Sunday, July 31, 2005

Blogging non-stop~!

haha...i know i have been blogging so so so very often these few days. dunno. just feel like writing and talking non-stop. anyway, masking my face now. as in facial mask..haha....tomorrow onwards its non-stop sun sun and more sun~! so, i gotta protect my skin properly. my hair too.

i dunno why but my hair keeps falling....and now im soon going bald. no joke. i seriously wish to dye my hair. but the one thing holding me back is my hair falling condition. and i am telling you, its serious. sigh. in the past, i dint care. i had super lots of hair. and i just wanted them off~! or at least nice and straight. and thats what i've gotten. idea how to salvage this situation. cut my hair and regrow them? haiz......

======goes to wash mask off=========

haha...did i tell u guys im back to maple-ing? it sounded too tempting. and yeah, i give in to temptation pretty easy. so in 1 night and 1 day, i managed to level up 2 times. or was it 3 times? haha....hopefully i will stop once school starts.

its gonna be a busy term. with me, signing up for the sports buffet. and i still wanna learn driving. dunno if i can squeeze in the time.

tomorrow's gonna be a long day...and tuesday, even worse. flag day. what i dread most......

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Happy birthday daddy

my present for daddy......aftershave....hahaha....expensive okie~! but it smells good~!!! i also bought a cake for mummy and daddy to celebrate, but they dint eat it~!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrr...waste my money and effort loh~!!!!!!!

mummy's present for daddy....OTO slimming cum massaging belt~! wow~! its good, i tell you~! hahaha....hopefully can help me get rid of my tummy fats and arm fats and thigh fats.......aiyah, my whole body fats lah...haha

Quiz time~!! this quiz from eva's blog and decided to try it. a pretty hard quiz i would say. cos the choices are almost all applicable. but u gotta choose one only. but......there~! i got my favourite colour~! yellow~!!! yellow was my favourite colour since young. no idea why. my mum says if u like yellow means i get easily jealous. true...:P


You are very perceptive and smart. You are clear and to the point and have a great sense of humor. You are always learning and searching for understanding.

Find out your color at Quiz Me!

Your score was 108/180.
2,310,667 people have taken this quiz.
And 574,738 got Yellow like you.

wow~! this quiz says im smart~! hahaha...and a great sense of humour~! muhahaha.... pretty true. especially the last point saying that im constantly learning and searching for understanding.... wonder why i dint get full marks...haha

Compliment of the day......

why are you so white???

hahaha...yes, my fellow faravai councillor ah yan told me that~! muhahaha.....felt so amused~! well, im not frigging white~!!!! can u see that my arms and legs are soo soo tanned?~! its just my face~! which proves one facial regime is good~! all the facial cleanser, scrubs, exfoliators, moisturizer, sebum, essence, sun block, facial mask, steambath, suana etc.....are actually good use~! hahaha.... who wanna be white? come~! let me teach you~!

step 1: cleanse your face properly~! remember my facial girl told me that you have to use a DEEP CLENSER~! not all normal gel/ foam cleanser cleans your face throughly. you need a DEEP CLEANSER~!!

step2: toning your face~! toning is an important everyday routine~! toning actually tightens your pores. you can just dap your face with the toner directly or apply it with a cotton foam in an upward motion. read: UPWARD MOTION~! i dunno why that your skin wont sag? thats what some people say.

step3: MOISTURIZE~! yes~! essential~! even if you have oily face~! moisturizing is giving your skin more moisture, not oil~! so must must moisturize~! you dont wanna end up having an oily dry face~! get a moisturizer which is suitable for your skin. but i heard over the radio last time that if you have oily face, then moisturize only once. so crappy...just feeling crappy......think its i shant continue...not as if my skin is nice......but its true that i spend lots of money and efforts on my skin. but still so horrible...what to do..... hard work doesnt equate to good results.

im so so crappy....lalalalala~! and my throat hurts~!

Friday, July 29, 2005

Here I Am To Worship

Light of the World
You stepped down into darkness
Opened my eyes
Let me see
Beauty that made this heart adore You
Hope of life spent with You
Here I am to worship
Here I am to bow down
Here I am to say that You're my God
You're altogether lovely
Altogether worthy
Altogether wonderful to me
King of all days
Oh so highly
Glorious in heaven aboveHumbly
You came to the earth You created
All for love's sake became poor
I'll never know how much it
see my sin upon that cross
it just brought a tear to my eyes. went to friendster, this guy whom i dont know msged me and asked me to add him as a friend. i dunno how he got my addy and stuffs, but since i got nothing to do and my curiousity just kills me, i decided to check him out. realised he is a follower of God. so i continued reading. (okie, i have this thinking christian guys are of no harm. stereotype thinking i know...) and i decided to go to his blog.... and it was there i heard this song again. after many years. i remember me crying at the altar. and this is one of the songs which made me cry. i have no idea why i cry. i just couldnt control myself. the tears just kept gushing out like a tap. but i wasnt crying cos i was happy. neither was i crying cos i was happy. i just cried. but it kinda felt good. a very nice and indescripeable (now, how do u spell that~! )feeling. ok, im side tracking...
at that instant, i feel that somehow or another, God was speaking to me. and Him, using such a method, just makes me feel important. makes me feel that there exists such a God. but somehow or another, i cant get it. i just cant understand certain stuffs. yes, i do want to go back and be with the Lord. but there are just too many doubts and just.....i dunno.... but i just feel that many many people have been praying for me.....and it touches my heart dearly. i dunno why but im crying now. maybe grateful-ness? people like my mom, granny, sister, ju lee, kelly, guanghan, esther, grace, even people who dont know me....i dunno.....i just feel so grateful..... maybe they havent been praying for me. maybe not all the time. but im sure at one point or another they have prayed for me and its just a strong feeling i am feeling now. and really, i feel it and i am speechless. thank you so much.
maybe that is why i have this sudden urge to play guitar. cos my past time last time was to sing and just strum my guitar...its just a very miraculous feeling...and im just so so happy , so...i dunno no words can describe how i feel....
okie, to non-christians, or rather to everyone, this is just a personal entry. i just had to type it out at that moment.

Life isn't that cruel after all...

how do you know you really like/love that person?

what a hard question to answer. sometimes, u may think that u love someone only to realize that 2 years down the road, it just wont work out. or sometimes u just subconciously force yourself to like that person cos u like the feeling of being "in love". or is it cos u just like the attention or the love the person is giving u?

i admit, i do love the feeling of being in love and do love to be pampered and cared for. the feeling of you being someone important in another person's life is very flattering. it just boost my ego....:P but the thing i failed to realize is, a one-sided relationship wont last long. there is pleasure receiving, but greater pleasure in giving. it is good to be loved, but to love and care for someone, its greater.

wont preach so much. just feeling a little strange today. after receiving news of my friend who broke up. i feel happy for her. cos i can somewhat feel what she is going thru. i feel that she has matured(i know there is no such wats the past tense of mature? issit still mature?). and she is learning in this journey called "LIFE". just feel like giving her a big hug~! heehee...:)

it sux to be sick. never good. my head feels super heavy and my throat hurts like mad. but i still survived eva's chalet. which was great~! will blog more when i get the photos. if i ever do....haha...

okies, seriously, i dunno who is sabo-ing me, but strange ppl are messaging me on china man who keeps talking to me in chinese. and another called bryan who says im pretty (thank you). and if u 2 are ever reading this, u guys are blocked. haha....

can 2 people from totally different lifestyle get together and live happily ever after? i know its a frequent scene in dramas, but in reality, can such thing happen?

this year has been a long year. i've experienced many things and it somewhat mould me into who i am today. im still in the moulding process. still deciphering what is life and what i want out of it. i can say that i have matured ( i know) but there is a whole big world out there for me to explore. blogging is dumb. but its the only way i can record this precious moment in history. i wish i can have a confidant whom i can confide in and share my whole growing up process with.

o-week....this year...i wont say much. but it feels different. the people around seems im too old for all these stuffs. or maybe cos i feel like an outsider. it just feels different. my most memorable time: O-CAMP was just perfect~! the memory is sooo sooo sweet...... but its a memory that will be in my brain and in my heart for a long long time.

the strepsils are bought are not working at all~! its supposed to be a pain relief thinggie...but i still feel pain....booo....i like my GP's lozenges. blackcurrent and it really numbs your so nice...

i realized an optimists really leads a happy life. and learning to appreciate the small things in life makes one a happier person. look around you. be grateful. cos i am. i am grateful in every single thing. and i believe everything happens for a reason. and God has a plan for all of us...moreover, there is this saying....

what cant kill you only makes u stronger....

or something like tat treat bad things as a learning experience and get over it~! face the problem and overcome it. if it has to be a head-to-head confrontation, so be it~! never hide away. it will just make you feel more miserable.

enough of my preaching. shall go have a nice rest.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

YUMMY ice cream~!

yum yum...yes. stoopid jianqiang had to send me at like 2+ has been so long since i ate gelato ice cream......yum yum.....i used to love the watermelon flavour...but i dunno why they dont have that anymore....maybe nobody cept me likes and my strange taste. haha...but instead of a cup of gelatoz, i rather get myself YAMI yogurt~! i feel in love the first time i tried it~! pure addiction....pure heavenly....

darn, the girlfight song keeps running in my brain as well as on my laptop. thats the song we learnt yesterday at hiphop class. i know i have already mentioned it, but i really really like hamzah's lessons~! its like the lessons i took in korea 2 years back. hippy hoppy. but the one in korea less of dance techniques. more of aerobics. but its dancy moves, not like those normal boring routined aerobics. aiyah, have no idea how to explain. really going to miss hamzah and his lesson. and i wanna get myself a mickey mouse shirt~! WAIT~! its not coz hamzah was wearing it~! but i always wanted a mickey mouse shirt~! i told carol once and she said it might look funny if worn wrongly. but mickey shirts are the rage in korea. or rather was in rage. but they are so so so so expensive~!!!! i saw one nice one and it costs $59.90~! but it was nicely sequined. and shiny too`~!! just the way i like it.....BLING BLING~!

haha...i've used up my moisturizer and mummy dint get me my biothem i got myself the BIOESSENCE face lifting cream~! the one which is said to shrink your face~!!! hahaha...always wanted to try it....well, i tried and i measured my face....but diff??? maybe after several application my face might actually shrink~! *crosses fingers*

yay~! eva's birthday party later~! had to go for my daddy's dinner, but he and his dear friend decided to go JB korean BBQ i was like....omg....and mummy said i need not go....but i still feel bad. being the only daughter in singapore and i couldnt do anything for daddy dearest. i havent got him his birthday present. i think i shall get in the POLO after shave. his fav...hahaha....and i wanna go U2~! they are having major sale~! i wanted to buy a yellow cardigan but wth~! they only had SSSSSSSSS~!!! whats with U2~! only left with size i wear~! then i wanted to buy this nice green top with a lotus print...but no size had purple going to try out other U2....ok fat i need XXXXXXXLLLLL...hahaha...but who cares?? beauty comes in all shapes and sizes~! and thats not to console myself for being fat~! confidence itself is a beauty~! and im not going to care people calling me fat!! im exercising now and at least im trying to achieve a healthy life~! i have tonner abs and butts now~! i tell u they are really much much more toned and less flabby than last time. but still bulging...i think it will take at least a year of hard core training before the ab muscles start to show. i always envy those girls with super nice abs~! really very sexy~! haha.....some thin/slim girls have tummy ...whereas some girls who are a little big have nice toned abs~! yummy........

who wants to join woman's day workout? amy? wanna join? 3hr of mass exercise. aerobics, kickboxing and.....HIPHOP~! hahaha...and its $8 for amore members~! with $150 worth goody bag for sign ups~! im definitely in for it~!

time to go shopping~! adios folks~!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

my day today

back from hip hop class. my last day at amore.....sobz...but what to do? school starting....1 whole month of work out.....and i only lost pathetic~! hahaha.....but im pretty sad that i wont be able to attend my fav instructor's classes anymore.... something i always look forward, the dance steps was a tad confusing... and i wasnt concentrating enough. and worse of all, he kept coming over and dancing so close to us. i get pressurized and couldnt dance properly....and he had to call me up to dance.....i was lost halfway malu......darn~! he was going to teach us 1 whole song for the month of august~! and it had to be my last lesson. hopefully the sports buffet dance instructor is as good as him~! or better still, better than hamzah

tomorrow is daddy's birthday, but i havent got his present yet~! dunno wat to get for him. mummy got him this massage lose tummy fats....i dunno wat to get for him~!~!!! grrr.....

saw a nice video/ digi cam at BEST superstore today. orange in colour...and only $199~! but dint really see the functions and the brand. haha.....will go back and check it out...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dog Lessons

Jianqian sent me 2 pics of a dog.......

this is a husky~!

this is not a husky~! According to jianqiang, its a Alaskan Malamute. haha....although i prefer husky...but the husky in the first pic looks kinda sissy...i like strong and confident dogs~! ok....looking at husky, he looks confident. maybe he is too white? haha....

KTV outing

ktv seesion~!!!! yummy~!!! missing in pic....SITING~! hahaa.....can u guys spot my fat and sexy legs~!?yay~!! im sexy~! is the whole 4/5 gang. missing in action is ailian, who is busy with her *ahem* and zhiyang who is always MIA....

wow...i look pretty dark whitening efforts are of no use...

yay~! ive got myself firefox.....i think it looks cooler....haha....but it changes my whole template~! grrr...gotta change my photo.....

Monday, July 25, 2005


cadbury dairy milk with crunchie~!!!! its yummilicious~!!! i keep eating and eating it none stop~! darn~!!!!

ok...i have joined engin o-week as a councillor. wanted just to be an extra councillor at first, just bumming around. but i guess it would be unfair to others and very irresponsible of me. so i have decided to join full-time. which means flag day~! oh gosh. this year's flag day is going to be worse thanks to the NKF incident. people will be more hesistant, more skeptical. but i really hope engin can win something this rag and flag day.
sigh.....what will u do when u suddenly realised that the grandma u have been calling is actually your step grandma and everything suddenly makes sense? and the more i admire and in a way feel sorry for my dad. but at times, i kinda dislike him. dad is a fierce dad. thats all i can say. and really stubborn too...and my character is somewhat similar to his. i remember ian telling me once that i will be a very bad mother. those that children will grow to hate. i guess i will be like my dad in future. wait, i dont hate my dad. well, at times i do. but its more of love and admiration than anything else. i respect him lots. and i want to marry a guy like him~! hahaha.....thats why they say most girls would want to marry a guy like her own dad....enough about my daddy.
yay~! i have decided to play my guitar. so throw face~! cant even play a decent musical instument~! quite piano after grade 1......violin after around 6-12 months....and guitar after around 1 year of strumming rubbish. going to buy my guitar string to restring tomorrow~! all my strings have gone rusty and yellowish~! haha....hopefully i will be able to tune it up properly.....


omg~!!!!!!!!! im so so so sweetened after reading someone's blog~! its super duper sweet~! how i wish someone can propose to me too~!!!! wow......okie...was reading jianqiang's blog. and he blogged about how his friend proposed to his gf on her birthday~! simple but yet everything is so sweet. i love such things...i love it when there is love everywhere~! i love it when i see people smile~! love it when others are happy~! it makes me happy too~!!!

wonder when my turn will come..haha...:P 99 roses....i have never received sooo many before.....the bigest bouquet was 10++ lilies. and it was lovely enough. wonder how it would be like to receive 999 roses....:P whole diet has gone to a waste.....was sick the past few days....and all i did was devour all food that i see.....and although my stomach was full, my mouth was not satisfied. so i kept on eating and a glutton. haha....

finish watching ho kiat's vcd....pretty good show. but the ending.....pretty disappointing....

i am spending too much $$~! i am trying to cut down. but its like once i buy, i cant stop~! so right now, im depriving myself of facials, manicures and everything nice. so i shall go for my steambath and massage later~!

i am so so so impressed with hamzah, my hip hop dance instructor. i only went for 1 lesson, and thats all it takes~! i cant wait wait wait for wednesday to come~!!!!! yes~! but this wednesday would be my last lesson with amore. hamzah...u will be missed dearly~! haha

but i realized with the amore card, u can book the chalet at the ntuc for like $50 for 3 days 2 nights~!!!!! on a weekday that is....but how cheap is that~!!!!! im sure there are terms and conditions. but shall i??? but the thing is, who will come? weekday...nobody will stay over loh.....and i will be staying over by myself~! haha...i was thinking of macdonalds birthday party. so cute rite? like when i was in kindergarden and primary school. and give out those small goody bags in class~! cute~ i think i will do that...:P

Saturday, July 23, 2005

my pathetic attempt to go into hiding

darn...i wrote a long msg about me going into hiding and stuffs....and IE hang on me~! darn darn dang dang~! usually i would ctrl+c it before i submit it...but it was so late and so darn troublesome that i just dint bother...and guess what? bravo`! IE has to hang~! grrrr....

im lazy to repeat what i just wrote. just know that im dumb. and my pathetic attempt to change my whole blog address failed miserably. why? cos im dumb!! it somehow linked to my old blog and blah blah blah.....grrrr.......

i cant be bothered. but i dont like to have freaky stalkers coming on msn and telling me they know me~! its disgusting~! for one, they are not even on my list`! and two, they refuse to disclose their identity. dear friends, if u are playing a prank on me, its not funny....its freaky`! want me to repeat that? IT IS FREAKY~!!!!!! yes, i do like attention, but not this kinda attention.

just cos on the internet u are masked by a dumb IP addy, doesnt mean u can....argh~1 why do i even bother?~!

haha. to jiali and eva: im not troubled lah. i wish to be troubled too~! maybe im troubled cos i have no troubles? ok...i have plenty of troubles. i cant seem to shake off my fats`!

Friday, July 22, 2005

who says im gone?! haha

haha~! im back~! decided to keep this blog. well, after 1 year of babbling...i cant let it go to waste. but i dont want it to be so public anymore. the lesser the ppl know, the better. afterall its for me and me alone. and of cos to my friends...:)

darn, hate that time of the month. everything seems to be turning against you. like the whole world is argh~!!! guys wont understand. and girls who dont have cramps wont understand. its tough. its pain. its pure torture. wonder how's childbirth like? worse? oh least i dont need to eperience childbirth every month. haha

tomorrow it the heritage race. yet the stoopid "da yi ma" has to come. grrrrrr......gonna swallow down lots of panadol.... but hopefully no cramps.

the thing is, if i exercise, my cramps aint that pain. so i hope all these 3 weeks of exercise will be of use.

as for now, my appetite is super humongous~! i crave for everything~! from chilli crab to sambal fish to soft shell crab to fish and co to ice cream to fondue......omg...talking about it makes me hungry....

wonder why my breast hurts every time menses comes..... aiyah, told u this is going to be a personal blog. so im not going censor my thoughts. haha.... it hurt so much that the other time i thought i had breast cancer~! how freaky is that~! but luckily my mom told me that during menses , your breast grow bigger or something and blah blah i guess its not breast cancer. no need for mamogram...

i wanna read harry potter~! someone~! quick lend me the book~! i will treat u to fsim~! haha...:P

trying to think happy thoughts to make myself happy...if not i will turn cranky...:P happiness is good......

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

shutting down of this blog

shutting down of my blog. thats what im thinking. well, its more of a chore than pleasure to write this online blog of mine.

firstly, it hasnt help me improve my english. my english is still singlish and on the contrary, i think my english got worse. i didnt put what my GP teacher taught me into good use.

secondly, its really too open. its not as if i write super personalize stuff here. the thing is, i couldn't~! God knows who is reading what~! a blog is for me to pen down my personal thoughts and feelings, but here, all my inner thoughts and feelings are still kept within me. what good is a blog if it doesnt serve this purpose? i still keep an old conventional diary. where i would write dumb poems and songs just for self entertainment. and i would hide this diary very safely. haha...that is what i call a diary. where i can really express myself freely without offending anyone or without letting ppl know the naked u.

thirdly, my life is boring. yeah. i have to admit. nothing special happens in my life. everyday, the same mundane things. wake up and sleep.... no boyfriend to brag about.

ok, the thing is. i am someone who needs love. needs affection. needs attention. i would say me and my sister are 1 of a kind. we share similarities when finding a bf. and we are both super unreasonable. haha....when i see how she treat her bf...its like total bully and i really pity the bf....but then, i realize i too treat my ex that bad...haha...but one thing for sure. in my desperate search for that special someone, i lost much and i've gained much more. lost all my first time. WAIT~! dont think dirty!! im still a virgin. what i meant was, i lost my first time where my heart beat so fast being with him. lost the first time when we held hands. lost the first time when our lips met. lost my first hug. lost my mind. lost my parent's trust......and the list just goes on. but i have gained my happy and unhappy moments. and i know im not the same girl whom i used to be. no longer the innocent and naive little girl thinking the world is so perfect. thinking that true love actually exists. i have tasted hurt, betrayal, and what it is like when your heart really aches, literally.

i have longed and longed for that special someone to come. but after every setbacks, it just adds on to my pain and misery ,phobia and inconfidence.

dont feel like continuing. i am starting to get pretty personal. see~! thats the thing with this dumb blog~! and i just realized im writing a blog for people to read~! the tone of my diary is totally different. BAH~! bye

Sunday, July 17, 2005

lazy girl blogs again...:)

been really lazy to blog......getting sick of this routine. but i scalded my damn finger again and cant go for aerobics. so here i am sad. hurt my fingers yet again....i feel angry with myself for being so careless always. my mom says at this rate, all my fingers will be scared....:(

daddy's birthday coming....dunno if what to buy for him. thinking of a mont blanc pen....but with my budget, i think i can only get him those out-dated models. so now, im thinking of a spa voucher or some cleanser for him. cos i remembered him being envious that his friend's daugther bought for his friend this very nice cleanser. haha.....old men do get jealous too~! haha

been exercising alot....and also eating alot....haha....i cant stand it.. good food everywhere~! and breadtalk having a $1 sale~! not much a discount but still tempting... although all the bread are those cheaper ones....but still, i bought 9~! muhahaha....

eva~!!!!! im the 10006th person to visit your blog~!!!!!!!!! so if 10000, 10001, 10002, 10003, 10004, 10005 couldn't produce proof, then i can get the free fsim~!!!!!!! haha...kidding lah...:P


btw, your theory on the limo and buses really very interesting and nice. and the one on u walking when the bus breaks down. nice and simple.

i am getting more and more cranky day by day. becoming more and more pissed with the ugly human nature. how man have become so disgustingly ugly and selfish. well, i myself included, of cos. im getting pissed at almost everything. from people talking loudly in the bus, to people walking so slowly when im in a rush. even the slightest thing pisses me off. and amore service is getting worse and worse~! im not happy that their staffs are using our locker services. and its like a lot of the lockers are occupied by them~!!!! and on top of that, they get the better lockers. those which are situated not too high and not too low. in the end, we, the patrons have to make do with the lockers which are not conviniently placed~! im lodging a complain~!!!!! provided im not so lazy...haha...okie, shall make a complaint online...:) addicted to the drama ho kiat lent me. watching it till 3+ 4+ am every morning...okie...back to watching it~!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Life is good....

haha..just came back from my aerobics and gym and like spending 3++ hours there....but im not as hardcore as amy~! hahaha....but this saturday, dont forget our date~! :D

feeling sick.....throat hurts like mad, runny nose, sore eyes...and my body aches from over gyming.... but managed to lose 1kg...haha...which i gained it back...then lost it again....dunno hard to really have an accurate weight as many factors affect it. but i shant be bothered about my weight. what matter is how healthy i am and how good i look. but of cos haftaa lose that 15kg~!! hahaa...

hmmmm.....finally 3 quarters thru my da-vinci. okies, im a slow reader but the whole story is so exciting and so unexpecting that i need some time to really take in the fact. too much and it will just kill the story. i really wanna appreciate the book. and no way am i going to just read thru it in just a few days.

issit God helping me or what? a few weeks ago, i had this dream and ambition to become a car designer or in the car related field....and a few days ago, i received this email saying that ME has launched 2 new specialisation~! and guess what these 2 are~?!

The Department had recently launched 2 new specialisations. They are "Automotive Engineering" and "Product Design".

yes~!!! automotive and product design~!!!how very apt and appropriate~!!!! i am so encouraged. moreover the prof incharge(acedemic coordinator) for automotive engineering is none other that A/P Seah Kar Heng~! he who got the best teacher or dunno what award. and one impressive lecturer~!!! i am so so inspired. i dunno if i will be eligible for it give my super lousy CAPs....but i have this aim, this dream, this goal. and i hope it isnt some "3-minute thingg" ermmm.....cant seem to find the right word. brain dead.

i am really greatful. its like God's invisible hands making way for me and helping me. or issit pure coincidence. whatever the case is, i hope things turns out well~! :D

Sunday, July 03, 2005

my life

thanks to choo, went for free concert on friday night. JAZZ- jeremy monteiro.....hmmmmm.....not going to comment much. well, its a free concert so i shant complain much. and it was my first concert at the esplanade~! haha....well, the place is dusty, making my nose super uncomfortable. i was more concerned about my nose than the concert. i got a pretty sensitive nose. it can detect dust pretty good. haha...sorry choo for my runny nose...and i had a splitting headache. probably cos i woke up too early for my aerobics. was feeling pretty lousy throughout. during supper, i tried 5 spices for the first time. it wasnt too bad, but the bus journey home in one word....was HORRIBLE~! it was worse than a hang over....splitting headache, feel like puking throughout and the stoopid person stiting infront of me had to face his air-con to him....i felt so lousy i couldnt be bothered. wanted to alight to puke, but i was afraid i couldnt catch another bus. so i held all my vomit within me.....thank goodness the ride wasnt too long....

puked like mad when i got home...first time i puked sooo much. practically puked my whole supper cum dinner out....well, felt sooo much better after puking and eating panadol...

jasmine party was okie....she was too busy entertaining her ex-flame and left me, ailian and the rest talking among ourselves. peiwen suggested trying apricot brandy next time i club...

after her party, we went to club momo~! okie, went with her friends. was hesitant to go at first, cos i dint know them well, but they turned out very nice people~! eugene was underaged and couldnt get in the first time. dunno why he so suay...we werent asked for our i/c...only him and serene's bf....but eugene, so determined to get he re-queued and wow, he got in after like sooo momo....not too bad. the live band there was pretty good. the the time we went in...all the nice music gone....

ok, one funny thing happened. while dancing at the dance area, this ang moh/ eurasian came up to me (actually not up to me....i asked from my back) and asked me:" hi, whats your name?"

and i was like so shocked and dumbfounded. and i dint know how to react as usual. so i gave him the shocked look and just turned away. then he continued dancing behind me and when i looked at him, he asked again:" are you shocked that i asked for your name?" and i nodded...and he asked why and then he wanted to shake my hand. so out of courtesy, i shaked back...^^

then, this stoopid pervert angmoh or dunno what race tried to hold my hand~!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh gosh~!!! of cos i dint know how to react~!!!! but luckily choo and the rest wanted to move over to the live band area due to lousymusic. so i slipped my hands off and waved bye at him. he, of cos gave the disappointing look. still wondering why i got approached. im dont look slim and beautiful lke the girls there....i know....i bet he thinks no guys would want me...and i would be an easy target......grrrr........

my friend told me cos he wants to have ONS( one night stand) with me~!@ grrrrr........stoopid pervertic guys

haha...wat an experience. btw, he wasn't any good looking guy....left the place at around 3+ and shared a cab home with slyvia and eugene. nice peeps. luckily they staying near me, bt timah area...hahaha...

anyway, choos, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (although not yet) and thanks for the drinks....:P