Sunday, October 30, 2005


stoopid kids ate finish my gummy~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr~!!!!! *roars* grumbles*screams*

my gummy, all gone just like tat~! cos daddy's friends came over for dinner. grrrrrrr........and i had to act as the nice big sister WHO SHARES EVERYTHING (including my yummy gummy) grrrr grrrr grrrr.......they only left me 2 yucky cherry gummy. how sweet. i cant help it but i have to say this.....I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE KIDS..... NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT~!!!!!!!! those gummies were to accompany me thru my tedious study period~!!!! *grumbles*grumbles* and as if eating my gummy is not enough, they had to play NOISY games in my room~!!!!!!!!!! and the worst part, they made me join in.....YEAH~!! how "FUN" and yeah...cos of that i scratched myself. *grumbles*grumbles*

ok lah...i know im sounding like some mean evil biatch who hates kids. haha..i dont hate them. i just prefer not to like them. okie. sometimes kids are cute. i said SOMETIMES.......but kids who eat my gummies....NOT CUTE~!!!!

haha..ok lah.....shant be bothered so much. cos daddy's friend gave me allowance again~! my sugar daddy like tat...always give me $$ favourite uncle~! hahaha....thats why i pamper his kid the most~! okie superficial~! hahaha....

and yes, like my msn nick, i dont wish to be a superficial bitch anymore. but i guess its something real hard. will try will try.

went grocery shopping at sheng shiong~! yooohooo~! their stuffs are superly cheap~!! i reapeat SUPERLY CHEAP~!!!!! so i bought some CHEAP snacks to eat while studying.....:D:D in no mood to study. just dont feel like studying. although i know i have loads to study. its just that there are so much stuffs to study that its freaking me out~! im too scared to open my books and see the tremendous load of stuffs i have to study~!!! i need someone to motivate me. someone to kick me! haha....

i have this crazy new hobby. buying tees~!! so nice and so comfy. every time i feel like buying one, although its pretty cheap, i have to stop myself. every dollar is money. must resist temptations. haha...saw a nice D&G tank top.......NONONONONO~! saw this super nice wooden clogs today~! and it was on discount~! but NONONONONO~! must resist temptation~! although im thinking of going back to buy it. but i will be leaving for canada and i wont be able to wear it......MUST RESIST. haha....

darn. im like so freaking sien im self-entertaining.. hahaha.....last time i used to be worse. i used to act infront of my mirror. acting as it, pretend to role-play...haha....dont ask me why i did that.

YUCK...the cherry gummies suck.....

okies, monday~!!! Z CHEN concert~!!!!! ermmmm.....ionly know 1.5 of his songs...actually 2 lah...but im not very sure of the 2nd song...soo...ermmmm...hahaha...but dont care! free concert mah~! must go there and have fun~! haha....

so ermm...anyone wanna study together with me on monday??? cos i got no lessons...might be going for 1 tut.... aiyah~! study with me lah....:D:D:D:D:D:D:D actually, i can study alone. im such an independent girl~!! *yeah* haha...:D

hahaha.....i wonder why everyone is always not satisfied with their group mates/project mates. ok...maybe not everyone, but ive heard few complaints before. all i gotta say is that i like my groupmates. not to the extent i love them and wanna hang around with them, but they are a nice bunch of ppl who treats ppl well. my design project groupmates: full of responsible and spontaneous ppl. my hrm project mates: ee yr 4s who always gets stressed up, but so nice as they are nice. haha....they always do things to suit me and even offered to give me a lift to school cos they know i cant wake up that early...muhahahahaa....what to do? im famous or rather infamous for being the late girl.

i can say that im rather blessed...:D but i pity those doing project with me. cos im a last min person. i will push everything till like its unpushable. i work well with datelines. but at least i do my stuff and dont complain.

hmmm...dunno why but my music is back again. haha...good good...:D

dunno why but im so blur these few days.

    • i leave my house without bringing out my wallet
    • i leave my house without bringing out my hp
    • i leave walk to the wrong bus-stop
    • i alight at the wrong bus-stop
    • i take the wrong bus
    • i forget what bus i wanna take
    • i forget what buses to take
    • i take the correct bus but wrong direction
    • i bring my bag but forget my notes

ok....that should be about it. but i think its pretty bad and its really affecting me quite a little bit. hahaha..but who cares~! im a happy girl~!!:D:D:D:D

Friday, October 28, 2005

i love my family

yeay~!!! say hi to my new blog~!!!!! well.....ermmm....i know it still has tonnes of errors are a few nitty gritty stuffs to clear. but make do with it for the moment can??? my pretty pictures is sure to make up for it~! those whose face has been cut out of the picture due to re-sizing and stuffs, im really sorry. but there is nothing i can do. if u are unhappy with it, then send me a solo pic of yourself.....i shall post it here for you~! just for you~!! any takers?? guess not...

darn...i signed up with this iwebtunes thinggie a few days host some songs and upload it to the blog....but guess what~! something happened~! i think they gone for a revamp or something~! the whole website changed and no more background music to go with my pretty blog.

reason why i change my blog pic....cos im getting comments like people getting freaked out upon looking at my blog and i myself find it a little too much. im not that engrossed with awi anyway. its just that he is cute and cute. did i mention he is cute? hahaha....

time to get down to studies. and i mean seriously. been slacking too much. hardly looked thru my lecture notes, let alone my textbooks and tutorials. i guess 20 days is not enough for me to finish studying all my 5 modules. but luckily i've cleared 1 design project, which i think i did pretty badly. my logbook is filled with lots of cut and paste stuffs and it was done the day before. last minute work.....tell me about it..... but i guess im the sort who work best under pressure. not direct pressure but yeah, im the sort who leaves things to the last minute. to sum it up, u can say that i lack self control....

before i forget, cailing, thanks for your birthday treat~!! it was yummilicious. darn, only managed to eat 4 time im going there to eat 10 scoops~! i must beat you~! and yeah....lets go watch R(A) movies together~!!! *cheeky laugh* congrats on turning 21~!!!!

and to charles, i doubt he reads my blog, but nonetheless, i wanna wish him a happy birthday~! 23rd rite?? old man.......lets see, if he should get married by 26......26-23=3years.....ermmmm...he gotta work harder. oh right....he is ermmmmm gay? haha...cant stand the 3 gay guys lah~! namely charles, jimmy, and the new addition jow....

haha...just now went down to the carpark with mummy to carry up the groceries....and i asked her why daddy not changing his car. since now car prices have drop rock bottom. then she asked why arent i getting my licence... hahaha...ok...its just me but i think my dad and mum plans to give me a surprise once i get my license....or maybe its just me getting excited over nothing. but its good to dream once in a while.....:D *CAR CAR CAR CAR CAR CAR CAR CAR* but petrol is going to be a killer.....especially if i get my dad's old car....he car is a fuel eater~! i just want a mini 1.5litre car~! haha.....okies...enough of dreaming......i know my dad has no money after buying another stoopid condo for "investment" *whine*whine*whine* thats what i do best....


but i would really like to thank my parents for everything. aiyah....for peeps, you can ignore this part. i just wanna write this down so that one day when i quarrel with my parents or something, i can read this entry and still remember that they love me dearly.

daddy mummy, thanks alot for everything that you have done. i know im such an unfilial daughter. unable to make you guys happy. always bringing u lots of anger and tears. i know mummy especially shed lots of tears for me. i know i am the problematic child of this house. and mummy and sister always have to defend me when daddy tries to scold me or even cane me. i know i have lots to grow up. but im so so greatful for everything that all of you have done.

daddy, i know you always put on a fierce front but deep down inside you really wish the best for me and want me to get the best out of life. i know ive hurt you deep with all my childish actions. but you are the one who knows me best. cos im most like you. stubborn like you. but daddy, it hurts me to see u get angry with me. cos i know u arent in the best of health. consuming so much alcohol with your friends always. daddy, i really dont wish anything to happen to u. even the thought of anything happening to you makes me cry. everytime u fall sick, i feel hurt. i guess even more than you. i cry at times cos im so so afraid of losing you. you are the pillar of this family. a very strong and steady pillar. i know i may be mean to u sometimes, but u know deep down inside i love u dearly. u came to singapore with nothing but now, manage to feed every member of this family with nice food. i remember the hard times we went thru but those were nothing compared to how u grew up. when i knew about grandma, i felt even more ...i dunno....i just felt sad. and i feel that u are so so so strong. u are my role model and i really look up to u. i know the sufferings u went thru when u were growing up and in order not to let us face the same kind of suffering, u worked double hard and gave us everything u never had but always wanted. although not very wealthy, everything we wanted, we had. i have to say im fully pampered by you.

mummy, thank you always for praying for me and sending me e-mails of nice words. although i hardly read them. i feel happy just seeing your e-mails. i know im the jealous kid of the family. getting easily jealous (of my sis) so i know you and daddy always had difficulties trying to "be fair" to me. well, i think sister also has a hard time pleasing me. sorry for being that way. but i dont like it when u all treat sister like a gem whenever she comes back to singapore or whenever we go korea. i feel like im just a substitute daughter. i know you guys miss her so much but...alright, im just being unreasonable. i know sister is also suffering in korea without family warmth. but she deserve it~! haha...just kidding. mummy, i know i never listens to what you say. clean up the room, wash the dishes, make your bed, put the clothes in the laundry basket, dont on the air-con too much, dont be on the computer for so long, dont stay up too late......and the list just goes on. but mummy, u are just so naggy~! haha......i know sometimes i vent my anger on you. actually the whole family vents their anger on you. but you silently took it all in. and silently prayed for all of us. silently made this nice little home perfect for all of us. the tears you have shed, the sadness and loneliness you silently took in. i am so greatful for you. i know all that you have done for me. i wanna be a good daugther and treat u like a queen. but u know me. i cant express me feelings right. but the small things are do are for you. although it may seem like a chore, i still make it an effort to do small things for you. go shopping with you, go swimming and suana with you, cook with you, clean the house......ermmmm...thats all i did with u. yah, i spend so little time with you guys. next sem, i might be off to canada and i know how lonely u are going to be without sis and me. sigh....i dont feel like leaving u guys behind. hopefully God has a plan for me....daddy is the pillar and mummy is also our pillar cum pillow~! something we can fall back on...:)

and now, my darling sister. dunno wat to say about you. always buy me underwear from the same shop. haha...although i must admit i love them. hahaha....never forgetting me. and always taking a special effort to keep in contact with me. always forcing me to buy u EXPENSIVE birthday presents. always using my stuffs and wearing my clothes. always staying by my side. always asking father for forgiveness in my behalf when i am obviously the one to be blame. always scolding me for making mummy daddy sad. always stealing attention away from daddy mummy. hahahaha.... but u know sis? blood is thicker than water and i guess i can say that u are my best friend. i feel so hurt when the other time u called just to say you broke up. i can hear that u are crying. and i too cried. i felt so hurt. what a jerkass~!!!!!!! i still remember that incident dearly. its even written in my diary. and the ink smudged cos i cried too much. i vowed to make the person who made u cry, cry out blood. yes, u are that precious to me. and i know im precious to u~! :D:D:D:D right?~! haha.....deep down inside, i envy you, i look up to u.

daddy mummy, i was so so so so delighted when u brought back so many stuffs back from korea??? although they are small stuffs, it really touched my heart cos i know it wasnt easy bringing them over. okie...maybe easy lah...but u actually remembered and took the effort~! all the while u were in korea, u called back and remmeber i existed~! hahaha. the yummy korean grapes~!!!!! although u say have to share it with others......i was so so so so so happy~!!!! yummy yummy~!!!!!!!!! and the banana milk~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg~!!!!!! air-flown all the way here via dry ice~!!! just for me. i was so so so so so touched~!! and the parea~!!!!! omg~!!!!!!!!!!!!! my favourite~!!!!!!!! what touched me was the hair clip~!!!! u remembered~!!!!!! i was so sad that my golden hair clip broke and i told u i wanted one....and u really got me one~!!! and omg~! such an expensive one with nice diamonte~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and specially choosen by daddy. touched u all actually went shopping for my hair clip~! really very very beautiful and very very expensive. i think i will cry if it breaks or gets lost....*CHOY CHOYC HOYC~!#!@#!@#!@#* haha. this hairclip i will treasure it dearly. cost not only it cost freaking expensive....but cos it was specially choosen by u 2....:D and everytime someone praises the hairclip, im gonna be super happy~!!!!!!

im so so blessed to have such a wonderful daddy and mummy and sissta~! and sometimes i wonder if i deserve it all...YES I DO~! cos i treasure you and love you guys to bits. and i will never take you guys for granted. never ever.

aiyah. all in all i love u guys to bits and if i ever be mean to u guys, let me go hungry for 1 week~! hahaha....
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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


to cailing: happy 21st birthday~! welcome to adulthood~! tell ya the truth, it aint much different from teenage life....haha..just that we can watch R(A) *chuckles*

to all those stressed: relax.....especially EE peeps.

to myself: be more stressed~!!!!!!!!!!!! start studying!!!!!

to all: lets study tog~!!!!!!! for a better tomorrow~!!! mood to blog....shall end this entry here...short and sweet..:)

Monday, October 24, 2005

fark~! i typed a super freaking long entry...and its gone~!

so decided to change my song to the fuck song~! haha...the lyrics is damn grostic

Friday, October 21, 2005

yeah!!!! is my newest template nice?~! seems like im overdo-ing it....but yeah......happened to come across this very nice orange template and this nice photo fitted nicely together with the orange background. so here it is~! hahaha....this picture is done by xiaoling.....nice rite?~! she always does the nicest things...haha...sooo sweet...

anyway, is the background song nice??? had a hard time finding it loh~! cos i dunno how to host a song or kop from people~! hahaha....... i wanted the other full house song......"i think i" dont cannot kop...:( who knows any website which teaches u how to upload songs into your blog???? please pretty please tell me~!

i guess i will get sick of this template in like a few for the time being, just make do with this till i am in the mood to change this template.

i tell u its not easy making/changing/stealing/copying (or watever u call it) the template lohz~!!! html code is like crap~! all the boxes sizes and please appreciate this nice design....every sizing of the boxes, the location....blah blah blah...hahaha......i dint do much lah....:P

yesterday was rushing my project day........last minute work sucks.....i cannot recall what i was doing...i was kinda sleep-working.....hahaha.....i really dont know what my friends were msn-ing me last night.....tonight, gotta sleep early~! cos tomorrow morning gotta meet jiali and gordee for the work and travel in us thinggie......

yay~! mummy daddy finally coming back this sunday~!!!!!! oh right~! today i made my second soup~! kimchi soup. although it tasted a little weird, but still i had my seconds. kekeke......oh eating too much these few days. i must stop eating.....shit lah...dieting is so tough.

im spending too much money these few days....darn darn darn......

shopped list:
  1. 1 abercrombie tee
  2. 1 juicy couture tee
  3. 1 esprit pants
  4. contact solutions
  5. 1 batik slippers
  6. 1 debbi keyring
  7. watch battery
  8. hair perming
  9. grocery shopping (actually snacks shopping...haha)

spent so much...let me calculate....omg........i spent like $300 in 1 week???~!?~@#?~!@ haha......but i wanna buy more~!!!! i wanna buy a nice white cap to match my nice white pants....*winkz* but i doubt i will wear the cap a bit extra like tat lehz.....will see how...i still wanna buy a white bag.....yes i know i have plenty of bags....but i want a ....i dunno...i want something which matches kaki colour kinda bag.....aiyah...dunno how to describe.

seriously, i miss hip hop.....i really miss learning new steps and just laughing out those hard steps with my friends. it is really a stress buster. awi......darn.....the other day i saw a awi lookalike in 151 the other day~! i got such a shock cos at first i thought it was him.....then i like smiled at him...but ermmmm...i think wrong person. hahaha...looked a little different. but height and mannerism and awi-alike~! hahaha....maybe im halucinating....i keep seeing funny things at one moment and the next, they disappear.......especially today. it happened so many times its freaky....

another freaky hair is starting to drop again...darn...after so long of taming it properly and even getting praises from my hair dresser....just cos of the darn perm its destroyed. but i guess i have to live with my mistake.

but the thing starting to kinda like my hair. its like so out of fashion that its nice. im not a fashion victim. dont wanna be one. wanna be different. dont want to be like another tree in a forest, another seashell on the seashore. just facing another identity crisis.

i am very pissed~!!!!!!!!!! very very very pissed with NUS mail~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it keeps saying my mailbox is full when i deleted like alll mails~! now im only left with 2 mails with only 17KB worth of stuff~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 whats their farking problem~!?@#~?!@#?~ i cant receive all the important stuffs~! my project related stuff, my SEP stuff, my school tutorial solutions~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......very very angry~!

anyway, i think ive become super vulgar....well, i am vulgar but i try my best to keep it under control. its just that these few days, its acting up again... it just flow so fluently in my mind. haha.....cannot...i must be a good girl~!

anyway, no mood to type liaoz.....wanna go slack after the such an intense last night....hahaha....ciaoz...

Sunday, October 16, 2005

i hate...

it has been the worst few days of my life....yes...nothing beats being sick all alone. no one to show you tender loving care...:(

it started on friday. with bad tummyache....which made me super late for my hr if i dint take a cab down....$$$$....then it got worse as the day progressed. feeling really chilly. and i mean chills to the centre of my bones. yeah. my whole body felt super chilly and super in pain. but i thought it was the weather as xiaoling and jimmy said they were feeling chilly as well. so i just went home without seeing a doctor. i went home and measured my temperature, to check if i was really sick...and yes......fever...mild fever only i placed ice towel and ate some panadol and tried going to sleep....but couldnt. too miserable to get to sleep.

saturday was amore day~! 3hr marathon. of cos i felt much i went and enjoyed myself~! DID YA SEE MOI ON NATIONAL TELE??? many saw amy but not me~!!!! time im gonna wear striking fluorescent tee.....

after that marathon...rushed down to sini's chalet. happy birthday girl...the cake was yummilicious. was feeling fine....till i got home and my body started to ache......especially my back. so i did some yoga pose. YES. I DID YOGA POSE. haha....i did some rocking and did the shoulder stand cum the locus (ermmmm....the one u flip your legs over your head?? is that called locus??) but watever....i did some yoga and then went to bed after tv surfing.

and this morning...i couldnt even get out of bed~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was aching like hell. my whole back was like so so so so pain. i think i over-exerted my back or something. stoopid me doing yoga pose. i thought it should help? darn...but pain.......couldnt get out of bed...and whats worse......stomache cramps. and this month it hit me bad.....real bad. till i had to force myself to get out of bed to get some pain killers.....and yes, after moaning in bed till like 4pm......i got up and cooked myself some food.....cos cant take the pain killers on an empty stomach.

food tasted lousy. cos it was my first time cooking some korean seaweed soup. but i think its pretty tasty for a first time. and yah....had to wash the dishes......wash my laundy......hang my laundry...........had to drink 2 cups of warm coffee to warm my tummy.....

and darn the stoopid lab report~! lab reports are such a waste of time. i barelty had enough energy to do them. and luckily now, thanks to the pain killers i think i can survive a few hours. but ive been slacking this whole weekend. wait~! i havent been slacking...i was sick. i foresee a terrible week ahead of catching up...... the darn design project and the logbook....grrrrr

and my tummy feels darn pukey......

i hate being sick and alone......mummy mummy..........*cries*

Thursday, October 13, 2005


is this wallet nice???but the model is nicer rite?? nice long silky hair.....*sobz* is this ring nice??? dont look at the nails manicure came off lah...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

maggi-mee hair

yes, from long silky short curly, maggi-mee like hair.....

i have no idea how to react.

it kinda looks different from normal curls u see on the streets. u know why u cant see them on the streets? cos its so maggi-mee-ish~! hahaha.....

i told my hairstylist i wanted something different. something like wavy hair. then tada~! i got this.......super curly hair. aiyah.....cant say im disappointed or anything cos im starting to like it. and one good thing about this hairstyle is that, once my new hair comes out, it will blend in well. cos my natural hair is curly. so this hairstyle is super easy to manage and will last for some time.

but she cut soooooo much of my hair~! and now that its curly, its so so so so so much shorter~!!!!!!!!! boohooo.......

aiyah....but i feel happy. although on the way home i felt 10 years older...i just felt that i look damn auntie...cos i was wearing a tank top and shorts and an auntie sling bag. hahaha..... but now i feel alright and im starting to love my new hairstyle the more i look at it. and my hairstylist gave me free hair lotion....which costs 10 bucks....haha...dunno if she is feeling guilty...therfore give me free hair lotion. haha..but she always give me free happy...:)

so dear friends, if u see my hairstyle and find it ugly, just keep the comments to yourself. if u find it nice, just compliment me~!!! hahaha.....

aiyah...this entry is super incoherent and super not to the poiint and super not wats on my mind now.....

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

a breather from full-house....

phew....after the full-house marathon, im taking a short rest. haha...its like a drug. im totally addicted to it. and i am so engrossed with the show i actually cry and laugh like crazy. yes, i laugh like a mad lunatic and cry as if im the one who got ditched. but its so darn nice and i dont care~!

cos of this, im like becoming a total unsocial freak. its only day 2 and im already 80% done. i bet i can watch it finish by today. haha.....i told u im a killer. i have no self-control and i dont care~! haha...okies. i better finish it today and resume my normal life as of tomorrow. no no no.....cant live my normal life....must study hard and live hard~!!!!! quoted from the show, 아자아자 화이팅~!!!!! loosely translated means aza aza fighting.....its something u say to perk yourself or someone up~! okies...enough about that show. before i go crazy and just continue typing the whole story out.

my parents, gone again. lonely me..... now ive gotta clean the whole house by myself~! which is super tiring....which reminds me of.....FULL HOUSE~!!! haha...darn. MUST NOT THINK OF FULL-HOUSE...

tomorrow, yes, tomorrow im going to go get my hair done~! either get it cut or permed. i dunno if i should perm it. its so expensive........$300++ just gone like tat. i can go to a normal hair salon and get it done cheaper, but i dont trust them. im so inspired to perm after seeing the nice hairstyles in FULL-HOUSE. darn. i realized every paragraph has a FULL-HOUSE in it. haha......i shall just count how many times i mention FULL-HOUSE in this entry.

sobz....daddy took the camera to im left with no camera. which mean...i cant take pretty me in my new hairstyle~!!!!!!!!!!!! double sad sad.....

oh my group mate wants to have project meeting tomorrow~?!#?!@ i already pushed back my hair appointment today cos of the project meeting. and im supposed to push it back again~?!#@?~!@? till when~!?@ next freaking year~?!@3 grrrrrrrrrr.........I HATE PROJECTS....

darn......enough typing....gotta go back to my romance drama........adios folks~! 아자아자 화이팅~!!!!!

Friday, October 07, 2005

until we meet again....

i am so so so so so so so so so very very very very very very HAPPY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i finally took a solo pic with him~!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is so so so so so very very very very charming, irresistable, cute, tall, and...i dunno...just so good to me.....but the solo pic i took with dint turn out sad.....:( so i shant post it here......its a pic of US and no one else shall have it....except xiaoling...cos she is gonna help me cut off my fats, my stray hair and make my eyes bigger using photoshop~! haha....maybe not lah..just make the pic nicer so that i can print it out...:):):)

okies...below is a group pic of the hip hop class....he is so at the back cos i rushed to get my camera...darn darn darn~! i shoulda taken the pic before the lesson loh~! then at least i will look nicer...not so sweaty and my hair in a mess.....

he is so cute....he said he look bad when i asked to take a solo shot with he put on his cool is that~! if only i can take more pics....darn darn darn......

next up, lester....haha...another charming guy who never fails to make me laugh......very charismatic and just plain charming....xiaoling...he poked my butt today~! jealous annot??? :P

next on the list.....kickboxing instructor......shima.....i think everyone looks nice after a nice exercise......see all the radiant glowing skin?~?!?

guys behold~! show u pretty girl~! ok lah...this time is not me.....its this super cute and pretty girl we got to know from sports buffet.......only on the last day then we knew each other's name...hahaha.....omg....xiaoling is soooooo fats are further enhanced standing beside her........ anywayz, these 2 girls are super cute~!!!!! and funny and and xiaoling were like saying....if we were guys we will surely go after her.......hahaha.. twinkling eyes........eyes that i know wat that means after looking at her sounding les.....but awi is still number 1!!!!im not actually sad......i was super depressed last night...but happy i got my solo pic with him....and i know life's journey is a long one with many pleasant surprises. im sure we'll meet again.....lai ri fang chang...

yoyoyo~! how do we look acting cool....hahaha...i look like a retard....

check out my grey eyes....ermmmm...and amy at the back?? hahaha...

me and xiaoling being bimbotic in lecture.....leature breaks that is....u think we are bimbotic as to take photos during lectures meh?~!! we are nerds loh~!!! we study hard~!.. okie...we are trying to act cute.....especially xiaoling....muhahahaha...


damn damn damn~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes~! im f***ing pissed~!?@#!?@ pissed at myself~! for pulling out the darn cable~!!!! causing the darn laptop to swhut off~!! and guess wat?~! i wrote a frigging long entry~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all cos of jennifer's super funny photos~! i was laughing uncontrollably.....omg....damn funny loh~!!!

let me start with the picture that made me pull out the cable....

do u know why im laughing?~! hahaha...its like everyone its in their own world...and its a super lousy pic~! so lousy it just makes me laugh non-stop~!!! hahahaha.....its like wth are we doing??? okie....we were supposed to use the sparklers to spell out MOONCAKE 05......obviously ....ermmmm.......need i say more? hahahaha.......

and now, for another artistic pic........i practically burst out laughing when i saw this~!!!!!!! everyone is like soo funny~!!!

amy is giving the super sien look...eva is ermmm...closing her eyes? im doing some dumb pose, carol is eh'?? what is she doing? and charles, the ultimate killer.....WAT ON EARTH IS HE DOING~!?~?!?! omg~!!! help me i cant stop laughing...... a pity...the background looks kinda nice....its like the ppl popping out...i dunno how to describe....its just so blardy funny~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHA....

introducing the jokers.......oppps....wrong pic...

here is the intended pic...hahaha.. good....finally a decent pic where everyone is in it looking at the camera.......about the pose....ermmm....we were pretending/practising using our non-lighted sparklers.....and as for cailing's and merv's pose......ermmm...i shant comment too much on that...hahahaha

hahaha...all the photos are super amusing and entertaining...and i cant stop laughing~!!! haha....together with ***'s fall today at the bus-stop......omg....i shant divulge the name in case the person "paiseh" hahahaha.......omg...super darn funny loh~1 if only i took a video cam~!!!! darn darn darn~!!!!!!!!! *** was falling sideways~!!!!! i mean who falls sideways? and it was perfectly executed~!!!! being mean...but it was so entertaining i laughed throughout my journey home...i think the ppl in the bus thinks im mad...hahaha...

omg....i cant stop laughing...i think today i had enough of ab exercise i shall skip my hula hooping......ermmmm...maybe not...the hula hoop is screaming at me..hahaha.....omg...i cant stop laughing....somebodie stop me~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha...the small thigns that brighten up one's day....:D:D:D

Thursday, October 06, 2005

HanD-MadE GiFt~!

i love receiving handmade gifts. it just warms my heart....its something money can never buy. this sort of happiness is priceless....

after MOM lecture, i went up the lecture hall to meet my friend weiyang (also my ex year 1 classmate), cos he said he has something for me~! *Yippee* and he passed me this.....

ermmmm...yes i know its a mouse box from AFT multimedia accessories with the yellow price tag still intact. haha..and i was shocked. cos it was such a practical gift~! i mean....a mouse with no wrapper and no nothing for a present?~!?~ hahaha...but i was told to open the box. at first i thought it was some prank....u those jack in the box kinda trick...where something will pop out....but thanks to fred (aka ah pek's) "reassurance" i opened it. i know its rude to open present infront of the giver...but i was told to open....and being the obedient me, i opened it.....

gues what was inside~?!!@@@#!@

Guess lah....dont scroll down so fast........

tada~!!!! this~!!! omg~!! it was soooo beautiful~! HANDMADE butterfly box~!!!!!!!!!!! and from a guy? i think only like 1% of the guys knows origami, let alone fold a butterfly and this amazing box~!!!!!! something i myself cant do~! i really cant do it...i remember buying this origami book when i was young. and i really wanted to make something nice...but all was so hard.....the one successful thing i made is a crane? like everyone knows how to make it~?! haha....

okies....back to my point. dont u find it superly nice?

okies....wondering whats inside?~1 haha....not telling~!!!!!!!!!! *bleah*

okie...just joking lah.........

would u like to guess again???

okie...maybe not it is...whats inside....:) HANDMADE earings.....shall i emphasize HANDMADE????? well, although my earholes have closed......i shall go pierce it again to wear this nice gift my friend made for me~! by the way, the glittery stuffs written on the GLOW-IN-THE-DARK stars is my korean name....or rather part of my korean reads JU....haha....

aint he the sweetest?~! so touched...:) such meaningful gifts~! i love love meaningful handmade stuffs....

alright. im super tired but decided to blog about this. cos this gift really made my day. oh well as awi.....did i tell u guys he is so cute? just look at him dance.....gosh....*drools* he closed up looks even cuter!~ haha...i think malay guys are soooo cute....:):):):) darn.. gonna be pretty sad after this friday......:( getting out of topic again. thanks weiyang.....although i kinda forced u to give me a present. really sweet...:):) well, i dint force u~! right? i ermmm......u just promised me a nice surprise....and u did it~! hahaha.....happy happy...:)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I Think I - 별(Star)

그럴리 없다고 아닐꺼라고 믿었죠~ um-
내가 그댈 사랑한단 이말도 안되죠~ um-
괜한 질투일꺼라고 내가 외로운가보다고
자신을 속여봤지만 이제 더는 난 감출수가없는걸요-
I Think I Love You~
Couse I Miss You~
그대만 없으면
난 아무것도 못하고
이런걸 보면 안다고-
I`m Falling For You~
난 몰랐지만- Now I Need You~
어느샌가 내 맘 깊은곳에
아주 크게 자리잡은 그대의 모습을 이젠 보아요~


우린 안어울린다고 친구 그게 딱 좋다고-um-
하나부터 열개 도대체 뭐 한개라도 맞는게 없는데-
어떻게사귈 수있냐고 말도안돼는얘기라고
말하며 둘러 댔지만 이제더는 난 그러기가싫은걸요-
I Think I Love You~
Couse I Miss You~
그대만 없으면
난 아무것도 못하고
이런걸 보면 안다고-
I`m Falling For You~
난 몰랐지만- Now I Need You~
어느샌가 내 맘 깊은곳에
아주 크게 자리잡은 그대의 모습을 이젠 보아요~
난 몰랐죠그 대라는걸Woo~
왜 못봤죠 바로 앞인데~~Hoo~ye-
그 동안 이렇게 바로 내곁에 있었는데
왜 이제서야 사랑이 보이는건지~~Hoo-
I Think I Love You~
Couse I Miss You~
그대만 없으면
난 아무것도 못하고
이런걸 보면 안다고-
I`m Falling For You~
난 몰랐지만- Now I Need You~
어느샌가 내 맘 깊은곳에
아주 크게 자리잡은 그대의 모습을 이젠 보아요~

i love this song.....fell in love the first time i heard it.....and still in love with it. just the melody and it suits perfectly the way i feel now....towards.....*ahem* lah..

and i just listened to it in FULL HOUSE~!!!!! in the FULL HOUSE nice the whole show is so so nice and the song...wooo...i have no idea where to dl free korean songs.....i usually pay a certain fee to suscribe to this korean website ( ) to listen to korean songs....but recently, i think their system abit down....cant hear some songs.......and it hangs i decided not to subscribe to it anymore...... so now, just have to wait for my sister to reply to me...then i will know where to get free korean songs.....

stoopid chao lian teacher........awi is so much better and cuter loh~!!!! must take photo together this week....if not i know im gonna regret last time...the best dancer from funkamania....hahaha....i think i have crushes and infatuations really damn easily......just fulfil my certain (simple) criteria and i will be drooling over a guy.....haha...aiyah...thats what makes life so interesting rite? i feel happy being the way i am now~! kekeke...^^

stoopid tattoo artist werent there when i went there today...boohoo....cant get my tattoo...:( i should have called....but the tattoo artist is only available in the evenings.....and evenings are dedicated to SPORTS BUFFET~! okie...i can miss other classes but not AWI's lessons~! its that part of the day where i look forward to the most......ok...maybe im just exagerating it....but who cares......he is cute. period. when can i get my tattoo~!?@#?~!?@#~?! i even took a 'before' see the difference. i took my arm cos i wanted to have the tattoo on my arms. but after some friends' changing it....maybe my neck or something....better hide it from my parents....later they will get a shock....hahaha....

can u see my coloured contacts?~!?~! darn...cant really see from this pic....:( the other pic can see, but becos i dint put any make-up, all my freckles and stuffs are super obvious as its a close up shot...hahahaha.....i vain cannot issit?~!

im spending too much money on small trivial stuffs. like stoopid masks, magic markers, cute files, TITBITS ( i think aroung 30% of my allowance goes to buying titbits) , pencil case. i dunno. i just feel so itchy to buy them although i know these are wasting my money..... aiyah, im just bring more and more frugal. im trying to ave up money have a fat lump in my bank. but it hardly happens. im the sort who will spend whatever i have. must practice self-control. i have damn bad self-control least i admit to it...hahaha...

im feeling so so so very talkative today. sometimes just wish to type and chat non-stop.

oh yah~! i just started my hula hoops again..the painful one...the one which my sister had blue-blacks after using it. super painful loh~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i just bear with the pain and spun it 50 times. hahaha.....we'll just start with 50 rounds a day first....slowly increase..... i realized the times i did hula hoops continuously for like 2 months or so ( continuous meaning doing it everyday...ok...maybe like some days i skip..) but yeah...i realized my waist distinctively arched. to describe. aiyah...all in all, its a good thing to do if your goal is a slimmer waist. daddy brought the normal hula hoop to his office for dunno wat i have to make do with this darn painful killer hula.......okies...let thy show u a pic of this little devil. in fact, its not little comparing it to other normal, decent hula hoops.

introducing miss killer hula...

with nice roller wheels inside to "massage" away your fats....yes.....its no child's play...try it to experience the ultimate "massaging" effect. but for a slimmer waist....ENDURE~!!!
enough of the killer....she is staring at me...shall go entertain it for a while before i go hit the bed and groan in pain...haha....nites folks....

Saturday, October 01, 2005

PrEeTy FlOwErS......^^

First and foremost, let me apologize for taking sooooooo darnnnnn long to update my like almost a week~!!! those who have constantly been bugging me for the it is....and for more, just ask me for the zip file...cos i really lazy to load them to the website....*bleah*

Thaks a whole lot to everyone to made an effort to come to my party and made this day really special for me. Thank you Thank you.....Thos who dint come.....due to some unforeseen circumstances like stomachaches ( you 2 should know who u are....hahaha), sick,sick chuaffer, church stuffs...thanks for the well wishes and ya dont need to feel so bad. I got all your cards...really thanks....especially zhiyang....who actually mailed me the card~! i got such a shock~!!!!!!!! :)

And here it goes....

Firstly, presenting u the princess of Pretty Flowers~!!!!!!!! say i look pretty...or else....GRRRRR....hahaha....and the beautiful flower tiara........was really really very very very very very shocked and happy and touched when i saw the flower tiara~!!!!!!!!!! Xiaoling~!!! thanks sooooo much for making such a wonderful tiara, just for me~!!!!!! *muacks* jj is such a lucky guy....hahaha... the bottom of the pic is DA CAKE!!!yum yum

here is a better pic of it.....woohoo...i love strawberry shortcake...and im sure the partiers loved it too. some asking for seconds and more~!!!haha...greedy~!! dont it just look so yummilicious?~!

oh yah~! before i forget.......let me introduce to all my favourite person in this whole wide world. MY MOMMy~!!!!!! DADDY too lah..but he was at home...lazy daddy....thanks for the whole party. im a adult now and its time i really grow up and stop depending so much on you guys....ok...where is my sis??? damn her lah~! she sms me at like 10pm on 23rd to wish me happy birthday~!!! sms! and not even at the right time~! so i smsed back and scolded her~! where is my present~!!@?# she promise to get me something good and pass it to mama when my parents go over korea. better stick to your promise u stoopid girl`!@?#@!?#!@okie...moving on....these are the ppl who came for the party and stayed till the end~!!!! some came early and left early.....others came super late.....but all in all...thanks for making an effort~!!!!!! okie...the picture looks bad cos we are facing the sun...and the person's hand is like spoiling the whole pic...but who cares....i look pretty...ok....we all look pretty....:P

well, is this better? dont think so...still got the thumb...:/

well, let me go into my special thanks....firstly, to my church friend....grace...for being such a darling and gracing this special day~! although ive stopped attending church...:P thanks for mixing around with my friend although u hardly know anyone there...thanks for coming on time...thanks for helping me carry down my stuffs. thank you ex-badminton buddy...hahaha.....and of cos thank you miss glory for being the life of the party. and for the nice paper plate u have made...heehee...:)next secondary 1 to 2 friends......junee is not in pic cos she came super late~!!! and step just making it in time...haha...and of cos thanks jasmin for your nice message. i know u are busy flying all over the world.....its been like soooooo long since i last met u~!!!! please stay on land~!!! hahaha....thanks girls.....really glad u guys came down, although super late~! haha....but had a blast at the after party...wah..the steamboat really killer...and step getting high eating dong fen...hahaha...miss u guys loads.....lets celebrate each other's birthdays till we grow old....:D and thanks....for the nice book you guys made~! caiyun, your artwork is superb. go fufil your dream~!!!!!

next sec 3 to 4 friends. aka the 4/5 gang...:) love ya guys to bits~! zhiyang, thanks for mailing me a superly nice card~! so touched. and siting, although in aussie, thanks for remembering my birthday...:) and happy birthday to u too....come back singapore quick~!! then we can go for our spa retreat at batam or watever place which is cheaper~! hahaha...and of cos to have your birthday party~!!!!! those who came, thanks so much. although i played lousy cards. thanks for enjoying among yourselves with the poker u all lah.......*muacks* and lets enjoy ourselves at sini's chalet~!!! muhahaha... JC friends.....yeah... so sad joyce and rouhwen have to leave early. and esther and claud cant make it due to church stuffs...and eileen....dunno busy with what...hahaha....:( but yeah...thanks for ya messages and ya presents.....:D and of cos i cant forget our JC days. where we did real stoopid things, had stoopid photo-taking outings and the list just goes on....haha...really miss those days manz....and jow, thanks for coming although it seem more like me forcing u to come~! hahaha...and u promised me a fish for my birthday....wonder where it is.....and yes~! my marche treats~! marche marche~!!!!! haha....xiaoling, from my jc...but only got to know her well in NUS after o-camp....really glad to know u girl. its my honour girl. and really really thanks for the super super super nice and flowery flower tiara....really very very nice. i cant stop smiling whenever i look at it......and yeah.....awi is soooo cute...*winks* hahaha...and dearest charles, still as cute as ever. so sorry your claudia couldn't make it...*opps* friend since first day of my seconday school. thanks for taking in my nonsense. i know i was super crappy and loud last time. ok...i still am. but i toned down ok..haha..and i wont bully u liaoz...still remember i pulled out your chair and made u cry. still feeling guilty.....and still remember the stoopid geog teacher who dusted the blackboard duster on our heads~! and not forgetting our crushes...muhahaha....."watermelon", "apple", "yogi bear".....the list just goes on...hahaha.... up.....ASCALOn~!!!!!!!! darn....i feel so bad for not inviting the rest. darn....but real great that still in contact with most of them. as most of them are more or less in my other circle of friends...hahaha....still remember us doing stoopid ascalon cheers and linchang teaching us some mambo moves which is stuck in my head. *I cant get u outta my mind* hahahaha....

and yes~!!!!!!!!! durin durin~!!! my durin peeps~!!!! my greatest joy in uni life~! wouldnt know what to do if i dint met u guys. especially the durin girls~! we first came together as strangers, and now, we are like so inseparable~! we meet in school and as if thats not enough, still chat online so often. and planning an outing takes forever as we are always going out of topic~! muhahaha...still remember jimmy had to off his engine of his car to force us to decide where we wanna go....hahaha....and conversations online will take forever to come to conclusions. u guys loads and loads~! the greatest thing that ever happened to me in uni life.....who says people u meet during orientation week cant be your true friends~! boo them lah~! hahaha.....who needs a boyfriend when I have such wonderful freidns.....:) so sad, next sem, most of us are going SEP.....and its gonna be months before we can actually meet again..nevermind~! jiali...i will visit u since u are the nearest. haha...and there is this thing called the webcam~! muhahahaha..... can i forget the compagnia peeps~!!!! yeah...presenting u the chiobus~! hahahaha.....thanks for coming~!!!!!!!!!! dunno why the guys and girls wanna take separate pictures....hahaha....nevermind, i can be in more pictures anyway hahaha...:P Thanks alina, aka ashanti for being the photographer of the day~! thanks for rushing down from your other party~! really thanks soooo much~!!!!!!! Love ya girl~! and yes, how can i forget my dearest dearest evil twin. who always claim she is the angelic one?~! bleah~! i am the angelic one~! hahaha....a super sweet girl who is really very sweet, both on the inside and outside~! wont forget the sweet things u did to really cheer me up~! ya da best twin. but try to be less evil...:P yes~! serene~!! thanks for coming, even when your partner Zul couldnt make it. really thanks girl. and hey girl~! u are becoming more and more hiao(vain) hahaha...but well, getting prettier~~!! hahaha.... and dearest any ladder~! hahaha...aka my fellow waver~! doing stoopid exagerated wave actions and making me laugh so much~! haha...i wont forget the any ladder song~! i the only one still calling u that? sounds good lah...:P well, amy and cailing is supposed to be in the pic too...but guess they lazy to appear in so many pics lah..haha

yes...the o camp guys.....hahaha...acting cute and funny as usual....where is jimmy and charles? most prob gaying together with jow somewhere somehow...haha... to ken, my boss and abel, thanks for the card although u guys last minute pang seh me~!!!

yes~!! my ME gang....well, come to think of it, all the faces appeared somewhere somehow. i guess my social circle limited to engin ppl lah...hahaha...oh rite...carol is missing in sad u couldnt make it my dearest cleopatra. but really thanks for your special hand-made card~! its been ages since i got one. really very sweet of u....:) i feel young again~! (if u know wat i mean...hahaha..kidding..:P)wonder what is zhenrong doing in the pic? he retain~!!! hahah..just kidding....aiyah...he likes me mah....

no...u dint type it wrongly..he likes me mah...dunno meh~! here...the proof~! case u cant read chinese.....the three chinese character is my chinese name...the guys got a shocked when grace revealed my chinese name to them...hahaha.... kidding about the zhenrong thinggie lah...dont read so much into secondary school friend was interrogating me cos of it..haha...yes, below is what darling carol made for me.....aint she the sweetest?~!

ermmm...EE peeps? wow.....EE people> ME people~! how cane~! dunno why they suddenly....haha....

yes, how can i forget hoooookiat~! he who lends me all his vcds FOC~!!!!!! did i get to know him? thru o-week? not really leh...cant really remember...oh yah~! its true lending vcd...started with the chinese vcd....which was ohhhhhsooooo niceeeee......then me more lehz...i treat u movie...haha.....

and yes, mervina...merv the perv...watever u wanna call him...haha...calling him mervina reminds me of maplestory where is was super noob and just jumping thanks for coming.....:D and sorry for spilling FSIM in your car...lalala~!! hahahaa

to those not in pic.......too bad~! hahaha......who ask u dont wanna come for my party~! *hmph* choo.....*hmph* u better make it up big time to me when we meet next sunday.....i wanna eat nice nice expensive food~! muhahahaha...but girl, i was really disappointed when u told me u couldnt make it cos u were ill. and of cos at the same time i was worried about u.. cos its your cutest friend's special day, and u couldnt make it. hey, its great that we still keep in contact and go shopping, clubbing and ktv together. u ah...take care. dont overwork yourself...:)

now, me blowing the candles~! yeah...jimmy in the background...hahaha.....forgot to thank him...haha...although he came to my party and was dota-ing with jow....tsk tsk....but at least he made an effort to wear flowery shirt~! hahahahaha..

and me cutting the cake.....with my new nice cool guess? watch~! nice.......thanks everyone for the watch. and sorry i went to change a white one...but im kinda regreting it now. stoopid guys are gonna laugh at me (esp jimmy) for not listening to their advices...but i like white~! i dont care......white is nice~! bleah....

this is da pink watch.....nice regretting........

nope~!!!! not regreting at all~! the white one is niceeeee.....aiyah...never shave my arms stop saying my hand looks hairy......okok...i will shave later....grrr... taking a pic with my face is covered cos its in bad shape...haha...and the scar...i got it from hip hop...yeah...hip hop is brusing me arms.....but what to do....awi is so cute...hahaha... party guest list? ermmmm.....wat do u call that...haha.....thanks to jennifer and jiali for coming early to help out~!!!!!!!!!i owe u guys big time....yeah...the black wordings are decorated by jiali and jennifer...and JENN!!!!!! i doubt u are reading my blog...but i want photos~!!!!!!!hahaha....:P

yes~!!!!!!!!!!finally got back this plate after like 1+++ years~!!!! funny reading it now. just brings me back to the compagnia period.....which i miss dearly.........

hahaha....all in all, i had a great time. and thank u all friends for making my day so memorable. this memory will be kept dearly deeply in me.....and thanks for the presents, the nice sweet notes, the cards, the flowers (which is really beautiful~!! and im making dried flowers out of it now....:)), the nice flowery tiara(which i put it on whenever i wanna feel like a princess) and everything........i am really blessed with such great friends and such great parents. sometimes i feel o dont deserve all im gonna treasure them before God starts to take them away from me.....

and they lived happily ever after....:)