Sunday, April 29, 2007

Exams are over

Yeah~! Exams are over! FINITO~!

Right...... i'll mask my excitment, for now. To those in the midst of exams, treasure your last moments, give it your best!

Not to be cocky or anything, i think my final paper was my BEST paper in my whole NUS acedemic life. I could answer all questions and its my first ever paper im confident of getting an A, A+ for that matter. *grinz* Enough of cockiness...

Now, my last NUS hurdle~> FYP Presentation. Hope all things go smoothy and wont be as substandard as my previous.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Miss Singapore Universe 2007

thanks carol for inviting me to grace such a grand event, and be in such a big part of your life!!! it was my greatest pleasure being there despite a screwed up 9am paper the next morning. and i definitely dont regret my decision for doing so!!!

(picture taken with my dying camera phone)

firstly, congrats to my dearie carollie~ i can't be more proud of you~!!!! not just for getting top 10!!!! but you did a marvellous job and i can see the growth in you! be it physically, emotionally, politically or mentally.

everyone~ just look at this girl?! aint she just glowing and shining like an angel? (not the one in grey lah...hehehe... just for this once)

us at the after-party~ (uninvited) and lucky me and abel got to take a picture with the 2nd runner up, christabel campbell, the ford super model. she is really nice and talllll. (i shant mention how BRAVE abel was. haha)

me and xling were sitting with christabel's family and supporters, and her mom was pretty excited, saying she will lend us her voice, when i "watever-ed" some supporters (which i think was jessica's)

of cos what's a better way to hang around with atas chi-chi society than to cam-whore~!!! all the glitz and glamour~!! juu's loving it~

me with gordee ( the camera's owner) gord~! your face damn wrinkled leh~!!! i wanna smoothen it out with photoshop also cannot~! hahaha...

me with my dar-ling~ haha.... i think gord's camera makes one complexion super smooth~ i feel like caressing my own face~! haha.
there's more pictures. even me with SK who says i have a nice voice~!! muhahahahaha...i've got nice voice leh!!!! but dunno where the pic is??

darn. i hate exam periods. makes me eat and eat. and i gain weight like mad. shall start dieting tomorrow~!!!

To ALL: All the best for your papers~!!!

and if you dint already know, im so into rosie thomas's songs. go listen. its a good exam-time song. makes me at peace.
scanned through some CAC+Us pictures. and really missing those days. and i miss you girls and guy more!!!!

ali, juu and rol pretty in red. stoopid merv had the cheek to say we look hideous~! watev~ hideous is IN~!

jiaxin, serena, rol and juu~! doing the koda kumi cat-walk pose~!

Juu, rol, jiali and lulu doing some err....pose? haha.... just goofing around seems so fun~

the lovely jazz ladies!!!!!!

elaine is missing~!! that lead girl hardly had time to take pictures with us~! *sobs* we should have a cam-whoring session together one day~! haha..

shall stop here before i get all emo and start missing you girls (and guy)~ imma wait patiently for our next outing~ (frankie's ktv?? *winks*)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A thank you note:

words alone cannot describe,
the boisterous joy deep in my heart.
your eyes, your smile, they cannot lie,
i feel it too, i can't deny.

once again a prayer I'll make.
this time sealed with a little kiss.
thank you Lord for everything.
in you alone, my trust I'll place.

-Ju Kyung-

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Movie treat~

firstly, thanks gordee for the free movie treat~!! and thanks for mentioning its FREE. make me pass off a chance to watch "saw3" the other time~!!!! lucky jiali get to watch loh~!!!

i dunno wat movie i watched, but its definitely not worth paying to watch.

anywayz, why nobody comment how "GREAT" my poems are~?! i mean....don't they sound nice and emo? alright, shall stop blogging in poems....

and i love my new sofa bed~ say goodbye to backaches~!!! never knew having a sofa in the room can be so cool~ now i can have visitors in my room~!

im craving....craving for....
  1. xiao long bao
  2. carls junior
  3. SAKAE sushi BUFFET (i emphasize the BUFFET...i wanna eat happily w/o counting the plates)
  4. steamboat (not the one at marina though)
  5. lobster
  6. icy cold margarita
  7. decent cesar salad (like the ones in canada)
  8. Chicken cutlet (Ex-engine western food)

who knows where to get nice salads? i want those humongous portion salad. the serving here is so tiny, so pathetic. i can hardly eat my fill.

if anyone have any urge for the 8 cravings above, do drop me a msg and we can go eat eat eat together~! i really miss the xiao long bao......*whines*

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Poetic Affair

continuing my poetic's another

never once did i comprehend,
the torment that people get.
till i myself encounter,
the struggling feeling of despair.
funny, strange. i do not know.
its a scar for sure i'll live to know.
all i ask for is a second chance,
to undo the fault, i do regret.
sleepless nights i will have,
until the day the scar repairs.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

p/s: i love you

to you it might seem i don't care
in actual fact i genuinely do.

putting on a forced smile, the nonchalant look,
its all but a facade to keep you cool.

the pain, the anguish,
i feel it a hundred times more inside.

prayers said a many, longing for an answer.
in anticipation for something better.

words of consolation seem so light,
a false succour to lift our fright.

once again i cross my heart,
for nothing less than a good surprise.

with that this prayer i close
p/s: i love you.

Monday, April 09, 2007

random thoughts

many thoughts running through my mind. scattered here and there
  1. been contemplating whether as to do the peer assessment form for one of my modules. i wouldnt say i did a terrific job on the project. being a procrastinator that i am, i left it till the last few days. but in order not to let my groupmates be affected, i did my part on schedule. but MR XXX, who has no dance or whatever commitment and saying how free he would be blah blah blah, dint do his job till the very last moment, which is on wednesday (the day of our performance) and poor me and Ms ling had to stay up till 8-9am just to finish up the project. The part that he did was almost close to rubbish and ms ling had to touch-up like 80% of his part!

    Imagine having dance performance that night, exhausted and aching. Having another major performance the next day. MR XXX still has the cheek to say he has 9am lecture and going off to sleep~!?@#!@?#!@?#

    HELLO~?! me and Ms Ling stayed up till 9am and only had like 3 hours of sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! while doing the project with Ms Ling till the wee wee hours, we really got damn pissed and angry. We practically did like 99% of the project. okies...maybe 99% is a little exaggeration. but seriously, i think we wouldnt have rushed so much and would have done a better job if he did his part a little earlier and if he dint just go off so irresponsibly like that with the project still half dangling. I still want my As okies~!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont care if u frigging S/Ued it.......its f**king irresponsible and disgusting!!! and talking about it makes my blood boil~!!!

    thankfully i have Ms Ling to be there with me till 9am...if not i would have really lost it. YES! we shall do the peer review form and fight for our own justice!

  2. its really unfair why girls have to have menses and guys get away with it. every once a month, bloated tummy, pimple breakouts, enlarged breasts, indescribable pain, foul mood. and guys couldn't even do a simple job of emphatising.

  3. Being a virgin. needless to say i am one. but it doesnt seem like a big deal nowadays. guys even dislike their wife to be inexperience in bed. Whatever happened to the white wedding gown and its significance? i used to be very against pre-marital sex, and believed in giving my most precious thing to my hubby. i even took a vow/oath or whatever u call it in church last time. but slowly, im coming to accept this sex-before-marriage thinggie. its no biggie. and of cos you have to see if u are sexually compatible with your other half before marriage. and what if i never get married??? u mean i have to die a virgin and miss out what everyone's raving about?

  4. went jewellery shopping with Choo..... wow~!!! im so amazed by the collection~!!!! and seeing couples in the store, the guy choosing the jewellery for his girl.....wonder when will i have such fortune to receive a bling bling from my loved one. Its great satisfaction buying your own jewels, but receiving it from someone, its far greater joy.

  5. watching far too much cartoons. quoted from mummy, watching cartoons is useless. unlike drama, it doesnt help u grow emotionally. unlike documentaries, it doesnt help with your general knowledge. i guess i should cut down.

  6. im seriously ageing at an exponential rate. my eyebag or dunno what thing under my eyes is becoming bigger...i need beauty rest~!

thanks choo for the marvellous present~! i always love your presents~!!!! and im gonna carry it around whenever i foresee a major retail therapy session~!!!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Short Update

my arm aches. not sure if its due to the repetitive fanning or playing with the "punching thing".

BBQ with the jazz girls and GUY is sure enjoyable.

thanks maurice a.k.a frankie (seriously forgot how u got that name) for hosting us. he is actually taller than me lah....i feel like im over-towering him in this pic~ but nonetheless, he's such a sweetie~im really glad to have known the bunch of jazz girls, but as for thank you speeches, i shall leave it to tomorrow till our last lesson and when the photos are up~

Friday, April 06, 2007


"Warning: Low immune system detected. Please stock up on vitamins, water and plenty of rest."...........says my body.

Gosh, and i thought year 4 is the slackest year of all.

My throat has been hurting for quite some time. i just hope the swell swells down and not cause any major infection. My ears being uber sensitive, hurts whenever i get a throat infection. When my ear aches, my head aches.

throat/nose --> ear --> head --> body --> everywhere

i foresee torturous 4 weeks ahead. let me just get by this weekend and good friday holiday comfortably. fat hope.:(

im so lucky at such a busy time like this im single. (self-consolation) Wonder where the girls/guys dish out time for dating. I dont even have enough of ME-time. So much so that im starting to lose myself.

It's been so long since i've last leisurely shopped. Today, reaching EARLIEST, i repeat, EARLIEST, i had a little time to spare. Hence, decided to indulge myself in a little retail therapy.

And now for boring Updates....
  • I love my FYP sups~! i think im really blessed to have them, esp my -dancer- sup. Really very patient and tolerant of me. i think if i have a student like myself, i will surrender immediately.

  • Phantom of the Opera was aiight... i wasn't totally awed or bowled over by the performance. Maybe I have expectations too high or maybe im just a non-appreciator of the finer arts.

Things i need....

  • more time

  • more rest

  • more water

  • massage!!

  • shopping~

  • food therapy

  • KTV

  • bright yellow top for SUMMER~!!!

  • did i mention massage?

oh great~ i think what i need more than anything here is a proper sleeping pattern. sleeping at 5am certainly is not helping me. especially with nice cable tv in your room. sleeping before 2am is such a challenge.

as requested by lengleng....

Monday, April 02, 2007


Continuing my entry on CAC+Us performance...Flowers flowers flowers~! a total of 5 bouquet~! now all nicely arranged in 3 vases...:D
4 white angels in the girls' dressing room.

my bitches~ thanks for coming down despite your FYP/project commitments.

4 dancers + 4 friends = My favourite bunch of uni girls~!! the undefeatable eight-o~~!
my lovely bestest JSS gang~!! sorry cai about your face, but this is the best pic i can find for all..hahahaha...

the white angels doing magic on stage~2 very pretty ladies (the prettier one on the right~ haha..:D:D:D)

these are all the pathetic photos i can churn up people, please if u do have any pretty pictures of me, pass leh~!!

the past few weeks were sooo sooo hectic...and i foresee it will be like this for some time to come. today is the only "breather" day. thank goodness the major scare today is over. and thanks to my friends who were there for me when i was so weak and vulnerable. i was throwing/banging my mouse and almost threw my laptop off my table. haha....