Tuesday, September 26, 2006

boohoo....supposed to go prawning today....but i over-slept and what's more, i didn't charge my hp....boohoo..sorry jiawei for making you wait till u are sick now...hahaha....too bad too sad....i still wanna go prawning~!!!!!!!!!!! *whines* stomps feet*

but to make up for it, i had a great dinner with the girls.....you girls are the best...after 9 years, we are still going strong and i just adore the mango bag (read charles, its a REAL MANGO BAG) and the fantastic hand-made cards. u guys just pamper me too much....*muacks* photos will be uploaded soon...and more blog updates...:D

wooohoo...being 22. it KINDA feels different. i feel that after 21, birthdays doesnt matter at all. instead of being MY DAY, its more of a day to thank your parents for bringing you up and giving birth to you. and presents dont really matter that much anymore (BUT TO THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE YET TO GIVE ME PRESENT, I'VE RECORDED DOWN YOU NAMES) and yeah....presents dont really matter that much.

really thank those who took time off to celebrate my birthday. and putting in extra effort in making it such a special event. from the hand-made cards to the specially thought-of presents and also MY FAVOURITE PANDAN CAKE. and yes, the IMF souvenir cum birthday present.. oh yah~!! not forgetting my birthday voucher to redeem 2 presents next year.....in case i lose the voucher, i shall just post it here....muhahahaha

and also a ferrari from HK... although i did mention that prefer a RED one...he say no exchanges....:(
but all in all, really thanks...:)
its really very heartwarming and i really sincerely appreciate all....

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

hopelessly addicted~

caffeine.....im a total addict now. my day doesn't start until i have had my cup of COFFEE.... and its something pretty terrible. dint think that it will effect me that much. my mum's friend is such an addict that if she doesn't drink coffee, her hands will tremble.....freaky eh....and found a little info about it....super freaky man...

Caffeine is a drug that in large amounts, especially over an extended period of time, can lead to a condition termed "caffeinism." Caffeinism usually combines physical addiction with a wide range of unpleasant physical and mental conditions including nervousness, irritability, anxiety, tremulousness, muscle twitching (hyperreflexia), insomnia and heart palpitations.

nowadays, i am becoming more and more inquistive. (so loveable ^^) whenever i have a doubt on something, i google them out......im so so so WILLING TO LEARN...^^ if only i can use this attitude for my studies, i will easily be on the dean's list~

and in regards to jiali's post, i would say i am a hopeless romantic. ermmm..or rather i loved to be romanced..:) cos deep down inside, i still believe in fairytale love, although this small fantasy of mine is slowly dying away. i think normal love is boring.....and libra-ians are hopeless romantics, so....there you go~

btw, jiali ah....nowadays always blog about love love love~~~ i think she is hinting????!! *JOW JOW* muhahahahahahaha..........i just love sabo-ism~!!

yeah yeah...cant wait for tomorrow...or rather, in less than 9 hours time, i will be getting a new hairstyle. well, i dunno what will be the outcome, just hope for the best....

Monday, September 11, 2006


thanks to my uncle who got me free tickets to the SHINHWA 2006 Tour Concert. it was a last minute thing and thanks to those who accompanied me~

the stage wasn't that fantastically set up, the costumes nothing grand in particular, but SHINHWA's stage presence is enough to bowl you over.

well, i wasn't exactly their fan to begin with, considering only bought 1 of their album eons ago. and am still not a full convert. but this concert has made me kinda like them a little more and to re-listen to their music.

my favourite SHINHWA member....hmmm...i can't exactly pinpoint one...cos all of them are so loveable and tender and supple~ *doinG* look at their fantabulous body frame. just makes them so...so...so touchable....muhahaha.... but i aint no superficial bitch. they have a great character which is why i like them. how i know??? COS I KNOW THEM PERSONALLY....... of cos not lah~! my dad only knows se7en personally.....and he is not even that famous in singapore. well, try downloading this online tv ( pplive.com) and watch those korean entertainment shows. its really one notch, or maybe 10 notches better than singapore's shows.

well, not exactly in the blogging mood these few days. shall end it here...
junjin is sooooo cute canz?~ i just had to add that in.... {say ho~~~ say ho ho~~~ say ho ho ho~~ say shin hwa~~ say i love you~~~} totally mesmerized.. and he has the perfect height for me~!!!!!!!! 169 + 13 = 182cm......*drools*
ok...before i continue drooling over the other members...:D

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Song Worm...(pass it on)

Ne Yo - So Sick
And im so sick of love songs
So tired of tears
So done with wishing you were still here
Said im so sick of love songs so sad and slow
So why cant i turn off the radio?

this song would have suited me perfectly 1 year back, especially this chorus part. but a song worm is a song worm. it just gets stuck in your head....

here's a little treat for all....thanks to eva for sharing. so i'm passing on this goodie~ its pretty good that i wanted to buy 9 bras~ but of cos i dint. and im kinda regretting......