Sunday, August 29, 2004

My wish list...

yesterday, went to sign up for roller blading class and get our blade size at somewhere near eunos~!! as usual, i was late and abel,carol,freddie had to wait for me...:P
after that, went to comex, and bought a DORAEMON webcam for just 30 bucks~!! cheap deal but money spent .....saw a couple of cute and real chic mp3 player, but again, no money...

today, went to catch a movie(13 going 30) pretty interesting...3/5 popcorns for making me laugh....:D after that, realised OP had a 20% storewide opening sale~! so i bought a skirt-short. it costs $28.80. cheap but still money...:( wanted to buy more but lack of vitamin M~!!:(

realised that i am super duper bad at financial planning and i got this real bad habit to buy things not in my budget and i end up using up my allowance real quickly....i got a whole list of things i wanna buy ~!

JoO's wish list
  1. MP3 player~!!!!! the creative muVo slim one ~!! ever since my MD died on me, i felt real sad...:(
  2. HI_FI~!!! my old hi-fi just left me like that~! without any last words and i am really deprived of music..
  3. BIOTHERM moisturiser.....just used up my old one....biotherm stuffs are good....:D
  4. make-up face powder...used finished that too...or rather finishing real soon...thinking of getting chanel. as well as their foundation..
  5. a new handphone~!!! i think my handphone is having simply gives me lots of headache and heartaches....:( but no nice phones in the market now..shall wait...
  6. a deep purple manicure~!!! nice chic-ish colour....i wanna go for manicure too...:( i also want those nice nice nailart~!!
  7. a nice foot and body massage....:) pamper myself from this stressful shoulders are stiffing up...a shoulder massage is a must~!!!
  8. a new facial package~!!! my old one is expiring real soon....and its super ex...wanna look for a cheaper and better deal....:D
  9. a new hairdo~!!! my hair....darn, i have to do something about it..been neglecting it for some time... thinking of rebonding....unless my stylist have a better more manageble hairstyle...
  10. simple and nice black pencil case...i know i have a nice one..but i just want a small and simple one when not bringing too many stuffs...
  11. a new specs.....i lost my have to squint my eyes to see those unclear stuffs in lecture...:(
  12. a new waterbottle...i know i have lots. but they are just too heavy or just....aiyah..i dont like carrying waterbottle....maybe i will just delete this...:P
  13. oh yah~!! a digi-cam~!! but i guess i will hardly use it....but still...aiyah..this is also not a must...:P
  14. a new mouse. i want a nice big fat one thats nice to hold. mine is too small....getting tired of it....
  15. honey...not the eating honey but a person know, someone to call honey...just wanna call someone dear.....hahaha...dear dear dear....:P
  16. MONEY MONEY MONEY~!! yes, i wish money will just fall down from somewhere or a blank cheque flies into my room...:(

so many wants, so little money where are i wish i have a money supplier who can supply me with unlimited money~!!! sugar-daddy~!!muhahahaha...did i just say that.......aiyah...i need to improve my financial capability....gonna work~! yay~! work as?

Friday, August 27, 2004

Sports BAsh was a blast

yes....sports bash....yum think that me and alina hesitated at first. well, we hesistated ALOT~!!! we were like flipping coins, counting noodles and fries and chillies, doing silly and the dumbest thing to decide if we should go or not.

if we go...
  • guilty cos we have like tonnes of work to do but wont be able to do.
  • have fun~! cos its fun~! bash bash bash~!
  • get to see and support tony tan~!
  • as its a sports bash, get to see hunks and babes~!
  • a break from the boring school life.....:D

if we don't go...

  • we get to study, get to finish our assignments blah blah blah
  • BUT we miss out all the fun~!!!
  • we cant suppor tony tan~!!!(although he dint really need our support)
  • we will just miss out everything.....and will still be stressful..hahahaha

so in the end, we just decided to go...go there just to support tony, then leave before midnight...the evening started out pretty bad....i waited like 1hr for the darling trio(linchang,ken,abel) to come....jimmy was late too...

ok, shant go into too much details, but the night turned better. tony was named MR FRESHLOOK and the man~! R&B, a little pop, a little everything.....nicely placed.

linchang, our chiongster, had a headache, so he dint really danced much. me and alina was having though...:D

okok...there was this funny thing which happened. when we were about to leave, this group of guys were like pushing a guy over to i slowly backed off...but later this guy came and said that his friend was interested in me and would like to get to know me~!muhahahaha....i was pretty shocked and dint know how to react so i just walked away.....i guess they were drunk and alina said that she dint like drunk guys to approach girls. but she likes sober guys to approach girls...muhahaha...

after the bash, jimmy sent us home and i reached home at around 2...its was so fun that i dint care it was so late~! muhahaha....after, i still had to keep myself awake to listen to the webcast...but i really couldn't take it for the last 10 i just went to sleep...

all in all, i have fun, we had fun. it was my second most fun-est i wish i could party all my life....:D

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Vanity Fair

Trying out my newly bought cosmetics from the VANITY FAIR~!from prescriptive--> cheap and good~!! muhahahaha....:P natural sun-kissed look....thats what the person said. she said something like i got a cute face and freckles, so i suit the sun-kissed look...muhahahaha.....can u see the shine on my cheeks? can u? can u? muhahaha....

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Missing You

I know I shouldn’t be this way
But a part of me wouldn’t stay
I found it hard to keep away
Coz these memories wouldn’t fade

When will I know How much I did
Coz I know I’m hurtin’ you
I never meant to make you cry
It’s the last thing I wanna do

I’m missin’ you
I feel that I’m wanderin’ alone
Here on my own again
Wanting you

With every step that I take
I’ll make my way to you

You never thought I’ll say to you
All the things you’ve always want me to
I never seem to get things right
But I’ll make it up to you

Some things are better left unsaid

And sometimes I can’t explain at all
I don’t know how to make amends
Or was I ever wrong before

No matter where you are
I’ll have a part of you

Monday, August 16, 2004

Apple Tree Poem

girls are like apples on trees
the best ones at the top the tree
boys dont want to reach for the good ones
becoz they are afraid of falling & getting hurt
instead they just get the rotten ones on the ground
they arent as good, but easy
so the apples on top think there's someting wrong wif them
when in reality, they're amazing
so be patient, & the right boy will come to pick the right apple
which is you.

ps: this is taken from my friend's blog (a.k.a JASMINE CHOO SIANG CHUN)and she took it from another friend (a.k.a FAz).... hope u guys dont mind me posting this up.....its nice....:D

Sunday, August 15, 2004


hahahhaa...been a super busy week. let me summarize in 1 entry...

yes, its national day. had an OG outing at PS. but only me,jiali,jimmy,lionel and chee wei came. after a simple lunch at yoshinoya, the guys went over to jimmy's place to play pool and the girls ( only me and jiali) went to shop~!!! yeay~!!! jiali ah...she bought so many stuffs. from bath robes to famous amos cookies...hahahaha...yum yum~! i still have the craving now...:P
after shopping, we went back to PS to go say hi to KOIOS people who were having coffee there. and then, we went home to watch the NDP followed by SIngapore Idol, which was pretty YEEKS~!

okies, today is the first day of school. for once, i wasn't late~!! hahaha...:D it was a pretty boring 2hrs lecture. after which we went to arts, wanting to eat lunch there, but it was full, so we went to clementi and ate the "famous" chicken rice. but it aint that nice. after lunch, went to play pool. well, i dint play cos dint feel like. hahaha...and after that, we went back home. simple nice first day...:)

okies, wasn't late for lecture for the 2nd time~!!! maybe i wont be late for the rest of the semester~! hahaha...after lecture went lunching with the ME people at science. Met up eva there as jimmy's car was full....:( sorry eva.... went to sign up the DBS as well as UOB campus card. and got a free HOOBASTANK ticket~!!! yay~!! oh yah, and we also got lots of free NUSSU Diary...:P
later, we went over to engin clubroom to wait for eva and jiali to finish with their meeting.. after some dilly dallying, we were on our way to orchard to catch a movie~!! yay~!! i wanted to watch THE VILLAGE, but majority was against it and cailing kept wanting to tell us the storyline...*arbisH*~! in the end, we watched The Notebook, which was so dumb and so boring i was falling asleep. especially the kissing part, it was so draggy and long~! jiali had to check on me at intervals to see if i was sleeping. hahaha...
after the movie, we went to shop for eva's bag as it was tearing apart. but there was none eva fancied so we went down to the foodcourt to eat dinner...and then we were on our way home...:)


today, for once, i was a little late for school cos of the stoopid 151 bus which took forever to come~! anywa, zu and sk were late too~! hahaha...but the lecture was ermmm....boring~!!!!!!!!! totally boring ~!! the lecturer showed us some "MOVIES" well, he called them movies, but it was some old boring dumb video clips. the lecture group was slowly disappearing. but i, being a model student stayed till the end~! hahaha...:) after lectuer, went to YIH to meet esther and joyce~! hahaha..ate at the newly opened GENKI SUSHI. it wasnt that fabulous..and the price wasnt that cheap either.
jiali was waiting for me to finish, so after that me and jiali went over to amy's hall~! wah..heng she was there cos she lost her phone and it was so hard to locate her. we waiting for eva and cailing to finish lecture. then later, we went to IMM to shop~!! hahaha...okies, i feel guilty cos i skipped my SS lecture, but jiali and amy says its nothing important. hahaha....had fun and went home after that...:D

was a little late for lecture cos i went all the way to lt6 to collect SS notes from charles. but in the end he moved to lt7a~! he passed the book to cai...:) after lecture, went to arts to eat lunch with the COMPAGNIA people. then went to meng's room with siyun, linchang and jianping to play mah jong....:( played till i lost $12+++. i was the only miserable soul who lost. hahaha..but it was an experience. shall polish my skills then challenge them again...:) was supposed to go for the magic show, but the mah jong session ended pretty late and i wasnt able to make it there in time. so i went over to amy's and eva's hall. where we ate dinner. it was my first time eating hall food~!! hahaha...wasnt that nice though...:P after that, we were supposed to go over to orchard to sing ktv, but merv said he is driving, so we waited and waited for him~! wah...he took forever ah..we waited for like 1hr for him~! hahahaha..
the ktv session was fun. and after that, merv sent us sweet of him. he took the long route as he couldn't find AYE...hahahaha... but it was real sweet of him...:) THANKS MERV~!!

today, was a blast-full day~! hahaha...went for HOOBASTANK concert at siloso beach together with jiali, amy, alina, abel and ang jj~! as ours is the free ticket, we only got to stand at the back back back behind the barricades. so miserable and the seat planning was so badly done. my view was either blocked by the PA crew or this stoopid sercurity. hahaha...but then we had a blast. people throwing water and waterbottles and boxes. hahaha...really amusing... a water bottle hit me and alina as well~! so pain~! ouch~! but it was fun anyway...:) everyone (well at least the people at the back were chanting "OPEN THE GATES!!!" during every song interval...and some crazee fans jumped over the barricades, but too bad they were stopped by the sercurity. and there were some who tried to break down the barricades.
it was when the last song, when the lead vocalist told us to climb over the barricades. quoted "there are more of you then them" hahahaha....then it was chaotic~! everyone started jumping over the barricade~!! hahahahaha...the sercurity tried stooping us, but they slipped and fall and really, there were too many of us~! hahahaha...we, the girls wanted to cross but then the guys....*ahem*ahem* shant say we had to run over to the other opening and just run through...the last song, was a blast~!!! crawling in the dark......nice nice nice....the concert was really a blast~!! yayay~!!!
i got home and bathed as there was a soccer match later at 1.30am...KOREA vs mexico. hahaha...mexico was good, but luck was on our side and we won 1:0 hahahahaha...yay~! so happy....:D

Friday, August 13, 2004

Princess Jiali and AMy....:D

Jiali and Amy joins in with the princess thinggie...muhahaha.....kawaii neh...:D
see~!! my friends are all princesses too~!!:D


hahahaha...i look super funny, but today i skipped my SS lecture to go imm with amy, eva, jiali to shop~!!! muhahaha...this photo was taken at daiso when i found this super cute tiara....dont i look good in it? i think im born to be a princess~! HAIL PRINCESS JOOJOO~!!anyway, i bought this super cute hello kitty spectacles case...:D oh yah...looking at my picture, i suddenly realised that i can see my PINK nails~! muhahaha...kawaii-neh~!!!but then ah.....can see this super obvious hole in between my middle teeth~!!!!! argh.......but all famous people has it~! guess im gonna be famous one day~! yay`!!!:)
oh yah....i feel so guilty, i spoiled 2 things in daiso today. i broke one whiteboard into 2 and i tore up some tin can...hahahaha...:P

Monday, August 09, 2004

Me in my ah-soh sunglasses~!!!! in my ah-soh sunglasses again......i look cute here eh?? not that i dont look cute normally...hahaha..:) Posted by Hello

TITAN girl councillors~!!!!

okies, this aint a nice pic, but it was taken with my titan councillors~!!! okies, realised only girls here...hahahah...yeay~! the best house~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha.....they are super on and super siao~! go titans~! hahahahahaha...:D Posted by Hello

Me and Jiali during bash~!! and jiali during the engin o week bash. okies, i look funny cos abel just took it without saying 1,2,3~!!! argh...but still it looks funny and cute`~!! hahahaha.....let me update about the bash was held at rouge. at first, they were playing some hiphop music...then slowly it became trance and house music or dunno wat kinda music u call that~!!! but it wasn't nice~!@#!@ everyone was complaining and by around 12, the dance floor was pretty bare....:/ anthony, jonathan, carol tried asking for a change of music, but i guess cant be helped. just boycott rouge on sat...:) anyway, this stoopid malay couple was kissing and acting all indecent behind me and kept hitting my butt, so they pissed me off~!! after that, someone stepped on my feet with her high heels and my toes started bleeding...hahahaha...but its ok...the day ended rather early, at around 12 for me....then rushed home to sleep~!!! yeay~!! hahahaha...:) Posted by Hello

pictures from now on...:D im a woman(or rather a girl) of few words, i've decided not to write long blogs....its boring and its tiring....but instead post pictures of the events in my life...:) anyway, a pictures speaks a 1000 words...hahaha..more effective and better....:D

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Me and Jiali...:)

after getting drench, me and jiali took a pic in eva's hall...:D Posted by Hello

this is the cake we bought for eva's birthday celebration!!!!! the day which rained cats and dogs and we had to run our way thru in the rain...hahahahah Posted by Hello

hahaha....the quality is pretty bad but this is my ah-soh sunglass~! the way eva and jiali and amy calls it...but i think its nice...rite???:D Posted by Hello