Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor Test

You scored 92% SWEET, 74% CHUNKY, and 70% UNIQUE!

brownie batter ice cream with a rich brownie batter swirl are a very sweet mix indeed! You are warm, loving, and caring to all those around you, but you're not boring in the least! You have a wild streak and a creative, unique streak, too. You are a great friend, an interesting person, and you know how to have fun without ending up crouching over a toilet bowl. Nice!

Taken from Cindy's blog~ do have a try at The Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor Test. a total food blog~!!!! no doubt this entry was also food related. like sweet chunky and unique~ a brownie batter.....yum yum~ shall go get a tub tomorrow to see how sweet i taste~ or maybe not. shant let my weekly exercise routine go to waste~
zzzzzz..... the asean soccer match bet s'pore and m'sia was so boring i had to switch channels. they cancelled "Down with Love" to air this soccer thing~!!!!!!! how irritating~~ "down with love" wins this lousy display of soccer anytime!!!!! but well, wrong of me to compare it to the world cup.
my neck/shoulder and thigh hurt like mad. thanks to the flicking-head action and the splits. it seems only I have this funny cartilage cracking sound everytime i twirl my head. having a bad feel about it i googled it, and i still can't find the exact cause and whether it's good or bad. its not the normal cracking knuckle phenomena, where the sound is caused by bursting of bubbles. i got a feeling its Arthritic joints.
joints that are arthritic may crack and grind. These noises usually occur each time the joint is moved. This noise is due to the roughness of the joint surface due to loss of the smooth cartilage.
damn it...arthritis at this young tender age. hope im just overly sensitive. but well, to be on the safe sife, i shall live a healthier life~ and to those to like cracking knuckles, dont~ studies have shown they may cause arthritis~!!!

and from eva's blog, aka miss techie....those of you wanting technical expertise, should go read her blog~! hahaha....i've managed to solve a youtube problem thanks to her~!!!!!!!!
and i find this not true AT ALL~!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wouldn't say im loyal in a relationship. but the rekindling part, maybe?
Your Birthdate: September 24

For you, love is a natural progression from friendship. You are almost always friends first.
In love, you are loyal, steady, and honest. You are not a cheater or even much of a flirt.
You are likely to stay friends with your ex... and open to rekindling something in the future.

Number of True Loves You'll Have: 4

Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 1

You are most compatible with people born on the 6th, 15th, and 24th of the month.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

sweety girl & James~

thanks so much~! i know this bouquet means so much to you yet u plucked out 1 stalk for me~!!!! gosh, im really very touched and i feel bad~!!! you are too sweet to be true you know~!!!! and you know i love you soooo much!!! Promise to pluck a stalk from my next bouquet...if i ever get one that is~

St James-ed~! finally. still feeling a little queasy in my stomach. guess i down my drinks a little too fast. *greedy joo*

i like drinking and getting high, but the after effects s just too much to bear. fancy waking up every 1 hour to puke.

wonderful company and to see friends tipsy is kinda funny.. especially when Miss C had problems getting on and off the cab. and when Miss C commented that a SLOW moving cab was driving past too fast. hahahaha...damn funny lah~

i on the other hand, was trying to prove how sober i was by walking straight. and i did walk straight~!!!!! just that you guys are the tipsy ones who thinks im not walking straight. i was sober enough to know that the cab driver short-changed me!!!!!!!

but smartie me got a little muddle-headed and lost my HP again!!! BUT, thank goodness to this wonderful cab driver who sent it back to my house~

i wouldnt have to seat a cab if my pang seh friend wasn't "sleeping" tmd leh u...whats the point of offering a ride when im 3/4 way home? but thanks for the offer and concern after hearing how high i was.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


as above.

i was around 80% confident that i will pass the first time round. but i guess i was wrong. 2 immediate failure. now i can't drive my dad's car when he's going to korea this feb~ grrrrr..... and i dont even get a stalk of flowers for failing...boohoo~*pouts*

i mean, overall i thought i did not bad (10 points leh), just the "going against traffic" and "e-brake" which i kinda screamed when he suddenly hit and shouted stop.

if its perfection they want, perfection they shall get the next time round! its just that the next time round is like in april? for the past 3 hours i have been constantly checking for any earlier dates.

to cindy: sorry girl, cannot drive you to the cake place. gotta take bus liao~

unhappy news aside, to cheer myself up, i bought 2 earings~!!! woohooo~ and tomorrow shall go buy my shoes~! i hate having long, big feet. At least in canada it was pretty easy getting shoes of my size, but in singapore~!!!!!

tomorrow, i shall go on a quest to find a nice comfy shoe which fits~!!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

stoopid barbie

stoopid barbie, acting all weird. and seriously its affecting me~ can u dont be like that? doubt u will read this entry any time soon anyway.

cardiomix = bad bad bad. taught by some ah lian auntie. with heck-care student helpers.

i need a massage.

and jiali, of cos u are the closest to a confidante i can find~ and i sincerely am so happy for you. till today, im every bit as excited as i was since day 1. its like it just happened yesterday~

Random thoughts...

con·fi·dant [kon-fi-dant, -dahnt, -duhnt, kon-fi-dant, -dahnt]
a close friend or associate to whom secrets are confided or with whom private matters and problems are discussed.

yup~ thats what i need. someone whom i can speak freely to without being judged. and i myself am someone who is quick to judge others, sub-conciously.

well, sometimes i don't know when to believe people. It takes all sorts to make the world go round. I've seen scheming people and maybe that is why although i trust people easily, at the same time, i still keep my distance from them. But i wish to believe there is goodness in mankind.

why is it that is so difficult to tell the truth? the truth is somethng so simple yet not all people are able to appreciate it. damn it. i tell lies too~ i just realized the double-standard i have.

its strange how different people look at me differently. Some says im confident, yet others say i should have more confidence. Some say that people tend to speak loudly to make themselves more confident. yet others say that confident people speaks loudly.

i also dunno why i talk and laugh so loudly. its just an inborn "talent". Maybe me talking so much about this issue shows my insecurity and my in-confidence. oh well~

so sad, my uncle couldnt get me free rain's tix. go rain~ go rain~ if i ever find a guy like him(even half as good as him), i think i will like grab hold of him so tight and never let him go. just look at the hunkilicious body and that cute adorable face~ cant believe he was first rejected cos of his looks~!

just looking at him makes my day~ and its great our streetjazz instructor uses his music to dance~ makes my lesson more enjoyable~

sometimes i dislike being tall. singaporean guys are so short. makes me overtower them when i wear my heels.

is it that im looking for too much in a guy? seriously, im just a girl who just want that perfect someone~ come to think of it, i dont even know what i look for in a guy~ everytime i think im a step clearer to what i want, it just turns out even more blurry.

gosh, this entry is so inconherent and so pointless. the things people write when they have too much time at hand.

to choo: take care girl~ dont stress yourself so much. its good that you wanna do well in your work, but remember, take a breather and smile~

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I'm Back!

yes, im back to blogspot. after using Xanga for some time, the novelty went off and i guess i shouldn't be so quick to pass a judgement on blogspot. afterall, all my 3 years of blogs are in here. it would be a pity to leave it just like that.

first up~ my FYP progress. What's a blog without any FYP talks? after two days of only 4 hours of sleep, my FYP interim is over~ yes i am a procrastinator but i dont intend to change this bad habit of mine.

anywayz, as all of you know already, the presentation went pretty bad with me unabling to answer some questions. which makes me wonder, are the profs asking questions to clear their doubts or to make our lives difficult?? i think its both. i can see that some questions are meant to clear their doubts on this project (those which of course i can answer) and some questions are just such general questions (to just make them look smart and us dumb).

oh well, it was one heck of an experience and i felt i disappointed my sup. after which he brought me to a room to lecture me. :( dont get me wrong. he kiddingly lectured me. afterall he is my fav supp. he is too nice to scold me~

Thats that for FYP. street jazz was fun~ although now my thighs are hurting as hell but it just goes to show that it was good, fun exercise. although it would be much more fun-er without all the turnings. its really making me dizzzzy.

went shopping with jiali and amy, but ended up just buying a concealer. so i was planning to go out again today, but laziness got the better of me. so, shall go shopping during my 3 hour break tomorrow. or maybe not. gotta go home and rest well for my driving~

23rd will be my test~ although francis says he is pretty confident of my passing, he also mentioned that due to my lack of practice in the circuit, i might fumble. i pray that everything goes alright and may peace be with me~ so....please dont jay-walk around BBDC on the 23rd~!

and smart ian ask me to wear skirt??? saying that all those who wear skirts pass??? WAH LIEW~~~~~ i dont need a skirt to pass loh~! i am LEE JU KYUNG leh~

my new year resolution of reading more books have yet to be materialized. i have only started on a few pages of "the 5 people you meet in heaven" (ok, make that 1 page) but there's still 10 more days to end of january. and i just need to meet the quota of reading 1book/month.

i feel that my life is in a mess. i have no direction and heading like to nowhere? just taking a step at a time and see where it lands me in. the thought of getting a job is scaring me. i have no idea where to go and not many people to consult. i got no big dreams (other than being a tai tai). i dont wish to make any hasty decision and blindly follow my peers, only to regret a few years down the road. this whole scarey reality is slowly creeping on to me. its high time i sit down and think about what i want. my goals and my dreams.

to uncle kevin~ tmd!!! make me happy for nothing~! i really thought you wanna let me drive the sportscar~!!!!!!!!!!!! tmd tmd tmd tmd. damn show off lah u~ i just had to put this down to remind myself how mean u are~!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


I dont like XANGA~! grrrrr...blogspot gives me so much more freedom to play around with my template. and now with the pictures moving as such, it looks like eva's blog....

ah well, shant touch anymore till my FYP interim is over~ or until the ugliness gets to me.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

mémoires, nostalgie, aigre-doux

Pardon my sudden facination with French. Aint it sexy? Like classily sexy?

My all time favourite song. One of my wedding song candidate, although cliche it might sound. Darn, how i wish i can have someone to relate this song to.

Thanks uncle kevin for introducing me to 3 potential guys, all whom i've struck out within 3 days. Handsome and rich they might seem, but one thing was missing....chemisty. Or rather I've grown to know what qualities i really want, and unfortunate for me, these qualities are some real demanding qualities.

Was cleaning up my room the other day. Didn't manage to find what i was supposed to find, but found lots of interesting stuffs. Letters, cards and my diary. Reading them definitely brought back bitter sweet memories. And i realized how I've stopped writing diary and letters to my friends. I love people writing things about me and writing things to me. yes, narcistic i may sound, but im sure everyone loves a lil bit of attention.

And then, i went to my old homepage and read through my old e-mails. E-mails then werent about FYPs and some career talk registrations. It had a personal touch. I wonder when was the last time i said something nice to a friend.

Gosh, this song is like soooooooo nice? just hear the starting and it will make girls go "OOOOOHHH~~~~!!!!!" and it brings back so many many memories.

Read from a friend's blog that //when one start to keep recapping fonder memories, it might be because there is something in the present that you cannot handle, such that you keep searching for better times to comfort yourself. Maybe it is just the tendency that everyone will want to be happy, but apparently when you are stress or troubled you will tend to seek comfort in past happy memories, though somehow i feel that won't that make you more unhappy, because you just miss the good.//

I guess there some of us who wish to go back in time and re-live those days. i definitely miss those days and i'm really glad to have experienced such wonderful memories. However sucky it may be at that time, looking back now just makes me smile. I hope 10 years from today, i read back this blog and experience the same thing. it sucks to grow up. it sucks to mature. When you mature too much, it just makes your life difficult.

My wonderful sis decided to stay in korea to look for a job. it really dashed my hopes of a family reunion. She should be mature enough to know how much my parents and ME wants the whole family to be together. well, looking at things from her point of view, maybe i should be the one going back to korea. Oh well, Que Sara sara~ whatever will be will be~

Thursday, January 11, 2007

FYP...Im lovin it~

YEAH~!!!! My fyp is a success~ hopefully. Me and my supp wasn't sure whether the "award-winning jig" might actually work. but we did some testings, and it works~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOOOOHOOOOOoo~!!!!! and my FYP prof agreed to extend my interim submission dateline~

everything seems to be looking on the good side~

and me and amy impromptuly went to watch Pan's Labyrinth. Unlike "Flags of our Father" this is a much deserving 4.5 popcorns movie. i wont give any spoilers. but to sum up the movie, its a reality clash with fairytale which leaves you room for your ample imagination. an awfully ingenius cinematography by Guillermo del Toro who brought you Blade II and Hellboy, the latter which i have a faint memory of watching it.

Anyway, i guess those adults with a small kid in them should catch this movie, especially jiali who still loves reading fantasy books.

I better go wash off all the "invisible" HF off my body~

Darn, im actually starting to like my fyp more and have pride in my work. As in, MY BABY WORKED LEH~!!!!!!!!!! There were no concrete experiments done before me, and i really hope my results can be of great help to the silicon, semi-conductor industry~ maybe i will name my jig, ~joodiva jig~ to scrub myself clean

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Dearest sister~

yeah~ my sister is coming over~!!!!!!! hopefully for good.

i miss having someone to gossip.
i miss having last min shopping partner.
i miss having free massages.
i miss having fighting for parent's attention.
i miss having someone defend for me.
i miss having someone bring back food for me.
i miss having someone to bitch with me.
i miss waking up to her singing.
i miss my clothes mysterically disappearing.
i miss stealing my sister's clothes.
i miss taking dumb photo-sticker with my sis.
i miss quarrelling with her.
i miss her calling me fatty.
i miss getting scolded by her.

hahaha....all these are so not gonna be missed the moment she step into singapore. but it's really great having her back. at least i know for sure my parents will be much happier.

Come to think of it....i think she is coming here for the ANG PAO MONEY~! that money sucker~ well, i still love her no matter what. its fate that made us sisters.

me with big ben. partially cut off~ and there's the london eye behind behind. i miss those days of carefree travelling~ i look so happy and unconfined. i am definitely missing my long tresses.

yesternight, i was intrigued by this interesting person; Mark Leung. Go youtube/google and u can easily find him. I actually stayed up till 4+am reading his blog. Yes, bo liao i know. but i have nothing better to do anyway.

I like guys named Mark. my first serious crush was called mark too~! MARK EDMUND. how cool.... haha..that was so out of point.

oh gawd...i feel real pukish. today i really ate like to my max~ my daddy lah~ bring us to some buffet place where they charge like $30+++/adult. to make my money (or rather my dad's money) worth, i ate whatever i could. Since i dont eat sashimi, i had to stuff myself with other value-for-money stuffs, like tempura, unagi,cod fish.

there goes one of my 2007 resolution..... is starting, and for once, im not really looking forward to it. then theres all the career workshops~ like what cailing said, we must "KIAN PENG" all these cheap workshops~

cai, jiali and me at the Leading Image workshop~ i got a cert to up my market value~! (pict courtesy of Miss Leng)

why issit that for some ppl, i dont mind meeting them everyday, but for some others, i try so hard to find excuses not to meet them? and great, i feel bad for turning down like 5 date offers from the same someone. oh well, time i go sleep and not think so much about silly mindless stuffs.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

My very first~


My first what? read on to find out~~>

But lemme just update on my outing with the 4/5 peeps~ its been months, and for siting, almost a year~!! it was my virgin trip down to clark quay to eat and after like 1 hour of intense discussion and reccee-ing, we finally decided on SATAY KING.

I wouldn't say the food was fantastic. With that same amount of $$, we could have gotten better food. But was great~

and i would like to say my liver is functioning 100% well~!! I, today, shall correct the misconception of "flushing of face after drinking alcohol" is healthy. i was pretty paranoid after siting, eric and cailing (blotchy flush) started having nice rosy flushes on their faces after drinking, when my face stayed normal. So, i went home and checked it up~ turns out...its the other way around~!!!!!! I AM THE HEALTHY ONE....or so i think.... too many biological terms.

From what i understand (from Wikepedia), this flushing a.k.a alcohol flush/Asian flush disease is a condition where the body cannot break down ingested alcohol completely due to ...........(read here) For an easier layman explanation, this site would be better.....(read here)

and now................................................................................................ back to the question brought up at the very beginning.....if you have been looking real carefully, you might have guessed it already. okie...not the dress....i know the dress is pretty... But dont you realize i look PRETTIER?~ i've lost approx 10kg........ermmm..not physically but thanks to PHOTOSHOP~!!! gotcha there dint i ?

its damn fun loh~! to beautify yourself without much effort. got pimples? NVM~! just zap it away with adobe~ haha.... im like totally PRO-PHOTOSHOPPING now... i can even be their ambassador.. i cant believe i was using PICASA all along.....

lets see what i've photoshopped~ for convenience sake, i've put them side by side. see the stark difference? Please ignore the scarey eyes in the background. hahaha..

CIMG4095 VS CIMG4095 copy
1. pimples, freckles gone
2. slimmer faceline
3. byebye eyebags
4. bigger, brighter eyes
5. smaller nose (although this one abit ermmm...)
6. centre teeth gap closer
7. tidy up stray hair on face

yup...thats about it~ it took me hours before i get this....but this is my very very very very very first photoshopped photo~ so im pretty satisfied with it. and thank you eric for introducing me to the marvels of photoshop~ omg...i love my flawless skin~~~ i know its just self-deceiving, but who cares? i like it~ haha~ who wants to be photoshopped? i will do it at a small price~

to jiali whom i've kept in suspense since like 11pm, i will give u discount~ hahahaha.....

okie lah...shall end it here. took the whole night to do these few photos. Will be back with more~! so everyone, expect PHOTOSHOP part 2~ till then, here's another of the same picture for all to enjoy~ come on~!! its my first photoshopped pic~!!!!!!!!!!!

CIMG4095 4copy