Saturday, June 26, 2004

COMPAGNIA 2004~!! A BLAST~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

YES~!!! engin camp 2004 was a blast~!!!!!! and i really really mean it from the bottom of my deep red heart~! was a 4 day event from monday to thursday...but for camp comm members and councillors, we had to stay overnite on sunday and stay till friday it was more of a 6days thinggie...hahaha...okies...i will sum it up day by day

*p/s: this is a super long entree...warning..muhahaha...*

wooo...we had to come to school by 7pm for some pre camp thinggie..but everyone came late. well, not everyone but almost...hahaha...but anyway, i was also was hungree so a few of us girls went to mac to eat. and there was when the crapping began. haha...after that a briefing by ken and then designing our name tag time~!! yeah~! mine looked nice....i will upload my nametag picture soon...:D okok...time to sleep...we went over to YIH some air-con place to sleep....had some silly talk before we sleep by prof amy and our dearest playboy abel who says i will become a TAITAI~!! yeah~!! im gonna be a TAI TAI~! after all that...we went off to sleep. but i was so freezing cold that i couldnt the end went out to thaw myself and just when i was about to fall asleep, linchang came and woke us up...:(

yeah..the camp will be starting soon...we went to MPSH early to get ready to welcome the freshies...although tired, i was very happy to see freshies keep flowing in...:D noticed that there were many cute girls~! *jealous* hahaha...but as for the guys ah....ok lah....wont say too much...hahaha..:P
we had some ice breaking games and then sponsership talk. after that, had our lunch and then POOL GAMES~!! i was the station master for the sponge sponge game. it was quite ok until stoopid yude, jianping, nick started pulling me into the water~!@#!@$##!@$ painful.....after that they pushed me down again~!!! that yude~!@#$!@ i decided to pull cai into the water too~!! so evil~! so i jumped with her into the pool~! yeah~!!!! then ken and linchang started having some serious talk with the lifeguard and i was so freaked out that i was because of me.....i was so worried and regretful of my silly childish behaviour. but later when i found out that ken and linchang was only toking to extend the time i gave out a big sigh of relief~! phew.....
now time for sp meeting. it was ok...only that my SP could see~!!! so angree with him. so i kept throwing leaves at him~! muhahahaa....but it was quite fun, although i had difficulties trying to understand wat he was trying to say..hahaha...
the initiation was quite fun too. me cai and amy was incharge of the mac station. but mac was closed, so we had to make do with water instead of ice cream. our station was a mess cos like all the groups suddenly come together~! messy so messy...i was screaming like mad ah..hahaha...ok...but it was real fun..heehee...yeah....the freshies had some munchies to munch on but the camp comm only had sparkling juice and some left overs...boohoo.hahaha..
after initiation, we went over to raffles hall for bunk allocation. i get to sleep alone~!! yeah~!! muhahaha....ok...cai and amy had to sleep together.. felt so bad. then peichoo went over to edelene's room to sleep..hahaha..but i had a great sleep~! yeah~!!!!

DAY 2 like writing every nitty gritty details...this whole entree is getting super long~! i shall cut down~! 2 started off with mass dance then faculty walk. we fell asleep after preparing for the war games.
for the war games segment, which is MY segment, i guess it went on pretty smoothly but the cleaning up part and the carrying over part ended a little late...:/ felt sorrie to the guys and girls who stayed back to help...:) after that, we rushed back to RH to wash up and get ready for bash~!! yeah....but first, we stuff ourselves with dinner first, then sarah brought us to this clean toilet where we had a great bath....after that, we (sarah,serene,me,cai,amy) went over to cai & amy's room to make up...:D everything was such a rush....we were like so madly rushing..hahaha....we were the last few to reach the RH comm hall but we were pretty~! hahaha....okies...took some pictures and made some bimbo-tic jokes before we set off for bash...
the bash was a blast~! woo~!! danced till we drop. ken was nice as to go around feeding
us with sorrie that i drank up lots of his drink....thristy lah..hahaha...ok lah...had fun...other than that stoopid guy whom i had to dance with....the white shirt guy..dunno who ah...just danced a bit with him then dont care not refering to sarah's friend.. sarah friend was very cute... and that bimbo sarah keep teasing...hahaha...okies...end of bash...went back and slept. but my tummy felt real umcomfy and kept wanting to puke but i was too tired to move out of my bed so i just suffered and moaned in bed..hahaha..sounds disgusting...:P

sentosa day. okies....this entree really getting im really gonna sum it up
cailing's segment(beach games) went smoothly. everything was good...yeah...and the night blindness was good....but me and amy was suffering at the slippery slope...:( now i know that sabo-ing people is a really tiring we vented all our anger on our last group using up all our flour, tomato sauce, washing powder, soy sauce~! muhahaha.... ok..that was quite fun..muhahaha...after readching RH, we slept like pigs..

we continued sleeping in RH while everyone else were playing the IFG...heard engin lost must be due to my missing presence~! muhahaha.....okies...after that...went to SRC to continue sleeping and lazing around. then the BBQ began. and met our SP. guess what my PRC SP bought me....a chinese am i ever gonna read finish~?! hahaha..but it was quite fun...the presentation was pretty boring and i was falling asleep.....linchang was also falling asleep so i pinched him real hard 2 times....wonder how the bruises..hahaha..but the last group's presentation really perked me up..muhahaha....and after that the shaking of hands thinggie.....wah...super break all started with ken's speech...really touching. that my tears just fell... and then...during the shaking hands thinggie.....i started bursting out with tears after hugging huishan....really break down....i was crying like mad......i wanted to stop... but i just couldn't and when i see the rest crying, it only made me cry more....and reading peichoo's poem made it worse... but it was a real blast as i could really feel the bond between us...the invisible yet strong bond which just made us hang in there....yes, the camp is over but not our friendship and not the memories. i never regret joining this camp never in my life. and this is one great memory that i will never forget throughout my life...:D
three cheers for compagnia~!!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

YESH~!!!!!!!!!! I AM OUT OF CE~!!!

yes everyone~! nightmare ended....I AM OUT OF CE~!!...its official~! happy when i received the e-mail~!!! i was like just checking my e-mail in case of any o-camp stuffs....then who knows~! i found this appeal successful thinggie~!!muhahahaa...i feel like kissing the dean or whoever in-charge~! mad now...but im like so overjoyed~!!!! more CE for more WILLIAM HUNG-ing~!! hahaha...okies....relax.....^^

today i went to school to dial up the freshies and kinda ask them to join o-camp...not really successful...a couple of funny incidents too...but too excited to type in today..i just know that i made a long distance call to ITALY ~!!! argh.....waste my hp bill...and that stoopid nat keep laughing and making me laugh....make me waste more money~!!!! argh..... is a happy day~!

Its 4am~!!!!!!!!

yes...its 4am in the morning and im still not asleep..gues wat im doing~!? yes~! o-camp stuffs...hahaha...okies...but i have alina, nat, ken (who is busy watching soccer) suffering together~!!! hahaha....have to come up with the rotation plan for the camp...wheee...its really hard.....i think we are all like brain dead...its not that we are dumb or anything..hahaha....anyway, alina is really losing it....she is saying funny really really LAME things~! really makes me laugh at this odd hour...hahahaha....and nat is really putting his heart and soul into this whole thing..hahaha...see how devoted we are~!!:P
okies....1 thing to add before i forget. ken owe us 3 ice-cream and chocolates~! hahahaha...:D
better get back to work before i have really no sleep....tomolo still need to go school and call up freshies....:D
goodnite diary...:)

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Jiali's birthday celebration at cine after a ktv session....:) Posted by Hello

last christmas chalet....can u see our mini log cake there??? Posted by Hello

Last christmas chalet after counting down at the beach pub

last chalet Posted by Hello

Me and cai eating fondue~!!!! yum come cai got the bigger one~?! Posted by Hello

Me and ChOoo~!! Posted by Hello

Kiss me~! Posted by Hello

My favourite and only nephew.....kyung jun...:D

Nose digger kyung jun Posted by Hello

My first entree~!!

hi...testing testing...never done this before so just testing...hahahaha well, today, im still recovering from my flu still feeling abit stuck and stuck..hahaha...okies...engine camp is coming...hafta be fit to enjoy the camp and the programs the programs comm came up with....:D
oh my...this is weird...typing into a comp..hahaha....okies...i think i better sign off before i talk crap~! ciaoz