Wednesday, May 31, 2006

new hairdo

yipppppeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! feel a load lighter~!!!!!! or maybe not....just ate a pile of fooooood....muhahaha...

guess what guess what?~! I CUT MY HAIR~!!! yup yup yup~! shed all those curls and my nice long tresses for a new look??

well, i was hesitant at first, but i guess since im already cutting it, make it more worth and cut more~! haha..... actually i only told her to cut like 7-8cm....then she just started snipping and snipping and wvvvoooolllllaaaaa~! my hair turned out super short....

for those who cant remember how i looked like......

well, i just picked any pic which showed my long long tresses....but this isnt my maximum length...i think it grew further...haha

well, the hair dresser apparently had a lot of patience and slowly untangled my curls and offered to straighten them for me...and tada~!!! presenting to all my new look....:D
and so i went a little camera whoring..... well, maybe not just a little...i took like 50 pics? muhahaha....

me close up
dont i look so much angelic and so much guai-er? and of cos neater??
so hows my new hairdo?

Monday, May 29, 2006

meet ups

before i continue on my newcastle adventure, (cos i have yet to get photos from jenni) meet ups~!!!!!

1. eva, cai, merv

so happy to see you guys man~! but u guys were more excited over your results than to see me~!! grrrrrr......but well done on your great results~!! *claps*claps*

cravings satisfied: Yami Yogurt(with cindy babe~!) SAKAE SUSHI ( not really satisfied), NYDC mudepie~!!!

2. Esther, Gracie and church

yeay~! met them before church for lunch at WISMA FOOD REPUBLIC~! wow~!! how it changed~!!!!!!! i wanna go there again~! ate THYE HONG'S chao guo tiao~! the queue was super long so it thought its something nice...but well.....its only so-so....

craving for deserts, greedy us went swensens to order APPLE CRUMBLE ice-cream~! yummy yummy...although i would prefer the BANANA one....hahaha....i took pictures with my mom's phone but have no idea to upload them...haha...

well, it feels good to be attending church again. seeing familiar faces and singing nice songs...:D

cravings satisfied: CHAo GUo TiaO, SWenSens~!!

3. 4/5 Gang
as usual, i was early...haha...first up crystal jade~!! thanks Zhiyang for the treat~! and happy birthday~!! old boy must now act matured~!

although we were all full, fussy tai was not satisfied with the crystal jade and wanted after careful deliberations, we finally decided to go WALA WALA~!

but due to the heavy smoke, we werent very satisfied. so after finishing a jug of mango magarita, we went off. although me and cailing were starting to like the place and wanted to stay longer....stoopid ZY~!

see how HIGH cailing is~!!! and stoopid ZY had to make her leave....haha

cravings satisfied: CRYSTAL JADE , WALA WALA, Haagen Daaz

and to those who have yet to book your appointments with me....please do so ASAP, through MSN......

*****MY HP IS NOT IN USE ANYMORE~!!! *****

*****so stop msging there~!!!!!*****

Friday, May 26, 2006

Leeds Adventure? with pictures

in exchange for this pic......i got my waffle and sangria pic from ah pek..... if u ask me, i think its a good deal (sorry sista..haha) but i think i should start calling ah pek chicopek already...hahaour sangria~! made by fred ah pek with the guidance of quichan~our salty waffle, with ingredients stolen from quichan's housemate..haha........dunno why it tastes so salty *looks at fred* pretty me posing with salty waffle... ah pek and his DAUGHTER?? haha....
haha....ah pek pretending to be a cook.....haha~!
elaine with the "hot favourite"~!! HAGGIS~!!!! yum? yum??

and nice song rite? hahaha....i remember singing this song for choir practices last time in church...hahaha...

gosh...there are so many nice christian songs i dunno which to choose....after so much, i think i willl stick to this another song....catchy song..haha

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"short" update~!

before i make a proper closure to this whole SEP experience, lemme in brief pictures summarize what i have been doing for the past 3 weeks....

first up, my bizarre and comical episode at the toronto airport, where my baggage was over the limit by 2kg and the BA staff made a big hoohah over it, making me repack my bag infront of everyone~! well, i was really left with no choice and like a buffoon, i was re-arranging my long johns and socks in public~! that was hellavu experience man.

but all that ended well and i was off to LONDON~!!!!!! woohooooo....dint do much the first day other than eat and sleep. my mum's friend just showered me with hospitality and finally i felt so at home.

next day...solo trip down to

yes, travelling alone is not fun...especially when u hafta take 14hours bus journeys to and fro ALONE....haha..but it definitely has its pros and cons~!

everyone, bringing u the manchester united stadium(or rather the shop infront of the stadium) at old trafford~!!

one of the demerit points of travelling alone: no one to help u take pics as and when i like~! and when u find someone to help u take....they do a super lousy job as such....

me with a plain glass building background? he missed out the manchester united~! grrrrr...

anywayz, i went there without planning anything and just walked around....sadly most of the shops were closed...and i cant even get inside the stadium...boohoo...

day 2: Liverpool

sienz knowing that i cant get into the stadium unless there is a match, i dint even bother going to the stadium... so at liverpool, it was basically shopping and just walking around... dint take much pictures thou cos camera low batt...

next up....LEEDS to meet my ah pek~!!!!!! so nice of him to go to the terminal to fetch me~!!!! and even bringing me GROCERY SHOPPING~! muhahaha...their ben and jerry's there only costs 99pence per tub~!! thats like less than S$3~!!

there he introed me to quichan who intro-ed me SANGRIA~!!!! and it was actually not too shabby~! now i know how to make SANGRIA~!!!!!!! and i think its pretty easy.....any takers? haha.... and also the incident of the HAGGIS where no one actually acquired the taste..haha


and of cos i was glad that finally finally someone can help me take pictures~!!!!!!! a decent photo for that matter. and i dont even need to plan my itinery. nice fred ah pek just brought me around and went shopping with me....hahaha....

then it was oxford~!!!!!

wow~!! i dint know oxford university was the whole town~!! and when i went to the tourist info, i malu-ed myself. the conversation went something like tat ( although i cant remember the actual words)

me: i want to visit the oxford university
staff: you are already at oxford
me: ya, i wanna go to the university
staff: the whole place is the university.
me: huh?

okies...get the idea? shant continue further. well, at least she was very pleasant and helped clear my doubts. why dint anyone tell me all these before~?!grrrr*roar*

i bought a book and toured the whole place myself while reading and self exploring on foot... pretty impressive university filled with interesting buildings and a colourful history.

and as usual, travelling alone thus alot of da-tou-tie...haha...i think ang mohs find it funny and they keep looking when i take selfshots. make me further malu....

met up with auntie and her daughter there and had scrumptous chinese food at a place called OPIUM DEN?? haha...auntie keep saying the food there is so nice its as if they really put opium in was yummy indeed but a little pricey....47 pounds for just 3 people~!! thats like S$47 per person~!!! and its like 5 dishes only~! how i miss cheap singapore hawker food then....

okie......entry getting alittle too long and draggy.....shall stop here for today...:D:D

Monday, May 22, 2006

i am back everybody~!!!!!!!!!!!!!


missed me?

i missed y'll~!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

oh yeah....enjoying my trip in barca now....but longer updates will be up when i get back to singapore. willbe touching down paris in like 8 hours time? haha...

anywayz, thanks to the newcastle peeps (edel and jenni) for making my trip such a memorable one and being such sweeties bringing me around despite my exams. and of cos the free treats. seriously wanted to treat u guys back....boohoo u all lah!!! JENNI, really thanks leh...for accomodating me. wont forget our little gambling session and the "begging sessions" with merv..hahaha..

and thanks for spending time with me in london!! and merv too also lah.... u were a sweetie too...and remember the 10P and my harrods bear......*smiles broadly*

and of cos to my waterloo gang. its really great to travel around with u guys again. and cindy and sara, thanks so much for the gifts!!!!! really really like it alot and its so sweet of u guys to actually get me something!!!!!!*muacks* lalalalalalala....

okie lah....go sing song now lah....ppl waiting for comp....adios" hola" uno dous tres quantros......gracies, sangria, paella, tapas, hhahaha.....hola is still my favourite spanish word...HOLA HOLA HOLA HOLA..........

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

muhahaha... while jenni is busy studying, i shall blog a little

been a packed week man~

but meeting up with familiar faces sure makes me feel happy~!

thanks cheers to fred the ah pek for being such a wonderful host~! u were nothing but the best man~! your food is absolutely fantabulous. and thanks so much for getting me addicted to Prison Break. cos of that i sat infront staring at the comp screen from 3-7am? cant even remember the time.

yes, i spent the time in leeds basically watching Prison Break and slacking.. hahaha

and to the people at Leeds cheers to you guys~! quichan with her shangria( spanish cocktail taught to her by abel ) and her last minute waffle cravings and elaine with her Haggis...hahaha..surely a memorable trip with all the spontaneousity (watever)

newcastle... fun fun fun~!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

yes, finally found internet~~ i was feeling so incompletely without my internet~

joo is doing alright here in london. well, now im in liverpool to be exact~ my mum's friend has been so full with hospitality that i finally feel at home~ more or less( i still miss my HOME home) .. she bombard me with so much korean food that i cant ask for more~ really touched.:)

i was upgraded to be world traveller plus seat cos my \tv was spoilt~ darn, unlike singapore airlines they dont give free voucher...boohoo....but nevertheless the leg space is so roomy!! muhahaha...

travelling alone aint fun...nobody takes pictures for me.... went to MAN U stadium yesterday but cant really take a nice pic...ask old uncle to take for me after 3 failed attempts, he finally took 1 picture of me WITHOUT the Man U words...boohoo.... i miss u gals....cindy, sara, swep, faster come come~

the stuffs here are so expensive too!! can kill man. bus rides here are ridiculously priced. yesterday i bobian hafta buy the london underground ticket and its freaking costs £3 (=S$9) for a single journey¬!"?¬!"?¬!?" wat the hell? with this i can safely take a comfy cab in singapore~~
but if u search hard enough, there are real cheap stuffs.

my feet hurts from too much walking.....pain pain pain.....boohoo....but i shall enjoy my rest of the trip~ although most of the time is spent on buses and buses. i seriously wonder why i even bought so many tickets to so faraway land.....