Saturday, April 29, 2006

Life is so unpredictable. yes so very unpredictable

i tell you...roller coaster man~!! just when i thought everything was going oh-so-perfect, i decided to give myself a little treat (aka hot milo) and voooooaaaalaaaa~!! i spilled the whole cup of milo on my laptop~!

after turning it on and off the whole day, blow-drying it, unscrewing all i can and praying hard. vooooooaaaalllllalaaa its working again. although it makes funny noises and i cant type Shift + a = A but nevertheless its working~!!!

and when i checked my flight~! MUAHAHAHAHA..... yes~! i got my 1 may flight~! thank God~!!! guessed He, the Almighty heard my prayers afterall...:D:D

phew~! everything is going smoothly more or less...

good things really come in pairs. and there always will sunshine after the rain...

which reminds me of a song...

i wanna see the sunshine after the rain
i wanna see the blue birds flying over the mountains again..

dont ask me what song this is. i sang it when i was in primary school. for those who dunno the tune, i will be most delighted to sing it for you. for those who know what song this is, please tell me~!!!

anywayz, talking about songs, dont u guys love the background music? lovely eh...introduced to me by a friend of mine....ermmm....someone i knew from friendster and who stays in washington..hahaha..cindy and sara will know who...

sara and cindy, thanks so much for being there for me emotionally. *muacks* enjoy your trip in the states and i will meet u guys at the airport~!! woohooo~!!

i see rainbow~!

wooohooo...i dunno why but today seems to be my lucky day~!!!!!!

firstly, lovely swiss kindly offered to share his room~!! such a lovely boy~!!!!! i thought he was just saying joking but it turned out real~! and he was even willing to come over and help me with my lugguage~!!! but i feel bad enough imposing on him.... gotta treat him to a big big dinner man~! he saved me quite alot of money ~!

secondly, british airways finally admitted that they made a little mistake~! and they are seeing what they can do to get me on the 1 may flight~!! i seriously cross my fingers man~!!!! please everyone cross your fingers for me. although no available seats on my class. i dont need any upgrade of class. just get me on that flight~!!! and i will really be very very thankful~!

yes, so much joy but nobody to share it with. kinda sucky. now i realize it doesnt matter how much success u have in life. what matters most is u have someone special to share it with.

gosh, im learning so much from this whole exchange programme~!

and im really really very grateful to swiss my lover boy~!!! *muacks*

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

a short update of what i have been doing the last few weeks....
1. Boys and Girls night -cindy swep joo all ready for BOYS n GIRLS night~! dont we look like pretty little school girls?-
-me and cindy acting cute. kawaiii desu~!-

-us and my block mate who lives directly below me~! nice of him to lend us his ties~! haha- -hk gang and wcri gang and us--dont walter look adorable with my white rabbit fur hat? - -me on stage all ready to win the ipod nano. darnm my stockings are a tad too translucent--self obsessed pic of me as usual....kekeke-
2. Last friday in Revolution
-joo in revolution (night club) filled with hiphop and rnb the whole night~! but a music a tad too soft- -joo on the couch in rev-
-joo in rev toilet. this is so class-
3. Niagara Falls revisited
-joo at journey behind the falls...sooo near to the falls -
-joo and juan in the boatie-
-woohoo~! joo on maid of the mist. right beside the falls~!!!-

-love this pic.....the scenary is so loverly...-

4. St Jacobs~

- me with the mennonite carriage~! look~!!!! horsies!!!!-

- St Jacobs farmers market~! plus outlet...bought 2 levis jeans...keke-

5. Tour around my Uni- the entrance-

Friday, April 21, 2006

so much have been happening that i have hardly the time to sit down and carefully think and take a breather. it was am emotional, mental, physical roller coaster for me. and i really hope to see a rainbow at the end of this coaster ride.

its really too big of an emotional trauma on me that i can hardly put them into words. i just cant wait to run home and hug in my mother's embrace. but no, i must grow up

i will treat all that has happened as a very good lesson learnt. a pretty costly one too. and hopefully i can remember it till the day that i die.

i really thank my mom who not empathize with what im going thru, but also been a huge emotional support for me. although she is not here in canada with me, but her presence is much felt. and sometimes i wonder what i will do without her. and dad too of cos~ these are the 2 most significant and important people in my life that has made me who i am today. and words alone could not express my inner-most, heartfelt gratitude. im not going to cry again. im going to be strong, if not for me, at least for my parents. great, im being all emotional again. but these, i have to say.

those who know why im feeling as such, thanks for the concerns. it really meant alot. made me alot more normal.

now im going to leave this sad world. to all who cared, thanks.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

yeap. been a long time since i last posted. but due to the siong exam schedule. i almost died. hopefully i pass it? i still have one last paper to psychology module. theres like so much to read~!!!! im 2/9 done...haha....slowly does it...lalala~!

my contacts are too dry for me to type.

current mood: excited about everything? cant believe everyday is a brand new day~! haha.... especially my trip to niagara this weekend...and then my long US tour....followed by my europe tour~!!!!! wooohoooo~!!!!!

just made a jelly kebab~! the fish and finger jelly sucks.....the strawberry and lychee worm is good. yum yum~!

this song.....nice eh? i know its old. but oldies are goodies.

and now....back to my books~! happy....^^

Saturday, April 01, 2006

*~MapLe Land~*

supposed to blog about my nice fed hall bash, but pictures not up yet. ITS GOOD....SO DO WAIT PATIENTLY FOR IT. so dont wish to blog halfway, neither do i wish to delay any more blogs, so......maple syrup festival~!

suddenly had last minute tix. i thought the weather was good, so i just wore a t-shirt and a thin(small) jacket. and for the whole day i was freezing cold~!!!! and its so small i can hardly zip it up~!and in like 90% of the pics, i am in this awkward position. cindy calls it "need to pee" position. so i shall not post all the "ugly" pictures. of cos everyone knows im pretty lah~! lalala!! but since i love myself too much, i shall post the nice pose~!

-me(in awkward position 1) and cindy-

-me(in the awkward position 2) and the big camp fire with the big pot for popcorn popping~!-

darn darn darn. but the whole festival, its really so fun~! a whole stretch of street full of stores~! pancakes, good food, free maple sap testing (it tastes horrible) , log cutting/sawing, maple taffy demonstration, popcorn popping demonstration, visiting the country side (with humongous cows and big trackers) and of cos lots and lots of maple syrup... and its at maple Street~!!!

-free maple sap testing ....yeeeucks~! -

- country side--hot doggie~ yummy yummy~! $3 but worth the money~!-

- fat and blissful me(all excited to get my hotdog) with the cute hotdog uncle-

i was sooooo cold and soo sooo craved for a bowl of hot yummy soup~! but me and cindy was a little out of cash. so me and cindy dug out all our fortune and share this heavenly cup of noodles.

anyone wants a bowl of hot teng teng noodles? *slurps* darn it. im gaining so much weight its disgusting~! time to lose weight~!! ermmm....after exams? hehe