Tuesday, March 28, 2006

to that special someone.......

I’ve been passing time watching trains go by,
All of my life...
Lying on the sand, watching seabirds fly
Wishing there would be
Someone waiting home for me...
Something’s telling me it might be you
It’s telling me it might be you...
All of my life...
Looking back as lovers go walking past...
All of my life...
Wondering how they met and what makes it last
If I found the place
Would I recognize the face?
Something’s telling me it might be you
It’s telling me it might be you...
All of my life...
So many quiet walks to take
So many dreams to wake
And we’ve so much love to make
I think we’re gonna need some time
Maybe all we need is time...
And it’s telling me it might be you
All of my life...
I’ve been saving love songs and lullabies
And theres so much more
No one’s ever heard before...
Something’s telling me it might be you
It’s telling me it migt be you...
All of my life...
Maybe it’s you...
Maybe it’s you...
Ive been waiting for all of my life

Saturday, March 25, 2006

stoopied stoopid

i am really not happy about my internet being cut~! i mean, how can they do this to me? especially when exams i drawing near?~! i know i am at fault for over-dosage of korean variety program, but still~! disconnecting my internet TOTALLY, APRUPTLY, WITHOUT ANY WARNINGS, FOR GOOD, is too BRUTAL~!!! i tell u its BRUTAL~!!!!!!!!!

i wasn't downloading anything illegal.
i was definitely not surfing any porn.
i wasn't even hacking into any account. (im too bimbo for that)

i was merely having a little entertainment. away from the cruel workload.

i am soo sooo very deprived~!

jiali's school gives them like 3 times warning before cutting it off.
gordon even better, UNLIMITED.

i mean, they could at the very least give me, not 2, not 3 but 1 1 1 1 1 1 warning?~! is that oh so hard?~! they expect me to pay like $25?~! and i was so desperate then, i was willing to pay CASH~! but they say NO. WE ONLY ACCEPT MONEY ORDER FROM CIBC. WTH?~!@#~?!?~! they think money order is free arh~?! got service charge loh~!! $5 or something....then it will add up to me paying like CAD$30~?! and converting it back to sing dollars.....wth....i am definitely not going to give them this kinda easy money~!!!!!! definitely NO NO NO NO NO~!

i am disgusted. *pui* cheapo. argh~!!!!!!

luckily i still can go down to the main lounge for free wireless.....luckily they have this free wireless...or else i will go seriously mad.

now i am so tempted to watch my korean variety program again...but then again, i dunno if this dumb wireless thinggie has a bandwidth limit also. yeah i know, its almost 4am here. but a deprived girl gotta do wat she gotta do~!

im so in love with this group....kai....this philly american band? they are a old band i know. but their songs, mostly remix are sooo nice. sooo soothing...:D nice song eh?

st paddy's day was a blast. thanks to the girls for making it memorable. i love girls night out~!!! me and sara even specially went shopping for a GREEN thing. and bought the nice green cropped sweater thinggie. and i think beer is tasting nicer and nicer.
daffy is such a happy bunny. dunno why bunny. but thats the only animal i can think of now~!
and of cos self admiring shots of me at the end of the day. hahahaha.....
living without internet sucks. how can one live without internet? my internet-less life begins as of yesterday to the day i reach singapore. so, if u guys dont see me online, just e-mail me like carol! so happy to receive your e-mail~!!!!!!! <3 ya~!

off for dinner

and to continue whining about my cheapo school which cut off my internet. boo them...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


gosh...the killer entry. the 3 day 2 nights montreal-ottawa-quebec trip. how to blog? the niagara entry alone used up like 20 over pictures. therefore im gonna cut that entry out. in fact, its sooo boring blogging about my daily activities although they arent just mere "DAILY ACTIVITIES"

i just like to type crap and type watever i want in this blog. i think its so much nicer to blog about your thoughts than to report what i did.

my teeth hurts. thats my thought for now. haha.

me and cindy at timmys:
how WE are gonna miss waterloo and everything canada once WE are back in singapore. all the wonderful memories here. the squirrels jumping around, the geese yanking away everyday without fail, my lovely room with a touch of "joo", my floor mates, the walk to class, the walk back to my room, the snow, the beautiful scenery, the V1 mudies, foosball........oh gosh. the list can just go on~! friendships forged here are so precious and unforgettable.

the walk back to my room after night class was beautiful. it made me just stand there and appreciate the beautiful sky. it reminds me of the song: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. i wonder who wrote that song. its so lovely. the sky tonight was like a blanket with nice little diamonds on it. i cant help but to fall in love with it...

Twinkle twinkle little star
How i wonder what you are
Up above the world so bright
like a diamond in the sky.

and glenn my dear, if u are reading this, thanks for being such a dearie and calling me~! although at weird times, your companionship is greatly, really greatly appreciated. just wanna tell u that life isnt all about what u think it is. it took me awhile to realize that life is full and abundant. hope u realize it one day too.^^

i dunno why but today im in a grateful mood. just grateful to the Lord for everything. Me, although being so small and insignificant, He showered me with such love, such wonderful family, friends and such a wonderful life. for that alone, im grateful. let me be a little more greedy and ask for more. i ask that my loved ones to be happy always...:D

food for thought: have you made anyone happy today?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

who stole the cookie from the cookie POT

i know im supposed to study but just 5 mins infront of my thermodynamics book is pure torture. so thou shall blog~!

7. Cookie Baking (2 March 2006)
i miss those days when mummy, sis and i would altogether bake those lovely home-made cookies. i miss mommy. i miss my sister. and of cos i miss my darling dad dad. wonder how they are doing. guess dad and mom wont come visit me, as they spent the money buying a new car?~! how can they?~!~?!@? when im not even around?~! i cant even get to choose the car~! damn damn~! and i cant even get the old car for myself~! but i wouldnt want my daddy's old car. such a fuel eater.

anyway, entry's about cookie baking~! yeap. had fun, cookies were great, albeit being a little too sweet. but i love love hand-made cookies. its yum yum yummilicious~!

to all those un-deprived childhood peeps who played: "WHO STOLE THE COOKIE GAME", im posing u a question.

1. who stole the cookie from the cookie POT? <<- THE ANSWER rite?? rite? 2. who stole the cookie from the cookie JAR? 3. who stole the cookie from the cookie BOX?

the few of us had totally different versions. im sure RGPS has taught me well and its cookie pot~!

BUT ALAS~!! i googled it....and the answer is........> google it yourself lah~! hahaha... i thought i was right....darn it~! i mean, POT sounds so much nicer than box or jar rite? i dont care~! i remember it as POT POT POT so cookie POT shall be it~! who says all google stuffs are correct?~! the next person who googles and come to this page, its


the beauties who made the cookie baking session a success...^^

did i tell u guys mama and papa are the best?~! mama asked me if im having any difficulties...and i just whined $$ no enough...telling her how much europe trip is gonna cost me like $1500 and US even more. i thought she was gonna nag at me for spending so much. but instead she asked whether its in cad...and i told her no, its in sing. and mama, in a very caring tone asked me to ask daddy if i need anything...hehehehehe.....daddy...here i come~!! i need $$$$$$.

im really greatful for having such wonderful parents. its really great talking to mummy. im just happy. i could never ask for more.

Friday, March 17, 2006



5. FUBar ( 28 Feb 2006)

yes, finally went to THE FUBar everyone was talking about. its more hip there. but i was so lazy to dress up, but needless to say, i still look pretty. but vain saranya and nive were busy powdering themselves. look how pretty they are and look how underdressed i am. i guess after a while, u just get lazy to dress up. muhahaha.....

damn it. see how diva-ish they look? dont swell nive and sara. the real diva is moi~!!! muhahaha....

had fun although the song wasn't too fantastic... my virgin night at FUBar...:D

6. CASA Gathering ( 1 March 2006)

Finally im at my march entry. CASA: Canadian Asian S_____ Association..... no idea wat the "S" stands for. anyway, went to BUbble TeaSe(yes, they have bubble tea here, but its not as cheap as $1/cupz) for discounted drinks. wanting to meet more international friends, i heeded abel's advice and so me and cindy went....but it was more of a CASA committee gathering. but they were really nice and we had 50% discount on selected drinks. yeah~!!!

tomorrow is St. PAT's DAy~! a day to be dressed in as green as u can and get drunk and make merry~! it sounds dumb. hahaha....darn...need to go shop for GREEN stuffs~!!!!!!!! Happy St PATs day y'All~!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

updates yet again

pardon my sudden enthusiasm in blogging. no choice. gotta keep updating till im on track. im like 2/3 weeks behind time.

so this entry will be about:

3. Bombers live band ( 23 Feb 2006)
dressed up nicely all ready for DA BOMBERS night....and guess what, it was a live band performance. more of chilling rather than
clubbing and dancing. damn it~! i was so so so over dressed and for the whole night, i wore my thick coat on. went back early cos, i was so so uncomfortable. the band wasn't that fantastic either. but the big plate of nachos.....yummilicious.
(btw, Bombers is short for Bomb Shelther Club, our very own campus club)

4. Stayover at cindy's place (24 - 25 Feb 2006)
being a study week and all, cindy kindly invited us to pulau glenelm( aka her house). the frigging cold house.... we caught the free ride-safe and reached there at around 10 plus? played cards, drink plenty of water and plenty of sit-ups, movie watching (which we all fell asleep).

i cant sleep at her place~! cos its soooooo freaking cold~!!! i miss my warm room~! now i totally understand why cindy dreads going home~! muhaha....

the next day we baked yummy cookies and inspired by the nachos from Bombers, we decided to bake our own nachos. but we ended up stealing adam's (cindy's housemate) eggs and damaging his good baking tray. we scrubbed like mad, but dint work.

at night, we were supposed to have a PINK party for giselle's( cindy housemate) friend, but it was cancelled due to a classmate who met with a bad car accident. you never know when something is going to happen. so always treat everyone around you like its your last~!

and since we were all decked out in pink, we decided to snap some shots. pretty in pink eh........

time to all y'all...joodiva bids all a good night~! *yawnz*

2. London trip ( 18 - 21 Feb 2006)

yeah...finally i can update it. after niagara, saranya's brother drove us there. long long journey.

it was clubbing every night at different clubs. club hopping as no cover is required~! oh yeah. fun fun fun. and the guys there are oh soooooo cute. the girls too lah. the clubbing scene there although not the best, but at least its alive and kicking, so unlike waterloo....the countryside.

yeap~! thats me taking narcistic narcissistic ( HAPPY MR JOW~?! AKA MR GAY~?! AKA MR HAPPY~! HAHA) shots of myself before/ after clubbing~! check out my new necklace~!!! it only costs $3 / $5~! cant really remember. but its frigging cheap rite?~! bought it at london also. the clubbing town. muhahahhaa......

us in the club. dunno which club. went too many clubs to even remember their names.

this is the club which plays country music and dresses country style every sunday~! we went on the wrong day and kena all the country song. but it was an experience. and they dont serve pina colada~! boo them~!

the buildings there are sooo beautiful. u can never see them in waterloo, let alone NUS. first up. see their interior? its sooo beautiful. btw, this is where the students study. like a study area. they even have their very own observatory~! how cool is that?~! i dunno what this place is. but its nice. see the sun light. oh gosh. wat nice effect~!staircase leading to the lecture hall with cute me squating there~! muahahayes. their lecture hall. u heard me right. they have their lectures here~! how grand rite? i give 2 thumbs up for their interior deco~!

but waterloo is canada's best, especially in engineering and microsoft hire alot of waterloo graduate. so what more can i ask for? i am happy staying in a nerdy school....:/ at least they have pina colada...:D:D

anywayz, easter bunny wishing all a happy easter~!!!! *boing*boing*(darn~! bunny reminds me of merv....i wonder why * grinz*)

Monday, March 13, 2006

T h e_ b a n d_ o f_ S O U L_ b r o t h e r s

before i update on my daily activities, heres a sneak peek at the upcoming stars~!!!!!!!!!!!!! or rather star~!


who else~! awi lah~! my ex-hip hop instructor~! cute rite? especially the tallest malay guy~! malay guys are so attractive~!!! and the bottom left hand corner guy is IShi. amore hip hop instructor. amy attended his classes but i never attended his lessons.
anyway, they signed up for the channel U jue dui SUPERBAND thinggie. and they got to the final 18 teams~! how cute is that~!!!!!! see the newspaper article?~! woohoo...awi.....so his actual name is Ashley Nawi Ismail. muhahaha.....
SuperBand Photo Shoot
so nice rite? theirs is the only group with such nice outfits. im so so sure they are going to win loh~! even without me being there to support....they have tonnes of supporters.

oh gosh....this is my favourite pic. its so nice....

so sporty...i like....:D

1st Round Auditions @ Youthpark
2 words: so cuuuutttteeee...^^

this news totally made my day~! thanks eva and xiaoling for letting me know the moment i signed on to msn.

darn. i guess awi wont be coming back to teach hip hop once he wins. but i hope he wins~! i mean, he will definitely win~!

but he is sooo nice~! he still remembers me~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but it sounds so formal. lack the "qing qie gan". but nevertheless, he still remembers me~!!!!!!!!! so so so so so happy~! muhahahaha.......

oh gosh...the more i look at him...i more i wanna go back to singapore.

shit lah..if he googles this out im so dead. but go awi go~! hahaha...xiaoling made this....points finger at xiaoling~!

shit lah...im turning into a scary awi fanatic. i shall stop here. those who think they are cute and want to support them......go go go~! suppor them~!

links(where i stole the pictures from):

SOUL's hommie: http://www.geocities.com/from_da_soul/index.htm

SOUL's yahoo group:http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/capture_ur_soul/

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Niagara falls updated~!!!!!!!!!

oh yeah, i am posting before my veiwership drops~! muhahaha....

yes, tonnes and tonnes of things to update and im just plain lazy.

1. Niagara Falls ( date: 18 Feb 2006)
thanks to saranya brother for bringing 3 little girls there~! its really fun visiting all these wonderful places. it just makes u feel exceptionally hyped up. but i was having a little motion sickness therefore the lack of hype. but when we were nearing the falls, up came out my camera and snapping started. only to realise i got LOW BATT~! whats can be the worse thing when u are visiting one of the wonders of the world and your batt dies on you~! the same happened for cindy's camera. and saranya's camera was in her brother's hand. so we were left with 2 pathetic low batt cameras~!

it was so exciting then...now, i can hardly feel the excitment. cant believe its 3 weeks back. hah. but nevertheless, it was one hell of an experience~!

to your right is the nice nice tower. damn, i think its called the niagara towers? something like tat. but it looks almost similar to the cn tower, only lousier, so we dint bother going up.

i]was so excited even before reaching there. that i started snapping pictures of the falls in the car~! see it?~! yeah....we are getting closer to THE FALLS~!!!!

when we reached there, it was freaking cold. and when i say freaking cold it means freaking cold~!!!!!!!! im the sort who can without wearing long johns, survive -20+ degress celcius temperature. but the falls, omg......i was shaking. and stoopid me wore my vest and not my thick coat without any gloves. sara had to lend me her pinkie jacket. thanks so much girl. without it, i think i would have died.

although cold, the view was magnificent. just look at the handles, its frozen and covered with ice~! i would have never gotten it, if it wasnt so cold.

and check out these nice icicles. do u even call these icicles? no. its like ice bush~! it sprouts from the ground~!!! its so amazing~! and so pretty~

check out the nice pinkey jacket~! this view of the falls isnt too fantastic from this angle......

THIS IS THE VIEW~!!! its so amazing how my 3.2 megapixel camera can take such magnificent view~! can u see the rainbow?~! oh gosh~!! i tell you its brilliant~! no photoshop, no picasa. its so lovely. but sadly, a picture can never capture the whole experience of personally visiting the place. i really wished at that moment, my mom and dad and my friends were with me to experience such a breath-taking sight~!
and of cos, me with the wonderful background. and of cos the 3 pretty girls and the breath-taking falls~!
look at my back. its all mist. the mist is like so huge~!!! can barely see anything but yeah, its super~!see the super mist?~! i tell u its awesome. although it was blocking the falls.
brilliant me tired taking a "da tou tie" of me and the bridge. its called the rainbow bridge btw. just cross that bridge and im in US of A~!!! i tell you, i tried to take many times, till my batt got exhausted. and this is the best i got. look a tad fat here with horrible face. but......its still good~! lalala~!

it was so cold that from time to time we had to get inside a building for some warmth.

yeap, and this is me and i found a perfect bip/beep? shit i dunno how to spell it. lets just call it "the-thing-that-babies-tie-around-their-neck-when-eating". too long. so lets just call it "tttbtatnwe". perfect~! yeah. i found this perfect "tttvtatnwe"

and having too much money to spend, i tried this coin making thing. where the coin made was ugly. but for fun and laughter piece and joy~! God knows where the coin is.....

while waiting for the evening view where the nice illumination starts, we decided to spend our time by going to the casino and to try our luck. hehehe...

and thanks to my pink underwear and sara's pink jacket i won~!!!!!!!! woohoooo~! thanks sara for staying around me and encouraging me and keeping still in that particular positiong although i know u were aching. and timid cindy hanged around for a few rounds and ran off cos of the immerse pressure. she went to play the slot machine....which....she lost...muhahaha..... but i also only won $35 so i treated the girls to ice-cream. yes, ice cream in winter. cindy's favourite. haha.

the casino whichi won my $35 bucks~!!!!!! will be back for more~!! muhahahahaha~!

after the ice cream, we ran back to catch the night illumination~!!!!! but of cos in the midst of running, we still do have time for some picture taking....*grinz*look at the background~! so lovely. me and the nice rainbow bridge and the america's fall from canada's view. me and cindy with the incredible snowy falls~! omg......chunks of snows with water~! it was just an amazing sight.
check it out~! the illuminated view. its taken off cindy's cam with dying battery. and with the temperature being so frigging cold, we cant take a proper picture without shaking out hands. so....the pictures does no justice to the magnificent waterfall i fell in love with.

unsatisfied cindy, went to the falls the second time while me and sara was in london, and this time, she did a wonderful job of the falls. see the chuncky snow and the awesome lightings~?!

im so in love with it. its so marvellous. gosh. sorry about the lack of vocab. awesome, wonderful, marvellous, brilliant, amazing, breath-taking, jaw-dropping, splendid etc.... are the only vocab my brain can regurgitate at this current moment. but i tell u, its more than words can describe. and i thank God for giving us such a splendid place to just sit and be in awe of His wonderful creations.

and i tell you, im going back again. once more before i head back to singapore with the bt timah hill..:/

2. London trip (18 - 21 Feb 2006)

for this, wait....now, i hafta get ready for a play~! muhahaha..... will update when i get back. lalalala....