales/trading terms.

all equates to load of trouble. massive trouble.

But its really very interesting. I never knew Singapore's Energy industry is the way it is.

The more I get to know about my job, the more hard-core sales it is. Not that i dislike it. But I'm not sure I'm up for this challenge. It means meeting lots of new people, and trying to get into their good books, be it by honest means or by forms of "treats".

Haha.... I will never know until i get into work proper.

Darn, I'm hungry again.

Before i forget (but well, i won't forget, not over my dead body), HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEARIE CHOO~!!!!!!!!! I wish i can be in Singapore giving u a big hug and celebrating it with you, but .......... oh well....wait for me....i'll be back with a sweet surprise (or so i hope). hahaha... love ya lots....darn...sounds so poseur-ish.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

darn, i think im jet lagging. fancy awake at 4am yet sleeping at 4pm. and due to me sleeping, i've got no dinner. yes, im starving like crazy now.

luckily i da-baoed cereals and milk. muhahaha.....being cheapo helps~!!!

still hungry. how i wish i stole more food. hahaha...

i did my homework anyhow. its so hard~!!! when i haven't even gone through the software training.

Tomorrow's another new day. starting to get a little bored. its like school all over again.... just this time, you have to perform even better.

Becoming more and more homesick. Having monthly cramps is not helping.

oh well.....shall go find more food....

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Life of a Struggling Yuppie

Life of a Struggling Yuppie-wannabe

alrighty, here i am AGAIN. haha...see what boredom does?

Day two.....went pretty well, with 2 homeworks to do!

The weather here is so dry that i keep breaking my nails. i broke two of my toenails just by kicking on something. it just breaks and bleeds! *ouch*

Maybe i should start pouring moisturizer to my nails to make it less brittle. Like it will help~

Wow, i tell you my mentor is super well known here. Everywhere i go, im associated with her. And they all say that Grace will know everything. Grace handles everything.

I am so impressed. My role model~ haha...

Yeah!! my colleague is coming over soon to pass me stuffs. free stuffs like detergents .... i know...im so cheapo~! what to do? I dont have sweet bfs who buys COACH stuffs for me. I gotta scrimp and save to buy them....

I'm really saving on food to go shopping~! hahaha...i dabao the free breakfast and have it for lunch! muhahahaha.... now my stomach's a bit queasy.

I was told i can travel to any parts of America FREE~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this spells trouble. meaning i have to scrimp and save more.......maybe i should also dabao dinner??? :D:D:D

I'm just loving my company more and more. Darn, im so easily contented. So not me.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


yeeehaaa....landed safely in Dallas, Texas after a grueling over 24 hours flight. But the hotel and peeps here are really great~! And the thing about them associating Singapore with China is so so true.
Texasian: So, where are ya from?
Ju: Singapore.
Texasian: Ohhh.....Is there somewhere near China?
Ju: Ahhh....No....It's near Malaysia?
Texasian: Ohhhh....But you speak really good English.
Ju: Thanks. Yeah, we speak English there...
Texasian: Really? But your English is really good.

Haha...The main gist : Ju speaks good english~ I never throw Singapore's face hor!~! *bleah*

Anywayz, me blogging means.......I've got my new lappie~!!!!! and its damn good lah...brand new ibm notebook leh.....with dunno what finger-indentifier thinggie. however, there aint any sd card slots....so i have no way of updating my pics till i get some sd card reader.

Well, well.....how was first day of work (or rather training)?


Well, let's talk about welfare first.... they do have a GREAT (and i mean really great) pantry. Its like freaking 7-11~!! got a whole big bar to choose your drinks and snacks!~! I was so tempted to steal some to my hotel room. Talking about it makes my stomach growl.... I just hope the one in Singapore is equally good.

Now for the actual training...... it was very intense. and i think im like the youngest there? so there are lots of stuffs im new to. I guess i will have lots of catching up to do before the big business meeting in August.

The people there are great. everyone greets and talks to each other even though they have no idea who you are! haha.... and met this nice girl who says she will bring me to outlet shopping~!!! yeehaa~!!

well, i'm starting to love this place. other than the fact that I cant get out past 8pm due to security reasons. Can't wait to meet more new people here. I'm gonna die soon from loneliness.

I think my overseas luck in pretty good. Everytime I'm overseas, I have good job offers. Darn, too late. and I love my company too much to leave it.

To friends in Singapore: Please do not call me. First thing is the phonebills are outrageously expensive. and secondly, the timing is horrible.

I got rudely awaken at 3am in the morning by some calls and couldn't get back to sleep!!! So i tossed and turned in bed till 6am!!!!! So, unless it's emergency (i.e. you miss me that badly) if not, let's keep it to e-mailing~! E-mails rawks! did i mentioned I got a new lappie?~ hahaha...

There i go babbling non-stop...cos im bored!!!!!!!! help!!!!!!

A big shoutout too everyone~!!!! Thanks for the well-wishes and the free mudpie treat!!! Special thanks to carol for being so sweet as always. You never fail to make ppl around you feel special.