Sunday, February 27, 2005

11 things

My sister exchanged my MD for her mp3 and I got to listen to this very nice song which I fell in love instantly…..very nice….makes me have the lovey feeling. The song is very nice…but I dunno how to upload….Again, I wanted to translate the whole song…but lazy lah. Somemore tests coming….so I just translated the chorus part which is the nice part….:)I just feel like dancing to this song~! Hahahahaha…..

Title: 11 things girls want from a guy

  1. Only know me ( Only have me and care for me)
  2. Whenever you look at my eyes, you shall talk
  3. Even when I’m always late for 20mins, you cannot get angry
  4. No matter how tired you are, you definitely have to fetch me to my doorstep
  5. Take out my photo from your wallet and kiss it, even when u are asleep
  6. Promise me that you will call me 3 times or more everyday
  7. Trust me
  8. Report to me your daily activities
  9. Always side me
  10. When I am sick, you must be more pain than I am
  11. Even when THE girl approaches you, you shall only call out my name

okies.....these 11 things might sound funny...but i guess thats what i want in my guy~! what more can a girl ask for?

darn...its on repeat mode in my mp3 and its eating up my batteries~!~!!! i already used up 4~!!!!!!!!! shit shit shit...stoopid mp3 eat up batt one~!!!!!

anyway...i have 3 major tests coming up from monday to wednesday, everyday one......its 40%, 50% and __% its super killer...and guess what...i skipped so much lecture im like spending a few hours just on 1 regret.....i think im gonna break down~!!!!! argh~!!!!

i am super bad at time management, financial management...and now, stress management.....boohoo...i can never be a manager....:( okies...that was crappy...:P

i wanna go abroad~!!!! im gonna super save up now for my trip~!!!! i wish i can get myself a rich boyfriend...then everything will be settled....*daydreams* hahaha...

okies..better go back to my books....i can do it.....its mind over gonna be a *NERD*GEEK*BOOKWORM*GENIUS* long as i can score...GO GO GO JOODIVA~!!!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2005


if love is but a game
it's a hard game i've never won...

Friday, February 11, 2005

love takes time to heal when you're hurting so much.... not hurt or anything. thats just the lyrics of the song im listening to now....:P sounds nice.....took up my mariah carey cd after being stuck in my cd case for many years...haha.....songs nowadays are so forgetable.

just came back from movie and dinner with carol, xiaoling, sf, jj, jimmy. nat, jianping and linchang did join for movie but went off early...after dinner, had a nice chit chat with them....and carol started talking about her past relationships. wow.....her ex were so sweet and romantic...heehee.....envious. all i remember from my past relationship is the bad things....bad things that it hurts thinking about it....ok. lets not get there. had a fun time just sitting down and chit chatting and just laughing at the simplest dumb things.....especially jimmy...he ah...tsk tsk.....hahahaha.......

today, i felt so dizzy. lets the whole world is spinning....and my hurts....:( guess not enough sodium os was it potassium?? i think its the latter.....i need my banana....mommy forgot to buy...:( or issit im thinking too much these few days? or issit cos of maplestory...hahaha...but anyway, the dizziness wasnt there when we were shopping....that carol ah...tsk tsk....keep shopping and wearing clothes....but clothes look nice on her cos of her good figure~! wooo....hahaha...but she bought this nice purple top today after much consideration...muhahaha....but it cost $ its nice...good buy~! feeling this entry is super incoherent. but who cares...:P i got a headache and its my excuse~! hmph~!

been thinking about some stupid stuffs are a few...but i forgotten some...

darn....i cant seem to remember any....okie....thought of it.....

  1. shall i get married to a korean or a singaporean? although i grew up here and all my friends here, afterall korean blood runs in me and my parents would want me to marry into a korean family. last time when i was with kurt....i had it all shitty......okie...i wont think about such stuffs at such a young age.
  2. why issit that my complexion never gets better..... why am i still having pimples at this age?~! so sad.....i need my facial....
  3. what do guys actually want for v-day/birthday? so hard to find guys present...
  4. do girls like receiving flowers on v-day? actually, i dont really like receiving flowers......not those nicely wrapped and expensive ones. i like those 1 stalk simple looking type. i think those expensive ones are a waste of money. i rather be treated to a nice dinner....maybe cos im an engineer...practical..haha....but girls really like receiving flowers meh? my sis has tonnes of dried flowers and she likes them....hmmmm...
  5. will u marry someone who loves u more or someone whom u love more? u understand what im trying to say?? lets say u have 2 choices. 1>>he loves u alot, but u dont love him as much. 2>> u love him a lot but he doesnt love u as much. issit better to be loved or to love???hmmmm....

okies...i cant think of the rest...i remembered having some meaningful thoughts...but then....its all gone.....cant think of it now....

okies, before signing off...JIALI JIALI JIALI....GORDON GORDON GORDON~! hahaha..happy?:P

Monday, February 07, 2005

the bra story.....(if u are uncomfortable with reading bra-ry stuffs, suggest u skip this entry...hahaha)

yes~! finally went shopping yesterday~! hahahaha....ian was nice enough to accompany me...muhahahaha.....i had a list of things to buy, but then, dint bought everything on the list. but i spent like $146 in just one day....all thanks to my stoopid bra....muhahahaha...i went into this bra shop at wisma. well, it looked nice and classy, so i decided to take a look. and wow, the bras there were indeed excuisite and nice.....especially the flowery i went to try them on.....and wow, the service is EXCELLENT and PROFESSIONAL~!!!!! and their fitting room is damn nice with very pretty deco~!!!!! they had 3 different colour rooms; 1 red, 1 pink,1 white. i chose the red room and the bra assistant said something like "oooh....passionate" hahaha...but the red room looks the nicest.haha...

wow, the service was superb. the sales assistant keep bringing in more and more bra. and after each try, she would come in and personally adjust and eveerything for you~! wow....really amazed. hahahaso in the end, bought this simple looking bra. thought it wont cost so much, but it totalled up to $119~!~!!!! hahahaha...but i dint really feel the pinch cos im so satisfied with the service as well as the quality that i felt its pretty worth it.....

but after going home and thinking about looked pretty similar to my current one....just a little more comfortable and gives a better shape... but still, i regret not buying the flowery one...darn~! hahaha...okie. the next time i need a bra, im going back to that shop~! its really WOW......and oh yah~! the paper bag they give, its so pretty with ribbon~! ahahahaha...okies......if any of you want a good bra with superb service, the shop name is CHALONE (luxury intimate apparel) .........

okie, enough of bra talk. i also bought this nice esprit top with a corsage on it. when i was queing up, the person infront asked me where i got my top~! muhahaha...see~! i have good taste. but the top is a little tight...guess i gotta lose weight to wear it~!:)

okie, pretty ian treated me to a yummy dinner at cafe catel. it was my first time eating there.....and....okie..not bad...but the ribs were too sweet....hahaha...not bad lah.....but i rather FISH AND CO.......*hint*hint*hahahaha in amy's room now. just had a nice lunch with carol and amy....:) CAROL CAROL CAROL....see~! i mention your name...happy?~! muhahahahaha...:P but now, im really bored....and that dummy maplestory is patching again....:( so sad.......ok lah.......stop complaining...maybe go around reading blogs...muhahaha.....have a gong xi fa cai~!:D

Friday, February 04, 2005

treasure your loved ones.

everyday, i learn new things. things which can never be taught thru books. things i have to experience it myself to actually learn them. today's lesson: treasure your loved ones....

i may sound damn loovey doovey these few days, preaching about love and all, but today's lesson is so scarey and so real i have to preach to everyone reading it. let me repeat: TREASURE YOUR LOVED ONES before its too late.

i was on bad terms with my mommy( okie, it seems like im on bad terms with every family member) it wasn't really bad terms, but yeah, i was pretty cold towards her(maybe its that time of the month or something) but i was treating her real bad. not talking to her and just asking her for money and food.....well, i know all along i was being mean and all that, but i just dint feel like entertaining anyone in my family. (in case u guys are thinking im having some huge family problem, its nothing, really. its just me and my ocassional tantrums. i am the youngest and all, so im spoilt ....:P) anyway, back to the topic. just heard from my sis my mom met with a car accident today and broke someone else's side mirror due to her carelessness. and a few days ago, scratched the car while parking. and at that instant, i realised how mean i was to her and really thankful nothing serious happened. really really thankful. if something bad had happened(CHOY!CHOY!CHOY!) i would really really regret it real bad for the rest of my life. i would be so sorry for treating her so mean..... and i think im the cause of the accident. i guess i stressed her up. im feeling so dumb. she is my mom for crying out loud....someone who went thru the toughest pain in life to give birth to me, someone who would really risk it all if something bad was to happen to me....someone whom showered me with agape love....and yet the mean things i have done makes me shameful of myself.

i seldom put myself in people's shoe and i when i do, i realise what a jerk-bitch-tyrant i've been. in the past, people might have forgiven me to my ignorance, but now, im old enough to distinguish what's right and wrong. and how i've treated my mom, i really bad bad bad thing to do.

my dad, from young kept telling me family ties are strongest of all. even if your friends/ spouse leave you, you family will be there when you need them the most. and i truely believe in that. i never take my family for granted. (maybe sometimes i do, unconciously, but never intentionally)

sigh...i feel so jerkish. the pain i've caused my must have hurt her deep.....and the accidents, it must be really hard on her. i pray to God that everything will be fine and may she be blessed for the rest of her life. cos im going to be a good daugther and give her all the best there is.

okie, end of lesson. yay, today, went for a mini shopping with my sis. finally bought my pair of the heavenly havainas. im wearing it as i type...:P it just wraps my feet nicely(not that it has much to wrap) hahaha..... but it costs me $29.90...boohoo..i wanted to buy this nice pink flowerly one.....but it wasn't havainas and it was the last pair(it was dirty too). so i had to make do with this green and pink one. its nice, but its so bright to match....:( but they dint have much selection and my feet being so big, i had less choices.

and me and my sis took neoprints~! expensive...$8...and we took it 2 times...which is $16......*pengz* anywayz, it came out nice.....okie, my sis came out nice cos she had make-up on....but im pretty too~!!!! will upload it once i scanned it....:)

and my nice sister treated me to nydc~! yummylicious~!

and we went to this nice korean minimart at cineleisure~! omg~!!!!!!!they have KOREAN ICE CREAM~!!!!!! something i wanted for soooooo long~!!!!! u guys should go and try it~!!! its really great....especially melona. so so so so yummy.....i missed the taste so much. if only they had banana milk. its damn nice~!!!! banana milk. i used to drink it almost everyday when i was in wonderful.....they should stop importing jap stuffs and import more korean stuffs~! okie, gotta go sleep...:P

Thursday, February 03, 2005


hmmmm.....reading my previous entry, i think i sounded a tad too emotional. yup. dint expect such such coming out of me..haha..but i felt that emotional at that time and had to write it down.

today, i was to complete my maths tut 2 and i happily sat down, read thru my ma1506 notes and started on Qn1........and *BAMB* i got stucked. and i got stucked for like 1hr+++ till nat came to my was due to that single horrible mistake that cost me my precious 1hr~! grrr..... after finding my mistake, i had no mood to continue with my tutorials.

so that sums up my day...haha

been reading thru some blogs(JJ and Jiali) and they were both talking similar topics. something to do with ideal partner etc...... and many thoughts raced thru my mind. i realised i dont know what are the qualities i want my ideal partner to possess. well, if u are talking about ideal partner, like what my fluid tutor told us,, ideal fluid never exists. of cos i want my ideal partner to be perfect in every aspect. but reality is cruel, so its better to have no expectations. hahaha....from young, i always wanted my hubby to be rich. well, rich in everything, but more importantly, monetarily. haha....don't every girl wanna be a tai tai? i know i know, money isnt everything. my mom keep telling me that whenever i wanna say i wanna marry to a rich guy. but its just a small the "meteor garden" dao-ming-si...hahaha....(btw, im watching that again...i never get bored watching it...i think its like my fifth time???hahah...:P)

okie, back to serious stuff. what i look for in a ideal partner...... i think communication is important. and i think the chemistry too(although i dunno if it will last). like carol, someone with the same frequency. but, im some weird person and its really hard to find that someone with the same frequency as me...hahaha.....i want someone who understands me even without me saying it....someone when im down, he gives me small a killer for romances. i want a romantic guy~! someone who can charm me with special suprises~! someone who can pamper me......hahahaha......i want someone who is crazy. will do crazy things at craazy times...a wild boy~! someone who likes to be happy.

hmmmm...what i mentioned on top sounds like i want a PLAYBOY.....ok lah....what im asking for is too much. i just want someone who can sweep me off the feet...someone who can give me that butterflies-in-my-tummy feeling.

ermmmm...okie, im talking nonsense and writting rubbish. it must be 1hr of looking at 1 stoopid question which is making me feel so drained.tomorrow is shopping time with my dearest sis. and she is treating me to dinner~!!!!! did i tell u i love her? must be the GODIVA chocolate......its cost $27 for 3 small round black things~! and i just gobbled them down in 1/2 day....:( sigh...what a waste....:( i might as well eat 27 $1 coins....literally eating money...:(