Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Freaky habit

YFreaky HabitY
regarding the previous post on my weird habits, i noticed i can be real picky about cleanliness. i like my plates squeeky clean (SEP friends should know) and my clothes clean and fresh. i mean who doesnt?

but the fact that i wash my hands so many times before i sleep is seriously starting to freak the hell outta me. i can lie on my bed all prepared to sleep, then 5 mins later, i feel that my hands are dirty and i get up to wash it. and after another 5 mins, the vicious cycle repeats. I dunno when this strange habit started and right now, im trying real hard to not wash my hands so often.

i also just realized not only do i wash my hands so often at night, but it happens all the time. i wash my hands with the slightest reasons. after hanging my clothes, after drinking water, after touching food containers, after locking the door, after touching (abit) of the newspaper, after applying cream. even after washing my hands, i still feel its dirty when touching the tap.

and just yesterday, wanting my clothes to be uber clean, i threw in a little more detergent than required and bravo~ the washing machine was foaming bubbles~!! i was so afraid it was gonna burst bubbles any second. like in cartoons? haha..

i think one day this strange habit of mine will cause all my appliances to go haywire~

oh yes~! my Old Navy leggings came today~ :D how i love online shopping~

today's supposed to be send resume day, but after sending like attention diverted somewhere else.... DSTA application is sooooo hard~! as in, they expect you to write in all subjects and grades? cant i just hand in my transcripts? darn.....tomorrow i shall continue sending more resumes~!

and i so so agree with wong lilin~ in the dance floor... out of point. go watch the dance floor and you'll get what i mean.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


im addicted to online shopping....and the worst part, im not even buying. im just looking.....:/ i know....but i tell you its damn fun~! and overseas stuffs are so cute~!

here are some tag replies to my dearest favourite friends who faithfully read my blog and tag it from time to time~

rolrol: you take care of yourself girl~ u need more food~ and next outing we go eat healthy organic food~!!!! *yum yum??* haha... we (or rather I) should start eating healthy~ go vegans~

abel: thanks~ im always cool, like you~*flicks hair and pose* haha

jiali: of cos~ all your weird things aint even weird. i "loogi" leh~ should have just mention some normal things like im pretty? haha..=bimbo talk=

lengleng: i so knew you had the auntie streak in you~! housewives are the new taitais~!!!!!housewives unite~

merv: forgive me for my spelling. its sadomaochist? im sure u know what it is you young little innocent thing~ BDSM~! muhahaha... angry dragon? cincinatti bowtie?

saranya: of cos~! change is good~ i love change. i love you~!

gosh, fyp is really driving me nuts. although my sup is like spoon feeding me, i still hafta wake up so early to be in the lab to show moral support~ go sup go~! and with only 4 hours of sleep each day, i think im gonna age prematurely.... i seriously need help, before i google out another nice online shopping site.....

Sunday, February 25, 2007



being cooped up at home and so shopping-deprived, i made a trip down to orchard today for solo-shopping~!!!!
i think im a born loner. i actually like solo-shopping and am most productive solo-shopping.

i finally bought my vest~!!!!! wooooohooooo~~ you know? the waist coat?! and 2 dresses and 1 white leggings which looks very much like long-johns. :( darn, the waist coat is like so fitting i have to start losing weight.......

and of cos my NEW HP~!!! woot woot~

i love it to bits~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its soo darn slim and sexy, it screams elegance. *kisses my darling*

and that marks the end of mid-semester holidays. wasn't even a holiday at all~!!!! i spent my holidays doing FYP in lab~:(:(

but its nice getting to know my sup better. dint know he was from dance ensemble. yes, woow~ i got such a cool sup~ and he ask me to tell him when im performing~ muhahaha~ he is damn cute lah~

street jazz is real tough exercise man~ i never fail to get aches. and this time, not only are my armpits aching, i have a big fist size blue-black on my knees~!!!!!

wearing make-up is tedious, but it makes a difference on how others treat you. and my friend tells me that i look much presentable in make up and should put on make up even to school if i ever wanna get attached. *PUI* the diva looks good with naked skin~

its a love-hate relationship. putting make up makes one pretty and also acts as a sunblock. but the process is so troublesome, and more importantly, i dont like stuffs on my face. its like depriving my skin of oxygen and clogging up my pores.

i think i look better tanned?

6 weird things about me~

Y6 weird things about me~Y

1. i wash my hands many times before i sleep. yes. i think its some minor OCD (obsessive-complusive disorder). i think i wash it at least 4 times with liquid hand wash (NOT SOAP). i dislike using soap.

2. i am a part-time perfectionist. Perfectionist alright...but only on a part-time basis. So when given a task and given the right mood. i will do it till its perfectly done. Especially cleaning stuffs. i can clean till my mum asks me to stop.

3. i like sipping a nice cup of hot coffee in a nice nice cup and just looking out the window relaxing. my dream is sitting on a nice rocking chair on a sunday morning drinking some gourmet coffee, looking out the window, when im older.

4. i am a hair person? i can spend like half of the preparation time on my hair. practically its where i spend most time before going out if i dont apply make up.

5. i love pain. not saddo masochist. but i like painful massages. especially reflexology kinda massages. its like the ultimate shuang-ness. and also painful stretching. not to the extent of tearing my muscles but to the extent of shuang-ness.

6. i love grocery shopping. confession. i kinda drop by NTUC almost every alternate days? I like just looking at foods and their nutritional value and just look at how much discount they are on. i also love looking at nice bowls and cups. i think im such a housewife material~ all of you know my weird weird habits. but i got much more weird habits which i shant divulge too much. in case i scare all of my friends and potential suitors away.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Random Pics

YRandom PicsY

goodbye old hair, goodbye old handphone~

a little overdue but nevertheless.....I love you girl~

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy V day!

May love be abundant on this lovely day~

Saturday, February 10, 2007

dbl O-ed

an event out to cheer our street jazz instructor (Zee) ~ thanks to carol's trusty lil camera phone!! im so gonna change my phone~!!!!!!!

met awi there~!! it seems that zee and awi are good friends~! haha.... some pics, courtesy of carol's phone~ hahame and carol on our way to dbl O~ the jazz girls~ gosh, we really rox~ shaynay, box steps~ nothing is too difficult for us~

the couple and ME~ the light bulb~! haha

ME ME ME cam whoring when asked to help others take pic~ haha

i love my nice new hair....although not those rebonded super straight but well, it was the kinda hair i wanted: to curl in naturally~ at $370, it better be nice~

it was a fun event, although the music sux, the great company made up for it~ and carol sure can move her body~ *woots* i think i should go learn exotic dance too!!!

at the end of the day, all the girls had their boyfriends to send them home~!!! all but MEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee......... *sobz*

but i looooooooooove uncle teng~!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just jokingly ask if he wants to fetch me home and.......WOOOHOOOOOo~!!! got myself a nice ride his NISSAN FAIR LADY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my very very very very first experience in a sports car~!!!!!!! i tell you wow, i was like damn sua gu can? got nagivation system and nice vrooom vrooom sound...sorry and thank you kevin :D never did i think u were so gentlemanly~ hah~

although joo has no boyfriend, but she is thankful for having really great friends going the extra mile for the princess~! and really i really really treasure you all~:D *muAcks*

but.........ultimately of cos i want to be with that someone special....:D:D v-day is still FREEEE (for goodness sake) any takers?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

long time no blog~! or so i think....

been busy trying to have a healthy living. well, it has always been my resolution to be a better person, inside-out. and this year, im finally putting into practice.

For starters, i've bought the pai du mei yan bao~(or rather eva helped me buy. thanks girl~!) it's supposed to plurge your body of all toxins. after 2 hours of eating it, i defecated (in other words, shitted). its supposed to stink....but well, it was normal smell. shant go into details.

And today, i just bought a pair of 2kg dumbbells. i tell you, im serious about being healthy~ i just did a little exercise. but cant do much cos i dont wanna sweat and end up bathing, which will destroy my new hair~!!

and the dance moves are really good exercise. just do like 6-8 times, and confirm will sweat~ i love dancing~ its one reason i wanna be healthy for. to execute hard moves.

but eating lesser and healthier has definitely made me more moody. i guess its withdrawal symptoms. for a few days i've not touch any red meat~!!!! and gosh, for a beef lover, who loves wagyu, kobe, angus......and of cos my favourite BA KWA~!!!! its really testing my endurance level. what a great time to start eating healthy.

well, for healthy skin, body and mind, its a small price to pay. i dont want to die of fats clogging up my arteries.

now the only thing, or rather the hardest thing is to SLEEP EARLY~!!!!!! old habits hard to die.... shall make it a point to sleep before 1am for now. and before i know it, i'll be sleeping at 11pm~ :)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

posting- of ramblings

when there's lack of post = im not okie / im busy
when there's lots of post = im bored

i guess, if im able to put into words my thoughts, then mentally, im still doing okie. but when i find it real difficult to rearrange my thoughts and express them in words, then maybe mentally im not doing so ok.

so go figure how i've been feeling the past few days.

im doing everything cept studying. bad student i know. and this shall be my last week indulging in non-acedemic activities. after this week, i shall get my life back on track.

shoutouts to 3 guys whom impacted me (in a way) the past few days.

to uncle teng: thanks for the treat. but wah liew eh u...who brings pretty girls to eat fried chicken one? but u are forgiven for being such great entertainment. sorry if i looked uninterested the whole evening. you are great company but oie! stop being so mean and whiney lah~

to ian: i know you read this, so would like to thank you for accompanying me to shop and sending me all the way back home! its so nice to just meet up this way~ its really weird (in a nice way) you have this strange thing of walking on the outer-side of the pavement to "protect" the girl. its one funny trait of you i wont forget.

to barbie: glad u are acting normally these few days. i was seriously damn prissy cos of you. and thanks for "complimenting" my dress, mr skinnypants. *winks*

sigh... how much of my NYR have i accomplished? or even tried accomplishing?
sucks being a girl. not only is there the monthly thing, but you have to like shave and wax and pluck. why cant hair grow more at places they should be growing instead of freaking growing at places which dont require them?~?!

for now, my only comfort is my $120 cargo pants i (or rather my mum) bought for $40. and of cos fitting pointy shoes. i loveeeeee cheap buys and i love shoes that fit. i cant believe i have bigger feet than most guys i know.... how can guys have size 6/7 feet when i can barely fit into a size 8? is that even fair?~! maybe i should try wrapping up my feet like those olden days china women.