Sunday, December 31, 2006

Let's entertain ourselves!

Name 13 people who you can think of now:
11)Jia Wei

Q1. How did you meet 10?
Merv: Hmmmm...lemme see...i dont really remember but he was like brought into the "durin" group by eva/jiali during o-week?? and the rest is history

Q2. What would you do if you meet 1?
Jiali: Dig out more hot gossips~ haha. and of cos, our shopping trip?

Q3. What would you do if 2 & 6 dated?
Eva & Charles: Hahaha...this is classic~! Everyone imagine~

Q4. Have you seen 4 cry before?
Amy: Hmmm...nope~ she is too strong a woman to shed a tear.

Q5. Do you think 10 is cute?
Merv: Oh well....this is hard.....cute in a unique way? hahaha....

Q6. How did you get to know about 8?
Siting: Well, in sec 3/4 i was talking too much in class with Esther. and cos of that, my teacher swopped our places, and i ended up seating next to this angel. Amazingly my grades shot up.

Q7. Would you ever go on a date with 12?
James: Yes i would.

Q8. What's 7 favourite colour?
Jasmine: wah liew~! her favourite colour changes like every second~? But RED seems to be the constant one....RIGHT??

Q9. What would you do if 6 confessed to you that he/she likes you?
Charles: CHARLES?~! hahaha...You must be kidding. he is like gay?

Q10. Facts about 9.
Jennifer: She is a girl with a "cute" boyfriend. She is a very innocently pure girl. Haha....A lovely girl who stands up for her friends. Someone who went through more than me and a strong girl~ YOU GO GIRL~

Q11. Who's 4 going out with?
Amy: Lets see whooo...hmmmm.......ME~!! hahaha.... Girl Friends Forever (GFF)

Q12. Who is 5 to you?
Jow: barbie~ I love barbies~

Q13. Would you ever live with 13?
Saranya: OF COURSE? i mean, i practically stayed 1 toilet away from her for like 4 whole months~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q14. Is 2 single?
Eva: YES. any takers?

Q15. What do you think about 3?
Cailing: She is one heck of an attractive girl. Who is true to her heart and who stands for strongly for her views. A simple girl who loves her friends. And of cos with a unique sense of dressing.

Q16. What's the best thing about 5?
Jow: OMG.....for this i really need to think reaaaaaal hard. let's see. he is gay? is that good thing? Haha. Well, he likes DOTA  (side track: omg...i dint even know it was an accronym for Defense of the Ancient. Until that barbie told me.) But i guess liking dota isnt exactly a good thing. I know~! he is a NERD~!! frigging mugger~

Q17. What do you like about 11?
Jia Wei: The fact that he is a nice guy who gives me free rides? haha.

Q18. Favourite memory with 2?
Eva: too many to specifically point out one. All our gatherings are just lovely memories that i will keep and treasure. from MAFs to ASO to Milo Table. hahaha...Gosh. you guys make my uni life complete~

6 people to do the quiz :

Friday, December 29, 2006

goodbye 2006~

while everyone is busy doing their stuffs, lemme update my blog to cure my boredom~

yes, my blog is yellow again~!!! gloomy days are over~! finito~ seriously, that black template was turning me into some melancholic fool~ brooding too much over trivial things. and finally today is a bright and sunny day~ making me more cheerie~ can be back to my happy-go-lucky diva again~

i thought things through.. and seriously, its not worth me thinking and brooding all over it. so, i just throw away my problems~! how smart! when it resurfaces, then i will talk about it. but as for now~ enjoy every bit of my youth and the last few days of 2006~

2006 has been a really roller coaster year for me. SEP alone was a whole new experience and i'm glad i took up the challenge and went for it. it has opened my eyes (well, kinda). i would like to say i've changed, but i didn't. which infact isn't such a bad thing.

i dont even know where to begin my to make a proper closure?

But before i do that, let me write down a list of 10 things I hate (in public). since i promised myself to be a good girl in 2007, let me say all the mean things i want before 2006 ends.
  1. People urinating on toilet seats
    - it is utterly disgusting. ok...maybe your genital system is not very advanced, but u can kindly wipe away your own urine after business right?~!
  2. People beside me sleeping like a pig on mrt/buses, with their body/head leaning on me
    - was the worst MRT journey, where both guys beside me were sleeping like 2 dead people. well, at least dead people dont move. these two were like squeezing me in. and the thing is, one of them was really sleeping so darn deeply, that i can't even make eyes at him. the worst part. he is a NS guy. Nothing personal, but i dont really dig NS guys? If you were some handsome hunk, i would glady let you have my shoulders.
  3. People digging their nose in public.
    - and when i give them the disgusted stare, they continue digging. Hope your nose bleeds~
  4. People in the wrong, yet NOT APOLOGETIC
    - i was going home and happy xmas eve, and this old, idiotic uncle had to kick me while crossing his legs. NEVERMIND~ he is old and he is old......then when he uncrossed his legs, he had to eff-ing kick me again~! I was so about to shout "WAH LIEW" when the angelic me told myself...its MERRY XMAS EVE. be nice. I stared at him, hoping for a "SOLI" and yet he eyes were shut. grrrrrr.
  5. Couples who HAVE to be together on busrides
    - fine~! you can be together! you can hug and kiss for all i care. but kindly dont be a nuisance and block people~ for people like that, i will just pushing my way through...purposely pushing them more~!
  6. Little kids who take up 1 whole seat for themselves during peak hours
    - Okies...they are kids and fragile. they will break if they stand. Hello~?! YOU DINT EVEN PAY FOR YOUR BLARDY RIDE. the point of you not paying is cos you are too small to occupy one whole seat and ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ON YOUR MUMMY'S LAP~! Okie...i may be sounding bitter, but so what if i am? i paid FULL ADULT FARE, you paid NONE. you get a seat and i dont?~!
  7. Little kids who play anywhere, everywhere
    - I admit. i dont really like kids. especially those noisy, screamy, crying kids. and when they play, its total havoc. Especially if they bump into me, step on me or give my ears displeasure. Can't the parents keep them in hand? i mean literally. like hold them still? its a public place for goodness sake. There's nothing i can do except to give both the kids and the parent THE LOOK. i wouldn'd wanna be sued for slapping the kids.
right...this top 10 thing i hate is getting to me. im getting a little too worked up. so shall continue another day. till then~ if you are guilty of any of the offences mentioned above, do change. its 2007~

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I have a good dress sense in such a frigging good mood~! lalalalala~!!! cos someone commented that i've got good dress sense...of cos he being my HR classmate dint see me for like 1 year? ..soo ermmm..but anyway, it totally made my day~!! woohoo~

K: ya lah.....u're a nice little girl who miss classes
K: and dress differently each time u come
K: u do have a better dress sense than any girl in engin i know

right....ermm..the first point is so not true....about me missing classes. cos i never did miss class~!! except once? which i had to go for make-ups~ but the point here is me being a good dresser~ stoopid ass lah he, keep saying if i lose weight, will have a lot of superficial guys after me...grrrrr.... i dont see you intro-ing guys to me~! hmph~!

i told jiali about it....then that evil girl has to say that now i dont dress that good and play cheat by wearing the same shorts over and over again...which is urrmmm....partly true but sense of dressing was good, is good, will always be good~!

but girl, i am really so happy for you~!!!!!!! opps, am i supposed to say it here? happy for your good grades? hahahaha....regardless, u deserve every bit of it you little angel~!!!! *muacks* sooo sooo frigging shattered...NO MORE SAW 3~?!@#?!@ i have been waiting for it for like 1 whole blardy week~~!! waiting for my date with my lovely JOW~! now....everything is gone~! my saw 3.....

anywayz, tomorrow is another boring driving new instructor is OK...but i miss francis, and realized he is a really good instructor who takes pride in his job. for that, i really admire him~ he put in his best regardless. so..those who wanna learn driving....i highly recommend him~  although he kinda talks a lot while u are driving...hahaha..but im starting to appreciate his company~

Sunday, December 24, 2006

like i've said....its only just christmas. and being my 22nd christmas, it really doesnt make any difference. seriously.

there was a time when i really really looked forward to christmas. cos there was this generous old man called santa claus who would give me presents if i were a good kid. but all were dashed when my sister told me there was no such person as santa. and from that year onwards, this santa claus never visited me, no matter how good i was.

that was when part of my christmas spirit died. then there was this long childhood dream of walking down orchard with my loved one on christmas eve. just looking at all the beautiful sparkly xmas deco. sorta fulfilled my wish...but it was with ian. so ermmm....well.....and since dunno when, orchard became a common hang out for EVERYONE, regardless of race, religion, age, gender. the whole point of romance just died. Xmas is not about squeezing and screaming around, and taking the opportunity to grope ppl~

Seriously, what is Christmas? Isn't it to rejoice the birth of Baby Jesus? But instead of going to church and singing Feliz Navidad, here i am whining and puling. whining about santa claus and orchard.

Choo....outing with you is always a ADVENTURE. you sure know how to make people vomit blood~ just kidding. and oh yes....did i mention i am so so SO good at BOWLING? i think im a born genius~ and i will remind myself NEVER EVER date you on a freaking public holiday~!! omg...the fish and co is still swimming in my stomach.... and YOU STILL OWE ME ICE CREAM and a dinner date~! hah~ love ya girl~

sorry all for being so gloomy the past few days......just PMSing... to my durin girls, merry xmas. may 2007 be a wonderful year for all of us. our last last sem together. lets cherish every moment together~ *muacks*

omg...i cant stand it. i need saw 3~!!! was so tempted to buy the pirated dvd at marine parade today. but afraid it might be a real lousy quality, i've decided to catch it on the big screen. amazing they arent showing it till 28th~ what's with the cinemas?~! im so saw-deprived. those of u who have yet to catch saw 1 and saw 2......its highly recommended. not for the gore, but the ingenius plot.

i have no idea what is happening to my face. a major pimple outbreak. it just doesnt stop. it started after the stoopid facial. make my face flawless my ass face has never been in a worse state than this. tmd. make me spend more money on facial products......and this medicated pimple cream i bought ( which is more ex than Biotherm or Lancome) is kinda good...i can see my pimples residing. only minus point is...its has this chinese herbal smell....

okies, those that have been wondering what was my past few entries about. just PMS-ing. haha~ have a happy holidays~!

Saturday, December 23, 2006


i cannot stand ******. so desperate.

i cannot stand ******. so bhb.

i cannot stand ******. so timid.

i cannot stand ******. so escapist.

i cannot stand myself. so everything.

this entry is so dumb. too many things going through my mind. so lazy to put it to words. watever the case is, YOU GO GIRLS~! make ya mama proud~ haha..which so reminds me of the GIRL POWER song from "Jack and the Beansprout"

Friday, December 22, 2006

I just cant get you outta my mind~

it has been lingering in my mind for far too long. i have no idea what has gotten into me. it is out of my control. i don't want to be like this. it is really awkward.

dunno why i get so affected by what others say. wasnt like this in the past. the smallest thing can affect me. not say really affect me. but it keeps me thinking. and i dont like it~!!! grrrr.....

okies, two different things but still same issue. those who know me well enough, should know what im talking about. if not, please dont probe.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tanya Chua - I'll Remember You

Sorry wasn't good enough
A song without meter and rhyme
A long forgotten promise I recalled I made to you
A candle flame dies in the wind
It looks like it's about to rain, about to rain

Spirals from your cigarette
Your sweet colgone on my pillow
Messages you left me still sing like some lullaby
Pretty pictures on the wall
Hopes in us will rise & fall, rise & fall

And in the rain
In summer days too
When the willow tree weeps too
Under the street light so bright
I'll remember you everyday

The plane leaves in an hour's time
Hold me till our last goodbye
Silence is the only sound
No words can speak it through
I'll breathe your breath for one last time
You'll be strong and so will I, so will I

And in the rain
In summer days too
When the willow tree weeps too
Under the street light so bright
I'll remember you
I'll remember you
I'll remember you

Where are you Christmas

In a pensive mood, hence the colour change.

Xmas doesn't make me jolly.

which reminds me of a song from the "How the Grinch stole Christmas"

Where are you Christmas
Why can't I find you
Why have you gone away
Where is the laughter
You used to bring me
Why can't I hear music play

My world is changing
I'm rearranging
Does that mean Christmas changes too

Where are you Christmas
Do you remember
The one you used to know
I'm not the same one
See what the time's done
Is that why you have let me go

Sigh...shouldn't be damping everyone's Xmas spirit. Have a Merry Christmas ya'll.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

rain rain go away~

i realized i still miss you.

from time to time, i still think about you and the times we had. i dunno why things ended this way. i guess i wasn't a good enough lover. but did u know i tried? my best was just not enough for you. but i know those are just memories and will remain as nothing but bitter-sweet memories.

rainy days makes me feel more sentimental, melancholic and emotional. it makes me feel lonely as well. maybe its the cold weather and without anyone to snuggle up to, makes me kinda lonely.

casino royale~ OMG....i was practically forced into watching it. and i would give it 3/5 stars. unlike die another day, it lacked those cool gadgets. what's a spy without cool gadgets. all he had was guns and more guns. the fighting scene was so-so only. i so so should have insisted all the way to watch happy feet.

and thanks to the wonderful 2 gays wo insisted on watching a BOND movie.....i missed my last train. had to take a super long journey bus which loops around everywhere......

my longest day ever. and when is the rain gonna stop? although its nice and cool at home, at night its gets too cold even without my aircon. im falling sick~~ and i need to get a new pretty umbrella leaks..:/

Monday, December 18, 2006

너를 사랑해-한동준

OMG~!! i finally found this song~!!!!!! although not the original singer and a shorter version, this is the best i can get. the meaning is so simple yet speaks volumes. and it was this song my dad sang to my mum during their wedding anniversary. and i teared. although getting old and bickering at times, i can just see the love between them. the strong bond, the deep commitment. something much more than love. a feeling so indescribable. which just makes me feel so happy for them. i wonder when i can find my other half~

아침이 오는 소리에 문득 잠에서 깨어
내 품안에 잠든 너에게
우우우 워우 워워 너를 사랑해

내가 힘겨울때마다 너는 항상 내곁에
따스하게 어깨 감싸며
우우우 워우 워워
너를 사랑해 영원히 우리에겐
서글픈 이별은 없어
때로는 슬픔에 눈물도 흘리지만
언제나 너와 함께 새하얀 꿈을 꾸면서
하늘이 우리를 갈라놓을때까지
우우우 워우 워워 너를 사랑해
너를 사랑해

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The disappearing act of $1k

OMG......i amazing spent more than $1k+ in 1 month~?! and for someone so thrifty as me, spending $100 is already big news....but $1000++?~!

i got a real big shock when i tried to withdraw money from my UOB card after 1 month and to my horror, im only left with a measely $326.67, not even my one month allowance. how disgusting is that?~! i remember the last time i checked, there was still a healthy sum of $1300++.

so i went home and steadily dug out ALLLLL my receipts and checked.

Facial and Face care: $220
Clothes: $211
Hair care: $40
Electronics: $ 228
Transport: $72
TOTAL: $771

dunno where the other $300 went. i think food, entertainment and miscellaneous. i am feeling helplessly guilty now. my hard-earned $3k just "miraculously" disappeared. to think i even wanted to sign up for some massage package and pamper myself to a whole new make-up set. All that indulgence wont be happening anytime soon as i've promised myself NO MORE SHOPPING till i beef up my account.

I realized how scarey it is to just "sign away" purchases. It's a silent killer. You hardly feel the pinch during your purchase, but when the statements come, you feel not just a pinch, but 1000 pinches and total misery, devastation, mortification and everything bad. next time, i shall think twice before happily signing away my purchases. And i wonder if i should ever get a credit card? i have so little self-control, i become a mad woman shopping away.

so friends, i am not available for any more indulgence till further notice. donations are more than welcomed. small treats and presents too. FYI, Xmas is a time for giving and sharing~ ^^

Friday, December 15, 2006

Waterloo-ers Unite~!

After soooooo long, met up with my favourite Waterloo gang~! Cindy, Saranya, Daffy and Kayleen~!!!!!!!


Ate at some HK cafe kinda restuarant. i wouldnt say the food is fantastic, but the wonderful company made up for it. I ate one of the recommendation some 'pork chop cheese spagetti' and i dont think i will want to eat that again. And their mee is maggi mee...


their "not-so-bad" dessert. but strangely none of us wanted the red-bean part.


Us acting cute while shopping~ haha....and on your way home, we saw this nice sparkly xmas deco~!! yeah~ uber nice xmas deco~ its soooo nice eh? so sparkling. im such a sucker for sparkling things~!


I miss those days at Waterloo~ toboganning, partying, shopping trips( 7 people, 7 hours and 2 huge trolleys...), small silly gatherings, move nights......... my waterloo experience will never be so great without you guys. cant wait for 31st~!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wonderful friends

yes, a proper entry after exams. been busy doing nothing. haha. Had a memorable time studying in school with these wonderful peeps. sad to say, next sem is gonna be our last. collage10

and of cos our wonderful stayover at Amy's place. it has become an annual thing. having steamboat and watching movies, with me falling asleep all the time.


yummy food enough for 10?~ NOooooo more UUdddooonnn for another 5 days~! collage11

oh yeah~ christmas is coming~ i feel the christmas spirit around~ who wanna go for a photo-taking session at orchard with those nice sparkly goldie deco?


Oh yes~!! i cant wait for my new PINK PINK PINK mp3 player to come~! ho ho ho~

Thursday, December 07, 2006

My Seduction Style


hahaha...this wasn't my actual test result. the first few ones i tried was "the tantric master" thing...the kama sutra guru....WHICH IS SO SO SO NOT CORRECT. so after a few tries i got this~ and this suits me better~ or so i think. haha....

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I'm sorry for blaming you..

bah~!so bored!!!!!!

*jumps around my room*  despite my exams being over, nobody else is free to play with me~! after 1 day of msn games, im sick of it. then reflective games are also starting to kill me. magazines and newspapers bores me further. i need human companionship!!! come on people~! fast fast quick quick finish up your exams and play with me~! but till then, perserve on~!!!!

even my ex-HR friend commented me being onlin 24/7 everytime he sees me online, which is everyday. *rolls on the floor* i am so bored....

fine...tomorrow i shall do my favourite past-time....which is watching movies ALONE~ *bah*

im so addicted to Christina Aguilera's songs.... im a Xtina fan more than a Britney. totally opposite of jiali. ok...britney is not too bad, bad if i were to choose among the 2, christina wins hands down. her vocal power is just amazing. She does it again with her new album "Back to Basics" okies...not exactly new, but by far i think her best album.

A perfect father-daughter song with deep meaning. and christina's power belting vocals makes this one weeper of a ballad. 

Seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face
You told me how proud you were, but I walked away
If only I knew what I know today

Would you tell me I was wrong?
Would you help me understand?
Are you looking down upon me?
Are you proud of who I am?

I'm sorry for blaming you
For everything I just couldn't do
And I've hurt myself by hurting you

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