Sunday, February 26, 2006

some people are just so insensitive. i dunno how shitty mankind can get. and me myself included. sometimes i just hate myself. yes, this entry will be with regards to my msn nick.

i think very soon im gonna change this blog addy. feel so open although there are only 20+ people visiting my blog a day.....i cant seem to pen down my most inner thoughts. all my bitchy-ness. there are some stuffs i wish to blog about. but at the same time must think twice before anyone's feelings get hurt. and blogging behind their back doesn't seem to be like the right thing to do. all these stuffs are just too much for me to handle.

i just walked out on my friends. cos we were supposed to go to some board game cafe. but shit happened and they just walked off without me. although i know its just a joke. but at that moment. i dint really feel good. so jokingly, i just walked away. but as i walked and walked, i just continue walking and ended up in my room. and just locked myself in it. but i wasnt exactly angry or anything. but i guess just bo-chapness. its like, if they want to go off without me, fine. im perfectly fine with it. i can do my own things. so i just closed the door on them. cindy walked off saying something like,' what did we do to deserve this treatment." no. they dont deserve it. its just me. i felt bad and just msned sara that im sorry.

but seriously, its just me. sometimes, things that are meant to be a joke, i just take them seriously. but in no bad light. now i sound like the villain. but no. im just doing what they want me to do. so, no. i wont put myself down as the villain although i do have my faults.

and really, im not angry or anything. dunno if i've angered the other party.

shit. im not blogging about my msn nick.

its bad to badmouth people. not that anyone bad mouth me. but its the other way round. and i feel bad. i feel ugly. i feel guilty. what has life become? what have i become?

sometimes i look into the mirror and i see a very ugly me. it seem like darkness have taken over me.

i try to tell myself to be a better person each day. but its not an easy feat i tell you.

shit lah...this moody song is really making me moody. and making me think too much. but i think i dont think much enough everyday.

talking to old pals makes me feel a tinge of warmness. they know me and i know them. well, more or less.

sometimes i wonder why am i SEPing? what the hell im i doing here in canada wasting away my parents hard earned money? and so so many times (even before leaving singapore) i wanted to give it all up. but a small part of me, tells me to hang on in there and that small part of me brought me here thus far.

but seriously, SEP is not my kinda thing. im a lazy girl who just wants the comforts of life without working for it. and making new friends is not my forte. im a introvert. i just wanna get by my uni life and find a decent work....etc...etc....yah... i know. but sometimes, it just makes me wonder what life is? i mean, after working so hard, getting everything u want. and at the end of the day, thats it? its like going to a casino, winning hell lots but at the end of the day u cant claim back the winnings. at the end of the day, u cant bring all these away with u.

that brings about another topic, about after-life. is there really a after-life? is there really heaven and hell? or do u just reborn? so the thing about karma is true? i never once had a satisfying answer. yes, life's biggest question. and i dont have an answer for that. then wats the use of knowing everything else? whats the point of knowing that there is gravity?

shit i know my entry is becoming really pointless. im just typing out whatever thats in my head. well, theres more to it. but seriously, there is so much i can write in a blog. the others i have to keep it deep down inside me. best is swallow everything down and come out as shit.

sigh...i miss the comforts of my home. i miss singapore. i hate studying here. hate is too much of a strong word. i dislike studying here. so stressful~! all muggers here~!! grrrrr

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Complain COmplain~! muhahahahaha

thanks to a complaint by a friend, whom i shall not divulge her name. lets just call him/her Ali. Ali said my blog, esp my J.Lo mtv eats up Ali's bandwidth. complain complain complain~! the other time also make me change my whole blog template just for Ali...muhahahaha....i still love Ali lah~!!!! u know rite?~! :D:D:D:D but yeah, true. it eats up my bandwidth too. and as poor students with limited bandwidth, i decided to take off my J.Lo mtv...*sobz*sobz*

anyway, i was watching shrek, and heard this damn nice song. hear it in my background? it eats up less bandwidth~!!!!! soo sooo nice......there is another version by micheal buble. its nice too and i was having a debate as to which song i should put. in the end, i decided to put up the original song i fell in love first.

doesn't this song give you a very sunday morning feel? you know....the sunday morning, rocking chair, coffee mood? yah yah and my sunday morning fantasy. im still a little girl and fantasy land is where i belong~

v-day updates

woohoo~! my life is passing by soo fast that i hardly have time to sit down and breathe~! hahaha....that was just an exageration. but seriously, with cindy, aka the planner, around, there is never a dull moment~! every day is nicely packed~!!!!

but first and foremost, i need to blog about v-day~!!~!! or rather FRIENDSHIP day!

well, my sincere apologies to the girls for the lousy last minute stolen "present". but that was the best i could do given monetary and time constraints. but at least i braved the cold and went all the way to SLC to buy glue and markers~! hehe. i even had to chase cindy out of my room to do the "present" secretly. i wouldn't even call it a present. its just a small token to tell u guys how much i appreciate u all~!!!!

okies, if u must see the ugly THING i made....


yah...the ugly paper plate (stolen from the pantry) with a girl on each? with nice flowers (stolen from the tv lounge poster) around it? yah lah...i did it~! hahaha...come to think of it...its pretty nice.

how we started off v-day. at the stroke of midnight, we all went into a frenzy and started writing little v-day notes to our neighbours. and sweet little saranya gave up her v-day prezzie~!!!!!!!!!! nice little hearts with nice chocolates and a friendship band~!! specially for me~!!!!! muhahahaha......

as we had test the next day, we turned in early.

the next day, despite my test (btw, i just passed the test, *phew*) i was busy doing the PRESENT~! luckily i have smart saranya and cindy to COPY from~! muhahaha....

<<--thats our "YUMMY" v-day cake, sponsered by saranya~!

after the test, we were busy taking pictures of pretty us......

alright, to your right are pictures of me, for my loving fans who miss my face~! muhahahaha.....

hahahaha......we just took pictures after pictures....

especially cindy, with her new hairdo......

see is worse than me....see how narcistic she is??? tsk tsk....

haha...we went over to kailin and daphne's place for our v-day dinner..... we had a mini potluck....but the food was too much. so in the end we had to play cindy's favourite game( the number game) to finish off the food.

see my cute ribbon?~! muhahaha..... saranya sponsered us with her ribbons she bought at the $1 shop and we all had ribbons on our hair. its just that mine is cuter~! *bleah*

little girls showing off their ribbons~!

little girls showing off their newly gotten prezzies~!

little girls studying harD~!

2 very pretty girls. hahaha...i tell u, daphne is hilarious~! she gets high on everything~! alcohol, "boyfriends" sugar....i tell you, everything~!! she is such a joy maker~!

yea yea yea~! the cake cutting celebration~! muhahaha...first time having a cake on v-day~! yumm yummmm.....

we ended of the whole celebration with sparklers courtesy of anita(daphne and kailin's neighbour)~! but couldn't make too much noise as everyone else were sleeping....shsshh....

i love these girls to bits~! and together, we had an uforgettable v-day faraway from our loved ones.

the next day, we went downtown to shop~!!!!! shop for sweets~!!! yummy yummy~!

this place called BULKBARN....its full of sweet stuffs~!!!!!!! chocolates, sweets, jelly beans, jellies, cookies, lollipops, chocolate powder, honey. even non-sweet stuffs~! chips, soup mixes, coffee powder...omg...they have like so so many thing~! yum yum.....see how pretty the place is? every little kid's dream land~!

we also went to korean buy my KIMCHI of cos...which cost freaking $10 for one bottle~! when i go back, im gonna appreciate my mommy's hand-made with full of love (and of cos free) KIMCHI~!

also went to the smelly smelly chinese supermarket.....woohooo...but after a while, u get immuned to the smelly smell. but they have quite a number of singaporean-ish stuffs.....but i am just contented with my KIMCHI....yummy yummy.

did i mention how much i HATE my sister~?!

i told her i miss korean/mummy's cooking.........and pretty her sends me tonnes of pictures of yummy food~!!!!

dont u just feel like killing her?~! grrr......looking at the food makes me salivate.

and for my sister's fans. especially those who constantly bug me for her it goes. the bhb her sending me her pictures....... hahaha....actually we were bhb-ing together showing off our pretty faces~! yeah yeah..... and no~! she is NOT my YOUNGER sister~!!!

hahaha...i also got similar white rabbit fur hat~! see~! sisters are alike~! i love love love her~!!!!!

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Hold your down- J. Lo

Hold You Down by Jennifer Lopez

nice ah......see~! im shooo very smart~! i can put video to my blog~!!!! muhahahaha ...smartie pantie~! nice ah this song~! choo intro this song to me last year and it was love at first sight hearing~! u can still listen to the "when the night feels my song" by Bedouin Soundclash from my previous entry. just stop this clip and play it. see~! how convenient~! i think im starting to love myself~! muhahahahaha

to saranya:

Glitter Graphics, Myspace Graphics, MySpace Glitter Graphics, MySpace Glitters, MySpace Goodies, Myspace Codes at hope your knee is okie now~! i saw this and it so so so reminded me of u~! take care girl~!

did i tell u all i love hello kitty?~!
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i love glitters too....

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and angels and fairies..
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i also adore pink
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and did i tell u i am a princess??

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im just bored and testing out this new cool website.......muhahahaha...there are so much more nice glittery stuffs...but shant flood my blog with all today... 1 per day... muhahahaha

Thursday, February 23, 2006

im back

yeap. im back from my trip to niagara and london. so so so lazy to post pics as im falling sick.... but a quick summary of my trip

niagara: of the 7 wonders of the was magnificant. although i was expecting more...but yeah.......what i saw, it was nature at its best. beautiful. splendid.

london: nive ( saranya's friend ) was a splendid host. and we went clubbing everyday~! guys are soooo sooo cute~! and the grinding there is worse than carribean night. but im getting used to it. and damn it~! this cute guy talked to me but, u know me, when a cute guy approaches me, i either stammer like mad or i give the aloof look. damn it damn gonna miss london lots.

im gonna go rest enjoy the song. i love this song~! nive too..muhaha...they played it in the club and everyone is singing to it~! how cool is that~! so, next time u wanna come canada to club, memorize this lyrics, if not u will get stoopid guys who keeps asking u why u are not singing to the song~!

i miss miss misss london and the clubbing club club....but im kinda getting tired of it. guess i've matured...:D

supposed to put up merv's new single, but due to some technical difficulties, and for the safety of my fellow readers the song will be up next week.

for everyone and for myself to sing along~!
When The Night Feels My Song
Artist(Band):Bedouin Soundclash

When The Night Feels My Song by Bedouin Soundclash
I'm on the rocky road,
Heading down off the mountain slope,
And as my steps echo (echo) louder than before.

Another day is done,
Say good-bye to the setting sun,
See what i found, turn back to the ground just like before.

Hey hey heeeyyy, hey hey hey (hey!)
HEY Beautiful Day (hey! hey!)
HEY Beautiful Day.
Heeeeeyyyy, hey hey hey (hey!)
HEY Beautiful Day (hey! hey!)
HEY Beautiful Day.

When the night feels my song,
I'll be home, I'll be home.

Into the under grove,
Twist and turn on a lonley road.
In the twilight the day turns to night and i'm alone.
And when the light has left,
Im not sure of my every step.
Follow the wind that pushes me west back to my bed.

Hey hey heeeyyy, hey hey hey (hey!)
HEY Beautiful Day (hey! hey!)
HEY Beautiful Day.
Heeeyyy, hey hey hey (hey!)
HEY Beautiful Day (hey! hey!)
HEY Beautiful Day.

When the night feels my song,
I'll be home, I'll be home.

When the night feels my song,
I'll be home, I'll be home.

When the night feels my song,
I'll be home, I'll be home.

Friday, February 17, 2006

You are not alone..

yes, a change of song. i know im fickle. but all these song are so nice~! and they touch me, one way or the other. i love this song. by micheal jackson. i think his albums are fabulous and talent-wise, he has it. king of pops. but wonder what really happened to the jackson family.

i love this feeling now. the rain, together with sentimental music, just makes me feel so calm and so snuggly. i love rains. love to sleep during rainy days. love to play with rain on rainy days, love to just look at the window with a hot cuppa cuppa.

its just nice to sit down and just enjoy this beautiful world given to us. we are just living in such a hectic, fast-paced world that we sometimes just miss all these beautiful wonders.

time to sleep. a long day ahead tomorrow.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Spot it~!

yes lah~!!( kailin's line) school is cancelled~! if you are really interested why MY school is cancelled and YOURS is not....try reading this.

muhahaha.... yeap~! change of music again~! i love this song~! its so yesterday i know, but its just so loveey. the suitable for weddings. i cant wait for my wedding day~!

been really bored, after mid terms and all....(btw, i failed one...thermodynamics) i was bored and decided to read my past entries. i realised something...

tell me what are the similarities in the following pictures.... spot it and u may get a chance to win a nice date with yours truly~! muhahaha

-yes~! my princess crown~! -

-my ah soh sun glasses-

-me after trying out the new makup my sis bought for me-

-me at kuok when bored-

-me at kuok when really really bored-

-me with my evil twin chooliana-

miss those days...

-me and jiali drenched after eva's birthday dinner-

found it???? the clue is to LOOK AT ME CLOSELY. hahahahaha..... -me and jiali at engin o-week bash-

i know i look funny in the pic...dont laugh.

-me and the titans GCs/ACs at engin o-week bash-

i think my hair looks frigging cute~!!! if i dint remember wrongly, i cut that pretty fringe MYSELF~!!-me and the 4/5 gang at ktv....miss those days-

-me and the durin girls are ktv...:D-

this trait of mine is still prevalent now although not as much. -me at walmart trying out the pretty furry boots-

-me outside the DC library-

i cant believe it....even when im with my mini crush (aka my hip hop instructor) i still do it... hahaha...

-me and my super cute hip hoper-

yes, guess you have already guessed it by now~! its my trademark twist sign~! haha....but i do all sorts of signs in all sorts of pictures. just that in the August 2004 blogs i can see 5 of such pics. haha...pretty amazing. and these are only the pictures i posted in my blogs. wonder how many more i can find in my entire photo collection.

and this super amusing....hahaha.....i love candid shots...-us outside heeren doing stoopid poses-

-us at library rooftop doing stoopid poses-

charles look gay in the pic....shit...did i just say gay? = happy mah~! muhahaha....:P

oh gosh..i just downloaded firefox and viewed my blog via firefox...and guess looks horrible and no music~?!? stop using firefox lah....IE is the best.....IE rawks~!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Image Overhaul...

yes, decided it time for a change. how's the new everything? some says its un-joo-ish. but well, i like it~! so thou shall like it too~! how's the song? yes, its canon in d...nice rite? better say its nice.

well, valentine's day is around the corner again. and a perfect occassion to spend time away from my loved ones NOT. i can still remember last year, on v-day. things turned out ugly. i do have my regrets, but its good to know u are doing great now~! but still, the thought of maplestory....well, nvm....those who knows, knows.... guess i was a bad partner. my expectations were too high when even i myself am imperfect. anywayz, im not depressed or anything~! serious. im just lacking "LOVE".

valentine's day is a good day to steal~! muhahaha.... look what i "stole" from my cafeteria~! cute little v-day cards~!!!!

shitty shitty shitty. i really should be studying, but seriously, i have no mood at all to study. been forcing myself the whole day. my concentration is lacking.

just watched "the butterfly effect". i've watched this before in singapore, alone. (sidetrack: i love watching movies alone) i think its a not bad movie. worth watching it a second time. it answers the question of "what if". aiyah. no mood to blog. i must study. i must sleep. i must study. i must sleep. i am sleepy. i am talking crap.

that was so not right. it so so doesn't go well with my blog.

Goodnight all. May your dreams come true. Till then...

Signing off,
Lee Ju Kyung

there you go~! goes more well with the whole new look.

OH~!!!!!!!! HENG HENG HENG HENG~!!!!!!!!!!! I FRIGGING ACCIDENTALLY DELETED MY WHOLE ENTRY~!!!!! BUT~!!!!!!!! LUCKILY THEY HAVE THIS THING CALLED "Recover post" phew~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hail blogspot~!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg~!!!!!! i thought my entry will go to waste~!!! hail hail hail blogspot~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

New Look....

yup~! decided to change my whole blog template as it was giving far too many people, myself included, trouble. although i kinda liked my previous template. but i guess im starting to like this template more and more. it has this plain but elegant look. simplicity is a beauty itself. see jiali~! after your complaint, i had enough and had to change my blog template~!

and oh gosh~! the picture thinggie. the one which you see on your right with all my beautiful pictures? it took me hell long to get it done. hafta size it first, then upload it, then copy and paste, then blah blah blah..... it has like 90 over pictures, so please take time to appreciate my effort. cant believe im doing my blog when i have 2 midterms coming up, totally untouched. just hope i can pass.

and xling~!!!! where got happy birthday song?? you are hearing things lah...but its time for me to change the song again~! im a fickle person. i have found a song. shall change it. my all time favourite. very apt. the mask mask thinggie and my current song. okies, decided not to change it. the current song is kinda telling me not to change~! haha...

yeah~! today i just sent my mommy and daddy's parcel over~! and it costs frigging $14.05 for a less than 500g parcel~! hope it gets there safely and in once piece. i still have yet to send flowers over to mommy. but now is the valentine's day peak period and the prices are ridiculously expensive. i shall wait. and send her the mommy flower a.k.a carnations...:D

right now, i need to go sleep. a long day coming up.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Serious Entry..
ok lah ok lah...i update~!

but first and foremost, dont you find the song nice? i dunno. wanted to put up a hip hop song after my hip hop class, but dunno why i suddenly put up this christian song. to none christians, hope you dont mind. but do enjoy the song. its really nice.

i remember once i really cried like mad at the alter when singing this song in church. but that was ages ago. that was when i was a more devout christian. now, i have backslided. backslided real deep. till i cant seem to find the right path back. i do wanna go back to church and all, but i have no idea why my heart have hardened. i tried attending different churches to find the right church for me. but the sermons dont seem to get to me. i cant feel what i felt back then. and i have no idea why. i feel real empty in my life right now. i do want to follow Him and believe in Him. but i just cant. hearing this song always manages to make me tear.

my life is in a mess. i have lost direction in life. im trying hard to find the answer. try as i might, the answers are nowhere to be found. coming to canada was a last minute decision. and i have no idea why i came here. but i guess God has a plan for me, i am simply following.

christianity has taught me lots. and being born to a christian family, i am thankful. i have grown to love my family. everything i do, i think for my family, especially my parents. i have learnt to be appreciative, even the slightest things. although most of the time im blinded. i have learnt that up up there, You are there and Your agape love. it just touches me.

there is this another song which so so touches me. it goes something like...

i want to thank you Lord for being patient with me,
oh its so hard to see, when my eyes are on me.
i love the lyrics to this song as it really speaks of what is inside me.
the thing is, i am a sunday christian. so Godly when im in church. and not when im outside. and i hated myself for that. when i told ppl i was christian and was in the church choir, they all gave the disbelief look. and i was disappointed that i portrayed such an un-christian-like image. but i dunno why at the same time, i dint want to become a stereotype christian. it just wasnt me. maybe that is one reason i backslided. i just dont know what it is to be a christian. i know its a me-and-God thinggy, but.....i dunno.....

this entry is getting a little too serious eh? but thats the real me. the things that are actually going inside me beneath the smiling facade.

okies, now, updates on my life~!

just came back from my hiphop class~!!! woohooo...i missed the first 4 lessons and im super lost. but luckily they taught us new dance steps today~! but its super hard~! and they teach pretty fast. not like my awi...... i guess my body is rusty after slacking for sooooo long. but it felt good dancing. although i cant move as freely cos of my fats, but i still do love dancing. so after hiphop class, i went back to my room and danced myself with blasting music. alright, the music wasnt really blasting cos its from my toshiba lappy. but nevertheless, it took of a whole lot of my stress~! i think next time i shall take a video of them dancing with my camera during training~!

went shopping for mommy's present. its so hard choosing her present. it has to be LIGHT. cos the postage is a killer~! thanks saranya for walking around the whole mall thousands of times with me. and thanks so much for being there. im so thankful that you are here with me...:D:D:D

the whole week....i was busy studying. and as usual, pmsy mood. sorry to all those i've offended. :P and yes~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i've received it chooo~!!! i've received it eva, cai, amy, jenn, charles, jimmy~!!!! after a super long wait~! finally~! and yes it really made my day~!!!!

i was having a sucky day cos my midterms were really sucky.....but

tada~! it really really made my day choo....*muacks* and the amost made me cry~! u still remember it~! omg~! thanks so much for all the effort put in~! as much as i wanted to blog about it immediately, i had a freaking test the next day. but really really ya gal~!

i pasted the picture and the poem right infront of my desk~! to look at it whenever i feel down.:D honoured rite?~!?!!!

i even received my first money-less ang bao this year~! muhahaha....from mediacorp somemore~! muhahaha...thanks

hahaha.....the other "surprise" dint really turn out to be a surprise. cost jiali and merv spoiled the fun~!!! boo hoo~!!! but yeay~! i was looking forward to it every single day. checking my mails every single day, rain or shine, snow or no snow~! and yeap~!!! thanks soo sooo much girls and guys~! see~! i hung it up on my pin board~!!!!!!!!

shit finally done with the postal stuffs for my mom~!!! it took me forever to write the cards, cos my written korean isnt great. its as bad as my chinese. so you guys can roughly gauge my written korean. hahaha....and the wrapping of the gifts really took forever~! i kept rewrapping cos 1. forgot to take out price tag. 2. forgot to put in something. 3. forgot to wrap it nicely. 4. forgot to add tissue padding. yeah. its now 3.10am.....the pain and effort and sweat i took to come out with this~!

i really hope that this makes up for my absence. both my sis and i are not around to celebrate mummy's birthday. i feel real bad. i hope mommy can be happy. and i hope she likes what i got her. although its one of the smallest gifts, its really one of them which i really put alot of effort in getting it to her. from choosing to buying to weighing to wrapping to writing to sending. i really really put in alot alot of effort for this year's birthday but there is so much i can do....i wish i can do more.....i cant even buy her a cake...:( hope my sis can do better and make mummy happy...:D:D

shit lah....really shitty entry i know. but i just wanna blog. and its my blog~! i blog whatever i wanna blog~! and come read my blog leh....i just put up counter and only 60+ people come in 2 days~! how can~?! must be like xiaxue~! keke.....just kidding...

once again, thanks to everyone out there for making my life a more meaningful one. and thanks to everything out there which makes my life a more beautiful one.