Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My luck~


when one's down on his luck, anything can go wrong~

wonder when there will be a change of luck~ to think that my luck was super good when must be fengshui.....and the $90 odd jade pendant doesnt seem to be doing its job. wonder what got into me to buy that pendant?~

i think do good, and good will come to you. Today, out of no where, i dug out $1 and make a donation. Don't ask me why but stingy me made a donation. and vooiola~ some nice samaritan returned me my lost phone. I shall do more good deeds!

oh well, there's a Greater Being up there and in Him my trust i'll place.

and yippeee~!! after today's incident, i went to watch Shrek 3 by myself~! my long-lost hobby..... watching movies alone!

shall go read my 4 library books that i borrowed today.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Taiwan Entries

Wow....after totalling hanging my comp for the 1000th time, i've decided to move my taiwan entries my old blog~!

so i know its a little troublesome, but hey! im saving you the trouble of your comp hanging!!!!! so dont complain!

Click on the links below to be transported to Taiwan!!!

Would You Be There

If I were blue, would you be there for me,
And whisper in my ears that's ok.
Would you stand by me, let me hold you tight,
And say you love me one more time.

If I feel good, would you slow dance with me,
And touch my lips with tender loving care,
Would you die for me, would you run with me,
And never look back..

Would you be there to love, to be with me?
Would you swear that your love is always true?
Would you say that you'll always be the one,
to take my breath away?

Would you be there to love, to be with me?
Would you swear that your love is always true?
Would you say that you'll always be the one,
to take my breath away?

Would you be there..

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

to TAIWAN!!!

Yes...... in like ermmm...1..2...3...4... 5 HOURS time, i will be nicely seated on my SQ flight to......TAIWAN!!!!

I know i should be sleeping at this unearthly hour, but thanks to my lovely washing machine screwing up, i spent the whole night blowdrying my laungry. YES, i blowdried everything....:/

and the night before, i couldn't sleep thanks to my wonderful cock-up printer......

at this rate, i think i will sleep throughout the whole trip.

Yippeee~!!! I love my girls~ and i can't ask for better companionship for this grad trip! its gonna be sooooooooo (as charles would put it) AWESOME~ a pity jenni, rollie and dar-ling couldn't join us. else, we would be like the mighty 8 girls! or for this case, 8 hawt taiwan "la-mei" !!

The guys, after countless of psycho-ing, refuse to join us and carry our endless shopping bags!! oh fine~!!!!!!!!! while I roam the whole of taiwan, devouring all the yummilicious delicacy, have fun in sunny island Singapore!! *bleah* *neh-nehny-poo-poo*

hah...i had to do that. alright. till then~

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Random Photos

after decorating this masterpiece did i realize that the 2 pictures are the same *duh-face* and given my horrible photoshop-ing skills, i have no idea how to change just the picture. *double duh-face*

demoralization...... i cant be bothered to do the KTV pics now~

yeah~ at least theres something for me to look forward to~! theres my taiwan trip~! and of cos my MOE interview (looking forward, but not the very excited kind?) TAIWAN TAIWAN~!!!!!!!! i already wrote out my "to-bring list" and "to-buy list". anyone wants anything? just drop me a msg before 16May!

finally bought my shu uemura eyelash curler~ and it curls like magic~ withouth biting your eyelids. i can feel the difference from my lousy red-earth curler, which is around the same price. Thank god i lost it~ HAH~

and of cos i bought their blusher and eyebrow pencil which many ppl rave about.

and LOOK! my new pair of havaianas!! (pardon my dirty room) golden colour leh!! and the slim design!! ji chio rite? ever since i step foot on my first pair of havaianas, i've never wanted any other slippers. and the sales assistants there wooohoooo....CUTEeeeee~~~

and hey hey! this donut made my day! aint it just adorable? and try biting into one.....UUUuuummmmmm....... im officially hooked on donuts.

some random photos from my phone....
CAC+Us Production with the director on stage giving out instructions...
sigh.. really missing those days...

yenlin, elaine and maurice at maurice's KTV room...elaine kept taking pictures of me sleeping! so i took this as revenge....but she still looks so cute~ darn. mission failed@

Xiaoling and Jiali (and some random guy) playing with my phone at Temasek Hall.

ermmmmm......the picture speaks for itself. taken by the guy in the next photo...

Charles Ching Lester Lua~ muhahahahaha..... showing off his macho chest as usual~

ass-muddy follow suit...... uuurrrmmmm.....seeeeexxxaaay~ *slurps*

this RSAF guy acting ji melancholic and solemn...

leng cai acting cute? hahaha....

gordon complaining how i sunk my fingernails into his flesh. haha... *evil laughs*

pretty me in a love!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"Is this What I Really Want?"

My first ever "formal" interview. Wasn't as scary as i thought. On the contrary, it was pretty fun and interesting.

First, the HR manager scrutinizing EVERY detail on my resume. And i thought HR people tend to just scan through it. NOOOOOO..... from Why i chose Waterloo as my exchange uni. to how many councillors were in the O-camp. What are my dad's plan after retirement? Which church do you attend? What modules did you take which are relevant to this job?

Really, the questions bombarded at me were endless. Although i was startled by some questions, i think i gave my honest-est opinion. She ended off with a whole big chunk of "Is this What I Really Want?"

Next, the Procurement manager's turn. He was a very nice fella with not much questions. Basically he was there to give me an overview on this company and the jobscope. And kept asking if this is What I Really Want?

On the whole, both of them kept emphasizing how important this job is and kept asking if this is What I Really Want. Cos they say they are willing to give fresh graduates this chance and train them up and this opportunity doesn't come by very often. Found out that this is a pretty good job with good prospects and the HR lady says the pay will rise quite high... muhahaha....

A job with good money and good prospects is What I Really Want! well, I guess 1 month later i'll get to know the results.

i don't really know What I Really Want. Up till now, i think Procurement is it. and it will be great if i get this job. Pray that no one else applies for this job. But shall go for more interview to learn more. It's really an eye-opening experience.

Anyway, thank you Abel for introducing me to a Biz Analyst job lobang. If i get it, a treat awaits~! haha... Despite this competitive atmosphere, its nice having friends doing sweet things as such~ *muacks*


let me out, let me go
free from these onerous duties
for today i just want to be me.

let me out, let me go
just for one breath
this breath I truly seek.

when was the last time i laughed wholeheartedly?
or cried for that matter....
jaded, im just jaded.
lost the zest for life
lost the childness in me

damn!!! i sound like some depressed lovelorn loser! which im sooo not!!! but hell right i feel so jaded. i need someone, something to reignite my dying flame. my lukewarm attitude to everything really gets to me.

yeah...just a another of my usual ramblings~

Saturday, May 05, 2007


after many days of procrastination, here i am updating my blog. Let's see....what's there to update?

Right....theres that dreaded FYP presentation which went quite ok. i was so much more sure of my stuffs this time, although my supp still gave me a knock on my head after it. But my name is going to appear on a publication~!! HAH! how many fyp kids can have that opportunity? i sincerely thank my supp for giving me a chance and his tremendous help in everything, be it ME related or about dance or about life. Now let us chuck FYP one corner....

Next on the agenda: career path. well, im still in the midst of deciding what i want to do with my life. Up till this point, everything was more or less arranged for me. But now I'm at a crossroad, where I have to make my own decision and live with it, good or bad. I'm truly happy to see friends so sure or what they want and ultimately reaching their goal (right cailing, xiaoling?~ ....*grinz*)

I'm under so much stress when everyone is going for interviews and being offered jobs, yet here i am typing this dumb blog entry on what i should do. So i headed my friends' advice and just applied for a few positions, be it engineering or not. BRAVO~ i was 'rudely awaken' from my beauty sleep by the phone constant ringing. to my surprise it was the offshore company i applied to just a few hours ago at 3am~! it was this easy getting an interview and yet i never even bothered trying.

No harm going for the interview although its not what i see myself doing in 5 years time. I know at one point in time, after being exposed to semiconductor stuffs, i was very interested and highly motivated. But as usual, that was just my "3-minute enthusiasm".

Going for career counselling doesn't seem to help. They told me to choose something that i have passion in, the same thing HR taught me. What can I say....... I can't seem to find passion in anything and everything. Maybe the service industry? cos i think serving people is really a great thing and it gives me satisfaction seeing people smile. But the low pay and cruel working hours are a major turn-off.

My friend told me how much he envied my tri-lingual ablity and told me its highly sought after in the civil service and the amount these tri-lingual people get paid. that immediately made my eyes wide open. HAHAHA.....maybe i should get a job which can exploit my tri-lingualism. THATS WHY I WANTED DFS!!!!! they didn't even send me a rejection e-mail, which makes me wonder if i even sent to the right place.....

At the end of writing this entry, I'm still unsure on which path to take. I don't wish to just take up any job offer being thrown at, and after 3 years, realize i hate it but there's nothing else i can do and be stuck with it for the rest of my life.

oh passion, passion, where art thou~