Sunday, September 26, 2004

Season = Autumn
You're Most Like The Season Autumn ...

You're warm, and the most approachable. You have
that gentle prescence about you. People can
relate to you, and find you easy company.
However it's likely you've been hurt in the
past and it has left you scarred so things can
become rather chilly with you at times. Being
the third Season in, you're mature, trustworthy
and loyal to your friends but prone to
depression and negative thinking.

Well done... You're the shy and sensitive season :)

?? Which Season Are You ??
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Thursday, September 23, 2004

JoOjOo's 20th Birthday Cake~!!!

hahahahaha...this is my birthday cake from amy, cailing, charles, eva, gordon, jiali, jimmy, jennifer and not forgetting ho kiat~!! nice of him ah...:) althought there were no flame on the candles(cos we cant find a lighter) but i still made my wish and cut and ate up the cake~!!! yummy~!! it was chocolicious and so so very sinful....after which me, jiali, amy, jimmy, charles and gordon ran to catch our movie...:) THANKS GIRLS AND GUYS FOR SUCH A NICE BIRTHDAY....:)

Me and Gordee at the stoopid deserted "park". i look funny

hahaha...after the movie, that stoopid gordon brought me and amy to this stoopid park at the top of the building or something....we walked like up and down, took lifts to funny floors and finally reached this deserted park. but we had fun taking photos and having a nice view of orchard road...:D yeah, call it cheap thrill if u want...:P but it was fun~!!! muhahahahaha....:P

MY MELODY~!!! aint she sweet...:D

yay~!!! this is the MY MELODY the girls and guys gave me...i love MY MELODY....she is so cute....cuter than that HELLO KITTY...:P i really like this doll~!!! so nice to touch...muhahahaa.....once again, thanks girls and guys...:D

Thursday, September 09, 2004

yes, i am blogging..

yeay, finally i can blog. its not because i fixed my laptop or anything, but im using my school comp. hahahaha....yeap. i am having this super long 4 hr break and therefore decided to spend my time WISELY by blogging..muhahaha...

no lah...just went to clementi for lunch and i did my IMPARO and yeap, now im resting...:D

and now....for my updated list...:)

well, whats the point of writing down my wish list? as if it will come i wish santa claus can buy me all i want on im gonna write a nice nice wish list for him...address....ermmm...northpole??? :(

sigh...feeling really crappy. i dunn. guess i am a little lost....studies...dunno wat i am doing. i have no mood and energy to study but i know i gotta study. what a chore....zzzz......anyway, its already 5.35pm, gotta start moving off for my lecture, its gonna be real long. and i am gonna miss my singapore idol once again....:/

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

i dunno what happened but i cant seem to update my blog and i cant log on to some of my school stuffs...:( the only way i can update is through "hello"...hahahaha...hopefully this gets through....well...quite lots of things happened for the past few days.... but i will write it when my laptop is fixed. right now, time to update my wish list...:)