Sunday, July 30, 2006

i seriously dunno why some people live their life like that?! i know i am in no position to judge or to even criticise others when i myself is living in a mess...but i just cant let the thought keep running in my head.

aiyah....freak lah. whats the point.... none of my business also. but still...

stoopid blogger doesnt let me upload pictures AGAIn....

well, many things are running through my mind right now. but its just hard to pen it down and to actually put it to words.

hah...maybe its that time of the month. where i become super emo and super sensitive. or maybe its just that stage in life where you are actually growing up?

i don't know....

my mind .....whirlpool.... and at times like this i really wish, really really wish..........

before anyone takes this entry in the wrong light....nope. im just confused, just ....trying to find the meaning to life?

this is why i gave up christianity. cos i was never given a satisfying answer to life..... "blessed are those who see and believe,but more blessed are those who do not see yet believe" or something like tat.... but i guess im someone who needs confirmation to believe.

im starting to babble nonsense......before i become real emp.....nites

Monday, July 17, 2006

A peep at my life...

right...this is a super overdue post....been busy running from work to amore to driving to keeping up my social life. and yes, the convocations and the birthdays too~me and my JC gals at JP swensens.. me and my uni pals celebrating Jenni's birthday....yummy yummy steamboat~!!!
me and my new still trying to get comfy in it..... and my short fringe makes me look like a JAPANESE DOLL....says my and choo at her birthday dinner....:D hope u like the presents girl...:D
me and choo having fun playing with my new found camera function~!!! mosaic~~!!!! cool phones are such a darling~

us at ktv where amy introed us to her SEP friends grace and will~!!! and i love grace's pure and soothing....and lucky gordon had free KTV~ happy birthday gordee:)

and our virgin trip down to MOS~!! well, not as impressive as what i've heard or been expecting...but it was fun~ although the cagey corner can improve on their music.....

and of cos there's sini's convo...but blogger is down with some error shall post later.....and so sorry ailian i was unable to make it to your convo~ Happy Graduation to all~!!!!!

sigh...looking at the pics, i think i've GROWN FATTER.....but i dint gain any weight....i think my muscles ( if i had any) turned into fats.....therefore growing fatter without gaining any weight...:(

Sunday, July 09, 2006


i am not happy. very unhappy in fact.

i mean, how can he be so selfish? so inconsiderate?

i am so disgusted with him!

if you are reading this, and you think it might be you, then go and reflect on yourself~

i am really very disappointed with you. utterly, utterly disappointed.

i am too disgusted to even be friends with you.

i dint think this would affect me so much. but it does cos i sincerely wanted to be your friend.

you say its best for the both of us. i would say you are just a wimp.

you might say, whatever and think you are doing the right thing.


Not only are u a liar, you are such a wimp, such a cowardly selfish wimp.

this is how i will remember you as.

and with these last words, you will be kept out of my life.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

my new love........ALF

well....what can i say.....women are fickle creatures. and i am no exception. i cant stand myself for being so fickle and being so star-struck. but when atmosphere and situation allows, why not?

today was superband day AGAIN~!! hahaha...mediacorp, look down on my mini envelopes and dint send me any tickets...boohooo...but luckily, my good friend ALI got 4 tickets~!!

again, nice performance by all the bands cept CHA SAO BAO..... and of cos my favourite performance was by my favourite band...SOUL...^^ whether or not they did a good job, and regardless of what the judges say, i still think i enjoyed their performance the most.

and today, my eyes were not set on favourite AWI, nor my "xia ke" ANDY but rather on this new cutie im starting to have a liking.....his name also starting with the letter A......


oh great.....just checked out his BIO.....he is only 19~?!@~?!@~?!@?~! omg...thats like 3 years my junior? Buuuuut.... aint he just loveable???

oh like crazy over a guy 3 years my junior!!!

and well, today wasn't exactly my camera day. i tried using my camera phone, but memory full. so i was busy deleting stuffs.... and when i took out my camera, it was low batt... and that is why i couldn't take any decent pictures when the stars were facing us. instead, all i took was their buttocks.

but alfred, oh alfred.....just so adorable. and omg..his eyes, so captivating. ever since OUR first eye contact.... *blush*blusH*

oh great, im sounding like a star-struck teenager. a little too late-bloomer eh?

i so so regret not staying back and taking pics with the bands....:(:(

but we all still had a great time nevertheless....

and of cos i love th hairclip amy gave~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks amy *muacks* you have good taste~! muhahahahhaa....

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Back to Basic

im getting so so lazy.... i have yet to blog about my newcastle, london, paris, barcelona trips........ but lucky for me, i got a lovely dilligent friend a.k.a darling SARANYA who actually set up a photo-blog for our barcelona trip~!!!!! (click on the above collage to get to the blog) although not all photos are in it, it pretty much sums up our trip there.... and once again, i want to thank you guys for a wonderful trip, a beautiful memory.

and why the change in blog template?? i guess the whole masquerade thing isnt me. too classy, too white, too pure. not that im not the above...but rather i would like to be what im most comfortable with...

although pink aint exactly my fav colour, i guess its more me. and the colour and all are more pleasing to the eyes...:D

and talking about fairygodmama....i dont remember how i got to get this name...i just wanted an id which has no relations to i wish to get back to my leejoojoo.blogspot but i kinda like this whole fairygodmama thinggie.... well, before i can make a decision to change back, i shall just use my fairygodmama...:D

wow....and looking back at my entries, i just realized that my blog is 3 years and 20 days old~!!!!! initially meant for pure self-entertainment, but now it has become part of my life.

and......WELCOME BACK our last little princess amy~! yeay~! now that everyone's back, we can start planning our outings and our short getaways~! and i wanna watch worldcup finals outside~!!!!!! no macdonalds please.... no safra clubs as well....

Monday, July 03, 2006

Please do not cry, cuz we know..

after the much needed rest, i've decided to blog about the last and the most glorified, most exciting, most proud, most match for KOREA, the REDS for the FIFA World Cup 2006.

i am so proud of the boys. Their never-say-die FIGHTING spirit, even through the very last second. the roaring cheers throughout the stadium, throughout the match never died down, in fact the roaring just went louder at the last few minutes.

did i cry?
yes i did.
cos we fought so hard
cos we gave it our all
cos.... cos...
im hurt...

my heart ached when i saw Choi Jin Cheul's bloody face. then every time he did headings, my heart ached. stoopid swiss, fucking want to score then score lah~! fuck you hit my player~!@~!@~!@~!@ blardy ass..... aiyah, thinking about it makes my blood boil. im not the sort who likes to use strong vulgarities such as F**K, but it just comes out naturally at instances like this.

i got freaking mad when the stoopid freaking referee blocked Kim Nam Il~!! fuck loh~!!! which fucking referee gets in the way of the fucking game when it was such an opportunity to score? HELLO~?!@ when a player is approaching, kindly GET OUT OF THE WAY~!!!

then when the freaking referee and the assistance made a terribly serious mistake which led to the swiss scoring their second goal. my blood just boiled and boiled.

it was extremely horrible, terrible, ATROCIOUS referee-ing by the Argentina referee and his asisstant.

okies...i know im using way too much vulgarities and it looks totally unglam. and looks as if im "yuan du fu shu"? ermmm....something like lose but dont concede defeat. and it seems i am pushing the blame on others. say whatever you want!!! indeed there were serious referee mistakes. but if there were no such referee-ing, then i would have kept my mouth shut.

and how can i not be angry, sad, emotional when i see my players one by one just breaking down after fighting so hard, after doing their utmost best?
i know, i just cant stop tearing when i saw this...lee chun soo. he tried so hard. he fought so hard.

all thanks to this stoopid referee.....

hahaha...this tomb picture is not done by me but by some korean in some korean forum. haha...i tell you the forum was flowering with pictures and comments by the second~~!!!!

i guess all well, ends well..... and shit happens for a reason. we have done what we could and i am very proud of our players. you did what you could so please dont cry. cos we know.....cos we know......

we wont cry over this small defeat. prepared cos KOREA, the red devils will give your eyes a good feast~!

to 2010 we run to.....

and before the arrival of 2010, our hearts, our mind, our soul will sing, shout and chant in unison as one whole country unite...
GO KOREA 2010~!!!!!!

p/s: this entry was written long ago, but due to some technical glitch its only posted now. therefore, this entry was written when passion was 100%, hatred was 100%. bitchy-ness was 100% i am usually a nice little girl..... ^^

Saturday, July 01, 2006

so much have changed while i was away. everyone here seem to have moved on pretty well. and as for me, it feels i missed out a part of my life.

i came back from canada thinking that nothing much changed. and if there were any changes, i would be the one who changed. but in fact quite a bit have changed and i am taking time swallowing these new changes.

i just want to say that i once had a wonderful friend. but now, things arent what they used to be.

good service

Pgooo... just came back from driving. yes, driving is becoming more and more fun.

today i actually drove without shoes on, and i find that by doing so, you have a better control of the clutch and accelerator. and yeay~!! got praised by francis for my good control of clutch. he says my starting off is not too bad~! but im a slow learner. hahaha....its just that my brain cant multi-task. and francis can talk alot when im driving. so 50% of the time, nothing gets in. hahaha..... and if i concentrate on one thing, i cant concentrate on the other. and when a car/human/bicycle/scooter comes in my way, i super panic. well, hope with practice, i can excel...:D cant wait to be driving my own car~!!

and i do want to praise this certain spectacle shop: KooLook. im pretty particular about service. so when i get good service, it just makes my day and makes me wanna visit the shop once more.

well, they ( or rather this guy) was very patient in explaining to me the different types of contact lenses. recommending me this and that. me and my mum actually spent like 30mins deciding which would be more value for money. for a normal shop, the attendant will shift their attention and do other things when u discuss, but this guy just stood by, very anxious to help.

then, when they had not enough lenses for me, he required to delivery it personally to my house at no extra cost~!! and this morning, after receiving a "morning call" at 8.30am, my lenses were sent in a nice bag with free goodies~! muhahaha...wat good service~!

kudos to that guy~!