Friday, December 30, 2005

The Bell...
okies, the title sounds a little scarey....but promise its not gonna be a scarey entry~! haha....
yes~! tai's bell, so sorry i dint mention about the bell in the previous entry. so here is a nice entry specially dedicated to THE BELL...haha.....i even specially took pic of it so that i can post it here~! although it seems a tad too narcistic, but nevertheless, THE BELL is the main focus of this entry~! its really sweet when someone buys u souvenirs from overseas. it proves that they think of u even when they are abroad~! i think its a small gesture but its a very very sweet and big thing to do. kaes, which reminds me to buy prezzies for all from canada when i come back. like i've said, i'll bring you all MAPLE LEAVES~! muhahaha......its the thought that counts u know....

shit....talking about souvenirs......i forgot about the nice gemmy eva and cai bought~!!!! okies, will do a mini entry of it when i reach canada.

here is the picture of THE BELL. okie...the picture does no justice. i did photo -editing, but it stills comes out like this...:( but wat to do, as eric claims, im a bad photographer.

kaes.......24 hours left till i board my stuffs, still unpacked. trying very hard to squeeze into 1 suitcase. squeezing needs skill okies~!

its 4 am and im sooooo hungry....cos i ate my dinner at like 5pm?~! omg......*stomach growls*

a part of me cant wait to get out of singapore and explore all the wonders, this world has got to offer. yet another part of me wants to stay at home and continue being the spoilt princess. everything seem like a chore. hate packing the bag~!!! grrr...been repacking and repacking many times~! and the fear of not bringing something important just freaks me out. im sure everythings gonna turn out alrite....right?

gosh...this whole entry is so incoherent and its getting out of focus. its supposed to be about THE BELL~! kaes, before i further digress, i shall end.

to jiali: bon voyage (side track, whats the actual meaning of bon voyage? i know voyage means voyage, but bon? shake your bonbons? bon means good? so shake your bon bon = shake your good good? haha...crap!)....u should be at the airport now....and i think by the time u read this, u will already be in newyork? no no no...maybe u will already be in your apartment~! but nevertheless, have a great trip, a great experience, a wonderful time~! dont let our parents money go to waste~! its gonna be hell long before we meet again. or maybe i can meet u when i drop in NY or something. do keep in contact via msn~!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Merry Christmas...
Before i begin......let me wish u all a merry christmas~!!!!!! and of cos in a few days time, happy new year~! haha.....opps....should be HOHOHO.....

okies...i dont look very merry in the pic...but so what? i installed my webcam and its my first webcam pic after reformatting it~!!!!

jiali...thanks for the postcard cum photograph? and really really.....gonna miss all of u so much for the next few months. eva, thanks for the card~! and eva and cai: thanks for the nice gem stone~!!!!!!! still thinking of where and how i should use it...:)

sorry for pang-sehing today. really feel bad. i dont wanna be labelled as the second pang-seh kia after gordon. even merv calling me a back stabber..........grrrr*roars* hahaha... i really had to settle my SEP stuffs and even flare up at my such an ingrate...cos the whole stoopid travellers cheque is soooo dumb~! every where also dont have canadian~! then hafta take cab here and there~!?@#?!@~? in the end~!!! had to get it done at super high charges at american express in orchard.

ok least got the money stuff settled. now for packing everything...omg....dunno stressful~! cant even get my modules~! hafta go there and register manually......oh gosh.....please let me get the modules i want~! and great~! i lost the shit of paper with my mapping on it~! and i just reformatted my comp...just great~! dunno wat modules~!@ aiyah~1 so shitty lah~!!!!!!!

Happy (pre) Birthday to tai~! and thanks for the treat~!!!! its was yummilicious~!!!! was hoping to eat jap food before i leave and tada~! yum yum~!!! gonna miss u guys lots when im gone~!

and to end this entry....a blackmail to cailing...muhahaha~!!!!
Muahahaha.....i want 20k~!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Poppin Hyun Joon....
omg...he is da bomb~! although a little old.....he is really da poppin bomb~!

i have this weak spot for guys who can really dance well. and by dancing well, i mean this:

awi~! tieu~! move aside~!!!!!!!! my fav of the moment~! poppin hyun joon~!! i saw him dance at this korean music show, and i my jaw dropped~! his poppin skills are incredulous~!~! no wonder he is called poppin hyun joon...founded by another dancing legend of korea...

omg...he is so so so darn good~! but his body looks...ermmm...over-used. haha...heard he trained like mad to become what he is today

the more i look at him...the cuter he becomes~! gosh...i gotta stop looking at him~!!!! addictive...hahaha.....but one of his mtv is so dumb cute~!

he is the one in red here...the black guy is good but can never be compared to my hyun joon.....omg...look at how well his body coordinates~! even his toes~!!! im truly amazed. all hail the popping king~!

omg...more of his clips here

Thursday, December 22, 2005

yeah....i know it has been eons since i've last updated. just wasnt very in the mood to blog u see...:)

and yeap. results are CAPs 0.02.....its bad i know.....i can hardly tell my parents. but yeah, im actually not as disappointed as i thought i would have. cos there was this frigging module....pardon my expletives *winks @ jiali* hahaha...okies, private jokes aside. yah, there was this super bad module which i seriously thought i would da bao.......but amazing, and yes, thank God, i got a B.....instead my stoopid HR got a C~!!!!!!! #$%$#$%^&*(*&^%$..... my advice to those out there who have yet to take this module: CHOOSE THE RIGHT TEACHER~!!!!!!!!!!!!

wont comment much on my results. nothing much to comment anywayz..

spending so much on clothes and moisturizers and food..and the clothes frigging makes me fatter~! as if im not fat enough~! hafta wear like how many layers? i serriously should have gone last point regreting.... --> tada~! nice nice moisturizer~! and my first ever sebum/serum or watever its called. the packaging is sooo nice~!! cant bear to throw it away. oh yah. to those going cold overseas country. be it girls/guys, get a good moisturizer. preferably oil-based. --> nice wooly scarf and gloves. in green...wanted to get those nice furry gloves, but mummy says it gets dirty easily....grrrrr...

but waterloo is like damn dumb~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they sent me 3 video tapes~! yes, those black hard video tapes, for one for my modules?~! to singapore?~! and expects me to pay CAD25 bucks for each tape~! HELLO~?!@ im going over to CANADA , why must u frigging send those over~?! and in video tape format somemore~?!@ i dont even have that kinda video tape player in my house? grrrr......stoopid stoopid~! now i hafta bring them over to canada to watch~! how dumb.......

--> yes, the dumb postage tapes...omg.......havent they heard of vcd? or dvd?

but they have really nice people over there...they even have a korean community there. and says waterloo has like 250 koreans studying~! at least i can kop some kimchi from them~! although i bought like $100 worth of korean food to bring over. haha....dunno if i will have problems with the customs.
-->yes~!!! my yummy korean food~!! on top is a cook my rice and soup and boil stuffs....hahahaha...dont they just look yummy~?! :D:D:D:D

shall i or shall i not get a ext HDD? its kinda like a waste of money. stoopid jow ask me to get apple ipod......sheet him ex~! i still need to "teh" my dad to get me new phone before i leave....i know he gave me money to buy..but i've kinda spent it? on dunno what? just slowly disappeared from my bank account. hahaha.....

finally went settlers with my babes and all of them, cept xl, were late~!!! dunno why but nowadays, i seem to be getting more and more on time~! i guess its cos my house clock is tuned correctly? hahaha....ok....maybe not....i was 1 hour late when meeting my SEP bad.....but seriously, i wanna get rid of this bad habit of being late. --> me before meeting the rest for a game at settlers. see~! i even have time to take photos and be early~!!! i am so proud of myself~!!!

--> and this is me before i meet my SEP friends. i think make up does wonders. but i still think photo editing does more wonders. haha....ok lah...i did some editing like glow and shadows. not something so drastic.

--> here is the original pic. with no finishing touches. there....told u i dint do anything drastic~! i just made my face more glowy and healthier~!

and now for the movie...the descent. its a not so ok movie. period.

period means full-stop(.) right? so do have to add a full-stop (.) after period? or any punctuation marks for that matter?

i know....bimbo question. im bimbo so wat? kill me!

all my bags are getting packed
but im not ready to go....

Saturday, December 17, 2005

okies....i typed a whole lot on ferrari and porsche in my past entry. but its so dumb. so dint publish it. main thing is that saw this girl, around my age driving a porsche carrera gt....not sure of the exact model thou. cos im not really a car fanatic. but the sound of a ferrari engine.....roaring good i tell u....

ok...thats that. and wow...just happened to visit my ex, yes ian's blog...ok lah....i occassionally go read his blog to see if he is living better than me.......and i found that he proposed ~?!@ i dunno proposed wat lah...but it was kinda funny....i was having mixed feelings. confused, shocked, happy, etc etc...everything but not sad. i know in the past if he did this, i would be totally demoralized and will feel really inadequate and lack of self confidence. but today, i felt good. good about myself. good that im still single and knowing for a fact that i feel good about being myself. what rubbish.....i still in a state of shock......*SHOCKED* hahaha... starting to pack my bag thanks to my grandma's nagging....yeah....granny's back. wow...i have a whole 64kg to pack~! wat to bring wat to bring? oh ya~! need to get the tansformer, or issit called an adapter? what? we learnt it as transformer in physics what...the one which helps change the voltage by the difference in the number of turns in the solenoid. seee~! i did studied hard for my physics okie... friend suddenly tell me that my msn pic look like this honkong actress li zhen zhen...i was like who the hell is tat? after much explanation.....she is the miss hongkong~! the one which acted in the gambling supreme. aka shuang tian zhi zhun as li nan xin's crush....yeay~! that pretty lady~! muhahaha....that made my day...although he did mention that only THAT pic looked alone...#$%^&* haha.....but i dont care....i look pretty...i look pretty~! lalalalalala~!!!

but seriously i think he was just kidding...:/

but watever...i look pretty~! lalalala~!

Friday, December 16, 2005

nice cars...
omg~! i tell u~! really omg~!!

today mummy dragged me out for shopping with granny....ok, the shopping was great and all and bought a couple of nice stuffs.....MNG sale~!! but thats not the focal point. while we were waiting for a cab at the long taxi queue......and i love car watching. although i dunno wat car is wat, but i do know certain cars okie ~! yeah....saw a couple of my favourite rx300....many many beemers and benz....a couple of jaguars.......and then, *VRROOOM*VRROOOM* this super loud and fierce sound roared....

and i saw this.....

omg~! a bloody red ferrari~!!!!!!!!!! im not very sure of the model....cos im not really a fan of ferrari. i dont even know if lotus is under ferrari or wat? is it? watever the case is, the bloody red ferrari was a beauty....and sound of the engine...woooohooo...with 4 exhausts.....a pity it was driven by a 30+ 40+ uncle. darn.....if not i would have like ran up and purposely get myself hit by the car and then......*muahahaha* i tell was such a beauty.......everyone was like wow-ing at the car. and the stoopid uncle in the car had this show-off look, as he *VRRROOOM*ed past the taxi queue....

then this nice porsche

ok lah..not sure of the porsche model....but it wasnt as nice as the ferrari.....the engine sound wasnt too fantastic. but the person driving it~! OMG~!!! a girl....i think in her twenties~! about my age~!

kaes lah. im not very envious of her or anything. its just that her family is financially rich what. so what? i do wish i can be driving a nice car one day. but right now, i think im satisfied with everything i have right now. ok....maybe a little more money to spend? haha*smiles*

i cant be greedy....if not one day, God might decide to take it all away from me, leaving me with nothing...

ok...this entry wasnt supposed to be here...but i saw a nice tsucani in the 9pm show. i dint know they came out cabriolet designs~~!!!!!!! but i checked out the tsucani site...but it seem kinda uglier than the one i saw in the 9pm show~! maybe i saw it wrongly......but watever the case is....tsucani is nice....and the best part----> its by HYUNDAI~! hahahaha...

and it even comes in pink~! or rather this gay guy paint his tsuc pink...hahaha....

but i think ferrari beats tsucani hands down. although tsucani is a sports car wannabe.....but i still love korean stuffs....cos its....ermmm..korean? hahaha...i think the red ferrari is damn even beats the lambo i saw the other day~!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

king kong.....truly the king of all kongs....

sini says king kong is cute.....

i seriously wonder why...he look so...ermm.. ugly and so fierce...

see what i mean???

i would give KINGKONG 4/5 stars. wasnt hoping much when i went in. but it was classic. jurassic park meet lost? hahahaha.....

the female lead....wooo...pretty...:D:D

and kaes lah...king kong is kinda cute......awwww.....but trust me, i wouldnt want a pet like him.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

germs....go away..

first and foremost, sorry to my friends whom ive pang-sehed. really feeling the germs taking over my body. and sorry amy for sleeping and being unable to reply to your calls/msges.

thanks merv for the ride.

thanks jiali for passing me the germs. haha

dvds. just received them. no mood to watch thou.

im just in this mood where i dont feel like doing anything. feeling pissy. just wanna be left alone. just feel like screaming at everyone who gets on my nerves.

and i have a pimple in my nose. how disgusting is that? yeah, im disgusting. and its hurting. i hate pimples in my nose. its the worst place to have a pimple. and wats worse is when u have frigging mucus coming out of your nose. just feeling very blue...feeling in the wrong mood to blog.

well, i guess i should just stop

>>amy , cailing, carol, xiaoling, jiali, im sorry. will make it up to u guys.

andrew, thanks alot. how can i forget to mention u.

you know seriously, im sorry too. for rescheduling our breakfast date the very very last minute. u not only said its ok, but asked me to go to bed and it really made me feel bad. thanks for being so understanding and always silently looking after and caring for me.

everyone has a guardian angel and im starting to think u are mine? haha..... kaes hard and earn lots of money for me~! muhaha....


Thursday, December 08, 2005

muhaahahaha.......close your mouths~!!!!!!!! can i forget the ktv session (where i was early *beams*) and the harry potter movie?

to see how great merv's singing and and to see xiaoling doing act cute stuffs, go
here and download the clip. k lah..the resolution is damn bad. but what to do? 3.2 me new camera lah`!

orchard has some very nice christmas deco~! feel so christmasy~! cant wait for christmas to come. although nothing much to do, and no santa claus...but nevertheless, im still looking forward to it...:D

okies....ermmmm...mervina acting handsome.....

then we went to this winter wear shop in the john little building......and took some dumb bimbotic pictures~! muhahaha.....

the ear muffs looks soooo cute~!!!!!! dont i look cute? the rest joins in~! hahaha.....all over sized babies....:)

ermmmm....xiaoling....hahahahaha.....really really over sized baby~!

zouky........wont say much..... im still in a state of truama after playing merv's game.........SUPER HARD~!!!! if u like challenges, u should really go try it.

went zouk / phuture last night...omg it was soooooo crowded~! and full of ns guys~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! double yeeks~! all ugly some more~!! and so many of them are shorter than me~!!!!! triple yeeks~! okies, i have nothing against short guys but u dont come and squeeze in and 098&^%$#@ i have loads to complain. but seriously, after the truama, my heart is still very unstable.

in conclusion

  1. army boys sucks
  2. short army boys sucks
  3. short army boys who get fresh with girls sucks
  4. girls who enjoy getting fresh with them sucks
  5. cute guys who smile and u and say bye when u leave are cute (kaes, im kill me)
  6. my legs hurt like mad after bobbing up and down for like 4 hrs continuous
  7. my arms hurt after keeping them up for like 4 hrs also.
  8. the mucus in my nose is streaming down like mad *sniff*sniff*

thanks to uncle neo for being my ahmad for the night~! muhahaa.....serving the princess with drinks when she is thirsty and yummy mac when she is hungreee....... i love gentlemanly guys~!

oh~! and i realized my friend aka choo's friend's bf is the 8 pac guy in compagnia~!!!! woooohooooo....*drools* lucky girl and lucky guy...:)

and guess~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 im so proud of myself~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i managed to solve my wireless problem all by myself~! ok some help from my friend....but cool~! im good~!

and now, i got lots of stuffs to settle for my SEp....damn damn damn....

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

shopping time~!!

today, finally went orchard....after how many months? was expecting lots of christmas deco...but sadly there wasnt much...

before i continue, let me complain...:P
entry removed, cos i think i was really being mean and write rubbish even before i use my tiny brains to think.

k being pissy....but wont u get pissed? im pissed. thats for sure.

*phew* finally feel good after writing it down. argh~!


back to my shopping trip today....aiyah~! no mood to blog already lah~! grrrrr.... pictures pictures...

before going out....check out my violet eyes~! sexay...i think they are quite cool. cos u need not use eyeshadow to further enhance your eyes. if u add too much eye stuffs, there will be colour clash. haha...

wow...dont u think my face is just glowing?~! any my hair so naturally messy~! so nice-hair-day

3 very pretty model-material girls...:)

the only thing i bought today. a vodoo doll. no lah...not to voodoo the girl..... but to match my new-to-be phone~! pink~!!!!!

my dream car....lamboghini cool is tat?~! i know the picture does no justice to this cool car~! wah liew~! when can i ever have it? so i did some rough calculations......

to get the cool car--> get the dbs card--> have a GOOD, WELL PAYING job--> graduate with first class honours--> CAP 5 for remaning sems--> study very very hard from tomorrow onwards--> NOT GOING TO HAPPEN...:(

Monday, December 05, 2005

Who wants to buy my blog over?

i went to eva's blog and saw this "how much is your blog test" so maybe i can sell my blog and get richer~! muahaha......

so i tried it on fairygodmama.blogspot......and guess what.....

like WTH~?!@?~! $0.00 dollars?~!@? omg loh~! how can it be? with all my beautiful pictures and all my nice trashy posts~!?~?!~!?

so i tried again....and this time....


My blog is worth $6,209.94.
How much is your blog worth?

now thats much better...muhahaha..$6209.94....muhahaha.. but sadly, it was my another old old old blog which i cancelled after my rough patch? but it costs more~?!@?~! how can?~! that blog dont even have my beautiful face~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice pic eh? i too it specially to suit this new template. the flower was a tad too colourful for this dull blog...

okies....back to the who wanna buy my old blog?~! muhahaa...i will be rich man~!!!!!!! muhahaa.......

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

i was pretty much in a state of depression for the past few days. maybe its post-exam blues or something. but after a talk with my sweet daddy and after watching this korean sitcom where the guy was oh-so-sweet, i decided life is lovely~!
guy: if u were to choose 3 items to bring onto a deserted island what would u bring?

girl: since i am a designer, i will bring a sewing machine and needles(cant really remember what she said) and for the last item....hmmm...shall i bring u?

girl: then what about u?

guy: i will bring my favourite girl *name* and for the remaining 2....i will let her bring the 2 items she wishes to bring.

awwww....soooo sweet. i was soooo awwwww-ed. if only someone could say that to me. i think its super sweet although its just read off from a script.

everyone is getting the nice pinky phone im starting to change my mind. its like is so affordable and nice. all the school girls and bimbos are rushing to get it. and i dont like the idea of someone in the same room holding the same phone as i am~! its like you go to this party, and someone is wearing the same dress as u~! how awkward, how so common~!

like what carol said," i bet fiona xie will love it" see what i mean by bimbo phone? lemme see who else has it... bimbo princess: paris hilton , and her sis nicky hilton......and paris's ex-bestfriend nicole richie and the eva so skinny Mischa Barton and the list just goes on forever.

even xiaxue has it~! *double yeeks* ok lah....i do read her blog and stuff...but i dont wish to carry the same phone as her~!

daddy is the sweetest~!
mummy: you know your exchange fees are so expensive. all your daddy's bonus is spent on it. so u better study hard.

daddy: u shouldn't tell her such stuffs! not as if without the bonus i cant send her. u are giving her burden by saying such stuffs. you should let her study (and have fun *okies, i added this in, he meant it this way what....*) without having to worry about financial stuffs.

me: *beams*

i just love my daddy.....i know this whole exchange this is a whole burden on my daddy and mummy, with the airplane tix alone costing like 2k++++ and i even wanna tour USA and Europe$$$$$$$$$...i am so greedy. but i did have second thoughts about going. however, just that one sentence made me feel happy. glad that i have such a wonderful dad~!

haha....and guess what else daddy said~! after graduation, i need not pay back all the school fees loan and laptop loans~!!!!!!!! wooohooo....aint he the sweetest? but conditions apply: i need to give mom and dad 10% of my salary, which of cos im going to do so without them asking.

seriously, sometimes i dont deserve such great parents and i really thanks God for blessing me with such wonderful parents. i guess daddy just wants me to get everything that he dint. starting to tear respect and love for my daddy....words alone cant express how greatful i am. i know it may sound like nothing big to many, but so what? to me, its a whole big deal~!! and i've learnt the lesson of being appreciative to every little thing your parents do for you~!

Friday, December 02, 2005


decided to give my blog a new look. yes, its time for an overhaul.

ive grown up. and i guess orange isn't my "thing" anymore.

i am very comfortable with this new look. although not as interesting and colourful as the past. guess im just maturing faster than i thought.

time i look at life from a different angle.

the old joojoo aka bobo or whatever u know me as, will no longer exist from this day forth. im tired of being me. tired of being nice to everyone. tired of pretending everything is fine and ok. tired of smiling.

yes, i have decided to join the dark side. i decided to start bitching and backstabbing. that is of course if the person has done things bad enough to evoke such dislike from me.

guys, they are such pain in the ass. especially those who are fucking superficial and insensitive and those who lie thru their teeth, are the ultimate jerkass. those who treat their "friends" like shit are total losers too. players and flirtatious guys are frigging asses too~!

u know what? im so sick of guys~! so sickening bastards, asses, farkanating people. WHAT? not happy issit? dont read my blog lah~! not as if i want u too read.

yes, venus is not happy with mars.

wah liew, time and time again i closed both eyes. but u pushed and pushed and u just farking crossed the limit. its not funny when u farking talk like that~! i hate it when u treat girls like shit and like some frigging commodity. dont u have any respect for girls? no wonder she broke up with u~! serve u right u ass~! im just digusted by u~! acting like some gentleman but u are a total wolf is sheep's clothing!

i seldom have such strong hatred towards a person. dont ask who this person is. if u are reading it and u think its you, good for you. hate me then. or go fucking change yourself. if u are not, then dont bug me to tell u who this ass is.

okies, realized i have gone overboard. he aint that bad as i think. im just pms-ing....aiyah, its not just him lah. guys as a whole just pisses me off~! dunno why they are like tat~! the more i get to know them, the more ugly sides i uncover. the more ugly sides i uncover, the more im disgusted with them.

ps: the super small font and camouflage-ing colours are used cos its something offensive, not really offensive but ugly. but if u are that k-po and want to read it, by all means. u have been warned.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

yes~! exams are finish over~!!!!! *wipes sweat off* finally finally, can have a break~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippeee~!

but first and foremost, let me blog about some nice friends who celebrated the end of exams without me~!!!!! *roars* grrrrrr...... i shant mention names here...*cough* amy*cough*cailing*cough*eva*cough*jiali*cough

*charles*cough*merv*cough*cough* wow....some sorethroat i have there not cos i was screaming and laughing....grrrr...... i dont care~! u all must go again~!!!! *stamps my feet like a little kid* hahahaha....okies lah..... great that u guys had fun...:)

wont blog about my exams anymore. whats over is over. there is nothing i can do now. and no point keep mentioning it. just brings me more headache and heartache. so as of now, this moment, this second, thats it~! no more "EXAMINATION" this word is going appear in my blog~!!

went little india to get my tix~! yeap. paid my tix..... woohooo....first time touching a thousand dollar note. felt nice.....but 1 note gone = $1000 gone~!

yea yea~! gonna go touring in america and in london and some other parts of europe~! i sure wish i can go romantic~! i can go see london bridge and the effiel tower~!

okies....decided its not worth getting the mickey mouse phone. although its still looks so yummilicious......sooooo nice~!! but i guess my next pick would have to be............

yes~!!!! the pink motorola (dunno what model) haha....although the functions are not that great, it is PINK~! and its damn slim and sexy...:)

and guess what? paris hilton has it~!

yeah~!!! bimbos unite~! haha.......

eva might like the blue version....hahaha....

lalala~! so free now~! i can just jump around the house~! hahaha....

oh gosh~! i cant wait to get out of singapore~! canada~!!!woohooo~!! hear me roar~!!!! *roars* hahaha....that was so dumb~!

hmmmm...what shall i do during this holiday~! shall i work? or shall i enjoy? i came up with a list (incompleted)

  1. GO TO SETTLERS *ahem*
  2. go shopping
  3. go ktv (xiaoling~!!!haha)
  4. go for a short holiday
  5. go watch harry potter
  6. go eat dimsum buffet
  7. go exercise
  8. go learn something( say ermmmmm....dancing? knitting? flower arrangement???)
  9. go BBQ-ing ( amy and her midnight BBQ muhahaha..)
  10. stay-over
  11. go detox-ing
  12. go pubbing aka chill out
  13. go clubbing
  14. etc etc etc.....cant think now lah....E*** over already, let my brains rest can?

kaes....shall go play maplestory/gunbound or watever interesting game i can find....muhahahaha.....adios muchachos~!