Thursday, June 29, 2006

i no nobuta craze

i dont know whats the big hooha abut NOBUTA amongst my friends....started off with amy..then slowly it creeped around. despite my pathetic wireless connection, i decided to watch it.

i wouldn't say its fantastic.

firstly, there are no cute guys. a potentially cute guy is acting as some weird character, which makes him uncute.

secondly, no cute girls.

well, the storyine aint that bad. revolves around high school kids and their friendship.

and they show good old food~!! like this obanyaki~!!!

and indeed the the head is better as there are more choco choco there~!!!!

i still like the ones sold in korea; along the streets on a cold, winter night. the crispy and pipping hot fish just makes you feel happy...:D

all these making me hungry now....

Saturday, June 24, 2006

태극전사란 이름으로
정말 열심히 싸워주셨습니다
심판이 좀 어이가없었지만..
그래두 잘싸워준 우리

태극전사들이 너무너무 자랑스럽네요
힘들지만 붉은악마를 생각하며
여러나라와 싸워준 우리 태극전사들..
여러나라 사람들이랑
마지막엔 해피엔딩으로 끝낼수있어서 기분이좋습니다
태극전사4년뒤엔 정말 열심히합시다^^

태극전사들에게 박수를 보냅니다

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

my 2 dreams

i had a dream~!. ^^ its been so long since i had any dream.... in fact i seldom dream. so seldom that u can say i NEVER DREAM.....if my brain is ever active when i sleep, its nightmare......but this time....i had not 1, but 2 dreams~!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehe...and im still smiling from ear to ear thinking about the 2 dreams~!!! *HEHEHEHEHE*


dream 1:

by WE i dunno who WE exactly are. cos i can hardly remember the faces. cos i was so imersed in me being together with SOUL....but most prolly WE = the superband girls....

WE were at some superband concert. well, WE were performing together with SOUL. somewhat like their backup dancers. so WE had, or rather I had lots of eye contact with them...:D:D:D:D:D:D

i cant remember what song but i know that we were wearing white and its a girl vs boy dance....something like those mtv where they have competition of girl vs the guys thing?

after the performance, the girls went to have a seat in the audience to further support SOUL. then when SOUL came out...AWI smiled and waved franctically at US (MEEEEEEEeeeeeee)....:D:D

thats the end of the dream. i was rudely awakened by my dad's sneeze......and some details are slowly being erased....:(


dream 2:

this, i had a harder time recollecting it.... i can only vaguely remember that ANDY or JUSTIS was sick...and i kinda msg him saying get well.....and he msged back....

yah...thats the main picture. i seriously forgotten the content of the msg. and when i woke up, i wasnt sure was it ANDY or was it JUSTIS????

and now i somewhat feel that these 2 dreams are kinda interconnected....or did i mix them up??


its so funny........its so hard to remember what u dreamt after a couple of hours. and i dunno what dreams reflect. my desire? cos indeed i was hoping to get AWI's number to msg him its okie, we will support know...that kinda stuffs...

dint know my brain is strong enough to make up such a fantasy to satisfy my desire....

the crazy thing is, i have never dreamt before. and even if i did, i never remebered what i dreamt. i can only remember my nightmares, which is also not very frequent. but fancy me remembering such a dream~!@!!!! im laughing man...seriously i am.....have i really become such a despo? such a stalker?

seriously, i wish dreams represents what will happen in the future~!@!!! muhahaha...:):)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fun Driving..:)

driving is so fun~!!!!!

-clutch-gear 1-accelerator-release clutch-
-clutch-gear 2-accelerator-release clutch-

its pretty hard to step down so lightly, mataining it at 1.5-2km/hr?

daytona means like slamming down on the accelerator and the brake...but this is controlling your feet...even the brake also cannot step bu shuang...

but its really fun~!!!! so cool driving...i can actually picture myself in a cool convertible driving on a highway~! and at that time, i wont be travelling at a pathetic speed of 2km/hr.....i will be slamming on my accelerator so hard its gonna be so cool~~

haha....when the instructor asked if i've ever drived illegally so that he can skip the basics and teach mind thought of the time when i played with my dad's car and moved like 5cm? then 5cm back? hahahaha.....but this whole me-behind-the-wheels thing is soooo different~!!!!!!! still filled with excitment~!!! yeay yeay~!!!! cant wait for the next lesson~!!!

and after driving, i decided to go for a massage.....okies..... here's my review..

Place: Relax Room at Lot One Shopper's Mall
Service: 20 minutes upper body massage
Cost: $22
Rating: 4.5/10
  • firstly, i was greeted by a very rude receptionist. they like dont wanna do my business....not only to me but to other customers also...
  • then it took them so long to get a masseur for me....keep saying about who's turn issit to massage.
  • then in between, they change my masseur.....
  • and the massage chair was a little loose, so half way thru, i had to get up for them to readjust it...
  • and the masseur dint even ask which part im not feeling well. just anyhow press here press there.....and the force was sufficient. and she dint do the press backbone thing...
  • after the massage, their warm drink wasnt warm at all.....
  • and they dint even tell me not to drink cold drinks or touch cold water....
im never going to go back to that place them 4.5 is being a little too generous....

Place: Wan Yang Health Products & Foot-reflexology Centre
Service: 20 minutes neck-shoulder-back massage
Cost: package ( 10 times for $300 and get 2 sessions free) -not too sure about the price
Rating: 8.2/10

  • although pricier, but still the service as compared to relax room...10 times better....
  • 1st-ly, their receptionist is very friendly.
  • 2nd-ly, i get a masseur very fast. hassle-free process.
  • 3rd-ly, my masseur will always ask me where im not feeling too good and always try to make conversations. telling me to stretch once a while when using the comp. will also ask in between if the force he is applying is sufficient or too strong..
  • 4th-ly, their warm water is warm
  • 5th-ly, my masseur will tell me not to drink cold water and touch cold water dunno how many hours after massage...
  • 6th-ly, the place is so much bigger and brighter and at least their massage chair is not loose.
overall, they get a 8.2. cos location-wise is pretty inaccessible for me. and a little too student price...boohoo....

Friday, June 16, 2006

random thoughts

i hate my internet connection~!!! wireless router, cannot even use ah~!!! pui pui pui... thats for being a computer idiot.

and andrew is busy working~! dont even wanna come and help me fix my comp~!!! booooo.....

guess i have to spend a fortune buying the darn ethernet lan cable...

and im still jobless..... considering whether annot i should take up the korean surveying job..... its surveying job leh...and they pay per survey.....which means no survey = no money.......

and the flu bug is really bugging me for quite some time already....

but yeay~!! tomorrow i will be starting on my very first practical driving lesson~!!!! my first time behind the wheels~!!! although i did play a little with my dad's car....hahahaha....shssh...i dont wanna be jailed or fined for this...:P

oh yeah...went chinatown today...dint know there were so many cute shops there~!! must go exploring chinatown one day...

i like this song so lée hom's kiss goodbye....although i never really go into the lyrics, but the melody itself is nice enough for me to put this song on repeat mode...haha..

and i seriously need to change my hairstyle...its back to square one. i look like a poodle.....but im so hard up on cash..... still need to go for my pedicure, renew my massage package, buy beauty products....basically pamper myself...

i need it after 5 long months of tedious exchange and travelling....

and progress package for me....:(

i broke some bowl yesterday and i think a small piece of shattered glass got embeded in my index finger.....i tried sucking it out...and finally got it sucked out after hours of sucking tongue hurts now and im wondering where the stoopid glass tongue feels a little pain? now i feel a stinging pain on my throat

i seriously hope SOUL dont get kicked out.......please please please. please dont let my votes go to waste.... but if shit happens, it happens for a reason and im sure there will be a rainbow at the end of every tunnel...ermm...did i get that right?

well, at least thats what i've learnt in the whole SEP experience. its not leaving your fate into the hands of others, but to put these into words?

--the end--

Thursday, June 15, 2006


oh gosh...i cant believe it. i just updated one post and im bored, therefore here's another...haha

as i was saying, i was bored. so i was looking thru some old pictures and i came across some photos... due to the countless reformatting of my lappie, my old pics are very limited. i remember posting them online. but try as i might, i cant find it....

photos gone, but memories remain...:D

it was this first photo which spurred me to write this post........

and then looking at all the other photos just flood my whole self with nostalgia

i love you guys...:D

bored joo

just like jiali, im staying at home, nothing to do, therefore the frequent updates.

its pretty "hard"looking for a job. i know im being picky, but as living creatures, we should strive for perfection....^^ yeah, thats me being a part-time perfectionist.

i just got an e-mail looking for a korean surveyor. pay is like $10-$15/hr.....i e-mailed them back asking if an excellent command of korean is required and they replied saying one must be well spoken as he would have to converse with korean business partners..... spoken korean. i wouldn't say fantastic as i can only converse in daily conversations and not those heavy business terms, just like my spoken cheena.

but who cares, i shall call them up tomorrow for an interview. i think if worse comes to worst, i will just call up the newspaper advert, those shady, questionable, dubious ones....

i dunno whats wrong with my internet connection. i cant get my wireless....cant even get any signal from my router. maybe i will just get a fantastically long lan ethernet cable and give up on my wireless....

i seriously hope i can get my tickets to SUPERBAND QF10.... please do not despise my minute little envelopes......i had no idea the tickets were so humongous.....

and to end this off....some pictures of snow to cool down this sweltering heat~!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

international blog

oh yeah...check this out....i have readers from all over the world~!!!

hahaha..... oh yeah....seriously i wonder who from sweden, cambodia and poland reads my blog....maybe just web surfing.....hmmm...but i think mine is a private blog?

but nevertheless, it feels good...strangers reading my blog...hahaha....pretty flattering.....very exciting eh? my life~?! hahahaha....

but i do have funny search results....hahaha....

yeap~!! last week had a mini potluck gathering with my SEP waterloo-ers and 2 students from carolina on a summer program~!! really interesting and friendly guys~!!!

check out the yummilicious food~!!!!!!!! look wat i made?? POTATO SALAD~!! haha...i even researched to get the recipe man~!!also, how can i forget my outing with jasmine~!! hahaha....although no photos to update but well girl, hope u like the small gifts i got u....1 more on the way...actually 2 more if the other thing counts....whats the other thing?? sign me in to K-ster and thou shall receive~!! hahaha..:D:D

and also....

yes, me, cai and singapore idol runner up: SLY....or rather lookalike~! hahaha... my legs LOOKS pretty toned and nicely tanned in this pic~!! hahaha....stop looking at it lah....*shy*

below: spot the 2 chio girls holding pretty flowers and the EXTRAz......

see the little girls there....aiyoh...cannot stand them~!! powder themselves so much till they look twice their age and what for? just to look pretty for their idol..... the next time i go, im gonna do just the same... but shit lah...if i look twice my age...wouldn't i look like im in my 40s?

anyway, my cold germs are not getting has been around for more than a week and still its just lingering around. how irritating~! i cant even go exercising, cant look for jobs, cant really go out to play. and mummy keep feeding me with funny stuffs.....yeeeuks.... how miserable.

argh....blogspot is so irritating....cant post there some limit to how many pics we can post? grrrr....bibibabibo......

Monday, June 12, 2006

SUPERBAND~!!!! i <3 awi...:D

isn't this a pretty picture? don't we look so so like a cute couple~!! muhahaha....

wow wow was a night filled with all sorts of happy emotions~!! happy, excited, thrilled,

before i continue, let me remind all to stay tuned to CHANNEL U JUE DUE SUPERBAND on 12th June 2006(monday) @8pm~! and u guys will be in for one hell of a great treat~! just watch and u will see...muhahahaha....


and maybe a little "dong xin" the Brodz....
but nevertheless, my heart goes out to this cutie....awi....*blush*blush* and also my "wu xia li xiao shou li de xia ke"hahahaha....ermm...ishi has enough girl fans. it was so hard to break through his girl fans wall.... hahaha...the chao lao us at the live recording...
to me, it was a great experience. really filled with excitement up to the max. and the fact that awi still recognizes us and MY NAME really touches me.... the fact that he made an effort to talk to us and pose for us also made my day. the fact that he kept looking at us made my heart pound. the fact that they actually even waved out of the car and call out to us...that was oh-so-sweet~!!!! the look on his face on stage when he saw super super happy.

maybe it was our first time having such an experience which make us all so HIGH....i guess the second time we go, the novelty may wear off....but i will never forget yesterday.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

techno gadgets. friend or foe?

now i am so into IT gadgety~!

1. new samsung phone
2. 37" TV in my room
3. new samsung 6megapixel camera
4. new keyboard
5. new mouse
6. new micro SD card to boost my HP memory
7. new 40" samsung HD LCD TV ( haha...yes, the one in the samsung world cup advert. i guess my dad bought cos of that advert. )

the new living room TV is the best man~!! u can actually connect it to the computer and POOF~!! it becomes your computer screen and its so bright and sharp, the pictures are so pretty.

and YES~!!!! I, LEE JU KYUNG, REFORMATTED MY LAPTOP ALL BY MYSELF~!!! am i smart or am i smart? haha....although now i dunno if theres any anti virus inside. im so pleased and proud of myself.

and i find all these gadgety stuffs so very interesting~! and i realised how much of an IT idiot i am. i really need to widen my knowledge. maybe i wanna go into this field.

well, theres been a lot of talk on people asking me what i wanna be when i graduate. it has never really crossed my mind and i have never sat down properly to plan my future. but in 1 years time, i will be entering the workforce and it seems so surreal....i shudder at the thought of it. do i even want to be an engineer?

car designer, samsung CEO, thats just my dream. something thats so out of reach ( at least for now) and with my pathetic CAPS i dont even know which company will be wanting to hire me. its a little too late to panic now, but i feel so future-less.

seriously, i dont think i wanna go into mechanical or engineering field. although i've never worked in one, i think i will dread going to work everyday. thats my first worry.

i dont wish my work to be a chore. i want to go to work everyday looking forward to it. i want my work to be something i have passion for. something i would want to eat live and breathe my work.

i guess ultimately i wanna be a tai tai...haha

on a serious note, i think i would want to set up a small business. maybe food. korean food~! i've talked to my mum about it and she says its gonna be lots of work. as she has a couple of korean friends whose restaurant dint really work out.

aiyah...seriously, i dunno i dunno. and i guess its time to really sit down with a paper and pen and plan my future.

Monday, June 05, 2006

my lappie is down. cant type and it keeps beep-beeping, just like some time bomb. im quite scared. maybe is the aftermath of the milo. keeping my fingers crossed.

so i wont be online for quite some time. hopefully can get my phone sometime soon....

till then, adios!!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

my new roomie

muhahaha...this post is dedicated to my new roomie~!!!!! guess whoo?? muhahahahaa

hint 1: my room is a little messy...but that aint the focus here~!

hint2: better???? muhahahaha.....

yes~!!!! a 34'' tv~!!!!!!!!!!! dad went to buy a new tv just for world cup.....ermmm....dont ask me i get to have the old tv~!! a little too big but still a tv~!!!! finally my dad agreed to give me a tv after so long.......hahahaha~! yes yes yes~! now he is kinda regreting it though... but it came attached with 1 condition: it will be confiscated if there are any signs of my academic results slipping...

sigh....talking about world cup......south korea this time......doubt we can make it player park ji sung just hurt his ankle and another good player hurt his knees....all full of injuries.....and looking at the qualifying rounds, south korea was not that impressive. cant even win senegal.....but senegal won france(did they not?) vs france.....we still got a shot~!!!!!!!!!

darn.....i miss those days when South korea called the shots...hahaha....but nevertheless, my red devils shirt will be dug out and worn. and my heart pledge full loyalty to my home country.

and to people like stoopid jimmy who went to bet on korea getting out in the first round........u are gonna lose big time~!!!!!! *ROAR*

to all others: support man support~!!!!!!

go red devils~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

match 14: south korea vs togo (Group G)
date: 13 June 2006
time: 9pm (sing time)

for more info on world cup sites:

oh sheesh~!! im getting all excited over the world cups~!!!!!!! muhahahahaha..hope it be a long and interesting one....meaning, hope korea at least get to semi finals? muhahahaha...:D:D:D