Wednesday, December 15, 2004

finally, an entry~! heehee

wow~! although i dint update, it seems that i still have my loyal listeners (opps, should be readers huh) reading my dumb, slow-to-update and full of crap blog. heehee...:)

holidays, wow~! its like passing by so quickly~! and i practically spent my days idling around doing nothing other than watching the telly, playing the really laggy sims,! thats what i have been doing for the past few days~! oh mi gosh~! very soon the whole hols gonna be over. my dad keeps hurrying me to get a license. he also keep hinting (or at least to me) like hinting he will get me a car if i be a good girl and quickly get my license. well, i might be getting the wrong hint. but at least it kinda made my day and make me wanna learn driving a little more faster...:D

tomorrow, the dreading AMORE routine starts again. its actually not that dreadful. in fact, its pretty fun~! but the thought of dieting....yeeks....freaking me out. hahahaha...but its time i lose weight. and the painful hula-hoop still lies in my room telling me," use me~! use me~!" argh...painful pain no day when i overcome this fear i will use it. hahaha...:)

well, yesterday, ian, brought me back to my old memories. he found my old homepage. not found lah...its just that i forgotten i had a homepage last time and for years i lived my life forgetting it.. and yesterday, i came across it. reading all those stuffs. it made me realise how much i have change. how much this whole world and the people around me change me. i wont say its a good change and i wont say its bad either. its just that reading my past past homepage really really made me very happy and made me realise i was such a happy and such a carefree person. it also showed me the innocence and showed me how naive i was~! brought tears to my eyes. how i miss those past memories. i want to be who i was in the past. i pretty much hate the person i am today. hate is too much a strong word. but i would say if given a choice, i would want to be the naive, innocent little girl i was then. so worries, no hurt, no scars. oh no. im starting to tear again. hahahaha....anyway, i guess experience makes a person wiser and stronger and more mature. yup~! im more mature now~! hey~! dont laugh....i am okies~!

announcement~! my sister and grandma is coming to singapore~!!! my grandma for a month and my is taking a break from her university education over in korea. a long break........she got a 1 year ticket to stay here. oh no~!!!! trouble~!! which means my suffering begins...starting sunday.....:/ hahaha.....but im happy to have her back. at least she better buy me some nice stuffs from korea or else........muahhahaha...*evil laughs*

last week, my parents went to JB. they brought back some pirated dvds and of cos my pirated sims2. and guess what~?! caught. hahahaha....darn. it sounds as if my parents did something really bad and got caught by the immigration officers. well, nothing big happened. they just got their particulars written down and were given friendly warning. but we got so scared we cleared away all the pirated stuffs. some just throw away, some give away to friends. darn~! all the nice dvds.....but at least i dl my sims2~! yay~! if anyone of u wants to borrow my sims2, come tell me~!

okies, i got to read this book called "invisible trade". its a book about social escorts and this invisible sex trade in singapore. wow~! im quite impressed by this book. also talks about.....ermmm...wait, i forgot the name *refers to book* yeap. got it. it also talks about BDSM ( bondage-discipline/sado-masochism). i was shocked that some people actually like that~! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks~!!!!!! and all these or professionals in this trade. i still dont understand why people like to be tortured to get high.....and i also dont understand how killing an ant with high-heels can make one high? hahahaha......really have all sorts of people living in this world. okies, enough of the book. so funny. hahahaha....

i am having this funny numb feeling in my laft hand. its like no strength. no strength to carry a cup. not really no strength. its just that i have a feeling if i hold the cup, i will lose grip of it. issit some kinda stroke?~! omg~!!!!!!!! how~?! i dont want to have stroke at this young age. but maybe its due to my laziness that my muscles became stiff? hahaha..i dunno...tomorrow, after AMORE we'll see...:D

okies, i guess thats enough for one entry....:D my left hand is feeling numb again...hahaha.....adios muchachos

Friday, December 03, 2004

lalalalala many things to buy...yet bo lui (no money) santa, santa, please give me christmas prezzies this year...purlesse??~!

JoOjOo's wishlist
  1. new undergarments~!!!!! nice nice one....i want orange pretty...:)
  2. a nice jacket~!!!!!! girls...u should know what im talking about....and jiali, stop saying it looks like a bag/blanket~! hahahaa...
  3. the nice pink nike shoes...look so comfy and light...unlike my darn heavy and bulky addidas shoes which only makes my feet hurt everytime i wear them...:(
  4. the heavenly slipper i fell in love the moment i slipped into it~!!! oh my gosh....its so comfy...hahaha
  5. a black heels...or a pink one...:P i glanced across this nice pair of shoe yesterday while shopping...but i forgot which shop....darn...i must shop around the whole orchard again to find this shoe...:/
  6. a nice big long wallet which can keep coins...
  7. a nice pair of jeans...
  8. a nice game~!!!!!!! im pretty bored at home i wanna buy a new comp game~!!! or do anyone of u have nice games to lend me???:)
  9. etc etc etc..... christmas is a time for giving....*hint*hint*:P dear dearest darling friends....*hint*hint* hahahahaha......just kidding....since christmas is a magical season, i am gonna make my wishes come true~!! yeay~!!!! hahahaha....step 1 is to buy lottery~!!! muhahahaha.... feeling so crappy...i think i've been hit by the after exam syndrom....:)