Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Daphne Teo........who?

you may ask. but in the blog-o-sphere, this name, together with Dawn Yang, is stirring up quite a big commotion. No idea what is wrong her. at first, i really enjoyED reading her blog and was an ardent fan of her blog. a bimbotic blog with bimbotic posts. until it slowly rose to fame. but after reading her last few posts and her *dissappearing act* i am disgusted by her behaviour. well, not to the extent of writing a hate mail to her or even creating a hate website. but yes, i am disgusted to the extent that i had to blog about it in my blog. having fun reading all the amusing hate sites and all the big hoo-hah about these 2 girls. darn....i wish to read more about them and blog about these 2 interesting people but EXAMS......darn darn darn....

so i shall muster all my self discipline and study hard for my last 2 papers. da-pao-ing 1 module is bad enough already. and seriously, i am serious about da-bao-ing. not saying that just for humility sake.

im seriously getting sick of my blog template. its so hard to read and so orange. okies....will change after exams...

reading my past posts makes me feel happy that i am blogging. to friends not blogging, u should really start blogging. to those who blog but seldom update.....UPDATE LAH~!!! i think its pretty interesting to read past entries. it just brings back this nostalgic feeling. sigh.... well, im happy the way things are now and i have a hell lot to expect when i reach canada~! but ive yet to receive their stoopid package~!!! grrrrr...some of my friends have already received theirs...... *whines*

well, ive booked my flight thanks to my friend. british airway, sounds high class eh? WANTS TO SEND ME OFF?!!!!!!!!hhaha....well, i dont even think my parents will send me off~! the flight is at like 3.30 am~?!@?~!?~ or was it 4.30~?! omg.......horrible timing~!

but i so so so so look forward to going there. i'll treat it like a small retreat from the horrible Singapore uni life.

this stoopid black eyed peas song is getting very sickening...making me feel cranky.....time to change......shoulda woulda coulda........nice song. i know its an old song. but its so nice...on repeat mode... i wish i have a rich boyfriend to buy me my mickey mouse i being materialistic again? haha...i dont care. i want my mickey mouse phone. and i will be most delighted if someone buys it for me....muhahahaha........ yeay~! i can use my taka voucher to buy it~! muhahaha.....

kaes...back to studies. studying sucks. i wanna be a nerd no more~!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

in 2 words...........screwed up...... yes, thats how it went if u ask me. really really screwed up. i never had a paper worse than this before. and i regret playing too much.


Saturday, November 19, 2005

I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All Disney phones will be exclusively available at all SingTel hello! shops and SingTel Exclusive Retailers from Friday, 18 November 2005 .
i must get the special limited edition one~!!!!!!!! i will die for to get it~!!!!!!!! darn...hope its still there when my exams finish.....
its so so so so so so so so darn nice~!!! im so in love with it~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i checked out the it for 340+ pounds....but when i checkes cnet, it cose $548~!!!!!! but i think thats the non special limited one~! darn......... but its sososososososoos darn attractive~! I MUST AND I WILL GET THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




links:(in case any nice sould out there reading this wanna do a kind deed this christmas)

2 down 3 more to go......3 more killer that is....

there are some stuffs i wish to blog. but i am not going to. cos i dunno.....when the time ripes maybe i will....

been doing nothing but slacking after my paper today. blog surfing. wooohooo...all the hoohaa about dawn yeo or issit yang? the plastic girl. wow....she look damn pretty now as compared to her previous. to read more and for pics you can go here... have a break from studying. haha...

plastic surgery is so damn pro~! i wanna go too~! liposuc all my fats out then for bigger eyes and ......i will just be satisfied with the lipo....hahaha... was daphne's blog...better known as pinkshoefetish or now bleedingblackbutterflies. however, she just shifted her blog. those of u who have been reading her entries will know whats happening. well, i being kay-po was reading all the entries about her and zhuang breaking up on another blog. and i found so much ugly truth. aiyah. lazy to blog about the whole thing. but if u are free, and have nothing better to do, can go and read up. daphne is this nice attractive girl whom i have been secretly stalking....hahahaha...Gotcha~! no lah...just been following her blog. her life being quite interesting was an entertainment for me reading about it.

sigh......i know i should be studying. but im so lazeeee.....i feel like going shopping...heard the shoe shop "ViVi" at taka is having sale...boohooo..:(

stoopid xiaoling is tempting me to go ktv with them on wednesday after MOM paper....grrrrrrrr.........I MUST RESIST TEMPTATIONS~!!!!! *does somersaults*

stoopid NTU people who have finished their exams.....GRRRRRR.....*ROARS* *pulls out hair* just 12 more days~!!!!!! 12222222222222222222222222 more seems like fooooooorrreeeevvveeerrrrr~!!!! exam exam go away~!!!!!!!!!!!

sometimes i just wish.......i just wish........

the reason for closing my eyes.........taebin....:)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

things that cheer me up....

yummy yummy. choco choco never fails to cheer me up. i am a die hard chocoholic.

taking self portrait cheers me up too~!! dont ask me why. i just love to take self portrait. i feel happy doing it. i love taking neoprints too~!

stop laughing at my 101 dalmatian bandana.....its cute alright~! its in~! so hip hop......see my pose......does it look familiar????


meow says the girl in green eyes...

i just love my hair. dont it look oh-so-nice? i have compliments like it looks like a wig (from cailing) i dont care~! its a compliment~! lalala~~i look so cute here~! muhahahahahaha........say cheese~!!!lalalala...this post is turning into a self admiration post. i dont care. as long as im happy. thats what that matters.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

i think i am so fugly....hahaha......
yeah~!!! i have been featured~!!!! so honoured.....NOT~! hahahaha.... featured in my friend's blog, aka
NICK. i have no idea when this picture was taken. i was shocked to see this pic and had to carefully verify that its me. hahaha......oh gosh. i do look hideous.

below is nick's couz looking scared. well, actually i think he is so shocked to see such a beauty like yours truly.....*bleah*

next picture.....courtesy of darling
EVA~! hahahaha.....

i took this pic when i was bored in library. aint i sweet?~! if the picture is too small for your liking, u can actually click on it for an enlarged view~!!!! or u can personally
e-mail me for more pretty pics~! about humility....:P
yes, i know i should be study.....AND SO SHOULD YOU~! (to those who have exams) haha.... i have tonnes and tonnes to study. and i am 1 week behind time. its freaky i know.....i think this time round, im not gonna do too well. there goes my dean's list dream. yes....u can see that im lagging.....BY A HELL LOT~! havent even touch on my manufacturing....:( boooo.... yes. there is an error. ME peeps shoulda noticed it if u see it carefully enough. haha.....

too much to study till i dunno how to study. just looking at the notes freaks me out! HEAT TRANSFER~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes~!!!!!! formulas~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! madnesss........ derivation is another killer~! took me sooooo long to get the concept right. i am far too laggy. trying to get all the formulas familiar. but it sucks big time. my brain is too dead.

yay~!! happy 1 week anniversary~!!!! to my mp3 player that is. u have been a great companion.

aint she the cutest?? the my melody is shooooo cute~!

sometimes i wish i can just run away. i hate obstacles in life. and exam being one of them, i seriously wish to run away from it. but NO NO NO~! i dont wanna be an escapist. yeeks...rhymes with rapist. haha

what to do after exams??~!?!!!! lets see.....KTV, movies, shopping, travelling, BBQ, sports, stay-overs. ooooooo....right......Xmas~!!!! darn. no idea wat to do this year. i dont wanna have a lonely christmas.... last year was spent with *i dont wish to mention that ass* this year....hmmmmmm...... i wanna go overseas~! as in not during xmas lah.....but during the hols. a short cheap trip sounds nice. not to taiwan....too ex lah amy..... lets try something near and cheap.....we go super budget. hahaha...

exams are a drag. but its a blessing in disguise when your mummy cooks u nice food. buys u nice food and shows u super alot of attention~! yummy yummy. mummy made this for lunch today. and im loving it~! the pic does no justice. i tell ya its heaven.

exams makes me fatter. i gorge when im stressed.

kaes......enough break. time to smile and sleep....

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

horrible dream~!!!!!!!!or rather nightmare...:/

usually i forget my dreams, either that or i dont dream. but this dream. it was so vivid, so real, so scarey, so so nightmare-ish.

Main Character: Amy and Me
Supporting actresses: Cailing, Eva, Jennifer, Jiali, dont know if the guys were in the dreams....

ok lah...
Extras: Charles, Jimmy, Gordon, Merv

We were at our favourite restuarant.....yes, SAKAE SUSHI. it should be sakae sushi. cos there were sushi on a conveyor belt ....hahhaha... i had a super tiff with amy, she was saying i am not a true friend and i am full of fake fronts. and she detest everything i do, from the way i behave to how i write my blog. and i was super hurt. the rest of the girls knew about this but hid it from me. although they still hang around with me cos they feel bad just to kick me away. but they too more or less agreed that i am very irritating and attention seeking. amy, being the very frank girl, just told me straight in the face, and i was super hurt. in my dream and in my sleep.

the dinner was awkward. i dunno why but we still continued with the dinner. amy and cailing were talking amongst themselves and giving me "that" kinda look, like "why isn't she gone yet? so thick-skinned" eva and jiali were just eating quietly just talking among themselves. and jiali who was sitting beside me was feeling very awkward. being the nice and sweet her, she tried striking a conversation with me. but i was too shocked and sad to say anything. dinner was horrible. pure torture.

i wanted to leave, but it was raining cats and dogs. but i just couldn't take it anymore and told the rest i want to make a move first. they gave the "finally" look and just said BYE. all of them. i was really super hurt and devastated. i just went to the cashier, paid my portion of the bill and went off. but i forgot to bring my umbrella(yes, my yellow poka dot lacy umbrella) . but i dint wanna go back to get it. but i love this umbrella so much that i just told myself to just go in and just take the umbrella and rush out asap.

when i walked in, everyone was happily chatting away and making jokes etc....the atmosphere was a total change from just now. but the moment i came in, they all stared at me and gave the " what the hell is she back?!" look. tears welled in my eyes as i took my umbrella. they saw me but they couldn't care less. so i just took my brella and ran out heart broken.

------------------------------end of dream--------------------------

i dreamt of this 2 days ago. but it has been bugging me whenever i get to sleep. so i decided to blog it out. maybe i will feel better?

so far, there are only 4 dreams which i can remember very very very vividly. ok...not so vivid anymore but i still do remmeber them till this day.
  1. monster dream(after watching a horror film before sleep when young)
  2. me and my crush...and my best friend snatching it from me...
  3. mommy dying ( i really cried like mad. and when i woke up, my pillow was wet)
  4. and this.....

all four, are not dreams~!!!!! are nightmares???

so what does dreams tell us about us? what we are thinking? what is going to happen? what has happened in our previous lives? or just our brains cooking up stories?


Sunday, November 06, 2005

this is sooooooooooo dummmmb~!!!!!!!!!!! open BOOK test where we are only allowed to bring in 1 darn textbook and 1 A4 size help sheet. and thats it~!?!!!!!! i asked if i can have post-it notes inside the textbook.....and freaking lecturer says no~?!@?~! wth?~! open book still talk so much?~! whats the frigging point of making it open book when u are only allowed to bring in 1 darn frigging book and a frigging paper????? whats wrong with post-itS?~?!~?~?!!! and now i hafta frigging transfer the darn post-it stuffs into my book~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a total waste of time~!!! so much for an OPEN BOOK EXAM.

but miss pretty me shant get annoyed with such small stuffs. cos......cos......i got myself a new baby~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a red baby~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which plays music~!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha......ya first MP3 PLAYER~!!!!! but its a super lousy and cheapo brand with only like 128MB....but im satisfied with it. cos it was a real steal. and the best part? i pasted a MY MELODY sticker on it~!!!!!!

haha...both my previous MD and my new MP3 player has a my melody sticker on it~! so sweet rite? but my melody is not striking enough on my red mp3 player.....*sobz*

i just love getting great bargains. and i just adore my new player. its so big u can just throw it anywhere.... eh, no sacarsm here.

oh yeah~! another steal of the day, coloured contact lense~!!!! NO NO NO...its not the cheapo $19 ones. this time is branded one......FRESHLOOK. branded ok~! and i bought violet, misty grey, autumm, and.....ermmmm......something greenish...forgot the name...hahhaa.... so nice ah.....and all for $92~! plus free solution~!!!! *beams* anyone who wanna go buy, go to capitol~!! but darn, i can only collect it on wednesday. so ive gotta wear my toot specs out.

my studying plan is not going too smoothly. im supposed to finish 1 module by now, but i only managed to finish half of it~! damn...i need discipline.

to xiaoling: BE STRONG~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D

Thursday, November 03, 2005

surfing on friendster can be such addictive~! one lead to another then it just continues none stop~!!!!! for 1 freaking hour i was surfing friendster~!!! omg....i guess im over stressed.

read a few break ups. really pretty moment they are all so lovey-doovey, then the next they are so hurt and full of anger. and in both cases, its the guy who found a new love and abandon the old love. how sucky can guys get~!?@?~!?@~!?~! oh gosh....i am so happy for the 2 girls who found new happiness and with it comes freedom and loneliness...hahaha..kidding lah... stoopid guys. dunno how to treasure~!!!! relationships. scarey...studying is the best~! real~! sad. cant take photos of my new hairdo and im deprived~! yes, simple things makes me happy and without it can make me deprived. im a simple girl. wat to do~! haha...

im so damn bored till i went to download maple and play. but got lagged out when i was in PQ last stage~! damn it~! sounds kinda drag. up till now, no news from them....wth. its really pissing me off. and i hardly know anyone going there. so sad. hope i wont end up as some loser loner.

im so so so so so in love with this song~!!!!!its on repeat mode for the whole day~!! even when i was sleeping..haha.. feel in love the first time i heard it. on my sis's blog, then i force my friend to help me find this such an evil girl. ok lah...i dont force ppl...they do it willingly, cos im oh-so-pretty~! haha....nice nice? the song lah..not me....

the chorus goes something like...
your "mei se" always makes me smile
as long as its with u, i am happy
i will treasure u more than i love you...
i love this...


ok lah..bad translation. but i dont care. its so nice and so sweet~! and the rapping is so nice too~! the lyrics........

selamat hari raya puasa~! darn...its pub hols and i have to study? darn darn darn....dang dang mood to study. supposed to go school to study. but lazee me.... then i told myself to go down to the clubroom to study...but lazee me again~!

btw, wats mei(3) se(4) mean in english? i cant seem to find the right word. beauty?
Your Blog Should Be Orange

Your writing has a star quality - it's charming, bold, and flamboyant.
You write what's on your mind, without fear of embarrassment later.
You are one of the most honest bloggers around, and people appreciate your daring persona.
hahaha....the colour matches my blog~!!! wat great coincidence~! or issit not?~! i have a star quality~!! *weet*weet*

Your Nail Polish Color is Magenta

How you're unique: You're confident - and you show everyone the true you

Why your style rocks: You have the attitude to carry the most outrageous outfits off

What this color says about you: "Look at me. I know you want to!"

and for my future husband.....*kekeke*

Your Ideal Marriage Proposal Is

After dinner at your favorite restaurant, at the spot where you first kissed.