Saturday, June 23, 2007

We'll just know..

Everything is going on so fast, that reality hasn't sunk in yet.

I'm just doing everything that's to be done asap.

Running here running there. Reading this reading that.

This job certainly has no room for procrastination.

30 June. 1 week before reality sets in.

I'm already having my doubts.

What if........

Oh well, lets not go there shall we?

Stepping out of your comfort zone is really a big challenge.

When the time comes, we'll just know..

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

All in a day's work~

im so sleepy now, but i guess i cant contain the excitement so here i go~

slept at 6am....why??? doing the crude oil industry presentation. i know, i procratinated till the very last minute. and i was totally unprepared for the presentation. in fact, i never even rehearsed it. not even once. at 1pm today, i was still touching up on the slides.

today's presentation was a flop i tell u. i really had no idea what i was presenting. basically, i was reading off the slides. my worstest ever presentation. (even worse than my FYP presentation) i can somehow sense that the interviewers weren't exactly interested nor particulary thrilled with my performance.

When the presentation was over, i was like so demoralized. but i told myself, i cant lose just yet. i must buck up and all the more i should present myself better for the next part of the interview. But, i dunno if its due to my lack of sleep or what, i fumbled, real bad. i kept beating around the bush. i swear i felt like digging my head in the ground.

But i redeemed myself when it was my turn to ask questions. I asked them back the questions they asked me.....haha~ i was curious as to what the answers were what... and to my surprise, the interviewer said i did a pretty much good research with my limited background. and with that, they invited the MD to come talk to me.

In my mind, i was like MD? so am i like almost confirmed la? But i still had my doubts....

So in came Mr MD and he asked how my performance was...

Interviewer A: It was TERRIBLE....
Ju: =cringed= oh no~
Interviewer A: Just kidding. it was good. (pause) pretty comprehensive blah blahblah.......

i tell you, my heart nearly jumped when i heard terrible~ and when there was a pause, all that was in my mind was: was interviewer A's just saying i was good cos i was there? like "fu yan" me? out of courtesy?

but the MD was really a great guy. he made me at ease, and all throughout the interview, he was joking around.

Usually, during the interview, if they are interested, they will drops hints and signs.... but i got none this time round..... or maybe im just being overly sensitive.

My whole journey back home was my mind, all that i can think of was, i am screwed....there goes my wasted effort...

Reached home
Checked my mails....... 2 new mails from the HR manager and the preview looked like this....

preview 1: It was great meeting you earlier on
preview 2: Sorry for that.

There goes my chance........ but i stilled opened up my mail.....and VOOOLLLAAAAA~!!!! i got the job~!!!! the second mail was "sorry for that. here are the attachments"

darn......went through so much all in a day~!!!! im just so thankful for getting this job~!!! thank you Lord~!!!! now shall get my much deserved beauty rest~

USA~!! here i come~!!! muhahahaha

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Working World

great~ just great.....

just when i thought this Business Development Analyst job is what i really want......Nat comes and tell me that the procurement job is still not taken up.... I seriously hope the job is waiting for me....... why else would it be empty?~! muhahaha.....

due to the HR person quitting at an awkward time, and me being in taiwan at the wrongest possible time, the 2nd interview never happened. very sure the procurement job has much better prospects and its a really great opportunity for a fresh grad. But its a deskbound job.... but that nat keep promoting his company~ saying all the great perks etc....

the biz analyst job is a very interesting job, whereby i will meet new clients and travel once every month. But the company, i just checked isnt a very big company (although its clients are real BIGSHOT clients) with only a revenue of $9.6 million.......

oh well.....wait till i get the job first...... the presentation research alone is killing me...

met up with my secondary 2 friends......really great meeting them. the only time we meet is for birthday celebrations. [happy birthday junee} although i kinda drifted apart (or so i think), i still love them bits, and every time we meet up, its like we were never apart.

talking to working adults really opened up my eyes. and they are really a great help in giving me a sneak preview of the working life...... one word.....TOUGH! haha...

and they are very self-enriching. taking up a degree while working/taking time off work to study or pursuing something they like. i find their attitude really very praise-worthy. and they are paying all these school fees by themselves!!!!!

looking at myself, i lived a life far too sheltered. at the age of 23, im still asking my parents for allowance!!! and my uni school fees and laptop loans will be paid off by my parents. i know.....i cant ask for better parents.

wonder how i would turn out if my parents totally heck cared me.... will i be more mature? or will i be my cynical? guess i wont find that out this life-time.

i think i really need to be out in the working world to see it for myself. and see how much i will change and grow. my dad says i will do well, but seriously i wonder how i will fare. i dont wanna be a mean backstabbing bitch, but i guess if the occassion arises, i will do what it takes to secure my place. only God knows what will happen.

so for now, lets just do what i can do with everything's that i've got. and leave the worrying till later.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I want this job!

oh yeah~~

went for the nice job interview today.....and i told you they really like me lah~!! *flicks hair* 2 hours after the interview, they e-mailed me asking me down for a final interview....which happens to be a "SALES PRESENTATION" interview~?!@#!?@`

i forsee myself doing tonnes of research work for this presentation........ not even hired yet, need to work liao....

But the interviewee was soooooooooooo pretttttty~!!!!!!!! i was expecting some mid-30s power woman, but wow~!!!! a tall, model looking lady with a nice american accent~!!!!!! i was so impressed by her. she was not only pretty, she knew her stuffs and was really nice and patient with me..... no wonder she got promoted 2 times in 3 years~!

but i guess i kinda screwed up the interview......

when they asked for my career objectives guess what smart me said: lots of promotions~! muhahahahaha.... of cos i backed up with more smart answers... but still unsure of my career objectives...... unlike cai, i dont wanna be a professional engineer..... i just wanna earn big bucks~! hahaha....thats my career objectives....which sini said its a bad one....grrrr......

the interview went on with lots of other mishaps..... but thankful for being called in for the final int.....i wanna go dallas and work under a pretty mentor~!!!!! woohooo~~

great~ presentation preparation now~ i really hope to get this job. cant stand it!!!!! unemployment sucks........ nobody to play with me~~ like practically everyone is working~!!!!! i need a job soooooooon.... need to bring bread and butter to the table~

but~ unemployment has its benefits......parents still pay for everything~ muhahaha... i bought like $250 worth of clothes today~ and i have my eyes on a $100+ shoes..... which im so gonna get it... wanted to buy today since mummy's around....but darn was late for my 4/5 meeting~ hahaha.... my mind is filled with this shoe......although it has a bit of the CFM look, but wat the heck.....CFM then CFM lah~ haha

while the whole world is working, here i am blogging..... *yawnz*

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Collage

yippee!! i've got eye infection. i seriously have no idea how i got it. I did nothing out of the ordinary. must be the new contacts!!!!! grrrrrr.....

i know i should be actively looking for a job yada yada.... but well, since i've some spare time at hand, I decided to indulge myself in a little forsaken hobby: Arts and Craft~!

So, i sat down, took out some glue and started doing a collage~!

not those internet photo collage mind you

Something way more sophisticated and classier


i know. im like a little kid showing off her artwork~ but isnt it just wonderful?!

its not exactly easy you know! especially when Her World isnt an ideally colourful magazine....

I had a phone interview with a nice company. and well, i think i perform better during phone interviews! can sense that they really like me... *flicks hair* hahaha..

Hope they like the life-size me~ then i can go US~!!!! woohooo....outta tiny lil' singapore. Then again, too early to be dreaming....

How can i even go for interviews when my eye is seriously infected. i shall keep washing my eyes.....

Monday, June 11, 2007

Shiok Ah~

today, after many months of aching shoulder/neck/back, i finally went for my massage after meeting the girls~ one word.....SHIOK~!

damn pain can? the painest massage...i was screaming inside......but i love pain, so it was by far the bestest massage everr~~ SHIOK SHIOK SHIOK.... the guy was damn nice..... extended my time by like 10mins.......

but well.....burnt another big hole in my wallet~

those who want shiok, ultra painful massage, this is the place to throw your money-->>Kohong Health Products & Foot-Reflexology Centre


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Taiwan 101 should have guessed as much..... the princess is bored. hence meddling with some crappy picture collage program.

have no idea how to get the evaluation thing off......

next toy: flash!!!!!

Sex and the City

My all time favourite~ It speaks so well, especially to single women in their mid thirties. Well, technically, I'm not even near my thirties, but I enjoy it nonetheless. I do related to the being single part, fyi.

I know its like a many years ago tv series, but still, watching it again has brought my definition of singlehood to a whole new level. I was like in JC when i last watched it. My face wrung when my sis first intro-ed me and i had my fair bit of skepticism. what can possibly be so interesting about 4 thirty year olds talking about their sex-lives? and watching it then.... was like a crude sex show, which i still loved dearly. But i found new appreciation to the whole SATC thing.

It has just the right bit of everything!!!! Amazing cast, wonderful fashion, lovely quotes, witty humour, killer shoes. and the title says it all, it has lots of SEX, SEX and more SEX. haha... I love American series and how they are so open with everything. No wonder for a while, it was banned in Singapore.

Watching it made me wanna go live in NYC, partying every night with rich and famous people appearing on covers of Fortune dreaming. seeing how successful these 4 women are (in the show), especially Samantha Jones, I truly fantasize me being them. Although i do know that what's portrayed in SATC is totally elitist. But still!!! irregardless!!!!

I can't seem to find my season four!!!! wonder where my pesty lil sis left it.... i need SATC!! you guys should watch it... however, warning: it has sex scenes and lots of sex noises. i have to lower my volume everytime they do IT.....for the fear of my parents thinking im watching some porno. But truly, SATC is the BOMB!!!! i cant wait for the movie to be out!!!!!!!

And now....for more SATC~! woot woot~ (can't believed i blogged one whole page on this....)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Total tirednism.....

Total tirednism.....

Going for interviews after interview is really energy draining.... especially if the wonderful company is in SUNNY JURONG ISLAND...... dont even get me started. *hah*

Another bank interview tomorrow.... but feeling the monthly woes....

Going for interviews and crapping your way through when you don't exactly know what you want is a terrible feeling. it's like lying through your teeth and like super promoting yourself without the least but of subtleness...

I guess interviewers really enjoy doing this....:/ I mean, its really interesting seeing how BHB one can get. Maybe i should apply to be some HR personnel~ muhahahaha~

jokes aside, i really need to find my calling soon. but my dad, and even the interviewers, says no hurry, especially first job. blah blah blah.....

enough whining about career issues. my nails are in such a bad state. dry and all yellow.... carol~!!!! when are u gonna do my nails for me??? *shoots out my hands and joo's nails waiting to be pampered* muhahaha....

and to a certain friend, im sorry. my bad. i shoulda known better than to jump into silly conclusions. i owe u one......well, in fact many .... friends forever~ haha thats so cliche`

Friday, June 01, 2007

Jazz Lovelies~

Had KTV with the lovely jazz girls~ and also to celebrate darling jiaxin's birthday~!!

Happy 22nd Birthday girl~!!!
sorry had to spoil the surprise element...but i think it was still a blast~ with serena and elaine doing the disappearing act for 1 hour!!!!!!

and serena doing her weird antics........solo-duet...... and now great...the phantom songs are stuck in my head...:/
of course we had our usual dosage of self-admiration....aka photo-taking~

xiaoling looks so high.....and her hair.....CLASSIC~!!! muhahahaha....

a second shot still does no help.... SHAVE BALD!!!! SHAVE BALD!!!!!!! muhahahahaha...
Pretty lah pretty lah~