Friday, March 30, 2007

It's overrrrrrrrr~!!

YES~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS FINALLY OVVVEERR~!!!!! it has been great fun working with these wonderful bunch of people~
my own flower garden~! i feel so happy looking at them.....they are like smiling at me all the time.

and to those that came to support and to watch and cheer me on, THANK YOU SO MUCH~!!!!!!!!!! i really love love love love the flowers~!!!! never in my life have i receive so many flowers at a go~!!!!! today is like my birthday~!!!!

  1. Parents~ what am i without them? they have ever been so patient and supportive of me. and it makes me happy to see them happy and i love them so much~

  2. JSS friends~ you guys are the bestest~! despite your busy work schedules you all came down without any hesitation. all these years of friendship has made me learn one thing....that I LOVE YOU GUYS~!!

  3. SAJC friends~ namely dumb and dumber. thanks for the few weeks of torture and the triple tagging. but glad that u guys still came nonetheless. *hugs*

  4. UNI gang~ my forever loving girls and guys. always so supportive and understanding. So Onz about coming to support, even without me pushing the tickets.

  5. Uncle teng~ it's funny how a simple HR class has help us forge this friendship. You are such an amazing guy, coming down alone to support me~!!!! BUT sia la~! say my koda kumi looks disgusting *flicks hair* but your car~! POWER~

  6. 3 Jazz girls~ love u all so much~would have never accomplished such a feat without you guys by my side. thanks my very personal hairstylist, the girl with the sweetest bf and miss singapore-to-be~! words cannot express how much .......I WANT THE PHOTOS~! hahaha....

the list can go on and on....and i am so happy that this whole thing is over~! not cos its a drag, but cos i have fulfilled one of my lifelong wish. and the satisfation is really indescribable. months of torture trainings with the girls (and frankie) has paid off beautifully. so much so that, it seems all worth it. and thanks to my wonderful bunch of friends, today's performance was the ultimate~!!!!! you guys are really great audience, cheering and laughing.

Lazy to upload photos as i need rest. only had 3 hours of sleep~! I FINALLY CAN REST~!!!!! i never knew how great was slacking till now.....its really a luxury i couldnt afford for the past few weeks.

here's a few pics i took with the flowers. got more to come, but these are the better ones, so posting them first.

roses from every bestest JSS gang...

me and sunshine flower from *ahem* kaer~! damn sweet guy can? sweeter than jiali~! no wonder jiali is becoming more and more sweeter nowadays...good~!! haha... also got nice pink rose from yang yang. OMG~! dint think he would be such a gentleman~! another great guy. but pics will be uploaded soon...this pic is up cos i look super cheery~ a look of satisfied happiness`

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ramblings and more ramblings

sigh...this whole sem is like the most hectic last sem. and my blog has become an avenue for me to whine and complain and vent all my frustration. cos there's no where else i can do that.

this dancing thing(i know its always about dance) is really making me give up lots of things, and i am really sacrificing quite abit for this whole dance. it was all fine and dandy till i received an invitation for engineering networking night, which i really really want to go. it's like my first call-back "interview" kinda thing.....and of reputable semi-con companies.

and while others are getting truckloads of interviews, i'm so lazy i can't be even bothered to send in my resumes. the only 2 places i've written to have yet to reply me. after this hell week, i better start actively sending in resumes.

However, i'm not sure what i want to do. I told my dad i didn't want to go into engineering, then he comes and pass me some news article on engineering jobs...*duh*.. he says i'm more suited to do biz but i should first do some engineering stuffs and have some capital and networking before venturing into doing some business.

But the only thing i can picture myself in 10 or even 5 years a tai tai. i know, im so lack of ambition....Enough about career talk, i shall put on hold. and as for the networking night, i shall call it fate. and if these companies really wanna hire me, they will call me back for a formal interview. *CROSSES FINGERS*

my FYP is so lagging behind. OKIES, i admit i have bad time management, but really, i hardly have any free time. im staying up till 5am to write this blog entry...... time to sleep. tomorrow is another day dedicated to dance....

oh yah..talking about dance, my FYP sup is ermmm.....pretty enthu about me dancing? and has been asking me questions about the dance. even took a brochure from ucc to show me. hahaha....DAMN COOL rite? im thinking if i should invite him....but it is only courtesy to treat him to tickets right?? and 1 tickets is abit weird, so i should pass him 2 right???...which is $28!!!!!!!! so the thought of inviting him to dance == cancelled. but i've got such a cool and funky and concerned FYP sup~ it makes me happy!

alright, really off to sleep~ people, cheerios~

Friday, March 23, 2007


(picture and "quote" courtesy of Julian)

recents events have got me thinking about what friends are.

maybe im being overly sensitive and overly whiney about this issue. but certainly the issue has come up to a point where i cant just sit down and laugh over it. I shant continue.

Grad trip. something that i onced looked so so forward to it. dunno if its all the stress or issit the novelty wearing off. it just doesnt seem to excite me anymore. but thanks cai and eva for taking the initiative and going to book for us. I wish i could reciprocate your efforts with much enthusiasm but i cant squeeze out the least bit of it....

No...its not that time of the month. but nonetheless im feeling real grumpy and moody. tmd, im still feeling bitter and sour. i need a punching bag~!!!!!!

im gonna channel all my energy into my THESIS and dance and project and assignment and test and job search and............and..............and......... oh great.....the list can just go on.....

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


i know im writing this in anger, and i know im gonna regret 30 mins later, but still i gonna post this. to remind myself what WONDERFUL friends i've got.

i mean, you have projects and datelines, i dont have meh? i think if you were having a frigging performance, i will still go loh~ despite all my datelines.

and you all are not my Hi-Bye friends loh. you are my friend FRIEND. is it a little too much to ask that from you?!

i wasn't at all angry or what in the first place, and i said you all can dont come. cos i felt real bad for you guys paying $14 to have a glimpse of me. and i know you all have really lots of deadline at this critical period. but u told me YES you are going, and now u are backing out?! at first i wasn't at all affected. until NOW. i mean, you dont say u are coming and keep my hopes high lah! i am really ok with rejections. those people with busy schedule and rejected me. i simply smiled and said its okie, dont be stressed out with your work. AND ITS REALLY OKIE.

im just pissed with 3 ppl ganging up and frigging giving a whole list of excuses. you guys know who u are. and FYI, i am really pissed. no joke. so next time u wanna play such a frigging joke, ITS NOT FUNNY. i repeat, IT IS NOT FUNNY. (okie...muddy ass is excused. im more pissed with dumb and dumber)

and to those lovelies who bothered to replied and wish me luck, thanks to the max. i will record and send it to u all~ and to those loveliers who is making an effort to come, i really love you guys to bits. and a treat awaits you~ (treat for the eyes lah...haha) and your sweet comments are really dear to me. im really sorry i cant make the tickets cheaper, but a round of drinks im sure i can manage~

= yes im being bitter. and argh~! the more i type the more prissy i get. the more i complain to my girls, the more i wanna say. i mean, your dateline is fine...its 30th....and the concert is 29th....but dont come and frigging say u will try to complete the project and if you can complete it, u will come? saying that u will try your best to finish and come? but u can only confirm on 28th? eat my behind lah~! if u really wanna come/ you really wanna finish your project by then, you would have already said yes loh~! the more u say u will try your best to finish your project and come makes my blood boil more. it just doesnt equates well. since u say u will , why cant u confirm now? it just frigging shows u are making up useless excuses which doesnt even sound right. you know what?~! dont come then dont come~! im argh`1@?#~!@? be cool joo be cool~=

im not mad for you not coming, im not mad for going back on your words, im not mad with you joking around. im just mad that u have to come up with such lame excuses and at the same time try to not make me mad? its not working XXX, its not working at all.

this song seem so apt for this perfect friend (of cos excluding the LOVE part.) Amazing enough im falling in love with this song.
Who would have thought
That you could hurt me
The way you've done it?
So deliberate, so determined

You don't even know the meaning of the words “I'm sorry”
You said you would love me until you die
And as far as I know you're still alive, baby
You don't even know the meaning of the words “I'm sorry”
I'm starting to believe it should be illegal to deceive a woman's heart

Open heart
Open heart
It should be illegal to deceive a woman's heart

Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy St Patrick's Day

once again, missing those days of partying~ last year we were talking about how we should continue celebrating St Patrick's Day even in Singapore.....But St Pat's Day just went by with neither of us realizing~ how sad.....

still remember me and saranya making last min trip down to conestoga to get our "green" item.

and yippeee~ my parents are back~! can be back to being my princess~!! no dish washing, no laundry, no vacuuming, no mopping, no car washing..........the list can just go on forever~ i wonder how my mum does it.

and i love my lovely "EMPLOYED" sis~! muhahaha..her gifts became more generous this year~!!!!! expensive clips and nice ermmm..underwear? only my sis seem to know my style~ or rather it's her who influenced me with my style. hahaha......but watever the case is, working adults sure have lots of money to spare~ i love my EMPLOYED sis...~ hahaha...

wanna take photo of the clips, but aiyah...lazy lah...I LOVE YOU SIS. I know you always pamper me loads with all the expensive stuffs. I will repay u with nice nice gifts your next trip to singapore~!!!!!!! till then, i'll be working hard on saving up my money~~

Saturday, March 17, 2007

j'adore la francais

Pas de bourrée

These are some of the common terms i hear nowadays. French can be sooooo sexy~ i think if a guy starts speaking to me in French, i will be totally mesmerized and swooned, regardless of what he is saying.

I BOUGHT a $88 boots~~ woot woot~!!!!! see me Pas de bourrée in the hot boots and of cos the "sexy" tube.....


AWI still remembers me~!!!! today Zee asked me if i were from Awi's class last time~ AWI remembers me~!!! i (heart) awi~~~

Dancing is fun.

Dancing is fun.
Dancing is fun.
Dancing is fun.

I must constantly remind myself this, for i am finding this whole dancing musical really draining. both physically and mentally.

My body is soon gonna break down. I cant even complete one song without feeling tired. towards the end (especially Frankie J), i am so tempted to short-cut and not give my 100% (which i always do).

Datelines piling up~!@

FYP draft: 26 March
PR2002 project: 29 March
ME4255 assignment: 30 March

With the dance on 28,29 March. I foresee myself burning midnight oils for the next 2 weeks. Dont kill me if due to lack of sleep, i become real prissy~

Let me enjoy my last weekend of play~ EVERYONE, JIA YOU~!

Friday, March 16, 2007

self-admiring time~

check out my EYES~ im using the big-eye contacts. its actually more obvious in the pics than real life. (i've realized the bottom left pic looks kinda =gong=)

and as some of you might have noticed, im been powdering up myself to school these few days. WHAT?! cant a girl be pretty? why do people give weird comments like "only biz girls put make up" and "you going clubbing later?"

one thing i know, my make-up skills are improving~ as in, im getting pretty fast at it and best of all~ i've mastered LIQUID EYELINER~ time to conquer fake eyelashes!!

Anyhowz, how's the new design? Is the font big enough? Im sticking to plain old white design after all the complaints and suggestions.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

tickets are selling for $14. its a little steep i know. Do get it from me/carol/jiali/xiaoling~
2 girls were talking in MOS Burger and i cant help but to overhear their conversation. probably fresh 'A' Level grads, talking about which faculty to go..

cant remember the exact conversation BUT here's the few "INTERESTING" parts imprinted deeply in my skull.

Part 1
Girl XXX: Civil Engine? I heard you get into civil engin when you cant get into other engineering. ME: *stares at XXX* HUH~?!

Part 2
Girl AAA: what does civil engine do?
Girl XXX: Sewage?
ME: *stares and rolls eyes* WTH??~

Part 3
--Girl AAA is unsure about which engin to go--
Girl XXX: maybe you should try marine engineering? or the road planning kind? or the construct building one?
ME: *stares at XXX with disbelief, shakes head and sighs*

can XXX get any smarter? she even mention biz degree not being a PROPER DEGREE. seriously, i salute her~
and to xiaoling, now im smarter than you~!!!! apparantly google-ing makes you smarter~! muhahaha..i only googled 1~!!!! gosh, i think im a genius~ says I'm 0% Stupid! How stupid are you? Click Here!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

wow....this week sure flew past~ and i dint even touch my FYP~ but whats left is reading off the resistance and SEM pictures ( which hopefully my sup can help me do. cos i suck at controlling the SEM)

my life now is like 60% dance, 30% shopping, 10% housework. where is work? it has been quite some time since i last touch my notes. time to get into serious study mode.

but i love dancing. and dancing towards/for something/someone can be a real pleasure. Sure i dont have dancer body, neither do i have the technical skills, but nevertheless, i love dancing~

but having to wear frigging tube~?!@?#?!@ omg, i myself cant even look myself in the mirror. i think it will be pure torture for the audience. so i guess, from today onwards, its really pure hardcore ab exercise for me.

and where do i go find cheap trackpants? went to my cheap $5 store, but they had all sorts of colour EXCEPT white? shall i like bleach one of my pants white? this musical is sure giving me another reason to shop~ :D but my money bank is like deflated~ time to cut down. if not, no grad trip~!!!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Y~All About Shopping~Y

it has been money throwing week this week.... with all my sudden shopping sprees and the vanity fair.
clothes, bought many many. its like an addictive thing. you buy 1 and the next thing you know, you are hopping down the cashier with a few others~

Clothes hanging in my closet now:
  • 2 dresses
  • 2 leggings
  • 1 vest/waist coat
  • 2 denim shorts
  • 1 long sleeve top
  • 1 green trackpants

thank goodness the skinnies were out of my size. if not, i would have bought another $69 jeans.

Cosmetics sitting nicely in my drawer:

from vanity fair~ this year, im gonna make an effort to use up all these cosmetics in 1 year~! (or maybe 2) i should really start putting make up to school...
my review: i'm pretty satisfied with the make up. the eyeshadow, unlike my bobbi-brown's and red earth's, is less obvious. just like i want it. the lipgloss, nice colour. even the nude one. the foundation...alright, not too bad, but i would prefer my lancome one. the remover, jus aight~

and my beautiful blusher and 2way cake from "the make up store".
my review: the 2 way cake is by far the silkiest i've ever touched. but the blusher, a little too subtle. have to have many application before it looks obvious. but the service there was fantastic~!!!! just the right amount of pushy-ness and 100% helpfulness.

i tell you the total damage done... i dunno what has come over me. but im sure liking it~ i've bought far more stuffs in 2007 than any other years. the scarey part ? its only early march! okie, the total damage would come up to approx $450++? im still eyeing on:

  • derma e eye cream (carol has been raving about)
  • ZARA satin trackpants (its only $30+ and they have it in royal blue~!!!!!)
  • nice long top to go with my vest
  • perfume (oh yah, i just bought a j'dore portable perfume)
  • speakers
  • external HDD
  • nice long top to go with my vest

and to update those who've been uninterested in my life, I frigging FRACTURED MY TOE~ my darling little fourth left toe~!! so yesterday it was self-declared "rest-at-home" day. but boredom got the better of me, and i started vacuuming and mopping the floor~ defeats the purpose i know.

but im popping pills and gulping down cartons of milk. and i even drank yucky soya bean juice today. all for what?! the dance musical lah~!!!! so you all better come and watch~ the musical the diva broke her toe for~! even my FYP sup shows interest~ muhahaha...

and whats a blog without the diva's pic? im too lazy to photo-shop*bah*

and taken off Eva's,Gord's blog. im pretty smarT~ how the heck did gordon get 1% stoopid?~ says I'm 16% Stupid! How stupid are you? Click Here!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

yay~!~ i got my new leggings from Old Navy~ muhahahaha... and bought another 2 shorts today~ im so in a shopping mood~ my wardrobe is slowly transforming~ muhahaha....

as much as i have sentimental feelings for my old stuffs, I LOVE NEW THINGS~! muhahaha...

and well, diet plan scrapped. how can diet when theres BA KWA~! i loooove the bacon ba kwa. they are like so sinful yet so yummy~

oh room is in a mess as you can see from the pics. apparently i need my mum (and dad of cos)~
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