Monday, January 30, 2006

yeap, i know it has been some time since i've last blogged. but people busy mah~! what to do~! haha....and to friends who sent me stuffs but i've yet to receive them, i wanna say a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL~!!!!!!!! and love ya love ya lots...u know who u guys are. but if u dint send anything should know what to do lah....*hint*hint*

well, it has been a pretty busy week, going to toronto and all. struggling with stupid textbook problems. thank you eva, cailing and all that helped to look for it~! but i guess i will just settle for the 3rd edition (they are using the 6th ed fyi) but wat to do, im a poor exchange student.

first up, toronto trip~!
this is the yellow school bus we took there~! 1 hr journey but it was well worth it~! and i had great company from my girl, saranya~!

this beautiful couple and joanne hosted us at their beautiful house~! the auntie is wearing sunglasses cos she just had lasik~! how cool! i also want lasik...even my sis went~~! grrr...

had a wonderful feast~! singapore chinese food~! with curry chicken, vege, char siew, tofu, sotong, etc etc........i think they are really nice people and im really thankful. hope we dint gave them too much trouble. :P

and their house is super nice~!!!!!!!! so we took pictures all around the house~!

and when i say everywhere, i mean everywhere, from living room to fireplace to basement to even toilets...muhahaha...wat~?! got a problem with it?

we got so bored and we tried different poses. this is supposed to be a sexy pose, but.....i turn out scarey. im even scared to look at my own self. so much for sexiness. realized that kailing can do sexy poses real well man~!!! just look at her~! natural~! muhahaa...

joanne's room is full of toys~!! just like a pretty little girl~! and everyone's all time favourite is the carebears collection~! we had but to take pictures with it~! arent they just the cutest?

sienz....i better type less. if not, this whole entry will never end.

the next day, we headed to downtown toronto. and did i mention that the people here dont pronounce it as TO-RON-TO? they slang it: TRON-NO...:)

first up, we headed to little KOREA~!!! yes, u dint hear me wrong. they have LITTLE KOREA here~!!!!!!! how cool is that? a whole stretch of street filled with nothing but korean stalls~!!! i wanna thank the girls for bringing me there~! i feel so much less home-sick now.....and i bought back kimchi and some yakult~! yum yum~! sadly, when i brought it here, some idiot stole it from the fridge~!!! idiot~! even steal my orange juice~!! dunno who is that *beep*

i seriously think at this rate of blogging, my post will never get posted. so, i shall just summarize, i mean super summarize. well, i've still gotta take my pictures from SARANYA. *AHEM*AHEM*

i tried adding more pictures to this entry, but somehow they have like a quota or something for each entry? shit them lah..... but anyway, the picture taken with daphne...i dislike taking pictures with her, cos she is such a bimbo~! haha...kidding lah....taking couple picture with her makes me look super big. i know i am, but, i dont care~! must look pretty and pretty in pics~!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

IS This OKiE??
darn my blog working ok now? trying hard to fix the problem. it looks okie on my comp and on few other people's whats wrong~?! i already solved the error....hope it works. now it has snow flakes falling~!! can u see it? or u still cant see it? oh yah...there will be music but webtunes is lah~!

who is mr annoy? aiyah...irritating leh...i really cant guess...i give up.

yeah...just back from toronto...and i did something~! will blog soon when pics arrive~!

Friday, January 20, 2006


sorry guys, the new template is giving lots of trouble to all, but me~!!! there is 1 error which i cant seem to find, let alone solve it. so those html freakies, help~!!!

and by the way, who is mr annoynomous? speak up~! or thou shall be banned~!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bored People Blog.....
yeay~!!!! shopping time today again~! but this time, i only bought 1 thing...which is this precious little baby~!!!!!! so cute rite~?~! was really contemplating whether or not to get this. but in the end, i couldnt resist the temptation and just bought it~! i love the social "butterfly" print....especially the one on the back~! its sooo neat~!! wicked~! do i look in my new pink baby?~! i feel so legally blonde. turning all pinkish....the shirt inside is my "University of Waterloo" t-shirt~! and its pink...... the jacket is alittle too fitting for me....but whatever~! what more can u ask for $10~!!! and it looks like an adidas immitation. only prettier~! muhahaha...

see what i mean by im turning pinkish~! hahaha... im buying more and more pink stuffs and wrapping myself with more pink stuffs till people enter my room and ask if pink is my favourite colour...:/ well, i do like pink, but still i feel that pink is so not me~!!! pink is too sweet for me....but right now, im in this phase where im trying to adapt to pink~! who knows, i might be the next miss pink~! muihahaha...:D:D

cindy is the sweetest and nicest girl around~!!! i pang-seh-ed her today due to unforseen shopping trip and being the kind-hearted her, she brought this down for me~!!! sandwiches (kop-ed from WCRI and cookies she baked personally~!!!!!) sweet of her rite?~~! although the cookies...ermmm....alright, shall heat it up and eat it with saranya~! thanks girl~!

happy joo eating the heated up peanut butter sandwich cindy brought~! yum yum~! and its wholemeal bread~! i just adore wholemeal bread~!

and pretty me sipping my favourite drink ....COCA COLA in my pink thermal flask~!! more pink stuffs~! and no~! im not a bimbo~!

alright...before this whole entry becomes a whole narcissistic affair and post more pictures of me~! muhahaha....

yeah~!!! eva helped me check out the frigging S$200++ book.....its S$40+ in singapore?~!@?#!@~ omg loh~!!! so frigging cheap~!!!!!! how can i not buy it?~! but gotta wait.....i hope and pray that it will come soon...i really need it..before my mid term at least...:( and once again, thanks eva~!!! and also cailing and also cailing's darling, seekiat~! dont think he reads my blog, but your kindness is greatly appreciated~! feel bad troubling you. i will treat u to a nice meal or something when i get back~!!! hopefully im not too broke by then..:D

i think canada is full of friendly people. they talk to you just like tat.... really interesting people.

yippee~!!! i've finally managed to change my blog template to suit this entry~! gordon is a pervert who copy and saves pretty girls' blogs~!! the pretty girl is me lah of cos~! no lah...he was just a sweetie pie helping me save cos i told him i lost my entry blah blah blah....sweetie pie~! go find out about the cheap usa and canada tickets leh~!! then can go travelling together~! and NO~! i dont wanna sleep on the streets~! how can pretty me sleep on the streets?~! so dangerous.

Please tell me you guys like the new blog template and the song. it took me forever to get it to this standard~!the angel pic and the fairy theme is so apt~! my bloggy addy is fairygodmama~! muhaha.... and enjoy the cute angel pics on the left, cos very soon, it will be replaced by something even cuter~!! you have been warned~!!*cute laughs* hehehe...^^

Monday, January 16, 2006

yeah...on the left is me trying to be sexy but totally gone wrong. hahaha....... i look like a mother pig...muhahaha....

on the right is me after salsa session. just feeling the photo mood....muhahaha.... for the before salsa pics need to get it from swepna... cos the ones in cindy cam looks...ermmm..not nice?

i love this pic~!!!!! cindy, me and sara on our way to watch our first movie in canada~!!!! this pic is a so friendship-ish and pretty candid~! love it.

another one of my favies....taken in swep's house. daphne,me,sara,swiss

another pic of us in the "yoh-Yoh" pose.... apparently only me and swiss are doing it right.

yeah yeah...see my nice beanie on the right picture?~!?!? i lost it the first day i wore it out~!!!!!! so sad~! im sure i left it at swepna's place....but she says its not there~!!!! so sad~! now i gotta buy a new one.... hopefully can get one by this week. cos my rabbit fur cap cannot take the snow.... need to dry clean... so high maintainence

everyone looks so glowy in this picasa-ed/ photoshopped done. its just our complexion. we are healthy and pretty. as always...:D:D:D on the left is usdiscussing our snowball fight strategy. or rather discussing how our beautiful picture should be taken...:D

finally went to the WALMART i heard of so many times but never gotten to chance to visit....

and guess wat cailing~!!! they have spongebob squarepants lipbalm here~!!!!!!! muhahaha so cute rite?~! spongebobby and dora the explorer~!!!!!!!!!!!! i bought both... i love cute stuffs....cos they are so cute like me~!!! muhahaha....

i miss singapore....gonna miss chinese new year. or rather lunar new year and my ang want ang bao........ gong xi gong xi... and choo~!!! i am still waiting for my chinese new year card~!!! it will be good if it comes with ang bao too~!! muhaha...:) im still waiting okies~!!!!!! u better quickly post it~!!!! if pressies for you~!!! muhahaha..... i love threats~!! lalala~!

im feeling sucky cos of the textbook stuffs so im trying to blog to keep myself cheery...:( its so costly...... so thankful to xiaoling for helping me confirm my thermo text~! and its exactly the same as the one we used in singapore~!! fedex~!!!! and eva.......OMG~! u are such a darling and so thoughtful~! i was so so so down..then your 1 question just cheered me up alot~! im so so really glad to have such sensitive friends....:D:D:D and friends who truly cares~!!! love u to bits~!!! u really made my day girl~!!!

here is the log....ok sounds like nothing much. but it really really made my day. so in the honour of it is~! muhahaa....

P/S: sorry about the aligning...its hard to align it nicely okies~! but i guess its nicer this way. it works like a mindmap. the messier it is, the more effort you will put into reading it. and the better you will remember it~!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Canada is great~!
time in canada is really fun. especially with all these great people around me. having fun all day long. filling up everyday with one activity or another. time i need a breather...but no~! tomorrow is salsa day~! hitting a salsa club downtown. but seriously, i cant salsa, hope i can pop by some hip hop clubs yoh~!

today we just took a bus down kitchener and just roamed the area, taking photographs and sipping coffee by the window at some sweet homely coffee shop 3 beauties in black posing for camera...:D:D i gotta write a pitiful e-mail so that i can get free workbook from the prof....:P

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

yeay~! i dropped my sucky module..... why? many reasons...

1. the lecturer sucks lah....ok, sucky is a bit too harsh. but i dont like the way he teaches. he teaches matrix....but why make it sound so hard~?!

2. i missed the first 2 lectures, so i have no idea what the hell is going on

3. i think there is a lab or something, but i dunno anything.

4. everyone in the class is so old. why? cos its a level 500 module.

5. everyone in the class have notes except me~! cos i missed the first 2 classes thanks to shopping....see what peer pressure makes u do.

6. the lesson is just too boring lah......

aiyah....the lecture was so boring i almost wanted to just walk out of the class halfway~! and i was planning the fastest route to the exit...but being the kinda hearted and sensitive me, i dint. i stayed thru the whole boring 1 and half hours~!!! no lah...i was scared cos in case i cant take another module, i will be black listed. so ermmm...yah..hahaha...:D:D i know, scheming me....but whatever~! i dropped it~! yippeE~! taking german with saraHHHHh now...haha..k lah..its saranya......saranya~!!!! happy girl? muhahaha..

anyway, my new song is nice rite? im starting to get home sick..... the food here....*sobz* i miss yong tau foo....and more than anything else, my mom;s cooking....seriously i do.

aiyah...i wanna show off my nice cheap good shopping buys...but so so lazy to take pics of them lah....but they are so pretty and cheap that i gotta show off~!!!! especially my humongous boots~! muhahahah

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

ermmmmm.......-_-: cute rite? i had to blog about it......cindy...just like a small kid~! hahahaha..... pmsy dont feel like taking photos....will take more photos when my facial complexion is better...:D

Monday, January 09, 2006

goodbye phone~

i am grateful that i once had and lost it rather than never have experienced it. i can only laugh at it now.

and no...its not the phone incident. im long over that. although, still unsettled in my heart but what to do? BUY NEW PHONE LAH~!!! haha...:D

thanks to all who were consoling me. my mum was right. i only cry when i lose monetary stuffs. like tat time in US border. and now the phone. i cry cos i feel the pain $$$$$$$ such a money minded person. hahaha.

okie..i dint know tat oral and anal sex was illegal in singapore~!? i mean, how can the government make such things illegal? isnt it up to the couple to do watever they want with the body, aint it? i mean, if i wanna fellatio, whats so illegal about that??? what about the tammy incident? she did fellatio him what~!!!!!!  hmmmmmm....oh well...~ lawsss.....


~Princess Joodiva~


Sunday, January 08, 2006

Quick Picture udate
okies, im too lazy to blog. but if i dont blog any time soon, the photos will just explode and i will be even more lazy to here it is, just a simple picture blog

the shopping queens, cindy, saranya, daphne and pretty the bus stop waiting to go fairview mall....a picture withe the nice bus uncle who is so sweet and even recommended us to some more shopping mall... cambridge mall or at Walmart trying out this humongous fur boots~!!! muhahaha...and check out the belt...nice rite? oh gosh.....i must stop shopping~!!!!!!shit...i dont remember when this pic is...but its taken in my room when the girls came over for korean noodles? hahaha....stayover after shopping trip. look at cindy with the big oversized clothes....

on our way to swepna's place....pretty me in nice white snow and nice pretty brown vest and my new $2 beanie~!~! muhahaha... the drunk (or rather act-drunk girls) at swepna's place, which has a bar~!!!!!!! omg~! how cool is that~!!! im gonna get a bar counter in my house next time~! its sooo "the thing" for parties~!
after swepna's place, while walking back to our halls, we stopped to touch this boar's nose for good luck....forgot its name....but students of waterloo touch it during exams for good luck.... hahaha....can u see my name?~! can u can u~?! i took great pain to write my name on the snow with my bare hands~!!!!!!!

oh yes, how can i not end the entry with my narcistic photo of yours truly? muhaha...check out my moley pimple. shit lah....reminds me of a pic.....the moley pic where i purposely went to draw a mole near my lips to make me look sexier....muhahaha....

just realize i look horrible i the pics......i need to learn photoshop soon......and i need to start dieting...but the food here....hagen daz ( dunno how to spell) cost like CAD $6...... to convert, just do your maths....( 6 x 1.45) i bet all of you guys are punching calculators now...hahahaha...greedy pigs~!!!!1 :P:P:P but i prefer baskin robins~! and i saw baskin robins here~!!! im gonna eat hell lots of that before i return~!!

okies, need sleep now. just came back from salsa-ing...or rather swiss calls it salsing...hahaha....1234, 5678 - 2234, 5678.......kaes....really gotta sleep so that i will be recharged for my shopping trip tomorrow~!!!! SHOPPERS UNITE....^^

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

UPDATES.....FINALLY....i know..haha
im sooo sooo addicted to shopping~!!!!!!!! the things here are OMG~! frigging cheap~!!!!!!!!! by frigging cheap...i mean like 15 bucks for a nice pair of pants~! and like 20 bucks for 5 shorts/undies~!!!!!!! like how cheap is that?????? but the taxes here are ridiculously expensive~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and u still hafta like tip the waitress and stuffs~!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

if im not wront, i think i spent like CAD 250 in like 2 days?~! thats like sing 350? omg~! i think im going to eat bread and water the next couple of days. hahaha....

oh yah, im sorry to all that i've not contacted. im sorry~! been really busy settling down. cleaning up my nice room which of cos photos will be posted~! and the wonderful ppl whom i've met~! still waiting for pics to be sent to me~!!!! i dint take much with my camera.....cos everyone has cameras and fighting to take. so...i shall just silently steal their pictures~! muhahaha..*evil laughs*

sadly, all the pics i took of myself in my camera looks ugly....:( cos i was seriously drained and i think i gained like a tonne~! so up are the scenery pics~!

tired me at london heathrow airport. the journey is a killer....fingers courtesy of cat. haha.. after the 30hrs journey.....finally reached our hotel~!!!!!!! but after resting awhile, we headed downtown to countdown for the new year~!!! pictures will be stolen soon...hahaha...the next morning, the view was soooo snow white~! so decided to start clicking again......the view outside my hotel......

the view outside hotel with pretty me.....haha...i got nice eyebags....whatever...:P

me and kailing....this is one of the better pics, so im posting this. the rest turned out ermmmm......hahaha....will take more pretty pics soon...:)

omg...this whole entry in incoherent. cos i started on like 1/2 jan and dragging it till today(4 jan) so...i dont care. anyhow type. cos ppl in singapore land keep bugging me at canada land~! hahaha

we went shopping on....i forgot this small mall near out school. around 30 mins bus ride? and their shopping....wooohooo~!! its boxing week sale and the sales are good. wait, did i mention this in the front? whatever~! haha.....but the prices on the goods are before taxes. and after taxes, they are frigging ex~! their tax is 15%%%%%%%%%%%%%% but their sales are good.......

look what ive bought~! lots of nice colourful shorts and undies and thermos and 2 really cheap and nice pants~!!!! and my nice hat and....i dint buy that much...:(

oh yah...bought this super ex can a phone cost so much? and thats the cheapest i can find.....$15... in sing dollar is like aiyah...lazy to calculate. u times that by 1.45. so its like 22?~!?@ for like a very ugly phone?~! i should have gotten the $7.90 phone in singapore....boohoo.....$$$$$this is my favourite buy of the day~!!!!!! they call it a poor boy hat~! and guess whaT~!!! its ANGORA~!!!!! rabbit fur~!! muhahaha......and cai, they have lots of rabbit fur scarfs here~!!!!!! i wore this hat out today blocked my whole view...but i think i look pretty nonetheless....muhahaha...:D:D:D

okie...i love this pants nice the my butt looks pretty~! muhahaha.....and i tell u something. its juniors size~!! i can fit into a junior size~! *beamz*

and now, shall take u on a small tour of my room only. not my block...block another day lah...:P

first and foremost, my study desk~! hahaha.....neat rich? specially cleaned it up to take photos one~!!!!!
then my nice pink bed~!!!!!! looking at me makes me wanna sleep again...
i love my pink nice and nice...:Dnext, my bulletin board. where i pasted my mirror on it~! hahaha...cos the room has no full length mirror~!!!! muhahahaon my bulletin board, is my campus map~!!! its a small campus. small and ugly. all the buildings are so dull~!!and my nice strawberry cupcakes calendar~! cute arh?:D:D:Dokies, now is my cupboard. so empty...shall fill it up with pretty clothes soon~!!!! oh gosh. i forgot to post pictures of my mini mirror. but this is what is behind the mini mirror......see~! its nicely arranged~! hahaha

okies, thats about it for my room tour. for more, u can come and visit me at:

East 2, 304a

Village 1

Box 16460

University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario

Canada. N2J 4B6

hahaha...thats my address....u all know what to do lonely i wish i can recieve some nice mails....*coughs*coughs* hints*hints*

and for those who miss my voice, u can always call me at (519) 725-7145....muhahaha.. oh old number 91838303 is gone fyi....:)

right now, i gotta go eat. i skipped lessons to eat lunch....cos im so unsatisfied with my breakfast and malu-ed myself in the shop just now. so shall just hide away in my room....hahaha...kidding.....gotta go~! adios folks~!

to all, thanks...:D