Tuesday, October 31, 2006


what must i do now? i am really so confused. this feeling is so new, so unfamiliar.

im losing my cool.

oh give me directions~

Monday, October 30, 2006

22 and me

oh great....my blogger account is somewhat working now, although the template is gone. oh well, shall change over to xanga. since the whole world is like using blogspot... its so borring... *yawnz*
woohoo~! happy HALLOWEENie~ sigh....where is my halloween partae~? i wanna go around dressed bitchily trick-or-treating~ i so so want my candies~

some people are such an idiot. when your friend has a new blog, you jolly-well go and visit her blog and even better, tag her. "dont give a damn"~?!@ my ass lah~! stoopid *you-know-who-you-are* dont incur my wrath or else.... hahaha...the power of blogging...ah well....."aries is the cutest dog in the world."

when you turn 22, i guess its time your parents share their family problems with you. i was pretty happy and honoured my dad asked me for my opinion on some serious issues. which, i obviously gave stoopid answers. i mean, im only 22~ and asking me about gradpa's will.....of cos i will say give me lah~ but well....

and we talked alittle about my future. whether i am gonna stay in singapore or am i willing to go back to korea. and my future husband....freaky leh.... i know my dad and mum wants to go back to korea after retirement. the only reason why they are even in singapore now is ME. but i grew up here, my friends are here, most of my childhood memories are of Grange Road (my old house). but i do want my whole family to reunite~ sigh....its time i gave it some serious thought.

my wonderful dad says i've got alot of things to FIX, my teeth have to put braces, my eyes have to go for lasik. so dont be surprised if i come to school one day with my mouth filled with metal stuffs....kinda sad when your children is born like that. then you hafta spend that extra cash to beautify them. but i would rather get a *vroom*vroom* you know? hehe.... cant imagine myself driving. the thought of it makes me smile like an idiot *giggles*

Sunday, October 29, 2006


screw blogspot lah~!?@#~!?@~ tmd tmd tmd….. damn it loh~!! after years of using it, it go and kill my account~! damn bibibabibu lah~! i am freaking pissed can?~!

(pardon my vulgarities….)

well, i guess its a sign for me to let go of the past and move on. starting afresh….:D goodbye fairygodmama….hello PRINCESS JOODIVA~!!!!!

i know its a little different, but what to do, i have yet to familiarize myself with all the darn options. its a whole lot different from blogspot. aiyah..screw blogspot lah~!!!!! i super condemn it man~!!!!! totally killed my sunday~!!!!!

and to my ardent fans like virgin jowjow, enjoy my new blog~ dang….thats so funny…

im kinda liking this xanga more and more. and yellow has always been my favourite colour since like the begining of time. yellow makes me happy. yellow brightens up my day. just like sun flowers and yello tulips~!!! so pretty~

now that i've changed my blog address, i guess its time to address more serious issues. it seems that my blog is super bimbo with the least bit of seriousness. so from this moment forth, i shall try to be deep.

as for now, slumber land is where i shall head.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


welcome my dearest friends, the privilege few.

decided to password protect my blog to let only my close friends read, as well as to monitor who is reading it. and also, everyone seems to be doing it~! hahahaha....

now i can start bad mouthing people and do away with all the pretence~!!!!

so first things first. please do not, i repeat, DO NOT give away my password for i will pass to those worthy personally. and likewise, whatever said/written here stays here.

feel so much protected~ like my personal diary. bitchy session begins~!!!
nothing much to bitch about also, cos im always such a wonderful person. even if i do, i also keep it to myself, so that my view of XXX wont affect how others view XXX. and i guess im the sort who would rather bear with XXX instead of complaining about XXX.

is the password a little too obvious?


YEEeESSssSSsss~!!!! ITSSSS OOOOOOVEeerR~!!WWoooooHOoOo~~!!!!

i know i had the whole sem to do it, but being procrastinator joo, i left it till the very very last day. well, at least i completed it, thanks to the help from jenni.

now more work up ahead. my design project, my 25% essay, and of cos my FYP.... wow...thinking about it makes me puke. freaking sian leh....i thought last year liao, can slack. instead, the workload is getting more and more intense.

my vocabulary has improved tremendously. from "throw your old mother" to "putagina" to "fellatio".... the world of vulgarities seems endless. and room for knowledge, even more so.

sigh, its been so long since i really liked someone. reading my friends' blogs, its quite nice to see them having crushes and being in a relationship. it nice even getting angry and sad over a special someone. sadly, i dont have that special someone to be sad and angry over, not even a crush. how i miss the time when i actually cried over someone. the world is so big, yet i cant find that someone. a loser i am.

when was the last time i ever had a crush? hmmmm... infatuations, many, but crushes??? i think mark edmund? hahaha.... i remember calling him up and talking to him on the phone. and him playing his guitar and singing songs with his mesmerizing voice. i was really crazy over him then...hahaha...damn funny lah thinking about it. but he liked this another scgs girl and i guess that stopped me from calling him. oh well.... those bitter-sweet memories.

i think crushes are nicer than a relationship. its nice secretly crushing someone and just thinking about him with no conditions attached. and just trying subtly to make him like you. you have no expectations from him, so you wont get angry or sad over him.

this is pretty random, but one of my guy friend likes girls that are hard to get. he says he likes the challenge. but after getting the girl, it gets boring and he loses his interest. he says he needs constant surprises in a relationship to keep his interest. and now, he is dating a 10 year older woman. then he comes and ask me "how? like that how to get married" i seriously dunno what to answer him.

i guess, in a relationship, you need ocassional surprises and romance. take for example my dad, he takes leave once a week/fortnight just to spend time with my mum, going JB just to eat at some sea-view restuarant, or just simply watching a movie together and the best thing is .................... they dont wanna bring me along~!!! i find it super sweet and romantic and i am so so gonna get married to a guy like my dad.

okie..im getting carried away.

so, how do you know when u like someone? is it as simple as just wanting to talk to him/her, thinking about him/her? taking hours to choose what to wear, simple to impress him/her? calling and sms-ing and msn-ing him/her for no reasons? trying to make him/her happy?

if so then what's the difference from a friend? what issit like to actually like someone? can you start liking a friend?

and when do u go into a relationship? u get into a relationship when both of you like each other? or u get into a relationship, when you know u wanna spend the rest of your life with that someone?

wah...im babbling non-stop. dunno why im even at this topic.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


the haze is really killing me. present PSI=81. Although moderate, but still, the haze is definitely killing me. Alright, so i on my air con 24/7 at home (more or less), but still the haze is somehow seeping through my window and getting to me.

The fact that i have tonnes of things to be stressed over doesnt help. bloody hell lah~ i hate it when i have tonnes of things to do and i end up sick. feels so very incompetent~!! So very very inefficient can?~!

And there is this freaking BIG ACNE on my face~! 3 days already still not ripe~!! i just squeezed it...and now, its freaking swollen~

And freaking "AUNTIE" have to come at this time~!!!!

Aiyah. damn freakenating can~?!@ everything so PERFECT timing one~! freak freak freak~!!!!!now i feel so feverish~

had to blog-bitch about it. but anywayz, i have pretty diamontes on my phone~!!!!! although incomplete, im so happy just looking at it. gonna buy more stickers to decorate it. want it to be covered with diamontes~! im guess what, i think its damn fun~! maybe i should open a stall catering to such things. and is cheap loh~! dunno why those G-mask stores does this for hundred over dollars?~

and i bought my lanvin perfume~! woohoo~ i smell like a princess~

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Keys To My Heart

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to obedience and warmth.

In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored.

You'd like to your lover to think you are loyal and faithful... that you'll never change.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.

Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You'll do anything for love, but you won't fall for it easily.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Life and Lemons~

in life, you cant have just happiness.
sadness is required to measure happiness.

today, i feel sad.
but i guess that will make me treasure the happy times even more.

on a happier Note.....

Death Note (pun pun pun~!! see the pun??) was wonderful. thanks Ai for all the trouble and the free tickets~!! i really owe u one~!!! *muacks* well I, for one, think its a pretty good movie~ and being a free ticket, i appreciated it more, and being shown at VIVO City, i appreciated every bit of it.

MUAHAHAHAHAaaaaaa...... did i mention i watched it at VIVO city~?! haha... OMG, vivo is soooo big can?!? i dint even complete 1/4 of it~! i need to re-vivo~!!! i think i will need like weeks before i can totally conquer the place~ which seriously reminds me of CONESTOGA and how me and sara took weeks to fully master the blueprints~ haha~~

when will my hair ever reach half my back? i so so SO want to have looooong tresses.
When the world throw lemons at you,
Make Lemonade and Share it with your friends~

Dear Friends, you know what that means????? get ready to drink lots of lemonade from me~!!!! ermmm...as in not literally lah~

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I GOT THIS~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*point*points* just had to post it up....it says PRINCESS JOODIVA~!!!!!!!!!! aint it lovely? that was a rhetorical question. hah~

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

SPASTIC photos

Sunday it was SPASTIC PHOTO-TAKING DAY~ all our photos came out ermmm...not exactly the way we wanted.... Be your own judge....

i had to undergo tremendous PICASA-ing to make it look less spastic...but it still looks ermmmm.....shant say any further... shit...i feel like removing the pics...:( but well... i shall commemorate this day every year.......

choo was feeling a little arty-farty and started taking pics of buildings and graffiti~

cailing, me and W.Sini at Ben & Jerry's Cathay~ celebrating C.Sini's birthday

to end off this post.......here's a spastic Photo of me in the lift.....spastic....hahaha..i know~ and im loving it~

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I belong to me

SingingBox is having some major reconstruction these few days. either my old playlist keeps appearing or it doesn't appear at all....so for the time being, shall just use another method.

BRAVO~! my TOSHIBA lappie is cranking up AGAIN~! i know.....:(

getting a printer is no easy feat~! you really gotta do your research~! and of cos, i did mine, conclusion.....still hafta go simlim and check it out~! hahahaha...

anywayz, internet is like the greatest technology ever~! and i can search for everything~! i tell you everything~! (even my dad. hahahaha...)

anywayz, Korea is everywhere in the news the past few days....from the North Korea nuclear testing to Mr Ban being the next UN Secretary-General. Go MR BAN~!!

and guess what, after reading all the articles, i realized how "GREAT" my current affairs knowledge is. after JC, where we were forced to read newspapers, i hardly touch the newspaper~ only read the LIFE and CLASSIFIED sections from time to time. and if i do read the newspaper, my focus will be on the advertisments~ haha... therefore, TODAY newspaper is so much nicer. more adverts mah~

really a chore reading newspapers. if i really DO READ a newspaper, it will take like hours before i can actually finish. and time is one luxury i dont have. and i just dislike reading. dont ask me why...maybe too much Enid Blyton during my childhood. that is why i dont have flowery language....

ANYWAYS, time to watch my CROSSROADS~!!Bimbos unite~!

jessica simpson's song....heard it while shopping in MINITOONS and thought its not too bad....

It's not that I don't wanna share my life with you baby
It's just that I'm the one I need to be true to baby
And I won't give up me to be part of you
It's not that I don't wanna have you in my life baby
It's just you gotta know that it's got to be right baby
Before I open up my heart to you

I don't need somebody to complete me
I complete myself
Nobody's got to belong to somebody else

I gotta let you know
before I let you in, baby
That who I am is not about who I am with, baby
That don't mean I don't wanna be here with you
I do

I don't need
somebody to complete me
I want you to know
I'll give up my love but
I'm not giving up my soul

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

You know you are happy when...

you smile yourself to sleep~

never will i take things for granted.
knowing that, i shall smile myself to sleep tonight..

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Corinne Bailey Rae

GRAIYGH~! all jiali's fault for making me addicted to this song ("put your records on") .....although i only like the first part, but being on repeat mode, im totally addicted to it now.....

But "like a star" is still my all time favourite. Strangely, i always get sick after listening to it for a few times. Then after a while, falls back in love again....

i guess its it applies to all songs.... im such a fickle person.

Im not really a lyrics person like jiali....so i dont read too much into a lyrics, especially those with cinammon in them...hahaha.... so obviously "like a star" is much easier to comprehend. oh great, now i sound like some bimbo......

Just like a star across my sky,
Just like an angel off the page,
You have appeared to my life,
Feel like I'll never be the same,
Just like a song in my heart,
Just like oil on my hands

great...now im like continually listening to her songs......there goes all my oldies craze....:( and i cant believe i actually post an entry....grrrr...thanks jiali ah~!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Repeat Mode - Enjoy my jukebox

Mariah Carey & Luther Vandross - My Endless Love
Diana Ross & Lionel Richie - My Endless Love
Jason Marz - Rainbow Connection
Jason Marz - Im Yours
Christina Aguilera & Luis Fonsi - Enamorado
Elton John - Tiny Dancer (courtesy of jow)
Johnny Mathis - You Light Up my Life
Kenny Rogers - Three Times a Lady
Kenny Rogers - When a man Loves a Woman
Rod Steward - When i need you
Rod Steward - Have I told you Lately
John Lennon - Grow Old With Me
Mary Chapin Carpenter - Grow Old With Me
Air Supply - All Out of Love

okies.....there are more, but i guess thats enough songs for one entry. i wonder how many of these songs my friends know..... Some are pretty popular, yet some only know to some.

i know.... some are oldies but definite goodies.... i am falling in love with them once more. Kenny Rogers, Rod Steward..... makes me wanna lie back and lim kopi~ hah~!

actually some of them, i want them to be my wedding songs~!

wonder why there are no such great music nowadays....

Saturday, October 07, 2006

MY new CUTE hair

Ladies and Gentleman~!! presenting to you my new hair~!!!!!!!!!!well, before that, here a BEFORE pic.....

and after~!!!! vooooaaaala~! please say i look cute~!!! well... looking at the pic...it kinda makes my face looks rounder...... isnt that the whole point of being cute? muhahahaha....

but i still miss my long long long long hair..... within a short span of 5 months, i have visited the salon 4 times (i.e 5 hairstyle in 5 months)~!!!!! it is to make up for all the hair salon trips i missed during SEP

my dream of keeping long hair .........*gones* ANYWAYZ, short hair is IN now....or rather WILL BE IN.....i aint no fashion victim, i lead the fashion~!

and to cai.....i dont look like kim sansoon~! im prettier~!! yeah yeah~!!

so...... come on girls~! lets all cut our hair short and short~!

TOSHIBA ichiban ~DURIN ichiban....

yes....i can finally blog~!!! my lappie just came back from the hospital~!! and NEW hdd, NEW keyboard, NEW lcd.....muhahaha...i love toshiba~!!! although it all happened due to me feeding milo to my lappie and although the warranty expired.....toshiba people are sooooo nice~!!! kudos to toshiba folks~!!! the service is ICHIBAN~! 10 times better than samsung i must say. although being a korean and all, my heart is still with samsung....BUT~! TOSHIBA is wonderful~!.....i just had to put it down. now, i need not buy a new comp~! my lappie looks brand new~!!! wooohooo!!!


wonderful memories forged year after year with this wonderful group of people...and like what amy has mentioned, we do "baka" things together...

my birthday celebration at BLOOIE....( carol MIA after our KTV)
me, my PANDAN cake and a knife~!!! i had some "killer instincts" that night...:D
our annual MAF celebration was brought forward 1 day this year. and we were the only CHEERY souls on Thursday night playing with lanterns and sparklers and inhaling loads of toxic fumes... (carol MIA AGAIN after accenture)
Carol doing solo pose here~!! hahahaha.... who's that ah pek in the background?
of us trying to write WHO IS APPLE? obviously it was a total failure. like what jimmy said, the photo came out right, you just need imagination.... Righttttt.......im trying hard....
this is HAPPY us before JIMMY A$$madin tried to blow up the sparklers right infront of me and jiali... and this is me and jiali screaming for our lives....as jimmy's sparkler was EXPLODING right infront of our faces~!!!
and one of my favourite pic....titled: HAPPINESS
also, our date at the padang~! watching movie in such a manner was pretty refreshing. although i badly wanted the airbeds and the humongous cushions....

not forgetting cailing's virgin trip down to the esplanade theatre~! to catch our cheapo "forbidden city" at $32 and it nearly killed my back and neck. and this is the only pathetic pic i took before the usher's warning....wow...ushers are sure attentive.....
dearest friends, thanks....:D

P/S: to those holding on to my birthday pics or beautiful pics of me ( you knoe who u are....) please send leh~! i wanna blog about ME ME ME ME ME~!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

궁(宮) OST - Stay의 '당신은... 나는 바보 입니다.'

i love this song.... and for this drama....i give it 3/5 stars.....well, isnt that fantastic. pretty childish i have to say. maybe cos the main casts are 19 year olds in the show. kinda over that stage. and unlike jiali (btw, thanks for the GOONG..*muacks*) , i dint like the prince till the end, where he became cuter and more human.... i actually loved the part where he cried~!!!!!!!! i love guys who cry...:D

in fact i very much prefer the other cutie....maybe cos he is more romantic? more caring? gosh....im such a sucker for romantic guys.

ask me if i prefer to love or be loved? i would easily say the latter. of cos i certainly do not like over loving guys....contradicting....yes...but thats human...:D

stoopid holidays just slipped past. and i havent touch any work. im so so dead.

well, off to catch my last epi of GOONG~ till then....enjoy the song~!~